Data realationship

A relationship, in the context of databases, is a situation that exists between two relational database tables when one table has a foreign key that references the primary key of the other table. Relationships allow relational databases to split and store data in different tables, while linking disparate data items. A relationship is established between two database tables when one table uses a foreign key that references the primary key of another table. This is the basic concept behind the term relational database. Making Data Useful. In order for data to be useful, you need to know how the information is related. To create those relationships, a database administrator must become familiar with the data, as well as with the schema and business rules provided by the users. Then, they match values in tables to form relationships and create virtual records. 10.1.1 Example: Data Relationships. This example shows the setup for a simple data relationship between four business unit category codes (RP12–RP15) and the end result of the setup, as it appears in a data entry program. Data Relationship Management (DRM) is an enterprise change management solution for building and retaining consistency within master data assets despite the continuing changes necessary to support underlying transactional and analytical systems. data that cannot be divided; it is distinct and can only occur in certain values. For example, As part of her fundraiser, Madison is selling cupcakes door-to-door in an effort to buy more flutes and trumpets for the school band. The instruments and cupcakes are both discrete data in this scenario because Madison cannot buy half of an instrument ... A data source with relationships acts like a custom data source for every viz, but you only build it once. Relationships can help you in three key ways: Less upfront data preparation : With relationships, Tableau automatically combines only the relevant tables at the time of analysis, preserving the right level of detail. Think of a relationship as a contract between two tables. When you are building a viz with fields from these tables, Tableau brings in data from these tables using that contract to build a query with the appropriate joins. No up-front join type. You only need to select matching fields to define a relationship (no join types). In relational database design, a relationship is where two or more tables are linked together because they contain related data. This enables users to run queries for related data across multiple tables. Relationships are a key element in relational database design. Which of these physical situations describes an inversely proportional relationship? The volume always decreases as the pressure increases. The pressure vs. volume graph is a straight line passing through the y-axis above the origin. The pressure vs. volume graph is a straight line passing through the origin.

Ways To Get Even Closer To The Person You Love

2019.05.10 09:54 iamflypped01 Ways To Get Even Closer To The Person You Love

Ways To Get Even Closer To The Person You Love
Happy couples in Healthy Relationships have finely-tuned communication relational abilities and are specialists in the craft of mindful tuning in. Their flawless listening aptitudes enable them to be infiltrated by one another’s words and emotions. They don’t just get the data; they are educated by it — and as often as possible change their conduct likewise.
In addition, your ability to appear at respect your accomplice’s needs extends the dimension of trust and regard you hold for one another. Further more, as trust develops, there is an expanded eagerness to uncover even the most delicate feelings which can unite you.
#lifestyle #love #Realationships #wayslove
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2016.11.03 16:14 RXSarsaparilla [MS SQL] Help with multiple joins to same table.

I have a customer table (Customers) that looks like this:
ID Name 
Customers holds both people and companies. So it could look like this:
1 Elon 2 SpaceX 3 John 4 Sally 5 NASA 6 etc 
There's also a Relationships table that links some people with companies they work for, so
ID Related ID 
1 2 3 5 4 5 5 2 
How can I structure a query such that I can get results that look like
Person Name (not ID) of the related company they work for 
I can join the two tables with
Select, rel.related_ID from Customers cus join Realationships rel on cus.ID = rel.ID 
to get
Elon 2 John 5 
How can I add another join to get the 2 and 5 above to show the actual names from Customers? I've tried:
Select, rel.related_ID, from Customers cus join Relationships rel on cus.ID = rel.ID join (select from Customers cus2 join Relationships rel2 on cus2.ID = rel2.ID) 
I'm trying to simplify all this, so I think I've explained what I'm trying to do. Is this even in the ballpark of how you'd do this?
Thanks. Sorry it took so long to explain.
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2015.10.03 04:20 realitymustsuck Mentally Disabled - NMother making it worse and I can't get out.

I should probably start out saying that the true nature of my disability was found by my boyfriend’s mother – not my own – and I am still in the process of testing. As an infant I had contracted meningitis and have been struggling with various problems ranging from memory loss, anxiety, depression and a lot of lowered cognitive ability. After years of being brushed aside and labelled with stuff like “generalized anxiety disorder” and “PDD-NoS” I’m finally on track to being tested for proper brain damage. (Doctors have told me it’s pretty much a guarantee at this point and I am waiting patiently for the proper scans now so it’s on paper.)
Living with what I now know as a narcissistic mother is seriously starting to damage me – especially now that I’ve finally been able to spend time with “normal” families and have the support of somebody else.
Discounting the fact she was barely around due to work while I was growing up I’d rather focus on the now since I can barely remember my childhood. The first thing I can say is my mother is taking credit for “getting me all the help” when I was the one who spoke up about the brain damage after being alerted. She kept pushing “minor” things I could “just work through” like the anxiety and constantly tells me I can either “work through it” and when I can’t “I’m faking it.”
I’m constantly bombarded with being told my problems aren’t real. How she had to deal with so much worse. How she’s the only person who could ever support a person like me. I can’t survive without her. I am also – whenever things don’t go her way – told I will lose my disablitiy income…something I use to pay /he rent and she obtains directly into her bank account by merit of “you can’t manage your own money”. A psychiatrist has told me directly she can see absolutely no way of me losing this income right now because it’s very clear something is severely wrong with me. (I lived on my own for a year and made the grave mistake of moving back in thinking they had changed after leaving due to the abuse for the first time. )
I am consistently being guilt-tripped into not leaving. Being threatend with disownment and “having to pay for the renovations we did to the basement” if I dare consider leaving ontop of my disability income not going directly to me has got me glued here. I do not have privacy in my own “apartment” as I was never given a lock – just a sliding door – and they have come down here without permission more than once to degrade me about how it’s not clean enough – even when it is clean – and how I’m a pig, disgusting and how I wouldn’t be able to live anywhere else. (When the state of my apartment was far cleaner than that of most any other house I had gone to…bar my friends parents who are all oil and gas office workers.)
My mother is constantly making snips about my appearance or my sexuality. After years of struggling to put on weight she is now calling me fat when I’ve only put a couple inches onto my hips, thighs and bust – where it belongs. She has called my boyfriend fat. (He is not in the slightest.) I have asked my mother to not comment on anything sexual when it comes to my boyfriend and I’s relationship as I’m still struggling with the anxiety around it – and while that has gotten somewhat better – I am constantly met to her knocking on my door asking “ARE YOU GUYS NAKED HAHA”. This is obviously an attack on my own “happiness” because she’s clearly overweight, doesn’t do much to make herself look good and is far too perverted for my own comfort. (She hosted a dildo party on my 20th birthday and told /me/ to not be offended when I was extremely upset. She also then proceeded to gift me penis shaped candies. I was extremely terrified of that sort of thing at the time and her constant shoving of it made my current realationship a lot harder than it should be.)
I was also forced into taking a college course I had absolutely no interest in with more threats of disownment if I didn’t take it. I now have a certificate in Office Administration…when my anxiety is so bad I can’t even answer a phone. I have stated multiple times before this that I’d love to do data entry or work in a small retail shop where I can sit down between tasks and customers but that’s not good enough. “You need to make more money! You’re going to be in poverty forever!” (I’m disabled – I don’t mind being in poverty so long as I have a roof over my head and internet.) She’s constantly talking me up to her friends and how I can do “anything” – only to turn that attitude around when I fail. I’m on the brink of losing my current job as I cannot stand long enough to perform the tasks I need to.
She is now also trying to force me into following her political beliefs; While she had picked me up from work after collapsing kindly it turned sour quickly after she yelled at me for saying I didn’t need to go to the hospital and how she was right in that I just “need shoe inserts” (not helping) – she had begun to tell me I needed to vote for a particular party because if not our country would “let in all the muslims” and I’d be killed for wearing a t-shirt. She’s also constantly screaming in the car whenever we drive by any person she deems to be muslim…even if they are obviously of another religion. (She seems to consider it a race? Wtf? Obviously I do not share these view points.)
Whenever any situation has come up she butts in to take control of it to “help” me – and the only reason I can’t decline is because I know if I screw up I’ll be degraded further and I can’t stand it anymore. I can do most errands by myself on the bus, I can sometimes make phone calls and if not I just go to the place in person to book appointments…but I’m still screamed at because I didn’t /phone/ them.
I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t take it much longer and I honestly feel like I have no escape. My therapist is absolutely useless and even said I was making excuses when I refused to have my mother brought in to “talk to her about it”…even explaining I had tried to and she freaked out and continued to threaten me because “HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF TREATING YOU BADLY NOBODY ELSE COULD EVER LOVE YOU”
My only option is to call my disability provider and try to figure out if they can get my income going to me directly – without her knowing. I just don’t have the strength to do it right now. The fear of my mother being right is just too much because while it sucks here – I could be homeless too and nobody caring because I’m so ill.
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2014.12.16 04:59 johnbell Questions about database structuring...

So I'm in a course where we're just learning about databases, various tools to make working with them easier, etc.
I've been working with PostgreSQL and ActiveRecord. Not that that really matters.
We've been working with various one to many, many to many etc realationships.
I'm trying to wrap my head around a personal project I have in mind, but not sure how to handle it.... looking for some advice.
Lets say you had a Maid.
She has 10 available working hours per day, 7 available days per week.
I want to keep track of jobs. Essentially, someone can log in, block off X amount of consecutive hours on a specific day.
Aside from having a huge table of all the possible hours, then possible weeks in the future... I can't think of a good way to handle this data.
Is there an easy/obvious answer I'm overlooking/don't know about?
How would you guys structure this?
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2013.09.11 04:02 tabledresser [Table] IamA Bible Preaching Pastor AMA!

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Date: 2013-09-10
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Questions Answers
What do you think about gay rights? Good question, i should have made a note that I would likely be labeled a "fundamentalist" by people on here, although I think fundamentalists would call me liberal...
I do believe that homosexuality is a sin. I also believe overeating is a sin. I don't think we should make McDonalds illegal. I think our country (USA... if your somewhere else) needs to have a serious debate on why (or if) they care about marriage (which is what i assume you mean by gay rights).
That said, i believe that any country should encourage heterosexual relationships because they produce offspring (which is very important to sustain a country). Without a high enough birth rate, there are not enough taxes coming in to sustain the older generations. Also i believe that a heterosexual relationship provides the most stable environment to raise healthy children.
Those are just a few of the beneficial reasons i believe the traditional family should be encouraged. These are reasons i believe the Bible speaks for heterosexual relationships and agains homosexual realationships.
I think our country (USA... if your somewhere else) needs to have a serious debate on why (or if) they care about marriage. So my question to you is, can you explain the thinking behind that? What is it about giving equality for gay people that makes you think marriage will be damaged or diminished? It's not so much that marriage will be damaged or diminished (in my opinion) i believe marriage has already been undermined by such things as no fault divorce. The government needs to come out and decide why they care about marriage (it's not, and should not be that they care about love)... what is really being damaged and diminished is Bible believing people to practice what they believe without persecution.
Your implication is that giving equal rights to gay people is going to damage or diminish marriage somehow...sorry if I am misinterpreting this but it is a common position for anti-gay people to take. I would disagree with your implication that there are not equal rights... a gay man has the same rights as a straight man. What LGBT is arguing for is new rights.
Look at recent events and you can see bakeries being shut down in Oregon because owners don't want to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, or degrees being denied to students because they don't hold "appropriate views" on homosexuality... i am certain in my lifetime i will see a day when LGBT activists go from church to church requesting to be married there and if they are refused pressing charges so that the church is forced to shut down... i think it will damage many things, the LGBT community is not proving to be very tolerant to Bible believing people...
This planet is already overpopulated. Should we promote heterosexual couples having kids. Knowing that a majority of them will not be able provide properly for their offspring? Just because they are hetero? What of gay couples adopting kids that would otherwise grow up in a broken foster system? As far as gay couples adopting kids that would otherwise grow up in a broken foster system. I do not think it is good for children to grow up in either a broken home/foster system or to be raised by gay couples. I believe it is best for children to have both a mother and father in their home.
Gay people do not have the same rights as straights. A straight couple can have their relationship legally recognized so that they can make prenuptial agreements, include each other it their wills, and assure that one partner has custody of children (from previous marriage, sperm donation in the case of lesbians, etc) should the other die. Gay couples do not have those rights in their relationship. Do you believe that homosexual urges are universal and that gay people represent individuals that have caved to their desires in the same way that envy is universal and thieves are just normal people that caved to temptation to steal? If so, when have you struggled with homosexual feelings? If not, what makes you special in that you've never been "tempted" while others have? Again i would argue they have same rights. A straight man has the right to go marry a woman. A gay man has the right to go marry a woman. Neither have the right to go marry a man, 5 women, 3 men 2 goats and a child... etc.
The government is not telling us who to love, this whole concept that the government cares about who i or you love is silly, they don't. They should care about sustainable birth rate, to insure a taxable population to provide for the older generations. That is why i believe a secular government should encourage traditional marriage over homosexual marriage, or people who are repeatedly getting married and divorced.
The reasons for opposition to homosexual marriage goes beyond Biblical teaching to practical sustainable practices for a country. I don't believe homosexuality should be outlawed.
You haven't presented any evidence that having two mothers or two fathers is any worse for a child than having one of each, ceteris paribus. Belief about what is best for children should come from empirical data, or it must be considered an unfounded belief. You are correct, we could both find studies that have imperial evidence to show that we are correct... it seems whoever funds the study gets what they pay for. It is a very difficult thing to prove empirically so many underlying causes.
What is it that you actually believe? Which brand of Christianity you represent. What portion of your doctrine convinced you to adhere to your sect over the others. Which brand: (i know you want something like Baptist, but i can't honestly give you anything like that) so something around a reformed dispensationalist with strong agreements with covenant theologians beliefs in soteriology and grace. Honestly what i think i most closely line up with is a puritan, and sadly no one really knows what they believed anymore, they are just seen as scarlet letters and crucible which hunters... a great people who have had their names destroyed...
The portion that convinced me to adhere to my "sect" was through the Bible alone, I find in many "brands" or "sects" of Christianity do not hold the Bible as authoritative and will dismiss portions that they do not like or find hard instead of submitting to them.
So, you agree with all parts of the bible, old testament included? Yes i agree with all the bible.
Unrelated, have you read any books written by bible scholars like Bart d. Erhman? Many, including Ehrman were evangelical before they began their studies( meaning they became agnostic or atheistic because of what they learned). What do you think this means? I have read both book by people who left the faith because of studies as well as people who have come to faith in attempts to disprove the faith... i find it interesting that it works both ways.
This is an interesting AmA. Let's give the man a chance to tell his story. So I have a question for you pastor. What is for you the one thing that gives you the certainty that God excist? Everything that we observe around us. Everything seems too perfect, ordered and beautiful to be without purpose. The Bible confirms what i observe, teaching what the purpose of everything around us is. So ultimately i would say the Bible gives me certainty that God is real, because without the Bible i would be still searching for reasons.
Everything seems too perfect, ordered and beautiful to be without purpose. The Bible confirms what i observe, teaching what the purpose of everything around us is. Assuming that the universe has a purpose, how do you know that the Christian deity is the source of that purpose, rather than a deity described by another religious tradition? Again, because of the Bible.
There are many religious traditions which offer an explanation for the existence and purpose of the universe. For example, Zoroastrianism, the world's oldest surviving monotheistic religion (it predates Christianity by several centuries), teaches that the universe was created by the all-good Ahura Mazda, that the order of the universe is constantly under attack by chaotic forces of evil, and Zoroastrians can combat evil by living according to their religious principles. Hinduism, the third largest global religion (by population), has many different schools, but all of them offer an explanation for the purpose of the universe and the meaning of life. What is it about Zoroastrianism and Hindusm, and their explanations of the purpose of the universe, that you find unconvincing? I am more familiar with Hinduism than Zoroastrianism (which i know little of). At the end of the day of the religions i have studied i find that the adherents eternal fate is dependent on their actions, saving themselves, living a good enough life etc... the Bible in its teaching teaches salvation through the work of another a purchase being made of my soul which only requires me to believe.
Any Christian will acknowledge that they are a sinner. They are taught they need to love each other. Conclusion? Love the sinner, hate the sin. I acknowledge that the church has wrongfully (and i hope is putting behind them) treated homosexuals as though they have some incurable disease or have committed some sin that cannot be forgiven.
Okay but... homosexuality is NOT a choice... So are you telling people to turn away from being who they were born to be? Telling them to turn away from their sin of being gay, shunning them for who they are, is going to bring suffering for that person. Depression, shame, humiliation... should we not be telling them that you are going to love them NO MATTER WHAT? Wouldn't Christ want that? That is all based on the assumption that it is not a choice. There are plenty of people who have left the LGBT community that say it is a choice.
What sort of academic training in biblical interpretation have you received? Did you learn Greek, Hebrew, and/or Aramaic? I would hold to a verbal plenary inspiration of the bible. I have B.A. in Biblical Exposition from The Master's College, part of the necessary corse work was learning Koine Greek and translating books of the NT for myself. I have not yet learned Hebrew and do not intend to learn Aramaic (good job on knowing biblical languages sir).
Have you studied the religious texts of any other religions, and if so, what is it about those texts that you find unconvincing? I have studied other religious texts. A lot of mormonism (which is unconvincing looking at both their church history and religious text history along with other reasons) i have studied others including Islam's Quran, and some mystical eastern religions. I find the Bible to stand alone, all others i have studied you must live good enough, be good enough to attain to heaven, nirvana etc... While the bible teaches a different gospel. One where i can't be good enough, never will, but am saved purely by the grace of God. It's his love for me while I stood as an enemy to him that saves...
What do you think of the two-source hypothesis regarding the authorship of the Synoptic Gospels? No i don't believe in any 'Q" source or two-source hypothesis of the synoptic Gospels i think it shows very well how three people can see and experience the same thing and tell the same story different (although very similar) ways.
Am I a Calvinist? while i don't like to label myself with inflammatory titles, I would say the shoe does fit, I agree with Calvinism's ideas but there are times/passages where it doesn't seem to fit well. I'm sure it's not a perfect understanding of God's grace and mercy, but a very honest and good one.
How does it make you feel knowing religion is slowly dying off as a lost cause? Very sad, and wondering what I as the church should be doing to better meet the needs of people around me. I think we've lost sight of love.
You described homosexuality as a sin. Let us contemplate who has lost sight of love. Again, this is a belief i hold to, I believe homosexuality will cause people great harm, either now or later, to say nothing i believe would be unloving.
I'm not a cook out there with signs and getting up in peoples faces. At the end of the day, everyone is free to make their own choice, and they will be held (as i will be) responsible for it. I feel if someone asks, i MUST let them know what I believe. But i will will not twist their arms or get in their face or call them names for what they believe. I will state it, if they wish to engage in conversation i will do so in as loving a way as i can. If they don't want to talk to me about it anymore, that too is fine. I will serve them, i will love them. And yes i believe telling them what i believe to to be truth is love.
Would you consider advocating to your fellow theists the possibility of knocking conversion a couple pegs down on your to-do list and bringing tolerance and no-strings-attached aid upward? I think a definition of tolerance is needed in this world.
Those who convince people that a specific group is in contravention of divine law do far more harm. While you may commit no violence yourself, you are enabling others with less self-control to commit violence against them, and to justify it as part of a divine punishment. You need look no further than Russia to see the results. Does homosexuality cause great harm to bonobos? What about dolphins? Dogs? Ducks? Penguins? My friend you name animals, dumb animals, i consider you much more.
How old is the earth? What are your views on evolution? I believe in a literal interpretation of the bible, so i do believe in a young earth. 10,000 years give or take. i do not believe the theory of evolution is adequate to explain the origin of life. adaptation is observable and i believe we adapt, but evolution i do not believe.
Where in the bible does it say the earth is 10,000 years old? And on evolution, do you know why you have to get a new flu shot every year? It does not but with a careful reading it is the conclusion anyone would come to.
I don't get flu shots, they are ineffective as they can only target a predicted virus, such as in 2003/4 when the CDC said the shot would not be effective because they targeted the wrong virus.
I'm sure you're trying to point out evolution, but your argument is invalid as the virus does not change from year to year, it is always a mutation of one of three virus influenza B viruses, influenza A (H1N1) viruses, and influenza A (H3N2) viruses... though they adapt and change, they remain one of those.
What made you believe in God? I don't know if i can answer a "what" maybe a "why"
I believe in God because it is the best explanation for the world ( everything that i see) that i have found. Why things exist, why there is order, why I have feelings drawing me certain ways, why there is an innate sense of morality that we all share. When i look at the world (i just spent two weeks in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range) it is so beautiful and amazing, when i look at people and their imaginations and creativity, their love for fellow man, it seems to cry out that it is all for a reason, and a purpose.
When i read the Bible it affirms these thoughts and feelings, it teaches a better way. And at the end of the day, it's true, i believe what the Bible teaches.
You have a B.A. in Biblical Exposition - do you have any other degrees? Have you taken any courses in biology, chemistry, physics, or astronomy? I have no other degrees, i have taken all the courses you named in state ran schools (few bible believing professors teaching those classes!).
What do you think of biblical interpretations which disagree with your interpretation? How do you determine which interpretation is correct - what process do you go through? I believe there are many places in the Bible where we are able to disagree and have equally valid interpretations. There are also areas where we cannot. When the Bible speaks clearly on a topic it is easy, when the Bible does not speak clearly on a topic it get harder, i will address that. You must look at the Bible as a whole, one cannot strip a verse out of a page and say "this is what it means" many cults have been driven by this to the harm of millions of people.
I believe there are many places in the Bible where we are able to disagree and have equally valid interpretations. How is it possible that two Christians could disagree over the interpretation of a part of the Bible, yet both have "equally valid" interpretations? Does this mean that God's law, at least partially, can be both true and not-true at the same time? Where other christians will often disagree is places the Bible doesn't talk about, the internet, never mentioned in the Bible (shocker) but we can still take principles on how we are told to live and apply them to the internet itself.
How do you determine when the Bible speaks clearly, especially if other Christians disagree with your interpretation? An example of this could be, could Jesus Christ have sinned? Both parties can be in agreement that He did not sin, however disagree on IF it was possible for Him to be able to sin. Am i making sense?
How do you determine when the Bible speaks clearly? again through the golden rule given above. Do not kill. is clear, but it's just a bit of text ripped out of the whole, in reality what the Bible teaches is Do not Murder (man)... likewise there are times when governments are told to execute, go to war, etc... when you look at a concept with the whole of scripture then it SHOULD become evident what the Bible teaches on a topic. again when you run differing opinions through the golden rule of interpretation you should come out with an answer that is adequate... sometime more than one, which both seem valid, which i equate to both or one of us being wrong and needing to study more to show which is correct.
What part of the country is your church located? I grew up in the bible-belt (where that happened). My family didn't attend service but my brothers and I would sometimes jam with the youth group band at gatherings. We made some friends and had a good time. When it came out that we were atheists, (my disabled mom is a believer), we were all cut off from food aid and told we were no longer welcome. I left the south because of rampant persecution. Question though, does the bible encourage tithing? And if so, are there stipulations? I guess to elaborate on my question, would you consider your church to be distinct in your humanitarian approach or are you strictly adhering to the bible? Wow, that's a bunch: the churches i have been associated with are mostly in California, i am now in Arizona.
I think the concept of "tithing" is a stretch at best. The first mention of it is in Gen when Abraham runs into this priest named Melchezideck (and it's a confusing story we know LITTLE to NO background on this guy) that's what the Jewish people base their tithing on--Abraham giving 10% of his war spoils to this Meck guy--Jesus tells us in the NT to give willingly and generously... whats that mean to you? i can't say, that's between you and God, if your not doing it joyfully you shouldn't do it, and when you do it, you should be generous, what ever that might be for each persons financial situation.
I don't think my church is distinct among Bible believing churches... although i would also say that most churches ARE NOT truly bible believing.
Posting a video really doesn't prove anything. Can you prove it's you? If i was not telling the truth don't you think i would post a better video?
Removing this post pending proof, as OP stated, posting a random video from YouTube doesn't prove you are a pastor. What do you want a picture of a business card from kinkos that says pastor?
How often, if ever, do you question your faith? And how often has a challenge from a non believer forced you to question your faith? if ever. Often... in fact that is why i did this, i was hoping some people would pose honest questions that would cause me to doubt... doubting is not bad, when i doubt i study, and usually find satisfying answers. I would say doubting builds my faith...
I didn't get on this because i have all the answers, i was looking for questions.
What denomination are you? Follow-up: What do you consider to be wrong with Catholicism? Is it hurting Christianity as a whole to have a near empire-like government that many people see as representative of all Christians? I'm in a baptist church, but would not really consider myself a baptist. I have many things against the Catholic church, namely their method of forgiveness of sin, belief that only clergy are part of the church (this is a lie, all believers are part of the church--body of christ), whole concept of a pope, their history of abuse and so on...
Is it hurting Christianity... yes and no... i would love to have a near empire-like entity of the true church, i believe if we did the world would see the Church much differently... so i guess maybe it is because they claim to be christians yet act very differently than what the bible says.
What is the most rewarding part of the job? The most rewarding part of my job is probably seeing people come out of a place of chaos and immaturity to a place of stability and a life that they are glad to live...(i'm not preaching a health and wealth gospel, there are plenty of fellow christians that are suffering greatly who are mature and wise)
This thread is a bit old, but I’ve had this question for a while, maybe you will see it… in the story of job, god and the devil make a deal yes? The devil says to god “I bet if you didn’t protect him (Job), he would stop loving you” (or something around those lines) so, god allows the devil to take everything job has….his livelihood…his family….everything he holds dear. Now, job has always been a man of god. He was a pillar of holiness. He was the perfect example of what a Christian should be. Here is my point. God gives us free will yes? If he didn’t, what’s the point of life? If he knew what choices we would make, he would know, from the time of our birth, whether or not we would go to heaven or hell. So, god gives us free will to choose whether or not we want to accept Jesus. Now, my question to you is, why would god risk jobs eternal damnation? Why would god gamble with one of his most loving and faithful servant’s life? God had no way of knowing whether or not job would lose his faith. If he knew the choice job would make, we wouldn’t have free will, and thus, there would be no point to life. Was job just a chess piece? I mean, sure job didn’t lose his faith, and god made his point. But at what cost? Was it really so important for god to have his moment of satisfaction where he could tell the devil “I told you so”? I would say that having free will (which we do) does not preclude God from knowing what will happen. God is free of space and time, so though we have free will and do not know what will happen in the future, God does.
So why would god allow this "evil" to happen to Job? We are not told with certainty, so i cannot say with certainty. But we can speculate, because of what happened with Job, God is brought Glory, we are taught through the story who God is, that He is the God who give and takes away and he is just in doing so, because who owns everything, he can do as he pleases. In the end God restores Job's possessions much more than he had.
Am i addressing your question?
Why in genesis does God say "let there be light" on day 1 but then go on to create stars a few days later? Stars are the primary source of light inthe universe. How can there be light on day 1 if there were no stars? Great question and one i do not have a good answer for, another that gives me problems is i believe in a young earth... but it takes millions of years for light to get from a star to us... why can i see them?
But you didn't answer the question... As i said, i don't have a good answer for it.
What is it about the Bible that makes it worth preaching? My belief that it is the revealed word of God, in it containing instruction how to live a righteous life. The Bible instructs us how to gain eternal life and avoid eternal torment. That is why i think it is worth preaching, reading and listening to.
Hey pastor, thanks for answering. How familiar are you with Bible translation history? If i may ask? just to give myself a frame of reference, it just sounds like you have some misconceptions... there is really no difference in a catholic bible a baptist bible a ESV a King James or NASB... the differences are mostly stylistic in translation. Some things just don't translate well and there are differing views on how to translate them. Do you translate it literally or the meaning? i.e. original text may read i love you with my bowels, should we leave it or translate it's meaning, i love you with my heart? we have great ancient manuscripts which the bible is translated from and there is a vast amount of these manuscripts with a staggering degree of perfection between them. You shouldn't have fear about error over editing or retranslating. What are these contradictions you speak of?
It is commonly understood among Christians that the Old Testament is to be view in a non-literal way. But with that in mind, how do you explain the introduction of original sin? I would reject the notion that the OT is to be viewed in a non-literal way.
If the story of the talking snake and the magic apple is for some reason, to be viewed as a story and not actually real, where did original sin come from? Unless the text is poetic, or prophetic, i think it should be viewed literally.
What is the role of women in your church? Can women hold positions of power? We have women who lead ministries and are deaconesses as is instructed in the Bible. Likewise women are not pastors or elders per biblical teachings.
Calvin or Arminius? That's pretty vague, assuming what you mean i would fall close to Calvin.
What do you think of the new Pope? I'm not catholic and give very little thought to what the catholic church is doing... what do i think of the new pope? not much.
What draws you to Calvinism? It seems to hold truer (in most, not all) passages of the bible when you read it as a whole... there are problems i have with it as i do with "arminius" just less problems with calvin i guess. I'm fairly certain that both are wrong, they are simply two (mostly) good attempts to understand the incredible gift of a Holy God loving a fallen man.
Hi, just asking out of curiosity which part of the bible do you think is the most flawed, in terms of believability? I don't believe any of the Bible to be flawed.
What translation of the Bible does your church use? NASB or ESV is what our leadership uses... the members tend to use those since they are what we teach out of, but i know many use other translations, which is fine.
Would you say that God (in the sense of how it can be comprehended through the bible) can be classified as good or evil? I would say according to the bible, he must be classified as ultimate good.
Do you feel like you live your life by the bible? And if so, do you exclude or ignore parts of the bible in order to live your life? Are there only certain parts that you follow, and why? I'm not perfect but i do strive to live my life in complete obedience to the Bible... i really fail miserably at that... i am human, and i struggle with the same temptations to cheat lie and steal as anyone else.
Right I can understand that, I mean it's only human to feel tempted at times right? But I mean, I know there are some pretty gnarly things in the bible, like stoning people to death because of such and such reason, you must be a virgin to be married, can't wear mixed clothing (must be all wool/cotton etc.) There are those rules in the bible as well right? Do the majority of people just ignore them? I appreciate any honest question.
Again I could be completely wrong, but thats why I'm asking x) to find out. If you read the NT book of Romans the Apostle Paul deals with this in great depth. Does this answer your question adequately?
It was a joke. And taken as such.
Hey, I dare you to go on /atheism... Many examples of religion at its worst there. It is very sad.
Where do you see you're religion in 1000 years. (If you can at all) I hope to God he has come back before then... i do see it dyeing... and in a thousand years probably meeting in private with just a few other people hiding form those who wish to do us harm.
How much of your churchs' money do you invest in the Congo diamond mines. I'm pretty sure none.
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