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A Chinese family arrived back in Finland in August - on Monday September 5, 2011, the mother was killed. Who killed Yuqing Yin?

2020.03.14 23:47 the_third_sourcerer A Chinese family arrived back in Finland in August - on Monday September 5, 2011, the mother was killed. Who killed Yuqing Yin?

Yin Yuqing (also spelled Youqing, 42 years old, Chinese citizen), was killed in Hervanta, Tampere on 5 September 2011. She lived in Finland with her husband and her teenager daughter.
The curious features of the case have sparked a lot of interest online and on the media. The most strange thing about the death is that it took place in the middle of the day and there are no clues about who the perpetrator could have been.
The woman had been eating lunch at home and returning to the Nokia unit in Hermia Science Park, where she worked as an engineer, when the attacker struck her down a forest path. Cries for help were heard by passers-by who promptly came to Yuqing's aid. Police were called and arrived shortly after, but just a couple of minutes later, Yuqing was dead.
About Yuqing
Yuqing Yin and her husband Hang were just about to continue their lives in Finland after returning from China, when everything changed on Monday, September 5, 2011.
Yuqing originally moved to Finland in 2001 with her husband. Hang Si had worked at Nokia since 1998.
In 2001, Yuqing also began to work for Nokia. Both were successful in their work, and in 2006 they bought a house on Kosti Elonkatu (Kosti Elo Street) in Hervanta. They also purchased a summer cottage in the region.
In 2009, her husband was sent on an assignment to Beijing. Yuqing and their 15-year-old daughter followed him to China. Yuqing had to resign from Nokia in Finland. She then signed a new contract with Nokia's subsidiary in China.
The family returned to Hervanta on August 1, 2011. The change was massive, but pleasant, as the family had been well settled in Finland before. Yuqing's work was once again left behind, and this time Nokia no longer offered new jobs (<- This is quite hard for me to understand, since all other information states she was working at Nokia at the time of her death)
However, Yuqing already had a plan in place. She planned to apply for start-up money and open a café in Hervanta. At the time, Nokia's economic troubles had already begun and her husband's work was going through some changes: He had decided to transfer to Accenture, with the transfer due in early October.
On Saturday, September 3, Yuqing and her husband were at a big party with some of their friends.
By Monday, Yuqing was dead.
Events' timeline
Details from eye witnesses
The three passers-by arrived from two different directions when they heard Yuqing's cries for help. The cries were also heard in the apartment buildings, located less than 100m (109 yards) from the scene. The men found Yuqing lying on the ground and bleeding profusely.
Police at the Scene
A police exercise was taking place outside of the Police Academy installations less than 1km (0,62miles) from the scene of the crime, so all the personnel received the information about the attack and promptly joined another police patrol already on the way. The exceptional amount of police officers who arrived to the scene permitted thus to isolated the area rather quickly.
People at the surrounding buildings noticed the unusual police activity in the area. Police approach onlookers at Hermia's parking lot with Yuqing's bloody ID, they don't recognised her, but suggest asking at the nearest info desk.
Police officers patrol the streets of Hervanta looking for the attacker, interviewing residents and workers, and even police dogs arrive to the scene to support the investigation.
After identifying the victim, they quickly learned that Yuqing's husband also works at the Hermia science park. At the time of the murder, he was at a meeting in the building next to hers. After finally locating him, the police informs him of what has happened.
Hang Si was in complete shock and could not comprehend the situation: just that morning Yuqing have messaged him to join her for lunch at home. Hang wasn't available since he had a meeting going on.
Police Investigation
The man was immediately driven to the Tampere Central Police Station for questioning. He wasn't suspected of being involved in the homicide, but his insight was sought before it was "contaminated" with details from elsewhere.
Hangi Si wanted to help the police but was also worried about her daughter who was at school. Police called the 17-year-old girl several times during the day, but only in the late afternoon did she respond. The police asked her to come to the police station immediately.
By the time the teen arrived, it was already six o'clock. She was interrogated by an older criminal investigator specialised in questioning minors. The girl was lead to the detective's office and told the sad news. Immediately, the detective started a preliminary interview with the girl, asking her, among other things, the relationship between her parents and her mother's daily routine. The interview lasted about an hour. After that, the girl waited for her father whose interview was still ongoing.
At half past ten in the evening, the police patrol drove Hang Sin and his daughter home. The police did not suspect that Hang Si or anyone close to him had any involvement in Yuqing's death.
The police hasn't disclosed the means through which the murderer was carried out, although Chief Investigator Pasi Nieminen has declared the attacker didn't use a firearm. According to Suomen Kuvalehti (a Finnish tabloid), the murderer used a knife. For investigative reasons, the police wouldn't comment whether is true, nor if the weapon was recovered.
According to the police, the attack is investigated as a crime of opportunity, since for its characteristics, is not believed to be a premeditated murder. The killer did not rob Yuqing, nor did he commit sexual violence against her or at least there's no sign of it. The police did not comment on whether the police dogs were able to tracked down any traces of the killer or whether the scene of the crime scene contained DNA, footprints, fibers or other technical evidence.
A person of interest has been pointed: about 400 meters down Kuiskaajanpolku (Prompter Path), an eyewitness saw a man (between 25 and 40) running toward Näyttelijänkatu between 12 and 14. The man ran hard but was not wearing jogging clothes. He is said to be Finnish-looking, and around 180-185cm in heright and not specially broad. His face was round and his hair long, wavy and brown. The man was wearing dark trousers and a light jacket or shirt. The hem was slightly longer at the back than the front.
The man may not be involved in any form with the homicide, but the police would like to talk to him in any case.
Police still has several lines of investigation open, but one theory is slightly more likely than others. According to them, the perpetrator did not know Yuqing and chose her as a victim of opportunity. The police also believes that the perpetrator is suffering from mental health problems.
The theory is supported, for example, by the type of crime, the crime scene and the psychological profiling of the offender. It is very likely that the perpetrator is a man, but one cannot be sure of its gender.
The police has also carried out a homicide investigation of all known violent criminals in the Hervanta area. Two persons were taken into custody in the early stages of the investigation but were found not to have any involvement with the case.
The aftermath
On an interview with Aamulehti, a local newspaper, Hang Si revealed the stress that the investigation had on him and his daughter, so much, that shortly after, he sent his daughter back to China. Later on, even Hang moved back to China, although he occasionally visited Finland sometimes up to 2013.
Chief Investigator Pasi Nieminen said that the investigation has not found any reason to suspect anyone in Yuqing's circle or acquaintances.
All parties have been questioned, including in China, since in spring 2012, the police requested official help from the Chinese police. Interrogation reports were received by the police in the spring of 2013, but they did not reveal any significant new information.
In the intervening years, Hang Si has expressed his frustration that the crime has not been resolved. In 2013, he even considered hiring a private detective, but dropped the idea because it would have been too expensive and the benefits questionable.
At the end of October 2011, the Chinese community in Tampere offered a reward of €6,000, for any tips that help solve the case, which was later raised to €10,000. However, it did not significantly affect the number of clues. .
In 2012, Hang Si complained about the activities of the Tampere police, he criticised in particular the treatment of his daughter in the first stage of the investigation. However, the Deputy Parliamentary Ombudsman did not find the police activities to be blameworthy.
On (a true-crime discussion forum), one of the favourite theories point at the husband being involved, either hiring a hitman in Finland or a Chinese contract killer that travelled here with the sole purpose to kill her and travel back soon after. One of the main points of contention has to do with her husband not accompanying her for lunch, as it was something they often did together.
There's no real clues about industrial espionage as being a factor, although many point at mistaken identity as a possibility. She did not always took the same route, so it's hard to believe her attacker was waiting for her at the scene of the crime.
Many believe that the killer might have thought Yuqing was a teen herself because of her small built and only noticed she was older once their struggle began. There are some that believed sexual motives were involved.
Further details
The police are interested in those who may have been with Yuqing and any possible sightings of her movements between 11:30 and 12:50. It is possible that the perpetrator had been following her for a long time before the attack. It is also possible she used a different route while going home and had been elsewhere while on her lunch hour.
Yuqing was wearing a sweater with orange, white and black patterns. She had brown trousers on and wore bluish walking shoes.
Tips can be directed to the police via email ([email protected]) or by calling to the following number: (+358) 029 544 5317.
Sources (Only in Finnish):
Multimedia resources:
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2014.03.06 14:32 raymanevolve I would like to review Finnish and/or German

Hi, I'm a native Finnish and German speaker (my mother is german and my father finnish). I have translated a popular app called "Battery" for Windows Phone to Finnish and have perfect grades in both English and German ( ;
Quote from Askreddit:
purplemilkywayy: "My family is Chinese American. My parents are extremely good people, and will let friends and friends' children stay in our house for days. They don't mind if they stayed a little longer, but they hate it when the guests show NO appreciation. This lady from China was visiting the States, and wanted to find a place to stay. She's not even our friend. She's our family friend's friend. My parents said okay, so she moved in. For a month."
Translated to Finnish:
"Perheeni on kiinalais-ameriikkalainen. Vanhempani ovat erittäin mukavia ihmisiä ja he antavat ystävien ystävienkin jäädä kylään jopa päivien ajaksi. He eivät välitä pidemmästäkään ajasta, mutta suuttuvat, jos vieraat eivät ilmaise yhtään kiitollisuutta. Tämä kiinalainen nainen oli vierailulla USAssa ja halusi löytää majapaikan. Hän ei ollut edes ystävämme. Hän oli perheemme ystävän ystävä. Vanhempani antoivat luvan ja hän tuli kuukaudeksi asumaan meille."
Translated to German: "Meine Familie ist chinesisch-amerikanisch. Meine Eltern sind sehr nett und lassen sogar die Freunde meiner Freunde tagelang bei uns wohnen. Sie kümmert es nicht falls die Gäste etwas länger bleiben sollten, aber können es nicht leiden wenn die Gäste keine Dankbarkeit zeigen. Diese Chinesin war auf Besuch in den USA und wollte eine Bleibe finden. Sie ist noch nichtmal unsere Freundin. Sie war eine Freundin des Freundes unserer Familie. Meine Eltern waren einverstanden und sie ist für einen Monat eingezogen."
My transifex username: raymanevolve
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