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2020.10.25 05:54 Orpherischt Know Halloween

Halloween or Hallowe'en (a contraction of Hallows' Even or Hallows' Evening), also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve, or All Saints' Eve, is a celebration observed in many countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day.
... the...
Know the ...
It begins the observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed.
One theory holds that many Halloween traditions originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain, which may have had pagan roots and that Samhain itself was Christianized as Halloween by the early Church
The speed of sound is 343 meters-per-second, which is 1234.8 km/h
Halloween... trick, or treat?
  • "Scary Eve" = 333 primes
  • .. ( "The Number" = 333 primes )
  • "The Witch Sabbath" = 1337 jewish-latin-agrippa 2407 square 1,247 eng-ext
  • ... ( "Magic School" = 1337 squares )
Date numerologies: ( Halloween, Oct 31 2020 )
October 31 is the 304th day of the year (305th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. 61 days remain until the end of the year.
  • (10) + (31) + (20) + (20) = 81 ( ie. "Wizard" = "Ritual" = 81 alphabetic )
  • (10) + (31) + 2+0+2+0 = 45 ( ie. "Geometry" = 45 reduced )
  • 1+0 + 3+1 + 2+0+2+0 = 9 ( ie. 'witch' and 'broom' )
  • (10) + (31) + (20) = 61 ( ie. matching days left in the year on Oct 31 )
ie. number 9 is a major one, all the above , except for 61, reduce to 9.
Multi-cipher matching.
Here we see how a news agency (ABC News, or an Alphabet Agency) can generate thematic topics for the day of Halloween, using dictionary listings, and results from my custom lexicon files.
Matching the search phrase, 'Halloween', across multiple ciphers simultaneously. Common nouns in italics, proper nouns in standard font (I separate them in those sections with a high number of matches, but they remain mixed together further down). I have bolded some items that catch my eye on first glance, particularly those that match the 'scary' thematic of the day. The list might be further reduced to a manageable set by filtering these results down to those spells whose numbers match the date numerologies of the actual 2020 Halloween (as seen above). At the bottom of the list are primes cipher matches, which arguably might rank above those with multiple matches in other ciphers.
10 matches
No common nouns found.
Proper nouns (only one found):
  • Pondoland ( ie. the ultimate place to have your Witch's Sabbath, numerologically)
8 matches
  • illegally (ie, witch meetings)
Proper nouns:
  • Congolese
  • Kweiyang
  • Malaysian
  • Neverland
Lexicon file matches:
  • Alligator ( ie. dragon )
  • Auslander
  • Human farm
  • Law of Noah
  • Like a Swan
  • Oddworld
  • Shoemaker ( ah! one of my new favourite songs )
7 matches
  • advisably ( ie. it's illegal, but advisable... )
  • ancillary
  • anopheles
  • broadloom ( ie. loom --> weave )
  • climbdown
  • diglossia
  • dollarise
  • execrably
  • laryngeal ( ie. throat, speech, human voice )
  • razorback
  • screwball
Proper nouns (7 matches):
  • Baltimore
  • Ethelbert
  • European
  • Excalibur
  • Lippmann
  • Lithuania
  • Olympiad
  • Rembrandt
  • Vietcong
  • Welshman ( red dragon standard )
  • Zaragoza
Lexicon file matches (unsorted, 7 matches):
  • Pentagram ( ie. doubtless )
  • of one Mind ( ie. dance and sing together )
  • Carnation
  • I am the hop
6 matches
  • alligator ( ie. dragon )
  • axiomatic ( ie. cores of the system )
  • brainwash ( ie. initiation ritual )
  • brainwave ( ie. how you do it )
  • catchword ( ie. how you do it )
  • crookneck ( ... and don't forget the flail )
  • decompose ( remember the dead, remember )
  • devilry ( self-explanator )
  • fastening ( ie. bindings, enchantments, loosen and unloosen the Fates )
  • flashings ( ie. will 'o wisps )
  • gangplow
  • housemaid ( ie. a witch )
  • humankind
  • kilocycle
  • lodgement
  • marshaler
  • mineshaft ( ie. darkness, mystery, treasure )
  • monomania ( ie. 'One Thing' = 'The Coven' )
  • objectify
  • ochlocrat
  • papilloma
  • shoemaker
  • toothache ( ie. too much sugary treats )
  • valuables ( ie. treats )
  • vandalism ( ie. tricks, chaos )
Proper nouns ( 6 matches )
  • Almighty
  • Babylonian
  • Berkshire
  • Bhutanese
  • Cainozoic
  • Calcuttan
  • Cowpens [ ie. alpha bet @ ox house @ cattle pen ]
  • Crimplene
  • Deepfreeze [ it was a dark and stormy night ]
  • Ethernet [ ie. ether @ magic medium ]
  • Geometric [ ie. indeed ]
  • Honduran
  • Horlicks
  • Illinoian
  • Jessamine
  • Johnson
  • Kalamazoo
  • Kimberly
  • Kurilian
  • Lafayette
  • Margrethe
  • Neolithic [ new stone ]
  • Popsicle [ ie. deepfreeze ]
  • Reuther
  • Reverence
  • Scorpio
  • Slavonic
  • Thurman
  • Whiggism
Lexicon file matches (unsorted, 6 matches):
  • Summit ( ie. a mountaintop meeting )
  • Summ it
  • Fortuna ( O )
  • alligator
  • Robust
  • the blocks
  • Qualcomm
  • The tithe
  • The Signal ( can you hear it, or see it, or hear and see it? )
  • Anamensis
  • Ziltoid
  • brainwash
  • Who am eye
  • human farm
  • dragon oil ( ie. annointing )
  • The shift
  • call forth
  • Thunberg
  • book door
  • Kirinyaga
  • marryable
  • Landerneau
  • Oros man
  • close home
  • Explore
  • neverland
  • Infection
  • The Plague
  • The Ark Eve ( archive, ark hive )
  • hold down
  • weak bones
  • Neolithic
  • Make it real ( ie. magic )
  • Promise
  • Laundry
  • Nintendo
  • End World
  • devilry ( ie. obviously )
  • the insane
  • gentlemen
  • Ilmarinen
  • Good note ( @ Good tone )
  • Epic enter ( @ Epicenter )
  • the signal
  • drink meat
  • Moon boat ( ie. that's no moon, but gather under it anyway )
5 matches
  • alienator ( ie. initiate alone )
  • alignment ( ie. ritual )
  • allegory ( ie. mystery )
  • amenities
  • artisanal
  • autogenic
  • ayatollah
  • binocular ( ie. stereo vision, Hunter's moon )
  • blitheful
  • bombsight
  • bungalow
  • callipers
  • campesino
  • carnation ( ie. coronavirus, carnival nation )
  • cartwheel ( ie. dance! )
  • chipmunk
  • cocooning ( ie. and Mothra steps out )
  • commensal
  • curtained ( ie. veiled )
  • deduction ( ie. figure it out )
  • demotion
  • depressed
  • desirably
  • detection ( ie. Witch-finder Pulsifer )
  • dictation ( ie. 'spell-caster' = 'the orator' = 'great language' = 474 )
  • doohickey
  • doorframe ( ie. portals )
  • effusion
  • emergency
  • emphasise
  • empower ( ie. magic spells ; empower @ empire )
  • empyreal
  • esoterica
  • ethically
  • explicate
  • feelingly
  • flexibly
  • fraternal ( ie. the coven )
  • greyscale
  • heartfelt
  • hereabout
  • hippiedom
  • immigrate ( ie. to fairy land )
  • inclement
  • kitchenet
  • longtime
  • mangrove ( ie. Druid's grove )
  • menfolks
  • millpond
  • moulding ( ie. shape it, shape them )
  • oesophagi ( ie. throat, voice )
  • olfaction
  • omikron
  • palomino
  • parrakeet
  • pentagram ( ie. duh )
  • penumbrae ( ie. shadow )
  • percolate ( ie. bubble, bubble, toil and trouble )
  • phwoor
  • practised ( ie. ritual )
  • printhead
  • ramblings ( ie. toil and trouble )
  • rationale ( ie. it's Halloween )
  • renounce
  • requite
  • respected ( ie. the Master of Ceremonies, Pan )
  • rockery
  • rounder ( ie. dance around the bonfire )
  • sagacious ( ie. the Druids )
  • scaleless ( ie. weightless )
  • sceptered ( ie. empowered )
  • scheduler ( do it on Halloween )
  • scowler ( ie. the disapproving )
  • scratcher ( ie. claws )
  • graffitis
  • skimobile
  • subdivide ( ie. a social distance )
  • unguarded ( ie. because everyone fears you )
  • wandering ( ie. into the woods )
  • wanness
  • writeable ( ie. it is )
  • zenithal ( ie. fly to the moon )
Proper nouns ( 5 matches )
  • Anglophobe
  • Asquith
  • Botswana
  • Bukovina
  • Cozumel
  • Dardanelles
  • Debussy
  • Dumfries
  • Einstein
  • Everett
  • Falstaffian
  • Gomorrah
  • Humboldt
  • Hussein
  • Huxley ( ie. Brave New World )
  • Jacobinism
  • Leninism
  • Lesseps
  • Luoyang
  • Morton
  • Mysore
  • Neptune
  • Paestum
  • Philippi
  • Rosario
  • Sakharov
  • Stygian ( ie. The Netherworld )
  • Suzann
  • Teuton
  • Thimphu
  • Torres
  • Tuesday
  • Ulster
  • Utrecht
  • Waspish
  • Wessex
  • Winton
  • Wroclaw
  • Xerxes
Lexicon file matches ( unsorted, 5 matches ):
  • It is done ( ie. Make it real )
  • The Legion ( ie. of the Underworld )
  • Troupe
  • Brew of God ( ie. in the Cauldron )
  • Tuesday
  • The plans
  • Of the King
  • The King of
  • sagacious
  • no freedom
  • go around
  • the revel
  • A male witch
  • My Birth
  • Notre Dame
  • man grove
  • Flying-V
  • airplanes
  • To make baby
  • emergency
  • lift veil ( of the mystery )
  • Whisky
  • Aeronaut
  • great dune
  • Southbee
  • a wealthy
  • Mongols
  • The Impact
  • Process ( ie. ritual )
  • The Action
  • Glabrous
  • Of One Mind
  • Red Planet
  • the Hawks
  • The Vaper
  • It is Death ( ie. 'scary' )
  • One Church ( ie. Coven )
  • Tongass
  • Plato Cave ( ie. shadow puppets )
  • the flight ( ie. the broom )
  • the winged ( ie. the bats )
  • Mustang
  • The sense ( of mystery )
  • plugged in
  • Man work
  • did not see
  • The enemy
  • Abandon hope
  • Xenobot
  • Xerxes
  • walk cycle
  • the Vats
  • Oropher
  • Botswana
  • Uberlord ( ie. Witch-King )
  • new skin ( snake shed )
  • depressed ( Goth )
  • seize land
  • ear rumble
  • blue is red
  • coronated
  • No Corona
  • Corona On
  • the impact
  • A Covenant
  • wash mask
  • Law of Fire
  • The Embers
  • horn toad
  • the charms
  • no freedom
  • eye in hell
  • Glee Curse
  • red sludge
  • nice treat
  • more folk
  • Sorry
  • Firm Facts
  • Fly six
  • the dewing
  • cowlicks
  • Knight God
  • High Elves ( ie. fairies )
  • More Mold
  • I, Godzilla
  • The Dewing
  • Aye captain
  • Qing Blood
  • dispell me
  • Need Water
  • to blend in
  • The agony
  • allegory
  • burqa bans
  • the comics
  • online god
  • lake woman
  • blood cure
  • long time
  • The Belter
4 matches
  • agonising
  • agronomic
  • alikeness
  • almighty
  • anemically
  • believably
  • bellyful
  • bigmouth
  • blossom
  • brushoff
  • buckteeth
  • casework ( cases of coronavirus )
  • columbaria
  • congeries
  • craftsman
  • criterial
  • criticise
  • crocheter
  • crossbeam
  • crowfeet
  • dangling
  • darkroom
  • deepfreeze
  • delimiter
  • demitasse
  • depiction
  • deskbound
  • detumesce
  • devious
  • dimorphic
  • directive
  • disallow
  • discerner
  • draperies ( curtain, veil, storied hangings )
  • dustpan
  • edibility
  • edifice
  • enactment ( ie. ritual )
  • enzymic
  • epicenter ( ie. the spell-focus )
  • epicentre
  • epileptic
  • epithetic
  • erosion
  • erythema
  • establish ( the coven )
  • etiologic
  • evenings ( the night cometh )
  • explore ( the darkness )
  • extender
  • fanaticism
  • fashioner
  • fatherly
  • flavour
  • flounder
  • foretold ( you are reading it )
  • fragilely
  • furnish
  • geometric
  • grassland
  • heirloom ( ie. altar goods )
  • henhouse ( ie. the Coven )
  • herbarium ( ie. for the brews )
  • hierarchy ( ie. who will lead the ritual? )
  • hipster
  • illusory ( ie. tricks and treats )
  • imperfect ( ie. hence the perfecting )
  • imposer
  • impulse ( ie. spellpower )
  • infection
  • insult
  • interbred ( ie. by Bene Gesserits )
  • intoner ( ie. chant / cant )
  • jessamine
  • kiddingly
  • knuckler
  • lactation
  • lankness
  • laundry ( ie. money magic )
  • leakiness
  • lethally
  • lifebuoy
  • limelight
  • lingering ( .. magic )
  • liveware
  • mainliner
  • mandibular
  • martyr ( ie. remember them )
  • Masters
  • meagerly
  • meagrely
  • medallist
  • methylic
  • mildness
  • milksop
  • mindless ( ie. after the brainwashing )
  • misplay
  • mollusc
  • mutism
  • neolithic
  • neoplasm
  • nightmare
  • noumenal
  • nurser
  • oafishly
  • obsolesce
  • odometer
  • ornery
  • overreach
  • passably
  • pitting
  • pivotal ( ie. aciomatic )
  • pleading
  • pleonasm
  • plethora
  • podiatric
  • politick
  • poolside
  • popery
  • pregnant ( with meaning )
  • premium
  • prescribe ( ie. fore-writ, foretold )
  • preterm
  • promise
  • prudish ( ie. not on Halloween... )
  • pylori
  • recognise
  • recovered ( ie. Celtic cauldron )
  • refashion
  • refection
  • reminisce ( ie. remember them )
  • remodeler
  • repairman
  • retailing
  • retrainee
  • reverence ( ie. remember them, remember it )
  • robust
  • scattered
  • scours
  • semipro
  • shoetree
  • shriven
  • shuffler
  • sixpence
  • skullcap
  • skydive
  • skyline
  • slipper
  • smirky
  • speedily
  • spinner
  • staircase ( ie. Harry Potter )
  • standup
  • steadfast
  • subjacent
  • subvocal ( ie. secret whispers )
  • summit ( ie. climb it, add it up )
  • sunlit ( ie. cast light of it )
  • surging
  • swinger ( ie. Bacchic rites )
  • terracing
  • throbbing ( ie. Drumbeat )
  • tradesman
  • trembly
  • unfearing ( ie. steadfast )
  • unscathed
  • uvular
  • vibraharp
  • villus
  • wetware
  • willful
  • wishbone ( good luck )
Proper nouns ( 4 matches )
  • Attucks
  • Beaujolais
  • Beerbohm
  • Bristol
  • Crockett
  • Dictaphone
  • Docetist
  • Gregory ( ie. GRG @ ChRCh @ Church @ Coven @ Watchers )
  • Guatemalan
  • Hydrus ( ie. the sea and it's serpent )
  • Labradorian
  • Linnaeus ( ie. naming things, categorizing )
  • Lisburn
  • Lushun
  • Machiavelli
  • Islamism
  • Manichaeism
  • Masters
  • Mogadiscio
  • Oshkosh
  • Prairies
  • Sirius
  • Surinam
  • Yvonne
3 matches
  • acclimatise
  • acquainted
  • actually
  • adjacently
  • aeronaut
  • aliquot
  • armoured
  • attempt
  • becoming
  • bespectacled
  • birdshot
  • boorish
  • brindled
  • bullring
  • canoeing
  • Canopus
  • capitalise
  • ceiling
  • cephalopod
  • Champagne
  • champagne
  • chanciness
  • chatoyance
  • chenille
  • choirboy
  • chuckwalla
  • classism
  • clearout
  • clinger
  • coevally
  • coexist
  • confiscate
  • conflux
  • cooktop
  • Cornish
  • cotyledon
  • coupledom
  • crenellate
  • currant
  • cynicism
  • deathwatch
  • dependency
  • designee
  • despiser
  • direness
  • disarray
  • discolor
  • discover
  • dismally
  • disperse
  • document
  • doneness
  • dourly
  • draftily
  • dreaded
  • dressing
  • drywall
  • dysgenic
  • egotist
  • Eminence
  • eminence
  • empress
  • endanger
  • endorsable
  • enhancer
  • enuretic
  • euphoric
  • excuser
  • extinct
  • feminist
  • firewood
  • flaccidness
  • flatfoot
  • flatiron
  • flummery
  • foothold
  • foretop
  • frugalness
  • fusileer
  • gaolbird
  • garbage
  • gathered
  • geodetic
  • gesture
  • glabrous
  • glaring
  • gleaming
  • glosser
  • grammarian
  • grampus
  • gruffly
  • gurgling
  • headphones
  • headwind
  • heatstroke
  • Hellenic
  • highball
  • hockshop
  • holistic
  • hootenanny
  • Horatio
  • humidify
  • illumine
  • inaccurate
  • incalculable
  • inculpable
  • infidel
  • infield
  • inflator
  • injector
  • injurer
  • instill
  • jollily
  • jotting
  • joyride
  • Kemerovo
  • keynote
  • kitschy
  • knucklehead
  • labiodental
  • lacunary
  • legalize
  • leisured
  • leptonic
  • libretti
  • liquefy
  • lorikeet
  • luster
  • lustre
  • matzot
  • meddlesome
  • meddling
  • melanomata
  • misfeasance
  • mismatched
  • moisten
  • monaural
  • monocot
  • morosely
  • mustang
  • mwethya
  • myosin
  • nephrite
  • nettlerash
  • nightly
  • nineties
  • nitrite
  • nitwit
  • nonsalable
  • nonsecular
  • nucleus
  • nuthatch
  • nymphlike
  • obesity
  • obliger
  • olivine
  • omelette
  • ooziness
  • organize
  • osculant
  • overlie
  • paraquat
  • parkway
  • paucity
  • pegboard
  • pfennig
  • phylum
  • plighter
  • polarise
  • ponderer
  • poofter
  • popsock
  • porously
  • poshly
  • potholed
  • pouter
  • preggers
  • process
  • pummelo
  • punning
  • purify
  • reasoner
  • receipts
  • recover
  • relaxant
  • remarriage
  • remodify
  • resort
  • restuff
  • result
  • rewrote
  • richness
  • rifeness
  • rifler
  • roster
  • rustle
  • salinize
  • scooter
  • sedition
  • senores
  • sentimo
  • shadowy
  • Shawnee
  • sherbert
  • shinbone
  • showing
  • shrubby
  • simony
  • sinewy
  • slackening
  • sleazeball
  • slotted
  • sorry
  • sorter
  • splits
  • spookily
  • spouse
  • sprung
  • stolon
  • stoolie
  • stout
  • submenu
  • sufferable
  • summon
  • supper
  • surly
  • sutler
  • synergy
  • tarpaper
  • textile
  • therefor
  • toilful
  • trekking
  • trephine
  • tricycle
  • tripodal
  • Trollope
  • troupe
  • tumbril
  • twiddler
  • twofold
  • twohanded
  • ulster
  • uncaught
  • unholy
  • unruled
  • unwashed
  • Vermeer
  • virtue
  • volute
  • warrant
  • waspish
  • waterman
  • wayside
  • wayward
  • whisky
  • witter
  • workman
  • worst
  • yeasty
  • yessir
  • zesty
  • zoysia
All prime matches
  • abridgement
  • alimony
  • allegation
  • alluvial
  • animator
  • annotate
  • anopheles
  • archaically
  • archenemy
  • asepsis
  • aspirate
  • astatine
  • atypical
  • aviation
  • awayday
  • bacterium
  • Baptist
  • baptist
  • beginnings
  • biopsy
  • boatyard
  • bollocking
  • bookmobile
  • borewell
  • brakeless
  • bravely
  • bulwark
  • busboy
  • butter
  • Canopus
  • castrate
  • catechetics
  • cerebellum
  • chastener
  • chowderheaded
  • cirrus
  • classifiable
  • concerto
  • cortices
  • cricketeer
  • cricketing
  • crotchet
  • Daliesque
  • deathwatch
  • Deepfreeze
  • deepfreeze
  • deferential
  • deftness
  • deliverance
  • demotion
  • diglossia
  • dioptric
  • direness
  • doorframe
  • driveler
  • duster
  • eagerness
  • effusion
  • effusive
  • Empedocles
  • equipped
  • equitable
  • eradicator
  • Erfurt
  • estival
  • estranged
  • ethicist
  • exocrine
  • eyewash
  • fanaticism
  • fastening
  • fireless
  • focussed
  • fruitcake
  • gallows
  • gauzy
  • gawkily
  • generalised
  • Geronimo
  • getout
  • greenfly
  • gripping
  • haemoglobin
  • harasser
  • headwaiter
  • heartsick
  • henhouse
  • Hertford
  • highbrowed
  • Himalayas
  • Hitlerian
  • Honour
  • honour
  • Horlicks
  • housemaid
  • ignition
  • immigrate
  • inflexible
  • injector
  • innuendo
  • invincible
  • ionizable
  • Istrian
  • jingoism
  • jotter
  • kronor
  • ladyboy
  • leisured
  • leptonic
  • lessor
  • likeness
  • logistic
  • longtime
  • lyrics
  • magnetite
  • Mahratti
  • mainmast
  • malefactor
  • marbleize
  • Margery
  • Marseille
  • Maryland
  • massive
  • menfolks
  • merchandise
  • Merlyn
  • mineshaft
  • moiety
  • Moscow
  • muntjak
  • newsman
  • Orkney
  • overlap
  • paisley
  • parasite
  • pasty
  • Patsy
  • patsy
  • Pegasus
  • pewter
  • peyote
  • phyllo
  • piquet
  • Piraeus
  • placeholder
  • plumbing
  • Polaris
  • politick
  • precollege
  • prescience
  • primula
  • printhead
  • Ptolemaic
  • punchy
  • puttee
  • Realtor
  • realtor
  • reckless
  • referrer
  • regulated
  • relator
  • remarriage
  • remembrance
  • resonance
  • revers
  • rhymer
  • risers
  • rocailles
  • rusted
  • Samnium
  • sawmill
  • scrotal
  • seasonable
  • Semtex
  • semtex
  • server
  • severance
  • sgraffiti
  • shifty
  • shoemaker
  • simoniacal
  • smelly
  • snapper
  • snorer
  • soundable
  • spacecraft
  • splosh
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Blade Runner 2049 — 'Wallace'
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Uh-Oh. Russia's Laptev Sea Should Have Started to Freeze by Now
Normally, the 'birthplace of ice' freezes by late October. For the first time in recorded history, it hasn't. That could have knock-on effects across the Arctic.
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The coronavirus pandemic was declared 3/11
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Uh-Oh. Russia's Laptev Sea Should Have Started to Freeze by Now
In Godzilla: The Planet Eater, the third part of an animated trilogy, Ghidorah is depicted as an evolved entity from a universe with different physical laws that are worshiped by the Exif, who he influenced to become nihilists upon mastering advanced Gematron mathematics.
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Moondance & Passion and the Opera
NIGHTWISH Live In Buenos Aires [Full Concert]
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2020.10.21 13:38 xxasynixxx I'm starting therapy soon as i have had a difficult life, they want me to start with my sexual assaults. So I'm writing it down here for support and so I don't forget any details as I freeze upon talking about it.

Be warned this post will be talking about me being sexually assaulted as a minor by an older teen/adult. It is hard for me to talk about and I blocked it out for a long time. Please be kind in the comments. This is really long I do apologize.
Growing up I had very few friends, I had a small group of friends that lived in the same street as me, but we all went to separate schools. In school i found it difficult to make freinds because I was very badly bullied since the first day of primary onwards. So as you can imagine I was extremely lonely.
One day me (12f) and my small group of best friends (all female age 11 and 12) went to the nearby park to play basketball and we met another group of people who were already playing. K (11f), N (12m), D (14f) and Dick (16m). We decided to play a game of basketball with them as they seemed to be having fun and there was only one net. Throughout the game N was flirting with me and I found him very attractive, at the end of the game we all sat together on a field chatting away through the evening, and by home time me and N had swapped home phone numbers.
On the walk home my best freinds were warning me that they were getting some weird vibes from Dick, N's brother, but I was so excited to make some more freinds that I brushed off their warnings. He looked different because he had a skin condition that meant instead of 7 layers of skin he only had 3 which gave his face and body a melted look. Like a melted candle as he had very stretchy skin. He showed us a few tricks like pulling the skin from his neck over his mouth and from his eyebrows over his eyes which I thought was the coolest thing ever. I've always been drawn to people who are different, I found it fascinating. I thought my freinds where just being judgemental. I wish I had listened to them.
I started hanging out with N alone at first, going to the park, the woods, etc just little day dates, and after a few weeks we became boyfriend and girlfriend. This meant I spent a lot more time on the estate he lived on. I had to lie to my parents about where I was going as he lived on a really rough estate, there where lots of drugs, crimes, etc going on in that area, but my parents didn't tell me any of that, just that it was a dangerous area and I wasn't allowed there. But being a kid I went anyway. And going to his estate meant I spent more time with K, D and Dick.
We used to play all sorts of hide and seek style games: man hunt was a popular one, but then i introduced them to my favourite game, hide and seek in the dark. Where we would turn off all the lights in the house in the evening/night and you would have to find people in the dark. We played for weeks with no issues, then me and N would use it as an excuse to experiment without being caught. Whenever one of us was the finder we would aim to find eachother first and experiment sexually. I know it's terrible since we were both 12 but I had a high sex drive from a young age after discovering porn magazines at age 6. We didn't have sex just did hand stuff together, and showed off our genitals but we liked eachother and in our minds it was consensual.
So I started dressing in short skirts, or belly tops, trying to make myself more sexy for N. But unfortunately that attracted the attention of the D and Dick. I dont know if N told his friends and brother what we were doing during our games or if they just saw their chance. But one day we were sat in the bedroom in the winter, I was sat holding hands with N and D turned out the light, and suddenly I heard a lot of movement and suddenly there was a hand between my legs and a finger inside me. But N hadn't moved. He was still in the exact same place when the light went back on. I still don't know who did that to me that night. This happened again many many times over the next few years.
But I didn't want to lose my first real boyfriend over something someone else did, and he promised he would make sure it didn't happen again. I trusted him and thought he would protect me but I was wrong. We carried on playing our games and me and him would have fun in the dark. Noone else touched me for a while until one day we were playing hide and seek again and Dick was the seeker, he found me first, covered my mouth and put his filthy fingers inside me. I knew it was him from the smell alone. He barely ever bathed and his skin folds would create a smell that I can still imagine today when I think back.
I broke up with N and stopped going around for a while, but every day N, K, D and Dick would knock at my house or call me. And my best freinds had started making plans with other freinds and excluding me which made me feel alone. I had a few freinds in school by now but they lived too far away for my parents to let me visit. So I went back.
Nothing happened for a while and I started dating K as I'm bisexual, and as soon as this happened D started doing the same things to me that Dick had been. The thing about D though, she was severely autistic, she had the mind of a child, she still does to this day. And I don't blame her for what she did, because she was only copying what she thought was normal behaviour. I switched between being freinds or dating K or N many times, I cheated on other boyfriends I had in school with them. I told them everything, I gave my first blowjob at either 12 or 13 to a different guy (G) who was the same age as me, after spending a day playing video games with him. I thought it was normal.
I thought I was a freak and wouldn't make other freinds, I became hypersexual with K and N and other guys and girls my age, anyone who asked or showed interest in me. I never had sex but I gave oral and hand jobs and received the same. I used sexual acts to get myself into relationships but for some reason I would always wind up back hanging out with N, K, D and Dick. They where incessant they knocked at my house every day until I gave up and started hanging out with them again.
Dick became more brazen the longer things went on, he would pin me to a wall or in a corner in broad daylight and touch me anywhere he wanted, I would beg N and K to never leave me alone with him. I confided in them what he had been doing to me but there would always be 5-10 minutes where they weren't there. And every single time he would do something to me, pin me down and force me to kiss him, force his fingers inside me, bury his face in my underdeveloped chest, pinch my nipples, show me his penis, rub it on me anything he could do without being caught.
Until one day when I was 14 and Dick was 18 he invited another 18/19yo freind over, and I can't remember his name so I'll call him tom. Tom picked up on my uncomfortableness straight away and he could see the fear in my eyes whenever I was alone in the room with him and Dick. I thought he was there to join in. He could see me looking sick whenever Dick tried to flirt with me. He knew something was up. And then when N went to the toilet Dick made his move, I stood up to get a drink from the kitchen, and as I was leaning against the sink drinking my glass of water Dick ran into the room and scooped me up in the air. He lifted my skirt up showing his freind my underwear and I started punching and trying to kick him, shouting "put me down!" And he pulled my underwear to the side and shoved two fingers deep inside me while holding me up in the air with the opposite arm. I screamed bloody murder cause it hurt like hell.
The next bit is a blur but I was told afterwards that Tom had stood up, ran over, pulled me away and punched Dick in the face. I ran to the bathroom and found I was bleeding and just broke down crying. I don't remember anything after that, I just know I never went back. I don't even know how I got home.
I told a few people in the following years what happened, freinds of Dick who I knew, usually if they planned an event and he was there, I made sure someone knew so they could keep him away from me, one offered to kill him for me for £50 and I paid it without a second thought asking them to tie him to.a tree and set him on fire. He changed his mind though and gave me the money back, which I'm grateful for now as I wouldn't want to be imprisoned for murder.
I went to 6th form college at 16 and by the end of college at 18 I had blocked it all out completely. I was very hypersexual for a long time, I was a swinger for years, I've had sex with around 200-300 people. And I attempted suicide twice due to severe depression. I was in a physically abusive relationship a 19 and became an alcoholic. I'm sober now but I still struggle with depression and suicidal ideation.
It wasn't until 2.5 years ago that I remembered. I smoked weed and was talking to my (now ex) girlfriend and suddenly it all came spilling out of my mouth. We called the police and made a report but nothing was ever done about it. And I found out he did the same things to his little sister. But again that bastard is walking free with two daughters. The only witnesses were N, K, D and Tom. But N passed away, K wouldn't testify, D couldn't testify because of her mental age and I don't remember who Tom is.
I'm sorry for how long this got and if anyone got this far I thank you. I have multiple assault stories but this.is by far the worst in my mind. And I will be posting the rest, mostly because I want to be able to tell my therapist about it and I'm worried I'll block it out again or forget things. Some of these details may be mixed up in my mind as it was such a long drawn out part of of my life xx
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2020.10.06 19:10 amofai MailChimp account disabled - options?

Today I set up the email automation system for my affiliate website, but MailChimp shut me down. The system delivers a series of email with a list of affiliate links that the user has qualified for based on their credit score. Every user who gets it has opted in, but I guess that's not enough for MailChimp. They shut me down and sent me to their acceptable use policy:
Some industries have higher-than-average abuse complaints, which can jeopardize deliverability. In order to maintain the reliability of our platform, we do not allow businesses that offer these types of services, products, or content:
Escort services, mail-order bride/spouse finders, international marriage brokers, and other similar sites and services
Hookup, swinger, or sexual encounter sites or services
Pharmaceutical products
Work from home, make money online, and lead generation opportunities
Gambling services or products
Multi-level marketing
Affiliate marketing

Since my website is also in the lending niche, I think it also falls under their "additional scrutiny" section too despite this being a legitimate site. This is going to be a problem, so I'd like to move away from MailChimp. Anybody know of an email automation system that won't shut me down? Even better if it has a WordPress plugin/API. Thanks!
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2020.09.03 23:45 seoexpert129 How do you find Cuckoldfor Dating

Having a cuckold can be the best way of making your relationshipsexier, spicier and improving thing between the two of you. And as the husband watches you having sex with his hot wife, he will immediately be turned on but he won’t disturb the two of you. Luckily, there are sites for cuckold hookup and cuckold dating online where you can get a swinger, fetishist or even a one-night stand depending on your preferences. And besides, these websites are safe and value the confidentialityof their users. Well, below are the top three adult cuckold dating sites.
Adult Friend Finder
For those who are new orexperienced in cuckold relationships, Adult Friend Finder takes the first spot and remains the largest hookup and dating site in the world. This site has enabled millions of singles and couples across the world to enjoy their fetishes for over 2 decades now. And besides, it has a safe community where adults who enjoy threesome can meet cuckold couples and singles. Currently, it has over 80 million members and will provide the best experience for those in need of a steamy sexual experience.
Get It On
Well, if you’re looking todate or hookup with a cuckold, then Get It On is one of the best sites to find them. here there are cuckolds, bulls, hotwife, couples, and more and besides, it provides a safe platform for spouses to enjoy as their partners’ cheat on them with their knowledge. It caters to the needs of many and you’ll find thousands of matches who you can mingle with. Overall, it is your paradise when it comes to cuckold dating.
Alt is also a favorable sitefor those looking to date singles or couples and has a large and safe community that guarantees users safety and confidentiality. What’s more, it’s the best site for finding bulls online.
Well, if you’re looking forthe best cuckold match, then you’ll never go wrong with these sites http://www.threesomesites.org/best-5-cuckold-sites.html. They enable you to find your match easily and they have a safe community where users can interact with much confidentiality and privacy.
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2020.08.12 11:56 sugardatingsites 6 dating sites for couples looking for a girlfriend

6 dating sites for couples looking for a girlfriend
Couple threesome is the most popular trend for sexual desire now and includes bisexual dating, a sexual intercourse site for threesomes, and other multi-partners. In the adult world, most people enjoy some visual experiences, so we provide adult videos of dating for horny bisexual singles according to the common hobbies of people so that they can truly experience the couple ’s search for a girlfriend Happy feeling.
# 1 Bicupid - bi couples meet bi singles
Bicupid is a site that doesn't doubt that it is the best bisexual dating site in the world and is a leader in the bisexual category. It makes it so easy for couples to find a girlfriend, and the site has brought thousands of bisexual and bisexual singles into a fun, intimate relationship and commitment to a common platform, with high word-of-mouth bisexuality The title of First Dating Site, and also a completely free membership, even if the premium member does not cost more than one dollar a day. If you can become a premium member, then you will experience more features. This is not only a bisexual dating site, but I think it is also three-person dating sites for couples looking for a girlfriend.
# 2 Adult Friend Finder - the best swinger dating site
The site is the largest and best adult dating site. The homepage of the site attracts visual real-life beauties, making this site the most sexually open woman looking for husband and wife trio here. About four million people use the website every month. This is a place to meet people, help many people, and help many websites. AFF is one of the three-person websites that must be visited to meet the needs of people with different needs. It has a huge user base of close to 10 million popular photos, close to 1,000 live broadcasts, and more than 6 million contacts. This adult dating site has more than 5 million active members.
# 3 Bi People Meet - a dating site for bisexual partners seeking men or women
The site is a bisexual dating site and one of the most famous and popular online dating sites. The design of the website is simple and easy for users to browse. Many bisexual users gather here. In addition to catering to bisexual men and women, the website also helps many bisexual singles to seek couples threesomes. Here you Not only dating and relationships but also making friends here. Ordinary members of this website are free, even paid to become a premium member and only need to pay one dollar a day, becoming a gold member has many rights, such as searching by photo, zip code or province, and more content to get the desired result is more effective.
# 4 Get It ON - a paradise for couples threesome bold dating
The biggest feature of this website is that it has some excellent video features. As long as you are bold, you can smell the taste of sex. No matter how you choose a dating place, many features of this website can let you learn more dating skills and play your voice. If you want to watch sexy model performances, this website can also meet your requirements One feature worth considering is the live camera of the members. It can satisfy your sexual desires all the time. You can also set search content to avoid users you do n’t like, which is useful because it means that you can easily bypass members who do not want to participate in activities you are interested in and help you find a high-quality Dating user.
# 5 SDC(Swingers Date Club) - one of the largest international community of swingers in the world
The platform is a popular swing style lifestyle among adults. It is favored by couples such as bisexual, gay, lesbian and so on. Besides, it opens up other features and possibilities that you can explore, and you can discover many features you didn't know about. The main purpose is to help sexy single women and couples connect. You can unscrupulously date open couples on this site, and when you click on sign up, it seems to be an entertainment venue, dating seems to be a journey, party and other features to rock and explore the sexual fantasy of bisexual single. Not only is it a sexual dating platform, but it is also a journey to explore your sexual desire.
# 6 Mixxxer - Dating is so yesterday
Mixxxer is a hookup dating site for sexy women looking for lovers. When you start dating, be sure to fill out personal information, sexual orientation, and you can enjoy more privileges of this site. Sending and sending nude photos is no longer a big deal The problem is not surprising. Almost a lot of men can stimulate hormones to sexy women, which leads to sexual fantasies. Unrestricted love relationships are a good way to enjoy your sex, and you do n’t need to worry about whether you will encounter such results. You just need to enjoy sex the process of.
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2020.08.05 09:32 5Augdacket Hollywood Celebrity Po-rn Tu-be

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2020.05.10 05:30 CuriosityInclined Sexually inexperienced 38M looking for advice

I'm a 38 year old cis male that has only had 2 very short, basic sexual experiences with 2 different experience and confidence. (By basic sexual experiences I mean kissing, fondling, no oral and just missionary.)
Body/self confidence issues coupled with poor work/life balance has left my dating life spotty at best usually finding 1 or 2 connections a year if I was lucky, with some 2 to 3 year dry spells mixed in. As each year ticks by, the embarrassment, regret and shame I feel for being so inexperienced compounds itself, making the prospect of broaching the subject with someone I'm dating daunting. So much so that I end things before there is a chance for the subject to come up.
Now that I have a better work/life balance and am trying to address my body/self confidence (which I'd hope finding a solution to my problem would help with) I'm hoping to find a positive, enjoyable way to get some intimacy, sexual experience and confidence that I can build on and get rid of the stigma I feel about my inexperience. Something that is not cheap like one night stands, but still takes the practically-a-virgin element out of the equation. Would a friends with benefits situation (with someone that I don't already know) be a good option? But how do I go about finding that kind of connection?
Tinder? It's stereotyped as a hookup app, but everyone has rated-G, LTR profiles on it so I can't gauge the level of decorum or nuance to approach it with.
Adult Friend Finder? I've joined it and have had a fun online interactions but am vastly disappointed with the volume of fake profiles, phishers, and cam models using it as source for getting new viewers through deceptive, transactional, interactions.
Going to Swingers/lifestyle events?
Any insights or advice you all might have would be most appreciated.
I've needed to externalize this problem for a long while now and my hope is that it will help. Thanks
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2020.04.22 22:46 farwa786 How to Find a Threesome Chat

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2020.04.22 21:38 farwa786 Where do Couples Looking for Women

Are you couples seeking girls? Don’t know the best place to find a threesome? We have a lot of websites for open-minded singles and couples who are ready for bisexual and threesome dating. We have listed the best sites for those people looking for girls, thirds for an enjoyable threesome dating experience. Continue reading this article to find out more, pick one that you think is best for you.
Threesome finder
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3some dating online
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Find a unicorn
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Adult finder friender
It is the largest hookup and dating site. It was established 22 years ago; it has mid than 85 million members.
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2020.04.18 05:42 TheMaybeMualist The Tale of the (Possibly) Adulterous Escort Redditor.

Hey there boys and girls. Uncle TheMaybeMualist (the man who brought you the Mati Marroni post) has got a whole nother conspiracy theory to tell you all tonight.
Preface: Given that I can't actually prove anything, the creditor will remain anonymous, with any usable identifying detail omitted in order to make sure none of y'all misbehave and accidentally harass an innocent woman. If you think this as evidence that I'm making this all up, go ahead, just as long as innocent people don't get harassed. Also, I know that escorts have sex with other men as a living, so here sex refers to casual sexual encounters/relationships outside of her work. Please don't get into any debates about sex work in the comments.
Now with that out the way, let's get started. A while ago, I saw this AMA. Being the nosy asshole that I am, I clicked on her profile, I found a post (which I won't post here because it has her personal info) on a swinger's subreddit, which flaired her as a single woman, which if you read her AMA, contradicts her statement that she only had sex with two in her life and that she was married to the second man. I asked her about this and she said that she didn't flair the post herself, and got angry with me because I had already tried to ask if she was cheating half a month earlier. So I guess that's a fair answer for the flair issue. However, she said she was testing the waters and saying hi, so it sounds like she was cheating. You could say it was work-related. It wasn't work-related according to the title. However, there is still the possibility that she would bring up prices and other work stuff in a private conversation with people willing to meet her, my experiences on AdultFriendFinder make this situation (as well as the fact that this action is physically/mentally possible for a person to do) to make me think this would be a plausible answer. It doesn't prove she didn't cheat, but it's good enough to not make her definitively a cheater as the encounter would be work-related.
So yeah. A Redditor (might be) cheating story. With an escort.
I don't know how to end this post, so I'll just reiterate my request for you to not try to witch-hunt her since we don't really have any proof, and we don't want to make mistakes and accidentally ruin a family. And also, please don't trash sex work, since the (possible) adultery would exist if she weren't an escort.
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2020.02.17 17:07 LovingCuck23 Getting into the lifestyle

So my wife and I are wanting to jump into the lifestyle. We have an open marriage at the moment, but I’ve been the only one to go and play, and usually with another solo partner. I do have a fantasy of watching her with another man, and I want to have a 3way with her and another man to help ease her into the lifestyle to eventually get into swinging. We have talked about it and we are both a little nervous to do hookups with strangers, but we both agree that we have to jump into it, or else we will never do it. We live in a rural part of West Virginia so it’s not a lot of club scenes or anything like that around. And finding people on dating apps (I.E Tinder, Bumble, Grindr Ect..) is proving difficult.
Is there a website that you guys would say you’ve had some luck on that isn’t a Pay to Play site and has actually yielded some results? Because googling for websites is just a bunch of adds. Like Adult Friend Finder doesn’t seem to have many if any real profiles. Kasidie wants a membership fee and I’m not really into paying for something that I don’t know if it even works.
If anyone is in the area (DMV) or knows of any websites or even swinger clubs that are reputable and don’t cost a fortune to get into, I’d really appreciate it. Until then, I will keep trying my luck on the big 3 dating apps lol.
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2020.02.03 23:36 farwa786 The Signs of the Best Unicorn Dating Sites for a Great Experience

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2020.01.12 18:44 SoaDMTGguy Double standards about face pics?

Maybe this is off-topic for this sub, and if so I apologize.
I've been on AdultFriendFinder for about a month now, getting my first taste of the swinger lifestyle. Something I've noticed: Women will request that men send a face pic with their first message, often saying they will block anyone who doesn't have a face pic. But they won't have a face picture themselves! Some even flat-out state that the guy must send a face picture before they'll meet but they will not send a face picture.
I do understand that the dynamic between men and women on sites like this is imbalanced. Nonetheless, this seems like a double standard. Does anyone have any thoughts or perspective to share? I'm not mad about it, just a little thrown off.
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2020.01.12 05:03 EliNJocelyn Accidentally Finding out our neighbors and friends for 8yrs were Swingers too! Now We're Fucking 😋

So we have know this couple for around 8 yrs now from my work, you will probably guess what we do by reading this, but due to my job we have never been neighbors until 4 months ago; work moves us alot.
Recently we got move to lower Alabama, where they have been for about a year. As soon as we got here me and my wife started looking around for other girls and/or couples to have fun with but being where we live, things are a little dry lol. We have tried AdultFriendFinder, SLS, Kasidie, and 3rder with no success. So we decided to try Tinder and right away we started getting matches. One of the girls I matched with lived less than a mile away. She was very attractive but had no face pictures and I still swiped right. Well to my surprise once we matched she sent me a message saying "Don't freak out but I know you" I immediately reply wanting to know who she was. She sent me a picture and we couldn't believe it lol. She went on to say that her and "Mike" had been swinging for a while. We had no idea that they were Swingers and they had no idea we were.
Long story short, we invite them over 2 days later to exchange Do's and Don'ts. On the 3rd day we fucked and loved it. We have been doing this for the past month now and it's amazing. We were obviously very comfortable with each other since we already knew one another. We couldn't have ask for a better situation, they are attractive and live 3 houses down lol. Hopefully work doesn't move us anytime soon 😅
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2020.01.08 18:46 metal_master8022 Swinging is going great for my wife... me not so much.

So. Wifey and I started swinging four years ago. It actually started by accident after a wild night at the strip club with another couple who were longtime friends of ours. It just kind of happened. That turned into a weekly thing where we would go to their house and just fuck for hours, trading spouses, etc. Fast forward another year and a half and the other couple ends up splitting up because he was cheating on his wife outside of what we were even doing. So they, and us, decided to continue as we were, just not all together in the same room anymore. This went on for a little while, but my playmate in all this eventually found herself a new boyfriend who didn't like to share, so I lost my playmate. Ok, well, I guess I'll just start looking for someone else. Meanwhile, my wife kept going with her weekly session with our friend, hoping I'd be able to find someone else and "get caught up".
It's now been two years. And nothing. Six months on tinder and not a single swipe right. Adult friend finder, nothing. All my wife's friends who used to flirt with me and stuff, nothing. It's become a throughly self-esteem destroying experience. Now, I've never been very good at this stuff, even before my wife and I met, I never had much luck with women. . I'm not a smooth talker, I really don't have a whole lot of personality, and at 6'4" and 200lbs., the best word that would describe my overall look is probably "intimidating". I've never had a whole lot of self confidence. Now I'm down to absolute zero. And even worse, I think my constant rejection by other prospective sexual partners has started to erode my wife's view of me, as well.
My wife, for her part, doesn't understand it, either. "I don't get it. You're a good looking guy, and you're hung like a horse. You should be able to just flop that big thing of yours out and they should come running. I don't understand."
We live in Nebraska, bible thumper country, so it's not like there's an abundance of swingers out here, but... damn.
Anybody got any tips or thoughts?
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2019.12.18 19:44 R_K_Maroon Ringers/Swingers/Grinders/Clan point finders wanted to secure promotion to M1. Her King Swing are a great bunch with top tips to advance. Let ourselves down in last tourney and had some of our members poached to c100. Please join to help us over the line. Any clans want to merge into HKS hit me up.

Ringers/Swingers/Grinders/Clan point finders wanted to secure promotion to M1. Her King Swing are a great bunch with top tips to advance. Let ourselves down in last tourney and had some of our members poached to c100. Please join to help us over the line. Any clans want to merge into HKS hit me up. submitted by R_K_Maroon to GolfClashClans [link] [comments]

2019.11.26 04:25 funcup760 The process: such a small first step, but what a turn-on

Apologies for the wall of text.
TLDR Wife seems open to playing but I have questions (below).
About a year ago, I (M52) mentioned to my wife (46) the idea of an MFM. Well, you know the reception to that can vary from "Why am I not enough for you?" to "Hell yeah!". Her reaction was the former. Logically, I don't get why adding another dick amounts to her not being enough for me (seems like it implies the opposite, whether it's actually true or not), but from a longtime monogamous woman, I can understand it emotionally. Also, she comes from a household of religious shame, which she has been slowly shedding, so there's that component.
Well, what I learned from you good folks in the LS, and from experimenting a bit on my own, is that when the initial response is negative, you cannot push the issue. It will only lead to further resistance. Plus, my wife is like a cat, anyway; she's not going to eat the bowl of food you just put down, even if she's hungry. A cat needs to walk away from the bowl, jump up on the window sill and gaze out the window, and then go back to the bowl when it's her idea.
So for the last year, there have been a lot of subtle mentions (okay, not all were subtle) and a lot of waiting, shutting the hell up when I wanted to say something, and instead waiting for just the right moments to drop subtle sexy jokes or comments about the idea. Gauging her openness was crucial to that approach. If she's thinking about work or something stressful, that's not a receptive landing spot for a suggestive comment. In fact, it'll just get associated with stressful, negative thoughts, and set the process back, so . . . shut up and wait!
Over time, and over a few drinks on several occasions, she mentions that if she were ever to do anything "like that", she'd like to experience a girl. Oooh, bonus! But still hypothetical. Completely hypothetical. But I see the door opening slightly, at least intellectually. Well, she watches a little porn here and there, so okay, the Catholic guilt is fading, which is great. Suddenly cumshots (tasteful ones) are something she likes watching, whereas before, she just didn't see the attraction. Now, she really enjoys seeing a guy come. Hey, it's progress! She's deciding what she likes or doesn't like based on . . . well, based upon whether she likes it or not, as opposed to being based on what was inculcated in her at a young age.
One day, I came across a DVP clip and let her see it. Hmmm . . . quite intrigued, she was! By that time, she's also making the occasional joke or subtle comment about threesomes or guys/girls who hit on her at school or work. Not that she had opened the door, but I could see her becoming comfortable with the idea that it's a choice that can made, one way or the other depending on preferences, but that the choice doesn't have to be viewed through a lens of shame, and in fact, viewing it that way was basically the product of her upbringing, not a product of nature or her own ruminations.
Well, her being intrigued with DVP, and us having an extra dildo or two waiting for action, brought out some fun fantasy play.
She's enjoying the idea mentally at that point, but it's all still hypothetical and fantasy. The logistics of finding someone clean is a huge turn-off for her and makes it feel like the whole experience would be sterile. She knows safety is a necessity, but feels like it would basically be like picking someone out of a line-up to have sex with, which is not appealing at all to her and she did use that as kind of a way of completely dismissing swinging as cold and emotionless (she's the queen of strawman arguments lol). She could only see herself having sex with someone who she liked personally, and spontaneity is important to her, so . . . well, it doesn't seem like those two things go together. We're still in hypothetical mode then. Okay, I'm patient.
Well, lately she has mentioned a guy who is a client of her company. He always compliments her and she finds him handsome (he does look a bit like a singer she gets puppy-eyed about), but also just appealing overall. And he's tall. She likes tall (I'm also tall). She sees him once a week on Tuesdays, only for a few minutes, but it's enough. Of course we've joked about her "Tuesday visitor" and had good fun with that.
And then, Sunday, as we're hanging out together on the porch in the afternoon after a sex-filled Saturday night, the topic of Mr. Tuesday comes up again. We tease a little bit and she finally says, "Well, if you brought him here right now, I would fuck him. I bet I can get both of you inside me." Well, those were some prize words, right there!
We know it's not going to happen with Mr. Tuesday. It's too dangerous from a work perspective (her words). But she finally crossed the line from hypothetical into not being afraid to admit she wants to, and would, let me and another guy fuck her. I feel like we've hit some kind of milestone, here, a watershed moment, so to speak.
So, assuming she would be open to someone else, I have few question for the veterans:
1) Reading around, I hear everything from "the guy picks a guy and wife never even knows his real name or who he is" to "wife should pick the girl and hubby should pick the guy" to "We like to meet for a drink or two first to make sure there's an attraction but we're never going to hang out as friends and get to know each other" to what would pretty much be full-on polyamory. My concern, and hers too, is that if she needs to have some sort of connection with the person, then we've got a bigger chance of catching feelings. How have you all negotiated this aspect of adding a third or more?
2) How can we make this "screening" procedure fun and not something that seems like a burdensome, sterile task? I asked about going to a swingers club just to watch and maybe meet someone, but she says a club would make her uncomfortable. I tried Adult Friend Finder but she wasn't thrilled with that avenue, either. It wouldn't be too hard to find another couple or another guy if we just go out a mingle a lot, I suspect, but then safety is a guess situation (not a risk we want to take) and the other couple/guy may not have any knowledge about etiquette or boundaries. It seems somewhat risk-prone even though it does preserve the spontaneity component.
3) I'm a decent looking guy with brains and a good sense of humor, but I'm pretty average at 6.5 x 4.5 and I know I'm gonna be outclassed, sizewise, at some point very quickly, so I'm just wondering how I'm going to fare out there if we find ourselves playing regularly. I assume the scene is tilted heavily toward big dicks. Is my average endowment going to be a hindrance if we try to find other couples? I'm sort of thinking ladies in the scene have a pretty good choice of guys, so all things being equal, some size does help.
4) Regarding testing for STDs and making sure you have safe partners, how is that generally handled or is it really different for everybody?
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2019.08.06 14:01 swingerdatingsites How to find a couples for couple?

With one to one becoming boring, most sexual fantasies contain swinger. For those who are passionate about sex, this is an inevitable phenomenon. Unlike traditional sex, swinger means that everyone's hands are filled with things at any time. Of course, couple looking for third to increase your sex life is not always easy. How to find a woman for a 3 way? How to find a couples for a couple? In order to make it easy for everyone to quickly find the right partner for us, we have listed three of the most successful ways to find swinger dating.
Swinger Party
Join a swinger & poly party, find your matches. If you are a person who likes to go out and likes to drink, then you can consider attending a party with lots of swinger lovers. Although there are no large or large groups of people in the swinger, you can definitely find a couples or a swinger finder here. A swinger-party party can't guarantee that you will become a sexual partner, but they do help speed up the process because everyone at the party has the same purpose. But via this way to find a couples, we may be subject to some restrictions. You can't find a swinger quickly. Even if you found, there is no guarantee that the third is kind and healthy. Maybe he doesn't have a bottom line, or he has a certain disease.... Of course there are more problems.
Swinger App
You can download couples dating apps for swinger on your phone, and these apps will help you pair with others based on your preferences. Try Bicupid app( Download for IOS or Android ), an excellent swinger app that can satisfy bi curious to find couples dating. Many people now prefer apps rather than traditional dating methods because they can filter out all verified partners before dating. After swinger chat with someone, a couples dating will begin. Don’t hesitate, there are no scamer and 100% safe, because the Bi cupid app have strong team for customer service to ensure a safe dating environment.
Swinger Websites
How to find a couples for couple? The most common couples swinger happens on some swinger dating sites, which named couples dating sites. Obviously, the services provided by these sites play an swinger guide role, and they will recommend the right candidates based on the address, age and hobbies you filled in when you registered to help you have a nice couples dating. If you try to find, you will find the objects you like and have a long relationship or casual relationship with them. Moreover, these swinger sites are very user-focused, you don't have to worry about any information leaking, and you don't have to worry about anyone disturbing your normal life.
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2019.06.26 11:27 nastyjoydotcom Are you looking for sex? Hoping to meet someone special for a hot, sexual relationship or even just a quick fling?

Are you looking for sex? Hoping to meet someone special for a hot, sexual relationship or even just a quick fling?
Join us at Nastyjoy.com to access our thriving sex community and satiate your need for amazing sexual experiences. Adult FriendFinder has helped millions of people find traditional partners, swinger groups, threesomes, and a variety of other alternative partners.

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2019.05.14 22:40 whofarted24 Best website to join for newbies? Ring question.

Wife & I just moved to a new state & are interested in exploring the local scene. We are living in a fairly small town (Roswell NM - I'm sure you could see that in other posts I've made so no need to hide it). Anyway, we can't find any local bars or clubs that advertise being open to swingers so it seems we will have to try online. I read the intro in this sub & we set up profiles on SLS & Kasidie. We also got on Adult Friend finder. However right now we will likely only join one with paid membership. So can anyone suggest which site is worth joining (paid)? Or is there another site that is popular & trustworthy? Any advice appreciated.
Also, side question... Saw talk about wearing black ring on right hand to signify to other couples we are open to swinging. Is this actually prevalent or has this not caught on yet?
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2019.02.15 18:57 swinging_yall Adult Friend Finder -- is it worth it?

We're already on Kasidie, which is well worth it, basically its FB for swingers. Saw another couple from Mississippi post recently, they are on Adult Friend Finder, so I'm wondering if it's worth it. I don't want to be on lots of different platforms, but I could add AFF because it seems like a much different format IF it seems like a decent place to find other couples. So, what do y'all think?
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2019.01.02 03:32 Superluis97045 Newcomer to the lifestyle

Hello everyone! First and foremost I’d like to say that I’ve been a long time reader of this sub and this is my first post on it.
I hope this is the appropriate forum for what I’m going to type out. If it is not then I apologize in advance and ask for guidance as to what I should have done better.
I am a married man I’m 33 years old, been married to my wife for 8 years and we’ve been together for over 12 years.
Recently we have come to terms in being more open about our sex life. Currently we are enjoying a great dynamic in and out of bed. However I have always wanted to be more adventurous outside of our relationship.
She is my one and only sexual partner I’ve ever had in my life. Due to this I have always wanted to try experiencing sex with other women.
We have talked about setting up accounts on Adult Friend Finder or Tinder, but we feel that is to random. I feel that being invited into a safe and welcoming environment like the swingers realm would be a better and safer bet for us.
But we’re completely fish out of water at this time, I would love to get some guidance from all of you in what I should do to participate in such a wonderful life style.
I’m perfectly happy with being taught by those more experienced than myself and I pride my self in being a fast and respectful learner.
Any and all advice is welcomed, feel free to reach out to me via PM. I’m easy and open to answer any and all questions within reason.
Thank you for your time and effort!
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