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2020.10.14 21:36 Elias_Pedro Star~! Anchor, Interven-chan - Chapter 7

Author's Notes: M200 and Nagant spend their first night in Station 56586 and get immersed in the PMC life. Meanwhile, a strange encounter takes place in Brest Oblast.
Links to other platforms are here if you wish to read it there!
AO3 Link: [Chapter 7 - Hash Browns (Part I)]
FFN Link: [Chapter 7 - Hash Browns (Part I)]
Late Evening
Brest Oblast
Residential Area Back Alleys
The rains of the early Springtime storm had finally ceased in Brest Oblast, but it was a fragile peace. A harrowing scream rang out from the darkness of the back alleys and shattered that peace with heartless cruelty.
In the cramped, concrete confines of the alleys, as the rainwater sloshed loudly through the storm drains, the giant lady gopnik and her crew of hooligans were frozen in horror. She and her men were backed up against a dead end in the back alley and were confronted by a group of shadowy figures.
There were four large men whose faces were shrouded by peculiar white hoods that covered them from head to toe. One of those men was manhandling one of the lady gopnik’s strong goons as if he was nothing but a mere ragdoll to be played with.
The goon was forced down to his knees while the hooded man raised the goon’s arm in an angle that went well beyond what normal human anatomy would naturally allow. This caused the goon to writhe in agonizing pain - much to the dismay of the lady gopnik.
With a trembling voice, the lady gopnik appealed,
“O-oy… why are you doing this? Is this retribution for something we’ve done? We’ve left the supermarket alone! What more do you want from us!?”
When the lady gopnik spoke, a fifth figure appeared, coming from behind the hooded men. This figure had the face of a young girl with straight, flowing black hair and unnaturally light brown eyes. The girl wore a black hood similar to that of the four men, but it bore an odd mark that the lady gopnik couldn’t recognize.
The girl casually walked past her four men and the pinned down goon. She then ran a dismissive hand through her silky black hair before letting it cascade gracefully behind her. Once she was past her men, she turned her light brown eyes toward the lady gopnik and promptly corrected her,
“Oh, I am not here to demand anything from you and your lot, my dear scoundrel. As a matter of fact, I come here to you with an opportunity - an opportunity that will make you whole again… and I’m not just talking about your arm.”
The lady gopnik felt a chill run up her spine as she instinctively reached for the stump where her right arm was supposed to be. For a moment, she felt a phantom pain - an odd, faint itch as if her arm was still there. She then glared at the young girl and demanded,
“What are you talking about!?”
The girl shrugged and continued her cryptic spiel,
“I know who you are, scoundrel. You are Anastasia Malashenko. Ukrainian. Originally from Kiev, but you moved East to Belarus to escape the war… but the war found you anyways and you were drafted into an auxiliary unit. You didn’t quite finish your university degree, but that was enough to make you the 2nd Lieutenant of the KCCO’s Brest Oblast Garrison - a Mladshiy Leytenant.”
‘Anastasia’ was horrified by this young girl reading out her life story like a book, so she spat,
“How did you…!?”
However, the young girl ignored her and kept going.
“Your service to the motherland was peaceful but untarnished… until the dying days of the war when American commandos mounted a daring attack that crushed your defenses and nearly succeeded in extracting crucial state secrets. Your garrison eventually won that battle - but only after so many lives were lost hunting down the determined enemy.”
Anastasia furrowed her brow and considered her words. She couldn’t understand how this young girl knew so much about her in such detail. She suspended her disbelief and angrily argued back to defend what little pride she had left,
“I don’t know who you are, but I won’t have you talk down to me like this! I served the motherland faithfully - but the odds were stacked against me! My air defenses were sabotaged and compromised, so the enemy commandos slipped through. Then, when the commandos occupied downtown Brest, my commanders in Minsk refused to send help!”
The girl folded her arms with amusement and countered,
“That was because a ceasefire was signed between the US, the PEU and the motherland. This was the argument the KCCO HQ in Minsk told you, wasn’t it? That was why you were forced to tackle the insurgency on your own - street by street, house by house, man by man. An operation meant for dolls had to be fought with flesh and blood. Lots of flesh and blood.”
Anastasia gritted her teeth in fury as she remembered the nonchalant, dismissive attitude of her superiors more than ten years ago. Then, she recalled the bodies of dead soldiers and civilians lined up on the streets in a horrifying display. The memory made Anastasia reach for her missing arm again as she admitted,
“The insurgency lasted six months. Brest Oblast was devastated. I lost my arm fighting for the motherland, but that did not absolve me in the eyes of Minsk or Moscow. I, and the men I had left, were disgraced and ejected from the force through no fault of our own. They pinned all the blame on us. Now we roam the streets of the city we gave our bodies and our lives to protect - we’ve lost so much and you bastards say that you can make us whole again!?”
The young girl’s smirk grew wider as she stubbornly insisted,
“That’s entirely right. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have tracked you and your friends down like I did.”
She gave the hooded man behind her a sidelong glance, prompting him to free the pinned gopnik. Then, the girl then extended her arms and offered,
“My Father has sent me here to give you the opportunity of a lifetime - a chance to strike back against the KCCO. They’re planning a big operation here in Brest Oblast soon… and it would be a shame if things go poorly for them, yes? After all - this operation is being led by your former superiors.”
Anastasia’s eyes lit up and burned with a furious rage as she asked,
“Sokol... and Chaika?”
The young girl tilted her head mischievously and confirmed,
“Bingo~! The KCCO took your arm from you, so now is your chance to take and break theirs. Sounds like a good deal, no?”
Anastasia clenched her one remaining fist. She then turned to her men to see what they thought. When she did, she noticed the fear in their eyes melting away - slowly being replaced by an unquenchable thirst for revenge.
That was all she needed to see. She then finally turned back to the girl and accepted,
“My men and I would like nothing else but to see Sokol and Chaika punished for their crimes. Many of the gopniks wandering this town, wasting away while wolfing down that shitty soup from Minsk, feel the same way. If the New Soviet Union won’t hold Sokol and Chaika accountable, my men and I will.”
The young girl brought her hands together graciously and answered with delight,
“Very good! In that case, I must ask that you do something for me and my Father first. Think of it as a test of your mettle.”
The dark clouds in the heavens finally parted and bright moonlight flooded the dark alleyway, illuminating it in soft silver. That moonlight reflected off of Anastasia’s determined eyes as she asked,
“What would you have us do?”
The young girl’s smile widened as she looked up to one of the tenement towers in the Residential District. Her eyes were fixed on the Romashka Building as she replied,
“There is a certain item that I want you and your men to retrieve. It belongs to my dear, dear sister, you see - and my father would like to see it returned to us. Could you do this for us, Mladshiy Leytenant Malashensko?”
“Give us the details and equipment and we’ll do what needs to be done.”
“Good. Very good. My men will be in contact with you soon with the details. They will give you your equipment as well.”
The girl then turned around and proceeded to walk away with her hooded men. However, Anastasia called out to her and asked,
“Before you go… what is your name?”
With her back turned to Anastasia, the girl put on her hood and fancifully replied,
“Terco. Call me ‘Terco’.”
Star~! Anchor, Interven-chan
Chapter 7 - Hash Browns (Part I)
G&K Station 56586
Security Tent
After the quick yet warm welcome that M14 organized for me and Nagant, my trusty bodyguard and I picked up our luggage. Welrod and Grizzly escorted us to a small tent near the entrance and the four of us entered together. Inside, the angelic figure of the kindly MP40 was waiting for us.
MP40 wore a bright smile for us all and greeted,
“Guten abend, Miss M200, Miss Nagant Revolver. Welcome back to our humble home - though it is a little bigger now than when you last saw it~!”
With that, Grizzly and Welrod stepped right back out of the tent and excused themselves. Grizzly waved goodbye to us and then to MP40 as she called,
“Don’t be too harsh on them now, MP40!”
MP40 smiled, waved back to Grizzly and cheerfully answered,
“I’ll try not to, Grizzly-senpai!”
The odd handgun couple disappeared behind the folds of the tent, leaving me and Nagant alone with the cheerful SMG doll. MP40 then snapped on a pair of short black gloves, set up a pair of coffee tables and began her inspection,
“Alright then, Miss M200. Miss Nagant Revolver. Please place your suitcases here and open them for me.”
Nagant and I followed MP40’s surprisingly dutiful orders. As we did, MP40 pulled out her tablet device and began typing in a series of commands.
All of the sudden, the quiet whir of tiny propellers came to life in the tent and a small drone took flight. The drone’s holographic projectors then came on and the semi-transparent figure of a pint-sized girl with braided black hair and loopy round glasses appeared.
“Whoa…!” I gasped, surprised by the drone’s hologram.
MP40 chuckled at my response and gestured to the drone and introduced it to us,
“This here is a ‘Rescue Fairy’ - one of the new Technical Fairies that our Station will be operating from here on out. This one specializes in finding things, so she will be helping me with my inspection today~!”
When MP40 said this, the hologram girl twirled around proudly in response. It then brandished a comically large magnifying glass before nodding to MP40.
So, MP40 nodded back and placed her hands together as she faced us and asked,
“First, I will need to register all of the weapons and equipment that you are bringing into the base.”
Nagant and I promptly obliged. My companion set her revolver down on top of her suitcase while I brought out my miniature voice recorder. I also fished out the camera-equipped drone that I had in my suitcase for MP40 to see.
MP40 folded her arms and then asked me flatly,
“No weapon for you, Miss M200?”
I shook my head and repeated the same story that I had told everyone by then, condensed into three words,
“Never had one.”
“I see.”
The ‘fairy’ then proceeded to scan Nagant’s revolver, my pieces of equipment and the rest of the contents of our suitcases. Once that was done, the fairy then pointed its holographic magnifying glass at Nagant - then at me.
Somehow, I couldn’t help but feel like the fairy’s gaze was a little bit intense when it was looking at me.
Then, the fairy took off its round glasses and squinted as she looked at me again through her magnifying glass. It made me feel a little bit nervous as I asked,
“D-did I do anything wrong, Miss MP40?”
MP40 paused for a moment and glanced at her tablet device with a curious hum. She then shook her head and reassured,
“Oh. Oh, no - not at all Miss M200. Sometimes, the fairies don’t process things right away. We’re still getting used to them, after all.”
The SMG doll tapped on her tablet device again and the ‘Rescue Fairy’ finally pulled away from my face. The hologram projection waved goodbye before it disappeared. The drone unit itself then flew back to its corner in the tent and powered down.
MP40 helped us repack our bags as she then spoke in her dutiful tone,
“My inspection is over. The two of you are now registered in our system - and my inspection is complete.”
Her expression then softened with a warm smile as she offered,
“Now that that’s done - would the two of you like a tour of the base?”
Nagant and I nodded eagerly, much to MP40’s delight. With that, MP40 showed us out of the tent and walked us through the newly-expanded Station 56586.
Residential Quarters
Main Dormitory Building
Our first stop that evening was the dormitory that Nagant and I were going to be staying at.
It was one of the prefabricated structures that I saw when we were driving in, similar to one of those small motels that were popular in America long ago. MP40 opened the door to one of the units for us, turned on the lights and showed us inside.
“Whoa… it’s a lot roomier than I thought!” I gasped as I looked around.
Past the prefabricated facade, the rooms were relatively spacious places. Inside, there were four single beds, a couple of shelves, desks and lamps - and even a large, odd trinket hanging on the wall. It looked like some odd cross between a crossbow and an anti-tank rifle.
MP40 noticed me eyeing the thing on the wall, so she explained,
“Oh, this here is a Sangvis Ferri weapon - the one used by SF SP21 ringleader known as ‘Gager’. Negev-senpai and her Echelon 2 defeated a number of Gager dummies during Operation Arctic Warfare and captured all sorts of SF equipment like this. This one here is a replica, though. The real ones were shipped off to HQ for research.”
“Defeating multiple SF ringleader dummies, huh?” I noted with amazement, “This Negev must be a force of nature on the battlefield.”
MP40 nodded eagerly and agreed,
“Indeed! Negev-senpai is one of the greatest warriors of Station 56586! She’s proud of her service to Griffin, so she chose to put this up in her room to remind herself of the job that needs to be done. Needless to say, I’m proud to serve alongside Negev-senpai.”
I nodded back but suddenly stopped myself halfway. I then turned to MP40 and asked with looming terror,
“W-wait a second. ‘Her room’? Are you saying that this room is…”
MP40 nodded again with rising excitement and cheered,
“That’s right, Miss M200! This is the room where Negev-senpai and I stay. Negev-senpai is M14-senpai’s right hand, and I am Negev-senpai’s aide-de-camp. You will be getting to stay with the two of us this week! Isn’t that great~?”
Ahahaha~ I wasn’t sure if I could agree with that one, MP40. You would have seemed like an okay roommate, but staying in the same room as that menacing monster of an adjutant was something I would have liked to avoid.
I turned to Nagant beside me to get a sense of what she thought about this arrangement, but she seemed like she was getting worked up about something else entirely. Nagant listened to MP40 drone on about ‘Negev-senpai this’ and ‘Negev-senpai that’. Her brow furrowed as she muttered beneath her breath,
“Another one? Just how many couples are living in this base!? Are these Western-lovers trying to test Babushka’s patience by making her a seventh wheel!? Hrgh…!”
Hmm… I probably shouldn’t disturb her for now.
In any case, Nagant and I claimed our beds, set our suitcases down and then let MP40 continue to show us around the base. Since it was already evening, I decided to keep my camera-equipped drone stowed away for the time being. I didn’t think I was going to get any noteworthy footage in the pitch darkness.
So, under the occasional sweep of searchlights, MP40 walked us through the base’s training grounds, the repair bay and the command post. She pointed out to those buildings and told us a little bit about the things that went on inside of them like a bona fide tour guide.
However, I couldn’t help but notice that we steered clear of the heart of the base itself. In particular, we didn’t go anywhere near the nuclear bunker that survived the aerial bombardment.
I wondered if that was some sort of restricted area or something.
I tucked my curiosity away for the time being as I felt the appetite that I had been building up from our stroll start to catch up with me. Nagant’s stomach likewise grumbled, drawing an amused chuckle from MP40.
So, our tour guide ended our tour at a large building near the prefabricated dorm: the cafeteria.
“New Armory” Cafeteria
MP40 opened the doors of the cafeteria building and proudly welcomed us inside. It was a large, common dining hall with tables, chairs and a full-service kitchen behind a plexiglass wall. Just as I expected, there were a number of speakers on the walls that were tuned in to the Western music broadcast from the G&K Glasgow branch office, much to Nagant’s chagrin.
However, the thing that caught me by surprise was the fact that there were four MP40 dummies scattered about the cafeteria that evening.
Two of the MP40 dummies were hard at work in the kitchen. The third was manning the cafeteria counter and serving the dolls their meals while the last was busy bussing tables and cleaning trays.
MP40, Nagant and I lined up for our meals and were served a simple cooked meal: meatloaf, stir-fried vegetables and mashed potatoes, paired with a cup of hearty beef broth and a cup of hot tea.
The three of us found a table and ate our meal together with the rest of the dolls in the hall.
I worked my way through the food quickly and praised,
“This stuff is pretty good!”
Nagant, on the other hand, tried to act more aloof,
“Hmph. I guess this is okay… for Western fare.”
However, it was clear that Nagant was enjoying her meal quite a bit. The stubborn Russian handgun doll then cautiously probed as she made gestures in the air,
“Though… I have heard about this mythical sandwich from the West. They say there is a patty of beef in the middle, with lettuce and tomato and a variety of different possible sauces. It sounds like yet another symbol of Western decadence, but yet - it sounds… interesting.”
MP40 chuckled at Nagant’s cautious curiosity and answered outright,
“Those are called ‘hamburgers’, Miss Nagant. Grizzly-senpai helps me cook them on Tuesdays. She’s very handy when it comes to grilling!”
Nagant seemed to brighten up immensely when she heard this, but she cleared her throat and did her best to act aloof once more.
“V-very well. I shall attempt to partake of this mythical ‘hamburger’ you speak of on Tuesday. I… I will have high expectations of it!”
MP40 gave Nagant a thumbs up and accepted the challenge wholeheartedly. She then proudly remarked,
“I’m glad the two of you like the food here! We had the full-service kitchen installed last week and morale has improved quite a bit!”
I nodded in agreement, but then pointed to MP40’s dummies to ask,
“I do like the food - but I do have to ask you… why are your dummies wearing maid uniforms?”
MP40, however, was unfazed as she honestly replied,
“Before the Tasteless and Unsavory Incidents ravaged our Station, we had a really nice cafe that everyone in this Station loved. It was run by our adjutant at the time - Springfield-oneesama, the Cafe Springfield. When Springfield-oneesama’s duties started to pile up, she took another doll - G36-senpai - as an apprentice and barmaid and taught her everything she knew. Then, one thing led to another, and G36-senpai took me as her apprentice.”
MP40 dug into the pocket of her coat and drew out a maid’s headdress and added,
“Both Springfield-oneesama and G36-senpai believed that a warm smile and a home-cooked meal can change the world for the better, one step at a time. Neither of them are here at the base anymore, and I only had about a week to learn from G36-senpai, but I wanted to carry on that tradition for them in their stead.”
A G36 doll, huh? Weren’t G36’s on the recall list issued by I.O.P. not too long ago? This G36 was trained by the fugitive Springfield too no less.
I held my cup in my hands and looked at my own distorted reflection in the tea as I pondered.
Something deep inside me told me that a doll who could prepare food with such a gentle flavor could be thoroughly evil like all the official reports said. If MP40 was a reflection of this base’s G36 and Springfield, then I couldn’t help but feel like those two dolls couldn’t be all that bad.
MP40 tilted her head with curiosity and asked,
“Is there something wrong, Miss M200?”
I shook my head and promptly reassured,
“Nope. I was just thinking about how I can tell your story in my spiel when I start filming for Live at Five.”
MP40 smiled at my reply and hummed,
“I see~! We switch to GKTV-5 on the radio here from time to time. I’ll look forward to hearing your segment, Miss M200.”
Later that evening
Dorm Room #1
After dinner, Nagant, MP40 and I returned to the dorm. Traveling to Station 56586 and touring a small part of it - on top of working a full day at GKTV-5 - knocked the wind of my sails and Nagant seemed like she was ready to fall asleep as well. The two of us were ready to hit the sack, so we waited for MP40 to open the door for us.
That was when MP40 noticed something strange. She turned the knob but met almost no resistance. MP40 then gasped,
“Huh…? The door is unlocked?”
More than that, the lights inside the dorm were on. The light flowed out from the space beneath the door. MP40 furrowed her brow and swiftly opened the door.
Nagant and I followed behind MP40 and we found the most peculiar sight. Inside our joint dorm room, the adjutant of the base - the fearsome war hero Negev - was sprawled out face-down on her bed at an odd angle.
Negev was snoring peacefully, already fast asleep on top of her formerly pristine blankets. Moreover, her hair was disheveled and she was still in her full regular attire.
MP40 pouted at the unflattering sight of Negev, so she put her hands on her hips and lectured,
“Negev-senpai! You can’t go to sleep like this. Your uniform will get wrinkled and your hair will get frizzy in the morning!”
The pink-haired adjutant, however, simply grumbled in response and turned to her side,
“Hrghmm… I’m a… specialist…”
The maneuver wrinkled Negev’s Star of David-clad uniform even more, causing MP40 to heave a sigh. The German SMG then compromised,
“Fine. You’re a specialist, but let me at least help you into bed, senpai. We have guests, after all.”
The sleeping Negev didn’t reply, so MP40 took that as a sign to go ahead. With that, MP40 proceeded to gently strip Negev down to her underwear, meticulously undo Negev’s side-tail and then remove her twin Star of David hairpins. After this, MP40 tucked Negev into bed and then did her best to undo the wrinkles on her uniform.
Watching this whole exchange seemed surreal to me - so much so that my honest thoughts slipped out,
“Huh. Even the war hero Negev can be an angel when she’s fast asleep.”
MP40 then looked behind her back to face me and countered,
“Negev-senpai is more of an angel than you think, Miss M200! She’s a nice girl once you get to know her, but she’s dutiful to a fault. She has been hard at work to prepare the Station to accommodate a War Correspondent, you know. Though - in my opinion, she’s been pushing herself too hard.”
Hmm… was that why Miss Negev was especially ticked off when Grizzly tried to troll her over the radio earlier?
MP40 turned back to Negev to attend to her and continued,
“There’s a long story to it, but Negev-senpai is atoning for something that happened in the Unsavory Incident. She won’t say it - but she doesn’t believe that she deserves to be the adjutant after what she did… but I feel like she’s done more than enough to show her loyalty. M14-senpai agrees, and that’s why she was chosen. But Negev-senpai is stubborn. Too stubborn.”
MP40 then knelt down and gently flicked Negev’s forehead out of frustration, drawing a mildly irritated groan from the sleeping Israeli doll.
The doting German doll then whispered beneath her breath,
“I just wish that this hard-headed ‘specialist’ would rely on me and everyone else a little bit more. She doesn’t have to weather this storm all on her own.”
With that, MP40 stood up and began undressing herself this time. She wore a small smile for me and Nagant and gently reminded,
“We’re going to have an early day tomorrow, so I suggest that we go to sleep as soon as possible, Miss M200, Miss Nagant Revolver.”
Nagant and I obliged and we started changing into our nightwear. The two of us then slipped into our beds while MP40 turned off the dorm lights.
I closed my eyes, steadied my breathing and let myself drift back into the blue-tinged dreamworld in the eye of my mind.
10:25PM - System Clock: UTC +3
When I sank back into my personal ZENER cyberspace, I found her again - that white-haired human girl I found earlier when we were driving into the base. The girl was sitting comfortably in the peculiar scene that had rendered into the eye of my mind - the newly-built cafeteria of Station 56586.
I willed myself to glide down towards the girl and eventually closed the distance between us. The girl looked behind her back as if she had noticed my presence. She then wore a warm smile on her lips and gestured to me, beckoning me to come over.
I cautiously obliged, walking around the table and pulling up a seat for myself in front of her. For the first time, I got a good look at the girl’s face. She looked rather young - a teenager perhaps - but she did have hints of rings beneath her eyes.
Most youngsters spent so much time online back then, so eyebags weren’t really unusual for them to have. However, this girl’s pristine white hair and her pretty lavender eyes were much more curious. Those seemed like features closer to a doll than a human being - and yet, this girl was flesh and blood.
There was a faint difference in the sound between a mechanical heart and a human heart - and I heard this girl’s heart beat like that of a human’s.
How strange.
The girl sipped on a cup black tea, just like the one I had during dinner earlier. She then turned to me again with a happy tone,
“Thank goodness. For a moment, I thought you were ignoring me.”
I furrowed my brow and got straight to the point,
“Who are you - and why can you see me? This is my dreamspace. You’re supposed to be a figment of my imagination.”
“Figment of your imagination? How rude. A star anchor would need to have a pleasant personality to be on primetime television, you know.”
I gritted my teeth at the girl’s cheeky response. I was tempted to ask why she knew about my dream job, but I pulled back and repeated my question,
“Don’t mess with me and answer my question. Who are you?”
The girl snorted and then promptly shrugged,
“I’m a tourist - just like you. I’ve been to many places, actually. Toronto. Glasgow. Strasbourg. Trieste. Warsaw. Brest. All sorts of places, always pushing East! I was just minding my business before you came along, you know.”
“Why you…”
“I’m here for a reason, Miss M200 of GKTV-5. Think about it long enough and I’m sure you’ll remember me - but don’t think about it too hard. It’s not nice to get lost in your thoughts when there is still work to be done, after all~!”
“What do you mean by that?”
The girl chuckled and smiled kindly again as she explained,
“You’ll understand soon enough. For now - it’s time you got up. Your friends from Griffin want to play again, after all.”
“Huh… wait!”
Before I could say anything else, the dreamscape around me faded to black. In the blink of an eye, the white-haired girl disappeared and I was pulled back into reality.
March 5, 2063 - Sunrise
Station 56586 - Residential Quarters
Dormitory Room #1
My less-than-peaceful sleep was shattered by the alarming blast of a bugle Reveille at the break of dawn. The sun had only just begun peeking out from behind the hills in the East when I shot up from my bed and sat upright in a panic. Nagant followed suit in her own bed as even she was taken aback by the unfathomably loud and early morning routine.
At the other end of the room, however, the kindly MP40 was already up and about and was doing some stretching. Negev, on the other hand, was also fully dressed and was seated at one of the desks and was already working on her tablet device. From where she was seated, I caught a glimpse of the adjutant wearing an uncharacteristically cute pair of red-rimmed glasses.
Negev heard the groggy groans coming from me and Nagant, so she turned towards us from her seat, adjusted her glasses and then casually remarked,
“Oh. So the two of you are awake. I was just about to have MP40 wake the two of you up, but the Reveille got you first. Gotta say, I’m a little impressed.”
The Israeli adjutant then set aside her tablet device, put away her glasses and then ran a hand through her hair as she got back into her menacing character. She stood up and looked down on me and Nagant and declared,
“But the morning-shift dolls of this Station are supposed to get up before the Reveille. That means the two of you are doing laps around the perimeter. Get up and get dressed. We’re going jogging in fifteen! HOP TO IT!”
At Negev’s command, Nagant and I obliged out of terror and began dressing up as quickly as we could. As I was putting on my shirt, I was quietly hoping that the kindly MP40 would intervene for me and Nagant, but the doting German SMG doll was beaming with delight as if she was pleased by what she was seeing.
I had to make it a point to remember that MP40 was more loyal to Negev than to us, and that she was a Negev fangirl through and through.
Once Nagant and I were dressed up, MP40 approached us with a pair of fully-loaded knapsacks and two heavy-looking, wood-stocked bolt-action rifles. Puzzled by the things that MP40 brought out, I dared to ask,
“Uh… what are these?”
MP40 chuckled mischievously and replied,
“The dolls of our station bring full combat gear when we go on exercises like this. Also - since the two of you don’t have heavy weapons, I figured I’d give you both some long guns that we had in storage! They’re decommissioned M1903 Springfield rifles.”
Negev rubbed her chin in approval and praised,
“Good thinking, MP40. This will certainly give these media girls the full experience!”
“Ehehe~ I do my best, Negev-senpai~!”
Then, with a warm smile on her lips, MP40 turned to us and repeated Negev’s orders,
“You heard Negev-senpai~! Hop to it!”
Fighting hard to stop the tears from streaking down our faces, Nagant and I put on our knapsacks, carried the decommissioned rifles and felt the combined weight of it all pulling us down. MP40 helped us secure our knapsacks in place and noted,
“It’s pretty heavy, huh? But don’t forget your camera equipment too! You want to get some good footage of the base, don’t you?”
More like footage of me and Nagant panting and wheezing for being out of shape, perhaps.
Oh well, I guess a War Correspondent really would have to be prepared for these sorts of things. I pulled out my smartphone and then activated the camera-equipped drone. The small flying drone popped out from its compartment in my suitcase and then hovered above me.
MP40 gave us a nod of approval and then barked as she clapped with urgency,
“The rest of the morning shift dolls should be starting their jog through the base. Follow them to the trail and keep going! Go, go, go!”
With that, Nagant and I rushed out of the dorm room saddled with our equipment and decommissioned rifles and jogged down the road as we were told. True enough, there was a stream of dolls jogging through the base with knapsacks and their namesake weapons in tow.
There were about thirty of them that morning - each one an original unit carrying a different kind of gun. Welrod and Grizzly were among them too, but they were also carrying long guns that weren’t their own. If my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, then their guns looked like FNC assault rifles.
In any case Nagant and I rushed to join the jogging platoon of dolls and struggled to keep up with them. That naturally put us towards the tail end of the formation, along with dolls that were carrying bulkier firearms.
Still, even from there, I felt an odd energy emanating from the jogging platoon as every single doll there was chanting melodic military cadences in English without skipping a beat. By the time Nagant and I got there, they were talking about ‘teenage queens’ - and now they were talking about ‘pork and beans’.
Once I had managed to adjust my pace and my breathing to the joggers, I brought out my smartphone and ordered my camera drone to fly ahead of the platoon. I glanced at the footage on my phone and spotted Subcommander M14 leading the pack!
M14 had a knapsack - just like everyone else - and carried her namesake M14 rifle with great pride as she made up her cadences on the fly. The Subcommander noticed my drone flying overhead, so she saluted to the camera and started her cadence anew,
“Meatball Monday! Sunday Stew!”
“Meatball Monday! Sunday Stew!”
“Sangvis Ferri, we’re comin’ for you!”
“Sangvis Ferri, we’re comin’ for you!”
While Nagant and I were still catching our breaths, M14 and her crazy dolls were chanting at the top of their lungs like it was second nature to them. As the cadence went on, MP40 and Negev soon joined us from behind. They, too, had their knapsacks and weapons with them and were chanting the freestyle cadence with wholehearted fervor.
Every doll, from Subcommander to foot soldier, marched and sang together as a unit. It was sort of a cool sight to behold. Even after the harrowing events of the Tasteless and Unsavory Incidents, Station 56586 stood united and was stronger than ever.
At least, that was the messaging that I was getting from the things that I had seen thus far. I had a feeling that if ever I was or if I would ever become a fully-fledged T-Doll, I wouldn’t mind joining a Station like this.
However, like that strange visitor in the eye of my mind said, there was still work to be done.
For now, I just had to pick up the pace and make sure that I didn’t get left behind in the dust.
A good hour after the morning Reveille, M14 finally gave the order for the platoon to halt and to be at ease. After a grueling trek up and down a series of sandy, rolling hills, Nagant and I fell down to our knees and dropped down onto the beaten trail. Seeing how the rest of the dolls in the platoon were still up on their feet, I couldn’t help but feel like M14 called the rest for my sake and Nagant’s.
However, Negev walked over to us with a kind expression on her face and a canteen of water in hand. She then offered it to us, saying,
“You guys did well today. Good job.”
Grizzly, Welrod and MP40 likewise gave us nods of approval. Nagant and I thankfully nodded back and then we took turns drinking from the canteen. After that, MP40 went around the clearing on the hill and started handing out breakfast rations for everyone in the platoon.
I got my breakfast ration and read the label out loud,
“Menu number eight. Pork sausage with hash browns.”
While I was settling down on my little spot on the hill, my flying camera drone finally returned to my side as well and I quietly thanked the machine for its hard work. So, I brought out my smartphone and brought up the camera drone’s app to check on the footage I got during the morning jog.
When I returned the drone to manual control, however, I noticed something odd near the hill. There seemed to be traces of metal sticking out from the sand, so I commanded the drone to fly over.
Not far from where I sat, the drone found a small, dark crevice that was almost buried completely by sand. Inside of that crevice was the rusted remains of a peculiar aircraft that was marked ‘USAFEE’.
United States Army Forces in Eastern Europe.
To Be Continued
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2020.10.14 07:44 ExtraterritorialFrog Non-Google Translation of Crusty's Post-GF Q&A Stream

Translation from these tweets
Q1: Were a lot of players burnt out? A1: They were all very tired. They couldn't be motivated by fan meetings so instead of urging them to work harder, I listened to them as much as I could.
Q2: How did you crack open Hollywood? A2: CHB's hog tends to protect the line, so we used Super's more aggressive hog instead.
Q3: Who was the harder opponent between SHD and SEO? A3: We prepared counter strats using ball against Shanghai and Hog against Seoul. When we used hog on the escort maps where we had planned to use ball instead, our proficiency dropped.
Q4: How crispy is Taiyo? A4: Still dough. (What??)
Q5: How do you run feedback sessions? A5: If there are points of improvement, I usually bring it up right after scrims. Rascal would give me advice on how better to communicate these ideas and points from a player's perspective, and for that, I'm always thankful to Rascal. However, were he to become a coach, I think he would get into fights with players during review sessions.
Q6: Who was the toughest opponent during playoffs? A6: Washington. The sudden meta shift allowed Washington, who were strong in the hog meta, to rocket up the rankings. Even though Super hog had a good win rate during scrims, I trusted CHB hog for the matches, but....
Q7: Was Viol2t's Baptiste an impromptu pick? A7: Of course not, we had prepared it as a counter to pharah comps.
Q8: Is there no bootcamp this year? A8: Will probably not be held due to present circumstances
Q9: How did you do feedback sessions during quarantine? A9: The conditions weren't idea because players had to play on uncomfortable monitors and desks in from the hotel. It would have been tough if we had a Western DPS player.
Striker in chat: Ta1yo????
Q10: What was the toughest period this year? A10: When we lost two consecutive games to LA before the May Melee. ANS was depressed, Striker had a wrist injury, so neither of them could take part in scrims. During the match vs Toronto when we ran Rascal on Mei and Architect on McCree were the toughest times and I felt very helpless.
Q11: Are there any players you want to pick up? A11: I have eyes on a player.
Q12: Who's the dirtiest/messiest? A12: CHB, Striker, ANS
Q13: ANS was particularly mindful of his physical health during playoffs A13: His positioning is bad but his gameplan is to just outplay everyone with his aim. Now he fights for space as well. Because of his depression meds, he had excessive sweating in his hands so if it was cold during matches, he would catch a cold right away. The other players were worried about him.
Q14: What championship skin do you want? A14: Crusty Ana
Q15: Does striker prefer eating or burgers? Q15: After beating Seoul, we gave out burgers. He ate other players' burgers in addition to is own and carried the next match.
Q16: What's the plan for Genji and Doom metas? A16: We have a genji (Ta1yo), Namju (Striker) will play doomfist.
A17: Our scrim winrate was 100%.
Q18: Play Among Us with the Shock players. A18: Without Minki (Viol2t)
Q19: Most memorable match apart from the GF? A19: Washington reverse sweep
Q20: Who helped you out in scrims? A20: Cr0ng, Chara, Architect, Xzi, Hanbin et al.
Q21: Who went all the way? (I.e. got drunk) A21: Rascal was bent over the toilet the next morning and Ta1yo had bruises on his feet. Moth said last year that he would drink if we won this year so he had a beer. He told us he would get drunk if we won again next year. Fell asleep with flushed cheeks.
Q22: The players are like 1. Sons or 2. Younger brothers or 3. Baggage? A22: Like shi..... The last one.
Q23: Who did you usually scrim with in Korea? A23: Contenders, Fusion
Q24: Why did you lose games 3 and 4? A24: If you lose, you lose.
Q25: Thoughts on 0% escort winrate? A25: Player diff
Q26: MBTI? A26: INTP
Q27: How did you feel when you had a Sombra meta after Sinatraa retired, a Tracer meta when Striker couldn't play, and a Genji meta after Architect left? A27: Guess the league hates me
Q28: Any plans for a Shock vlog? A28: Only Super wants that much attention
Q29: Who got scolded the most? A29: Viol2t
Q30: Most dangerous player on Seoul? A30: Bdosin. Quick movements, high speed play were difficult to counter.
Q31: Smurf hog vs super hog? A31: Smurf hog likes to attack from off angles, Super likes to walk into the enemy team
Q32: Any opposing player you thought was outstanding during the playoffs? A32: Gesture
Q33: If Seoul had stuck with Sombra and Genji, do you think you would be in a different position now? A33: We had a lot of internal scrims with Genji. I think we had a lack of practice using Genji on gibraltar.
Q34: Thoughts on breaking your Hanamura winstreak? A34: Viol2t said he would swap off Bap after using his ult but he didn't. I told him to swap on second point but he didn't. We practiced a ball comp, disappointed we didn't get to use it.
Q35: When Seoul levelled the match 2-2, how did you motivate your players? A35: I told the players to treat every set like 0-0 whether they are winning or losing
He ended the stream after revealing he likes mint chocolate, pineapple pizza, and prefers to pour sauce on sweet and sour pork.
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2020.10.14 06:18 Easy_Money_ Google Translation of Crusty’s post-finals Q&A stream

EDIT: it has been brought to my attention that this isn’t actually that coherent. Please see u/ExtraterritorialFrog’s translation at
[Honestly impressed by how coherent this is. I haven’t changed anything.
Credit goes to Choi457 for the Korean stream transcription, all I did was unroll, copy and paste.]
201012 Krusty Reconstruction Broadcast Q&A Brief Summary
  1. Are there many burnout players? All the players were exhausted. Since I couldn't meet the fans, I wasn't motivated, so I listened to the players' stories harder than batting.
  2. What was the playoff Hollywood breakup? Hyobin Hog ​​uses an aggressive Super Hog that protects the line.
  3. Who was more demanding, Shanghai or Seoul? We prepared counter combinations mainly for balls in Shanghai and Hog in Seoul. When I used the hog on the cargo map where I decided to use the ball, my skill level fell.
  4. How crispy is Taiyo? It is still dough.
  5. How is feedback usually processed? The lack of appearance will be told immediately after the scream. From the side, Rascal advises that it would be better to say this from the player's point of view. Always thanks to Rascal. However, if I become a coach, I think I will fight the player during the feedback.
  6. Who was the trickiest during the playoff period? Washington. Suddenly, the meta changed sharply, and Washington, who was strong in Hogmeta, came up. During Scream, Super Hog had a good win rate, but I trusted Choi Hyo-bin and entered the game...
  7. Was Violet Batist a floating pick? Of course I was ready. Prepared by para counter pick.
  8. Is there any boot camp this year? It seems difficult because of the current situation.
  9. How did you give feedback during the self-isolation period? Players in the hotel played on monitors and uncomfortable desks. The environment was poor. If there was a dealer among foreigners on our team, it would have been difficult. Striker Chat: Tayo???????
  10. When was the most difficult time in the year? Earlier this year, he lost to the LA team for two in a row and before the May Millie started. Ans was depressed and Stra was unable to run the scrim at all due to a wrist injury. During the Toronto War, Rascal May and Architect McCree were the hardest and most helpless.
  11. Are there any players that have been recruited? There are players who have noticed.
  12. Who is the dirtiest? Choi Hyo-bin, striker, Ans.
  13. Ans has been dying since playtime. An's position is not good, but the mindset is to beat it with an aim. These days, we also have a seat fight. When I had hyperhidrosis in my hands due to depression medication, I caught a cold right away when it was cold during a game. Other players were worried.
  14. What would you like the winning skin to be? Crustyana
  15. Does the striker like to eat or does he like burgers? After winning Seoul, he distributed hamburgers, but he took his own and his players and carried them the next day.
  16. What will you do when Genji Meta & Doompi Meta come? Genji was brought, and Doompi was the male master.
  17. Scream win rate was 100%.
  18. Please do Shock Amon Earth. Except for Mingi.
  19. What is your most memorable match except for the finals? Reverse sweep before Washington
  20. Who helped Scream? Krong, Chara, Arrow, Architect, Exg, Hanbin, etc.
  21. Are there any players who have gone to the end? Rascal grabbed the toilet the next morning as soon as he got up, and Taiyo got a bruise on his foot. Moss won by saying that if he won last year, he would drink, so he would drink a beer, and if he won next year, he would get drunk. I fell asleep because my face turned red.
  22. Are the players like a son to me vs a younger brother vs a burden? Damn it... Third.
  23. Who did you work with in Korea? Content team, fusion.
  24. Why did you lose 3 or 4 sets? The giver is the mind.
  25. What do you think of the 0% freight escort win rate? Player difference
  26. What is MBTI? INPT
  27. How did you feel when you moved to Sombra Meta after retirement from Sinatra, Tre Meta and Architect transferred to the rest of the team, and Genji Meta? The league hates me.
  28. Do you have any plans for Shock Vlog content? There is no one who is a progressive disease except for Super.
  29. Who got hit the most? Violet
  30. Who was the most threatening player in Seoul? Vidoshin. The moving or tempo was fast, so it was difficult to get it.
  31. What is the difference between Smurf Hog and Super Hog? The Smurf Hog is an outer punch, and the Super Hog is head-on.
  32. Which of your playoff opponents feels that this player is really good? Gesture
  33. If Seoul continued to pull out Sombra & Genji, do you think the game would have changed? Genji often appeared in the inner cream. I think we didn't have enough practice on Genji Gibraltar.
  34. How is Hanamura's winning streak broken? Mingi said that he was using the batist palace, but he didn't. I was told to remove it from the 2nd base, but I didn't. Originally, I practiced the ball combination, but it is unfortunate that I could not use the ball.
  35. How did the players encourage them when they were caught up to 2-2? I played the game with the idea of ​​winning or losing unconditionally 0-0. In addition to that, you have revealed and indulged in Minchodan, Pineapple Pizza and Bumokpa, etc.
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2020.10.03 02:45 J12ich FBE Firestorm LII: Women’s Tag Team Championships - Part 3

Following Extreme Rules, The Sky Pirates, Kairi Sane and Io Shirai retained their Women’s Tag Team Championships thanks to interference from Ms. MITB Asuka, and the 3 have appeared to have formed an alliance. However, the inaugural Champions Bayley and Sasha now have unfinished business with the newly formed trio, and are still out to regain their titles.
RAW 7/15/2019
The first Raw following Extreme Rules, Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch kicks off the show in a match against Alexa Bliss. Coming off a title defense the night before, Becky is still a little fatigued and with a bandaged left knee, but she manages to power through Bliss’ offense, and forces her to tap out to the armbar. However, while Becky celebrates the win, Kairi Sane and Io Shirai run out from the crowd and attack her from behind. They beat the champion down and Asuka’s music hits, and she runs down to the ring and cashes in her MITB contract. The bell rings and Becky slowly gets to her feet. Asuka hits her with a running knee into the turnbuckle and pins her to win the Raw Women’s title. Her alliance with the Sky Pirates pays off and the trio now each hold gold.
RAW 7/22/2019
Becky Lynch faces off against Asuka in a rematch for her Raw Women’s Championship to kick off Raw. Becky comes out first alone and Asuka is escorted by the Sky Pirates, with the trio now going by the Kabuki Warriors. They have a good back and forth with each woman going blow for blow with each other. Becky gets the advantage over Asuka and locks her in the armbar, but Kairi jumps on the apron to distract the referee and Io runs into the ring and nails Becky in the back of her head with the tag title belt. Asuka takes advantage and goes on offense against Becky, working her hurt knee and frequently stomping on it. Lynch tries to get back to her feet but Asuka keeps taking her down, and then locks her in the Asuka Lock, the move which commentary notes, helped her to defeat Becky at the Royal Rumble earlier in the year. Lynch however gets a rope break to release the submission and eventually takes back control of the match.
Becky manages to fight through her injury and overpower Asuka, locking her in the Disarm Her submission. However, the Sky Pirates again attempt to interfere and Becky gets pissed. Lynch stands up and jumps out of the ring, grabs a steel chair and goes after Io and Kairi. Asuka then hits a suicide dive onto the outside of the ring to take out Becky and then all 3 of the Kabuki Warriors go after Lynch, forcing the referee to call the match as a DQ. Sasha Banks and Bayley, the former champions screwed out of their rematch thanks to Asuka, run out to help Lynch. The 6 women break out into a massive brawl and security is sent out to separate all of them. Io manages to get away and dives on a crowd of security guards, along with the other women, and everyone is taken down, and the locker room clears with Men and Women to keep them from getting back up and fighting.
Following the Brawl, WWE announces a winner takes all, 6 women tag for SummerSlam, with the Kabuki Warrior’s Championships on the line against the horsewomen: Lynch, Banks and Bayley. If the horsewomen win, Becky will take back her Raw Women’s title, and Banks and Bayley take back the Tag Team Titles.
RAW 7/29/2019
With the horsewomen officially aligned, the 3 of them face off against Lacey Evans and the IIconics in a 6 man tag team match. Lacey Evans puts up a good fight against Bayley to starts off the match, and she tags out to Billie Kay. Bayley however, overpowers Kay and tags out to Banks. From there, the Horsewomen take over and the match ends rather quickly from there as Lynch forces Peyton Royce to tap out to the Disarm Her submission. After the match, Becky takes calls for the microphone and talks about how the original Four Horsemen were once the most dominant force in Wrestling, but the Horsewomen are gonna make them look like amateurs compared to the ass beating they plan on giving Asuka and her cronies at SummerSlam.
NXT 7/31/2019
Asuka and Kairi face off against Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox in a tag team match.. Kai and Nox spend the majority of the match trying to isolate Kairi from tagging out of the match to Asuka, but Kairi eventually manages to counter them and tags in the Raw Women’s Champion. Asuka takes out both women and then forces the legal women, Nox, to tap out to the Asuka Lock.
Following the match, its announced that the following week, Becky Lynch will face Io Shiria on Raw in a singles match in the final show before SummerSlam
RAW 8/5/2019
Becky Lynch faces off against Io Shiria in the go home Raw before SummerSlam. Lynch is walked down to the ring by Bayley and Sasha, and Io by Asuka and Kairi. Starting off the match, Becky gets off to a quick start and takes advantage over Io. The four women on the outside get into a fight early on and the referee ejects both of them from ringside. The distraction allows Io to pull off a turnbuckle pad and sends Becky face first into it. Io then goes on offense over Becky, hitting her with several german suplexes and locks her in the Herajuku Clutch. She nearly forces Becky to tap out, but Lynch manages to get her foot on the rope. Becky manages to get a second wind and over powers Shirai, locking her in the Disarm Her Submission and forcing Io to tap out. Asuka runs out to console Io after the match outside the ring, and Becky gestures to her that she has “6 days left” with “her” belt.
NXT Takeover: Toronto
The night before SummerSlam, Becky, Sasha and Bayley are shown sitting in the crowd at ringside prior to the main event of takeover. The camera pans to them during the intermission and they wave to the crowd, however, the three are jumped from behind by the Kabuki Warriors. The 6 women brawl into the crowd until security breaks them up and escorts all of them from the building.
SummerSlam 8/11/2019
Earlier on in the night, Charlotte Flair retained her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Trish Stratus. Following her match, Charlotte runs into the 3 other horsemen backstage, and despite the animosity they 4 have all had in the past, she wishes them luck, saying that its about time the four of them held all the gold together.
In the hotly anticipated 6 women tag team match the Kabuki Warriors defend the Raw Women’s Championship and the Tag Team Championships against the Horsewomen Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Sasha Banks. If the horsewomen win, Lynch will regain her Raw Championship and Sasha and Bayley will be Tag Team Champions. Becky starts off the match against Asuka, but Asuka toys with her and tags out to Kairi before they can lock up. Becky quickly gets her in a wrist lock and drags her to her corner, tagging out to Sasha. Banks continues to go on offense against Kairi, but Sane nails her with a roundhouse kick to the head and runs to her corner to tag out to Io. Shirai locks up with Banks and hits here with consecutive suplexes. Io then goes up to the turnbuckle and tries to hit her with a suplex, but Sasha gets her knees up to block the move. Both women retreat to their corners and tag out to Bayley and Asuka respectively. Bayley and Asuka lock up, and Bayley gets the upper hand. Bayley works Asuka down to the mat and locks her in a chin lock. Asuka manages to get out of the chin lock, hops up, and kicks her in the chest. Bayley crawls to the ropes and leans on them to catch a breath, and Asuka bounces off the ropes and nails her in the back with a running knee.
The Kabuki Warriors isolate Bayley in their corner, tag in and out of the ring and beat her down. Kairi goes up top and tries to hit her with an Insane Elbow, but Bayley gets her knees up. They both crawl to their corners, and tag in Lynch and Asuka. The two lock up in the middle of the ring and start nailing each other with punches. Asuka pushes Becky against the ropes and Io hits her with a kick in the back of the head. Becky dopes to a knee and Asuka locks her in the Asuka lock. Becky nearly fades, but manages to crawl to the ropes and gets a break. Asuka keeps on the attack but Becky counters and locks her in the armbar. Asuka nearly taps, but Io hits Becky with a moonsault to break it up. Both Women try to crawl to their corners to tag out, and Bayley and Kairi enter the match. Bayley runs across the ring and knocks Asuka and Io off the apron. Bayley hits Kairi with the Bayley to Belly and drags her to her corner to tag out to Banks. Sasha locks Kairi in the Bank Statement and Bayley dives outside the ring with Becky to take out Asuka and Io. With Kairi alone in the ring, Sasha forces her to tap and wins the match for the horsewomen.
Sasha is handed all three belts alone in the ring. She holds up the Raw women’s title and the two tag team titles in celebration. Bayley climbs in the ring and is handed a tag title, and Becky grabs the Raw women’s title out of Sasha’s Arm. Sasha is thrown off by Becky, but still, the Three horsewomen celebrate their win and walk up the entrance ramp. They are joined by the Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte on the top of the ramp, and together, the Four horsewomen each pose with their titles, with Becky and Charlotte in the center, and the tag champions Sasha and Bayley off to the side. Sasha and Bayley each take a step back, look at eachother, and ATTACK BECKY AND CHARLOTTE WITH THEIR TITLE BELTS. They pick up Charlotte and walk her to the announcers tables on the side of the entrance ramp, and then powerbomb her through it. They then pick up Becky and powerbomb her onto Charlotte. Then the two tag champions pick up the Raw and Smackdown title belts and walk off the stage, leaving the other horsewomen prone on the ground.
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2020.09.09 18:40 HeadOfSpectre Farmer Pete's Haunted Kids Corn Maze

I know the sign said ‘Kids Corn Maze’. But that didn’t stop us. Autumn was in the air, and we were feeling the Halloween spirit. Besides, I think being a young couple, still madly in love allows you to do some kids stuff. It becomes less about the thrill of kids stuff and more about the thrill of being together. The cutesy kids stuff becomes whimsical and charming. I’m pretty sure my girlfriend agreed with me.
Lacey and I had been together for about six months at that point, and she’d told me all about Farmer Pete’s Halloween Haunt over at Downie Farms. It had been something of a family tradition for her since she was young. She didn’t want this to be the first year she didn’t go. Her parents were no longer around and her sister had gone last weekend with her husband and their kids. Usually they brought her with them, but not this year. I suppose they figured she’d want to go with me instead.
I’d never actually done anything at Dowie Farms before. Sure, I’d gone to the storefront to buy produce with my own family. But I’d never done any of their seasonal activities. They really were more for kids, but we weren’t the only couple who’d gone. My friend Stephen had told me he’d gone with his girlfriend last year and he’d seemed to really enjoy it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just as excited for it as she was! This was special to her, and so of course it was also special to me. After just six months, I could tell I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Lacey. She was a short brunette with an infectious smile and the cutest laugh I’d ever heard. I’d always thought of myself as a funny guy, and loved to make bad jokes. Admittedly, I did try too hard sometimes. But Lacey didn’t care. She usually laughed anyways, especially if the jokes were bad or just outright dark. We seemed to share the same morbid sense of humor.
The sun was low in the sky by the time we got to the farm. We’d both enjoyed sleeping in before meeting up for lunch and watching a movie together. I’d hoped the crowds at the farm would be gone, but it seemed the attractions were more popular than I’d anticipated.
“Watch out for the stroller.” Lacey said as we were looking for a place to park. A young family with two little kids was making their way down the grass field that was being used for parking and towards us.
“I’ll go for the parents instead.” I said and she giggled.
“If you get them both, maybe one of the kids’ll grow up into Batman.” She raised her eyebrows playfully at me. I stopped the car and let the family pass. Their baby was fast asleep, but their little girl looked at my Nissan Rogue as she passed. She had big blue eyes and was cute as a button. I hoped I’d have a kid like that someday.
We found a parking spot and made our way deeper into the farm. There’d been a good turnout that day. A tractor pulled a cart full of people to the different attractions set up along the farm. Lacey looked at the program on her phone.
“So, we’ve got the Haunted House, the Fairy Village, the Corn Maze and the pony rides…” She said, along with a few other things I wouldn’t remember later. I could see the pony rides up ahead along with the entrance to the corn maze.
“Then the Haunted Hayride begins at 8.” She added, “So we’ve got about four hours.”
The farm was bathed in the golden glow of late afternoon and I wasn’t entirely sure there’d even be four hours worth of activities.
“Well, let’s explore first and see what comes to us.” I said. That seemed good enough for her. We started walking towards one of the distant barns. I could see the Haunted House up ahead, and beside it was a pen with a few of the farm animals. A couple of goats and a tiny horse.
‘No thanks! We’re already well fed. We don’t need any more!’ Said a sign on the fence. Lacey stopped a few feet away from it and admired a goat eating some of the fallen autumn leaves. She grinned with an almost childlike wonder at it and I found myself grinning too. The goat continued to eat obviously as it began to shit without a care in the world. Lacey looked at me, smile fading as she shook her head.
I just chuckled at the obscene absurdity of it all.
“Guess he wants some privacy. Hey, the Haunted House is just over there. Want to check it out?”
She looked over at it before giving a shrug.
I took her hand as we headed over. I could sense a bit of apprehension as we approached. I knew she didn’t particularly enjoy those haunted houses, but I appreciated the fact that she tried.
“Are you here for the haunted house?” Asked the girl in front of us. She couldn’t have been older than 17. I told her that we were.
“Alright. Well, what scare level do you want? Low, Medium or High?”
I looked at Lacey and raised an eyebrow. She looked at me, eyebrows raised in turn. Without speaking a word, we had an entire conversation where we negotiated the terms of how scary we wanted the haunted house.
“Medium.” I finally said. Lacey seemed fine with that.
The girl opened the door of the haunted house, stuck her head through and screamed:
“MEDIUM!” before closing the door and grinning at us, “You can go right in.”
I took Lacey's hand and smiled as I led her through the Medium Haunted House experience.
The set was pretty nice. There were rooms full of creepy dolls, spiderwebs and hanging body parts. Just the atmosphere was enough to creep me out a little. The people wandering through the set and screaming at us were mostly out of costume, but they did their jobs decently. A teenager in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey seemed to be stalking us from the other side of the far wall. As we made our way through the rooms, she’d peek her head through holes in the wall to scream at the top of her lungs. Every time Lacey flinched, the teenage girl grinned and snickered. That was the worst of it though. Lacey was tense and laughing nervously by the time we left, and I kissed her hand to thank her for trying for me.
“That was alright.” She said softly, “The screaming was a bit much.”
“It kinda was. I’m glad we settled on medium. Kinda wish we did low actually.”
“Next time.” She said cracking a soft smile. She had the cutest smiles in the world.
Up ahead I spotted a sign for the corn maze.
“Want to give that a try?” I asked, gesturing to it.
“Yeah, for sure! Let’s do it!” She squeezed my hand as we headed towards the maze.
The old stalks of corn stood tall and a wooden sign depicting a zombie pointed the way. The word ‘ENTER’ was written across his arm. Lacey and I watched as a small family disappeared into the corn and we followed them. The fallen stalks across the dirt path crunched under our feet as we made our way through the maze. Above the corn, I could see the grain silo against the late afternoon sky. It was a useful landmark to give me an idea as to where we were.
“Left or right?” Lacey asked as we reached a fork. The family ahead of us was long gone.
“Right.” I said. It looked like it went deeper into the maze, and honestly I kinda wanted to get lost. It was part of the experience, wasn’t it?
Lacey just smiled and made her way down the right hand path and I followed her.
“Aww, honey look!”
She paused as I caught up with her.
“It’s Elsa.”
Propped up on a post in the corn was the vaguely human shape of the beloved Ice Queen from Frozen. She looked to be just a human shaped sack dressed in clothes with a face painted on. An old blue dress and white shawl adorned the figure. She had no hair, but someone had tied a wig into a braid and draped it over her shoulder. It was as good as it needed to be.
“That’s cute!” Lacey said, and I snapped a picture. She continued onwards, and stopped to point out Olaf a few feet away.
“He’s even got a little sign.” She said. I could see it down by his feet.
‘How many stomachs does a cow have?’ There were 4 possible answers down below.
“That’s cute.” Lacey said again before we continued on.
A few feet later, we also saw Peppa Pig and her family, as well as what I think was Paw Patrol characters. Lacey didn’t stop to fawn over these ones as much. But we did call them out as we saw them. We paused for the educational little signs as well.
“Did you know that baby goats are called Kids.” She read off one of them. She looked at me.
“I dunno, did you know that?”
“I had no idea.” I said half jokingly,
Lacey nudged me as we continued on.
“Is that Frozen again?” I asked as I saw a white shawl in the corn ahead of us. Her eyes narrowed as she approached.
“It looks like it… Yeah… That’s Elsa. Did we go in a circle?”She looked around, but this area of the maze didn’t seem familiar.
“I don’t think so…?”
“Maybe they just repeat.” I said and shrugged. Lacey seemed to accept that as an answer.
She looked down the aisles of the maze, and I looked around for the grain silo I’d been using to keep us oriented.
“Let’s try left.” I said when I spotted it, “That should take us closer to the exit.”
Lelacey continued off to the left, and as she did, I heard movement behind me. On instinct, I looked back, expecting to see some other patrons of the maze approaching us from behind. Instead I saw nothing. Not even the white shawl of the Elsa dummy. I frowned but kept walking. I didn’t think too much of it. There wasn’t really a reason to suspect anything sinister. Not yet at least.
Lacey stopped ahead of me when she saw another trivia sign. This one had been knocked over. She bent down to pick it up and set it right, but her brow furrowed as she read it.
“How many children did Lightning McQueen kill…?” She murmured, and looked at me, “Lightning McQueen didn’t kill kids!”
“Teenagers pulling a prank maybe?” I asked as I read the sign. I turned it around and knocked it into the corn, then gave the base a kick to hide it.
“That’s just mean. Kids might read that.”
Lacey nodded in agreement before continuing deeper into the maze.
Around a bend in the corn, we paused as we reached a dead end. The Paw Patrol figures were waiting for us. There were 4 dogs painted on old sacks and they were placed side by side at the edge of the corn. Their eyes stared down the narrow rows, directly at us. It felt like they were waiting for us.
“Guess we’re intruding.” Lacey murmured, “They look upset.” She smiled at me and began to turn around. I didn’t leave just yet though.
They did kinda look upset… Their eyes seemed way too focused on us. I turned away, looking back as if I was expecting them to follow me. The Paw Patrol did no such thing. They just continued to stare… Of course they did. They were just sacks painted to look like fictional dogs! They’d probably been put there to soften the blow of a dead end for any kids. This was a kid friendly maze after all.
“There’s another one of those signs.” Lacey said from up ahead of me.
“What’s it say this time?”
“How many teeth does Tom Hanks have?”
I looked over her shoulder at the sign, which read exactly that. But the multiple choice answers underneath were even weirder.
-32 -427 -8021 -Infinite
“If that’s supposed to be a joke, I don’t get it.” I said.
“Me neither.” Lacey murmured. She looked up at the maze ahead of us, and bit her lip as she spotted Sheriff Woody peeking out of the corn rows.
“That’s not creepy at all.” I murmured. “It’s just a prank, hun.”
I took her hand and escorted her past the beloved animated Sheriff, glaring suspiciously at him all the while.
“Let’s just get out of this maze.” Lacey said, “This is starting to wear out its welcome.”
We picked up the pace as we walked.
Somewhere in the distance, I could hear movement in the corn. The sky was a pastel pink with orange hues and the air around us was dead silent. No kids. No animals. Just our footsteps and the rustling in the corn. Lacey looked back anxiously and held my hand tight. Ahead of us, I saw another sign with a farm fact posted on it.
‘When you die, who takes you to Hell?’
I didn’t stop to let Lacey get a look at it. I just kept walking.
“We should be almost out.” I murmured as I looked at the grain silo against the darkening sky. It seemed a lot closer than it had been before… That was good, right?
“Yeah…” She didn’t sound convinced. Still, we kept walking. We kept walking until we saw the shapes ahead of us. Then we both stopped in our tracks.
Lacey’s hands went to her mouth, as if masking a scream. I could only stare in horror. In the path ahead of us were three corpses. Not props. Real corpses. They’d belonged to the family who had come in ahead of us. I recognized the jacket on the little boy, who thankfully lay face down in the dirt… I would have broken down crying if I’d had to see his face.
The Father lay partially in the corn, eyes staring vacantly up into the sky. His mouth was open in a scream of terror and blood trickled down his slit throat. The Mother lay in a heap on the ground. I could see blood on her white shirt though, enough to stain parts of it a dark red. The blood was still wet. These were fresh kills.
“Oh my God…” Lacey murmured, “Oh my God…”
She pressed herself against me and I wrapped my arms protectively around her.
“I’ll call the Police…” I murmured and reached for my phone. Attempting to dial anything failed though. I had no signal. Neither did Lacey.
My heart skipped a beat as I heard the corn rustle behind us. Both of us turned around immediately. There, standing in the middle of the corn maze was Peppa Pig. The burlap she was made from was stained with blood. The wooden post that kept her in place was planted firmly in the ground and she stared at us defiantly. She sure as hell hadn’t been there before
“We’re leaving… Now…” I murmured. I looked up at the Silo before taking Lacey’s hand and pulling her into the corn. I was done with the Maze. I just wanted out. We moved as fast as we could, and I kept that silo in sight. It wasn’t far… Maybe just a five minute walk. We could make it five minutes, right? Behind me, I could hear the corn rustling. I could hear movement. My heart was racing and it almost stopped when I heard Lacey cry out.
“I’m okay! It… It’s another fucking sign…”
There amongst the corn, I could see it. In the fading twilight, I could only barely read the text.
‘Who will find you when we are done?’
-Your Mother -Your Father -The Police -No one
The words ‘No One’ were circled in blood. I looked up, just past the sign and through the corn, I could see something blue and white. I could only barely make out the painted on eyes of Elsa watching us and beside her, I swore I could see Sheriff Woody. There was a rustling beside us, and I turned to see Peppa Pig, almost close enough to touch us. Lacey let out a startled cry, and shrank back. I grabbed her hand and started to run.
It was barely even a minute before we broke through the corn, but by God that minute felt like it took forever… We did break through though, and found ourselves on another path of the maze.
“Damnit…” Lacey murmured, “Let’s just cut through the corn again… Then we’ll call the cops…”
I wasn’t so sure that was a good idea. The Grain Silo didn’t seem to be any closer… It seemed to be in the exact same place.
“I don’t think we should.” I said, “I… I think they didn’t like that…”
Lacey opened her mouth to argue with me, before falling silent. The corn rustled around us, and she inched closer to me.
“Maybe they didn’t…” She murmured, “Let’s just go, then… We’ll get out normally…”
She took my hand and took off down the row. Our walking quickly turned into running.
I spotted additional signs on the path, more than I’d seen before. I briefly saw glimpses of Woody, Elsa, Peppa Pig and others amongst the corn. Pooh Bear watched us from one fork in the road, and when I looked back I saw him and Tigger standing side by side in the path, as if blocking off our return.
“Where’s the fucking exit…” Lacey said under her breath, “Come on, come on…”
She checked her phone again, hoping for a signal but still found nothing. I just held her hand and focused on continuing forwards. The sky was getting darker and I could hear the movement amongst the corn.
They were coming.
“There’s something up ahead!” Lacey said, “I think I see the exit!”
We broke into a run, sprinting for the escape. Sure enough there was a clearing just ahead of us… Maybe it was a way out! It had to be!
As we emerged into the clearing though, we realized the truth. It was not an escape. This was something else entirely.
My breath caught and my blood froze in my veins as I looked at the figures around us… All human, all strung up like scarecrows. I could see the family we’d discovered earlier amongst the corpses. But there were so many more… Fifteen, twenty perhaps. Maybe even more.
“There are two empty ones…” Lacey said softly, and my eyes were drawn to them. They were set to face each other… and somewhere in the deepest part of my mind, I knew why.
We wouldn’t be dead when they mounted us… They wanted us to watch each other die. That was where the thrill was, wasn’t it? The corn rustled behind us, and I turned to see Peppa Pig watching us from the edge of the corn. It may have just been the darkness, but I could have sworn she was smiling… I could have sworn that her mouth was open and I could see drool dribbling down her chin.
Lacey took my hand, tears beginning to stream down her cheeks. We both took a step back as Peppa Pig loomed into the clearing. I could see Elsa and Woody behind her. I could hear the rustling of their movements. They moved bonelessly and shuffled forwards. It was inhuman and strange to watch. But they did it all with single minded purpose. They had come for us, and nothing would deter them.
“Let’s go…” I said, “Run, RUN!”
She didn’t need to be told twice.
Again we ran, breaking through the wall of corn ahead of us. This time we had no direction. We just wanted to get away from the horrible things that were following us, and I didn’t know if that was even possible at this point. We ran blindly, hands linked as we fled, swatting corn out of our way. We ran until we broke through the corn one last time and stumbled out into the main event area.
Lacey broke down crying as she saw the Haunted House we’d been through. I saw the Pony giving its final ride of the day.
“We’re out. WE’RE OUT!”
She threw her arms around me and I hugged her back in turn. She laughed that laugh I’d fallen in love with and I was laughing too… Until I saw it. At the edge of the corn, I could see Peppa Pig watching us. I held my girlfriend closer, leering at the creature that had hunted us, silently praying it would retreat. It did. Slowly, Peppa Pig pulled back until she vanished into the corn. She’d been there for only a few seconds. Long enough to let us know how close they’d been to catching us… Then they were gone, and so were we.
We didn’t report the bodies to the Police. Lacey didn’t agree with that, but I know she understood. I didn’t know if the Police would even find any bodies, and even if they did, my story about being chased by Peppa Pig and Elsa through a corn maze would sound too insane to warrant checking out. Even if I’d lied and only said that I’d discovered the bodies, the Police would still have questions I couldn’t answer. In the end, it was easier not to bother.
I love Lacey. One day I want to marry her. She is my best friend, she is the love of my life. She is my partner in crime and in everything else. I would do anything for her and with her. But I will never return to Downie Farms, regardless of what her family tradition is, and I don’t think she will either.
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2020.09.02 18:22 pooiiiuuuuyyyyy AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

August 31st 2020
We went to petit potato. We planned to meet up at 6. He said that he was already at empress walk early and that he was waiting at the back door nearest to Haig. So uhh once I got there (exactly at 6 lol) I didn't see him... He said he ended up getting bored and walked to the front and he kinda teased me a bit about being at the front ); ANYWAYS since I confirmed with the restaurant that there are still seats available, we just went in and WOWWWWWW the restaurant looked so fancy schmancy. He said it actually looks WAY better than the one at Leslie Square since LS is cheaper. So uh once we got a seat we spent like 30 mins looking at the menu because there were SO MANY YUMMY things on the menu to choose like wtaf I have to come back again some other time(s???). So for drinks, I had trouble with deciding between 2 drinks and what he suggested was to just get both (1 for each) and if we don't like it we can switch drinks since that's what his father does. Interesting but I didn't expect him to be okay with that, especially with my mf boba preferences aaaaaa (yeah I took the strawberry drink lol). For dessert we still didn't know what to get so we decided to save it for later. I got sliced beef teppan pasta, miso kakimayo, and a strawberry drink. He got the spicy beef wrap with satay sauce, chicken curry soup (mom's recommendation), and the house special boba (with my shiitty preferences lol). He said he usually comes to petit potato for lunch so he'd normally get bibimbap or omurice hehe. Anyways, my main course came out first so I ate first but I did offer him some since it was in a HUGE iron dish but he didn't want to have some ): He said he's trying to avoid the dairy stuff because of acne and partially his stomach so I offered to switch drinks with him but he said no which did make me kinda sad but whatever it's highly understandable (I actually thought we were gonna try both drinks together which is why I ordered the boba with certain preferences but guess not so rip). Lol I was wondering why his dish took so long to make since it's just soup but then the dish came out and BAM it was huge and there were 2 big ass chicken pieces on there and he also got some rice served on the side. So in the meantime I decided to get dessert for us :00 He can eat durian <3333 We got the mango honey golden toast. Took 30 mins to get it lol but it was fine. He seemed to take a longer while to finish cuz he said how the question is whether he can finish the food before the dessert comes out. I was like definitely before the food comes out and wondered why he was concerned and what he said was that he's trying to eat slower to match his father's pace and I was like ooooo. I told him how I was afraid of being a faster eater than him but he turned out to be even faster than me so it was oki ); Once he finished we just talked about random stuff which eventually led to me telling him the entire drama I had with my landlords and wow, WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE THAT WAS... A BAD ONE ):< he laughed a lot loooool. He said ze cantos are always petty and YES I AGREE. The toast arrived shortly after and WOW it was HUGEEEEEE. We both took pics of it and bruh he got such a derpy photo of me )))): So I called it a jenga game cuz of how we were taking turns to break down this mf and we had the universal utensils but I wouldn't have minded sharing cuz u know ); At some point he had to use the washroom cuz the gas in his stomach finally got to him ))): When he came back he said we should continue finishing it but I was already super full so I told him I'm done for now but I ended up eating the leftover mangos loool cuz they're worth it. We decided to not pack the remaining cuz no point since it'll just be soggy bread at the end. Oh yeah looool I told him I got 2 credit cards and he was like wtf why do you need two cards T u T Also we were talking about running at some point and wtf this guy takes 3 mins to run a fast wtff.. Oh yeah pt 3 when he e-transferred me the money for splitting the dessert he saw my middle name and was like "there's a kim in your name?" And I was like yeahh and then I learned that his middle name was supposed to be jian cuz his father's name is jian but typo so now it's jan loool.
Okaaaaay so after we just went on a random walk to digest this FAT meal we had hehehehehehe we went around DSAC and then we ended up walking to Haig where we sat on a bench and just talked for a whopping 2 hours? Idk but I was happy that we were able to talk that long in person XD I got to momentarily rest on his shouder at some point :000 and partial carress as he was fake weeping about girls :000000 O yeah we had what I thought was a staring contest at some point but then he just punched my shoulder and spooked me > <
He said that he wanted to get married by 30 since his parents got married at around that age..mmmm guess I'll wait until 30 as well :3
Oh yeah at some point he offered me to come over and I was like wait really cuz I thought he only wanted me to come over once the whole covid 19 thing is over but turns out it could have been whenever wtfffff wowowowowowowowowowo so I was like sure but in the end we ended up still staying on the bench LOL so kinda sad moment but THANKFULLY I had to go pee cuz it was urgent so I asked to go over to use it but this guy was like "let's check empress walk first to see if it's open" and I was like sure but in my head I was like wut >_> Whatever I already knew it was closed so it was gonna be a waste of time and like BRO IT WAS PAST 10:30 I WAS SO SHOCKED THAT WE WERE OUT FOR SO LONG AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I got to give him a couple of headpats but like I gave an awkward one like I could have given a better one if the mood was much better ;-------------; wawawawawawawawawa do I even still have a chance I feel so embarrassed.........
OKAY SO yeah washrooms were closed so we ended up walking to his house (which was a pretty long walk tbh cuz I thought it'd be much shorter than that since he said he lives near Haig) but boy when I got there it was ONE HUGE ASS HOUSE WTFWTFWTF IT LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Yeah uh so I quickly went to use the washroom and yeah we headed back to empress walk since he offered to escort me there as he was the host then the guest then the host idek XD Man this house was so precious like it smelled like walking into a luxurious piano store and it looked like an Ikea showroom as well and I was very careful cuz of how precious it was ; u ;
So as we were walking back we were just talking about the house and other stuff and then I was thinking of coming back in a few months for a proper tour since he did say he will give me one but then I randomly brought up the next day as well since I was in Toronto until then and he was good with that and I was like whaaaaaaaat oh damn that's cool so yeah I told him I'd come back the next day and give him a short notice beforehand and he was good with that. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
So we got to the station and just as we were about to part our ways I saw him standing there doing the hug gesture and I was like o-o cuz I got rejected last time so I was happy this time and yes I went for it and then I told him how I didn't expect one cuz I got rejected last time and made a tear gesture and he did it as well and then told me how we could also hug again the next day (which ended up not happening RIP) but yeaaaaaaaaa I kinda gave a tight ish one but he gave a loose one so I just loosened it cuz ya know it'd be weird if I did more...... Good day I got home at like 12 something lol.
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2020.08.30 02:06 Reof Mini PR - Canada, for Christ and the King

1/ State of Quebec
The last bastion of French America had struggled to maintain its existence over the centuries since the mother country abandoned her. Yet there was no other moment Laurentia had arrived nearer nationhood than now, but for some this is not a step forward, but another betrayal added to the long list of crimes the collaborators of the English Crown did upon the land.
The arrival of the exiles brought with it a radical and perhaps undesirable change in politics that a Quebecois would find to be a detriment to the interest of Quebec, such was the atmosphere of blind Anglophone and English Royalism fueled by an revanchist obsession to reclaim the homeland so to speak. Those were the dark days of the Royal Dictatorship. The Union Nationale have long stood to be the so-called protector of the Quebecois way of life, but it would seem that le Chef too is too weak to stand up against the king in Ottawa. The Royal Dictatorship in its worst form during the short reign of the late Edward VIII alienated and in many cases directly drowned out the liberal establishment in the country. As reactionary politics attack the liberals, the overwhelming power of Crown on the province attacks the perceived order of the French-Canadian nation and its Catholic faith. And in this whole dynamic is the Union Nationale, whose cooperation with Ottawa secured permanently its political position in Quebec while its own reactionary politics secured it of the Catholic establishment’s backing. The largest challenges to face the Union Nationale and the defining moment when its weak commitment to nationalism finally came back to haunt it came the conscription crisis of 1937 that saw it compromised for a limited mobilisation and in the conscription crisis of 1941 - the UN too fell the threat of the American Civil War and the spreading riots and chaos from Canada’s own border. And thus the stage was set for both the right-wing opposition and the liberals opposition to come into common ground.
Declaration and Civil War
Fast forward to the peak of the Canadian Revolution in 1945, it would appear to any sane person the doom of the Windsor monarchy in Canada is just days ahead. Despite their reluctance in face of the widespread leftist rebellion, the right-wing Catholic nationalists realised that this is the moment they have to save Laurentia or she would sink along with the anglo bastards and staged a coup to oust the provincial government of Maurice Duplessis and his lackeys and declared the independence of Quebec and the Rights of the French-Canadian Nation. This brief government triggered an even briefer civil war that lasted for 3 days, with only a hastily assembled militia and the provincial police to the indifferent and confusion of the population to face, the military quickly suppressed the rebels. However to the disappointment and grudge of the Anglophone, the people that took part in the loyalist side was no less nationalist than the one that they fought, the reversal of the Declaration as hoped never happened, but a counter-agreement known as the Meech Lake Accords established an unprecedented autonomy and national rights for Quebec in the form of the quasi-independent State of Quebec.
To Laurentia
The amnesty of 1948 allowed most of the conspirators of the events of 1945 to partake in politics once more, that is if we even consider the punishments that they received in 45 even punishments, coming from a grateful judge for making the right push happen. Quebec now rests uneasy under an old regime and new found autonomy. But the situation prior to 1945 returned again with the same actors. The right-wing nationalist party Action française populaire regrouped and now challenging the rule of the Union Nationale and its vague uncommitting stand on Quebecois national hood as well as inaction in the face of the Reds. And from the other side, the Liberals and social democratic-leaning forces oppose the established reactionary order that both the UN, AFP and the royalist military espouse. Yet their uncertain stand in the question of Quebecois national hood as well as contesting popularity in the rapidly radicalising urban population with the red waves from Ottawa had in many ways tied their power. However, Quebec can’t survive forever in a state of indecision when its economy is slowly fading and unrest are harboring. From now on…
2/ Socialist Republic of Canada
The Socialist Party of Canada, for a time, was the most influential, and was driven underground along with most other leftist parties and groups in Canada. However, it survived and was reorganized under the patronage of the Socialist Party of America. It was due to the experiences of the general strikes organised in this time that the underground movement was forced to collaborate and change the mentality of its leadership in regard to compromises and working with other labour groups, thus was the founding of the Labour Unity Party of Canada (LUP). The brutal suppression and radical agitation from south of the border assembled for them a strong labour network that would spring into action in the beginning of the Second American Civil War. As their fellow comrades in the south took up arms, so did the north, the various small scale shootouts, stand off and so-called insurrection became widespread across the country but to no significance until the Canadian military officially mobilized to intervene to the US. The Canadian military enjoyed rapid success against the rabble-rousing paramilitary and militia of the PRG that only overwhelmed the local forces via popular insurrection, thus was quickly defeated on the battlefield, and soon the whole of New England was liberated from the Reds in the form of the Provisional Government of New England under Canadian patronage.
The economic failure of the dominion since the fall of Britain have became even more disastrous with the mobilisation to war, thus even with the military gains in America, the Canadian Army was forced to be recalled to deal with the draft riots, general strikes that now appearing more powerful and more organised, perhaps courtesy of the PRG in America that is now organizing itself into a proper government and military forces with its Red Marine Corps at the core. Limited military actions and supplies continue to the stream into America, fighting continues across the entire US-Canada border, with Chicago under raid and assault several times but domestic instability and the ongoing Atlantic conflict against Red Europe tied them from a major offensive like New England prior. The most catastrophic event would come in the form of the Great Pacific Revolt or known in America as the Seattle Republic. The massive uprising across several Northwest states and Canadian provinces organised by the Revolutionary Military Organisation of the West seized several cities and forced the military of the Pacific Coalition to abandon its plan to rescue the east, likewise the Canadian military had to divert nearly a majority of its forces to the east to defeat the ongoing uprising. BC was pacified along with Seattle in Operation Wild Rose.
However, using the opportunity created by the western distraction, several maritime and eastern provinces entered a series of violent and paralysing strikes that eventually captured the city of Ottawa causing the flight of the Government, the LUP, the main organising force under American support for the revolutionary actions in Canada officially declared the independence of the Canadian Republic as a free and socialist state. The situation in Canada became a sort of phoney war and delegated to battlefronts for the American forces, as the fledgling Red Canada had no real military of its own but workers militias with no leadership capacities while the Royalist forces lacked resources nor popular support to conduct massive military offense when their own areas are in chaos. The most bloodied episode of the Canadian Revolution was the back-to-back PRG offensive in a pincer movement across the Canadian prairies that was stopped dead in its track by the RAF destruction of the trans-canada railways and the counter-offensive of the US forces later which also failed and as the result of two major offensives along the railways, it was permanently destroyed.
The New Years Peace came along to the end of the Canadian Revolution, securing the status quo, as the provincial borders were defined as ceasefire lines. The Canadian government mimicked much of the structures of their American counterpart, from the declaration of independence in 1945 to 47, its chairman was George Armstrong, the grandfather of Canadian socialism. As he reluctantly forced to resign his office in 1947 to old age, and was replaced by A.A MacLeod, signaled a fundamental change in the politics of the Republic as the power of the party switched from the radical Western branches to the moderate Eastern branches.
3/ Kingdom of Canada
Canada, a land long founded on its love of the English throne was put to a test of faith with the fall of Britain and the great exile that saw millions of British landing on its shore and seizing its national government. Blind loyalism cheered on the arrival of the exiles and swore the oath of vengeance against the Red traitors but still there was something dormant beneath that has anxiously risen in the heart of the Canadian from the most common of commoner to the esteemed honourables of Parliament. When Edward VIII seized power for himself in a total mobilisation of Canadian resources to fulfil his dying father’s wishes to reclaim the mainland in what is now distastefully recalled as the “Royal Dictatorship” era, Canada once again did volunteer to join the newly raised armies and cheerfully “hurrah” when His Majesty declared Canada a kingdom for reasons perhaps best let to speculation as to whether it was to decorate the jewels on his crown or a poor attempt to win the heart of Laurentia? And yet among all the fanfare and cheering, Canada was fearful and conflicted, the foreigners who are alien to her ways of life now dictate everything in the land from economy, politics and even social life. It was easy to cheer for an imaginary bond to a land you’ve never seen, a people you’ve never met, but when it arrived on the shining shores of Nova Scotia, when food prices of Ontario climb everyday, when the Pound inflated 450% for 4 years straight, when the basic liberties the citizens of Canada have taken for granted are being challenged radically. - protests and opposition were inevitable in both the streets and the hearts of Canadians. Mass unrest gripped Canada following the entry of Canada into the American conflict and yet Edward refused to back down, as the police fired on protesters, as tanks run on the streets of Toronto, it only flamed up the Red traitors more and eventually British Columbia went up in total revolt, and Edward, in his hubris and arrogance still demanded that the Canadian army be moved West to crush the rebels instead of letting American forces to join force, a decision in direct opposition to his advisors that put the East Coast in extreme vulnerability when the general strikes hit and the Red America crossed the border. Yet in one last act of pseudo-bravery or outright stupidity, the bastard decided to stay in Ottawa when the mass riots happening in the streets, vowing to lead the army himself and “shoot every single one of them” after the Government has evacuated, this delayed in departure for several days before they was able to force him into a plane was too late when the Red American air forces bypassed the RAF and intercepted his air escorts and shot it down over Manitoba. Shortly after the death of Edward VIII, a makeshift fleet with american assistance was assembled in what now known as the Royal Scraps Fleet sets sail for Australia.
With the powers of the exiles weakened both politically and militarily, following the failure of the Central Canada Offense in 1948 and the destruction of the Canadian railways. The british exiles cabinet was forced to resign by the rump Canadian parliament. A new military-liberal-nationalistic cabinet was formed to replace it, the Government of National Unity is still the government of the day in Canada. This coalition government was founded on a simple feeling founded in the anxiety that began in 1925 as it translated into anger, resentment and hatred. Into a revanchist cry for blood: the reclamation of Canada and extermination of the Red plague as well as righting old wrongs as the North will remember well how the Red traitors destroyed this land but it will also never forgive the bastards that made it possible for Canada to burn. Glory to Canada! Glory to Victory!
And that's that. We will see you next time. Reof jumping off the plank!
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2020.08.26 19:14 Ozano0 What does Flight Following do exactly?

I imagine some kind of military fighterjet escort, but no probably not, or is it? If I enable the AI when I go eating or to the toilet, I let the AI manage the Radio Comms and the aircraft, bcs I’m on a long flight from Toronto to Miami
What does Flight Following do exactly? Bcs the AI keeps requesting that ...
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2020.08.21 01:13 Caerf12 Toronto Escorts Services Review Caerf

At Toronto Escorts Reviews forum you will find out about escort agencies, massage spas and independent escorts!
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2020.08.19 06:07 thetorontobot Toronto Daily - Aug 19th 2020

Welcome to the Toronto Daily Thread.

This thread serves two purposes:
1) To collect and make visible new posts in smaller Toronto based subreddits.
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Anyone applied for affordable housing at Tippett Park? TOshiller 2
Need more than just acquaintances bzee3 5
Please share some Ideas for a 20th Anniversary weekend feyrath 0
Where can I hire cheap and clean escort? nnzjjx 33
Anyone else in Church and Gerrard area hears the loud recurring noise? cultured_fries 2
Polystyrene Sheets (and other packing supplies) Tr0user_Snake 2
Anyone know what was going down at Yonge and Broadway Ave around 6 pm today? sam-tm 1
Membership fees and Covid burgeracct 4
Tobermory & Flowerpot Island Ferry man-ifesto 5
Have an iPhone 7 from 3-4 years ago... is the carrier required to unlock it? S2xo 6
Where can I buy Stewart's in bulk i8bonelesschicken 1
Rollerblading/ in-line skating kloklo924 2
Donations for Charity Auction/Raffle/Giveaways esmith87 0
Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I need some guidance. AssEater774 6
Is there a way that I can replace my current driver license with other license numbers? martial_fc15 1
about internet and TV YenDarc 0
Has anyone had to break a lease? Were you forced to pay out the rest of your rental contract? acamu5x 3
Is this a sidewalk or a curb? Friend-Illustrious 4
Anyone have experience with those one way mesh doors to keep out squirrels? EdwardBliss 2
Apartment Lease Assignment Documentation jumbo-toe 0
Best way to handle a dispute with Bell? fishfong 14
HR Professionals, do umbrella/sister companies red flag your resume if you've worked for their parent company in the past and quit? CarreraLu 3
Looking for a good walk-in dermatologist downtown ? murderontheball 5
Lowering rent for my tenant fluffymuha 73
If a major toronto news outlet asks for your permission to use your content, you explicitly tell them no, and they still use it, is there anything you can do? TorontoJD 6


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[For Hire] Programmer searching for freelance clients steadylearner_p 0
[Hiring] Business Analyst, Data Engineering (Remote)) ai_jobs 0
[HIRING] Data Analyst at Achievers in Toronto, ON boinabbc 1


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Cowbell Comedy is back with a killer lineup of pro comics. Thursday Sep.10th,8:00PM at Comedy Bar. Braydon Lynch, Danny Martinello, Natalie Norman, Kyle Brownrigg,Andrew Barr, and headlined by Mike Wilmot Blynch88 0
Milo Casting is seeking Unlikely Duos in Ontario for a commercial shot in your kitchen. togonoski 2


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(SELLING) Google Pixelbook $800 - Must Sell Today joep1991 14


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Stolen Bike ttc78031 2
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2020.08.11 11:44 nikvelimirovic [CRISIS] Ulster Waltz / Ulster Lullaby / My Dear Old Belfast Town

Oh Ireland… the Balkans of Northwestern Europe. Whatever will we do with your sectarianism and religious feuding. These days, things are the same as they ever have been, with the northerners feuding with the southerners – the Protestants with the Catholics.
Two religions, both alike in dignity. In fair Belfast, where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
(the song is sung to the tune of home on the range)
Oh give me a home, where there’s no Pope of Rome…
The Orange Order and the Ulster Unionists spent many a Irish morn hard at work making banners and uniforms for what would soon go down in history as the largest Protestant demonstration in Ireland yet. Belfast, would be their marching ground, and though instructed by the Irish government not to bring weapons and not to enter Catholic areas, only time would tell if these brave unionists would pay any heed to the scoundrel word of a Papist…
Where there’s nothing but Protestants stay…
Ulster Unionists, ever knowing the danger of letting a Catholic get the upper hand on ya, have opted to conceal clubs, knives, brass knuckles, rolling pins, socks with stones, and other street-fighting weapons. They hide these in overcoats and in their pantaloons, some even under their caps, ready for a right proper brawl if its to break out. On the other hand, the much more organized Orange Order is not going to stand for any sort of skullduggery from the Fenians. They stitch holsters into their jackets, hide rifles down their pantlegs, and keep grenades in their pockets. If things are going ta be bloody, they’ll make them bleed.
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word, And flute bands play The Sash every day
The march began bright and cheerful, with good Ulster songs being sung for the good Ulster boys, and a relatively disorganized procession began to pass through the Protestant neighborhoods to cheers and poppers. The procession quickly assumed a military formation as the Orange Order’s disciplined march brought everyone in step with the beating of their drums. The march passed a Protestant Church and all the brave men crossed themselves and received the priest’s blessing before they continued on their way. Police watched nervously and were jeered and harassed by the crowd passing through the streets.
No, no Pope of Rome, No chapels to sadden my eyes, No nuns and no priests, No Rosary beads, and every day is the 12th of July!
And then, the Orange Order made the decision, and the Ulster Unionists were forced to follow. The Taig bastards in Dublin would not bar them from marching in their own city. No no no. The march continued across the river from Island Ward and rather than turning north into Duncairn like they had informed the police, they continued on into Falls – a staunchly Catholic area. The police that had been escorting them began to panic, and one officer Timmy McNeil hopped on a bicycle to rush to a depot where he could radio the army and inform them of the change in plans.
Up a wee narrow close, Just by Brigton Cross, Aye it's there the place we call home
The marchers increased the volume of their singing, will the crowd that followed the organized bannermen began hurling insults at the Catholics, most of whom had holed up in their flats and stores. Unfortunately, Timmy McNeil failed to make it to the police station on time to warn the army of the approaching horde of Proddies as he was accosted by a few thuggish unionists that shoved him around asking “where ya runnin’ laddie?” This meant that a confrontation was bound to happen, as the half infantry division stationed in Beechmount honestly expected the unionists to stick to the Protestant areas.
On the twelth there we join, to remember The Boyne, And to pray let's have no Pope of Rome
By now the march has reached Beechmount. The half division, nervous about being sent to potentially fight protestants, is not in ship shape, with many of the men despondent and more distracted by how boring the catholic quarters are with everyone hiding inside. However, they hear the singing of the Unionists long before they see their orange banners. Rushing to form a bayonet line, the well-trained infantrymen try to prepare for a crowd that will surely outnumber them. The rumble of the bootsteps, march down the street and the fluttering of the banners crosses around a corner. The commander of the division calls out for the march to halt as soon as he sees them in the street, some 100m away. The Unionists don’t stop but rather increase their march’s volume, drumming, and marching, quickly starting to close the gap. At 75m the commander again calls for a halt, but the unionists pay it no heed. At 50m he calls for a halt again. Nothing. At 40m he calls again and has instructed his men to ready. Nope. At 30m, he calls “halt” again, and instructs his men to aim. The march is undaunted. At 20m, he announces “halt at once or we will open fire!”
No, no Pope of Rome, No chapels to sadden my eyes, No nuns and no priests, No Rosary beads, and every day is the 12th of July!
No one knows who fired the first shot. What is known is that the Unionists did not stop when ordered to the final time. Smoke filled the air on that street in Beechmount, though what the commander dreaded would be a massacre turned into something much, much worse. Not only had the unionists broken the order of not marching in Catholic areas, they had also brought weapons. The Orange Order pulled out their handguns and fired back at the soldiers and police, while the Unionists and their supporters entered into a melee with their streetfighting weapons. Brave Catholics came outside to fight the Protestants, but most hid indoors. One member of the Orange Order pulled a portion of a barrel out of his pantleg and ran to three of his fellow countrymen who all had weapons parts and assembled a light machine gun behind a fallen cart. Other Orange Order men lobbed grenades both at the soldiers and into nearby homes. It was grueling and it was bloody and neither side wanted it to go on, and before long both withdrew. However at the end of the day, the Battle of Beechmount (or the Beechmount Massacre if you’re a Unionist) left 37 Irish soldiers dead on the street, and 153 Protestants, many of whom were not members of the well-armed Orange Order. In addition to this, 22 Irish catholic civilians were killed, only 7 of whom participated in the fighting directly. It is truly a dark day for Belfast and, indeed, for Ireland… One of the lasting impacts of the Beechmount Massacre is that the Ulster Unionist Party has lost nearly all credibility, as it is propagandized that it led the march into a massacre unarmed and it was only by the grace of the Orange Order that more sons of Belfast weren’t killed. UUP membership has tanked, while the Ulster National Vanguard has seen a massive increase in membership, and the Orange Order has reported an increase in interest in all chapters in the world, including Canada.


The Canadian government’s involvement with the Irish government is seen as disgusting, especially after the Beechmount Massacre. Orange Order lodges in Canada have mobilized marches in Ontario, Quebec, and Toronto which have gone relatively unmolested. Many of the Tories have lobbied the government punish Ireland for slaughtering the protestants, while large protests against Canadian involvement with the Irish government in Dublin have been held by Irish Canadians, nearly 2/3 of whom are Protestant themselves.
A new political party that is affiliated with the Tories, the Irish Protestant League, has formed and already documented roughly 135,000 members, a sizeable political pressure on the Canadian government that is likely to grow with time.

Union of Britain

However the Protestants couldn’t keep their lot to protesting in Ireland and the land of their deposed King. Clandestinely, operations were underway in the British Isles proper. The Orange Order had been banned by the Syndicalist bastards, and many had gone underground, forming cells in cities across the country and shifting away from being simply a unionist movement and embracing their anti-syndicalism. Called the Irish Monarchist Army, a shadowy group of no one knows quite how many individuals with no one knows quite how many arms began a campaign of terror in various places in Great Britain against the syndicalist menace.
The first attack was on Trafalgar Square, where a statue of Philip Snowden had been put up a few years prior. With an explosive charge that could not be traced back to the IMA, knowledge of the IMA’s involvement only being revealed when they claimed responsibility, the statue was destroyed, and four people were injured in the blast. Far more deadly was the bombing of a trade union hall in Glasgow which killed 14 workers and a national union representative. Police have no leads yet on who the IMA is, where they get their money, where they’re located, or anything of that sort. All roads truly are cold…
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2020.08.11 01:02 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Trump abruptly escorted from briefing after shooting near WH Toronto Star

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2020.08.04 16:17 powerrankingsnba Official /r/NBA Power Rankings #10 (8.3.2020) - Enter The Bubble

22/30 rankers reporting this week. /NBA's Power Rankings are published every two weeks which is a bit different from most rankings. Other than that we rank the teams the same way as our competition. If write ups are left blank the team rep decided not to submit. We encourage any user to fill in the blanks in the comment section. Rankings were supposed to be completed prior to Today's games.
# Team Δ Record Comment
1 Bucks -- 54-13 After four months off, the Bucks are back and lookin' good, splitting two close games against the Celtics and Rockets. This is despite missing Bledsoe, who's perimiter defence was greatly missed against two teams with great backcourt initiators. Bledsoe and Pat Connaughton both tested postitive for COVID before reporting to the bubble, but are both back practicing, and assumedly will be in game-ready soon.
2 Lakers -- 51-15 The Lakers offense has struggled to start these NBA bubble games. In both games the team has shot well below their season averages in the field and on three pointers. Fortunately, the defense has been solid and it helped solidify the win against the Clippers. The #1 seed is essentially locked up so the Lakers are going to be using these remaining games to find rhythm and flow.
3 Raptors -- 48-18 Raptors have had two big wins since the season has restarted, with games against the Lakers and Miami. We’ve experienced some struggles offensively but our defence has picked up right where we left off. Big nights from Kyle against the Lakers and Freddy’s new career high against the Heat have been the biggest factors to our wins so far. With a tough upcoming stretch of games prior to playoffs look for the raptors to work on their offensive struggles, namely in the clutch, and continue developing defensively.
4 Clippers -- 45-21 The Clips really hurt their first game without Harrel and Lou Will, but PG is obviously back to his good ol self. Lou Will has a couple games to go before he comes back, but Harrel has no timeline, and so games will be a bit harder without him. If PG and Kawhi can continue to be the insane duo they've been on the court, then LAC might even get a lot of rest in the first/second round.LAC's bubble schedule is a tad easier than Denver's, so I fully expect them to secure the 2nd seed relatively soon.
5 Rockets +1 42-24 Remember that guy that tried to tell us that strip clubs negatively affected Harden's game? Who's laughing now, huh? With his commanding presence on both sides of the floor, we've been able to steal two huge comebacks in the Orlando bubble. It turns out that this is what we needed to unleash the defensive beast within him. The world wasn't ready for DPOY Harden...until now.
6 Celtics -1 44-22 The refs have a vendetta against Daniel Theis and there's nothing you can say that'll convince me otherwise. So far in the bubble, the Celtics barely lost to the Bucks in a game that was filled with controversy in the closing minutes, and then nearly fell to the Blazers in similar fashion before the combination of J&J saved the day. Celtics maintain a 2 game lead over the Heat for the 3 seed and as of today, would face the 76ers in the 1st round. Celtics have 6 games left, with matchups against the Heat, Nets, Raptors, Magic, Grizzlies, and Wizards. As long as they win the games they should win, the Celtics should find themselves sitting comfortably in the 3 seed.
7 Nuggets -- 44-23 And we're back! The rankers have woken from our 5 month slumber to find we're playing Bubble Basketball now. This ranker is also confused how the Nuggets have ended up MORE injured than they were 5 months ago. The Nuggets back court will need to heal up in the short time remaining before the playoffs, because starters Monte Morris and Torrey Craig will likely end in a quick playoff exit. On the bright side, the Bol Bol hype train has pulled into the station, and y'all better hop on for 2021.
8 Heat -- 42-25 The Miami Heat got off to a hot start in the bubble by getting a solid victory over the Nuggets. Some players needed some time to get their shot back, but it was Duncan Robinson and Bam Adebayo came out the gates firing. Shout out to Maple Dick (kelly olynyk) as well for scoring all 20 of his points in the 4th Quarter. It wasn't a great outing for everyone though with Herro having a tough night, but hopefully he'll get into the swing of things. He'll be needed if we want to be competitive against Toronto, Boston, and Milwaukee. I'm feeling pessimistic about our odds of winning more than 1 game out of those 3, but hopefully I'll get proven wrong by the team.
9 Thunder +1 41-25 On March 18, the Oklahoma City Thunder lined up to host the Utah Jazz, when a doctor rushed onto the court immediately before tipoff and announced that Rudy Gobert had tested positive for Covid-19, changing the sports world forever. 4 months later and a thousand miles away in Florida, that game finally happened and proved that as much as things changed, one thing remained the same: Oklahoma City delivered Gobert and the Jazz a massive L. One challenge facing the Thunder in their quest to maintain that momentum going forward will be the unavailability of 6th Man of the Year candidate Dennis Schroder, who has temporarily left the bubble to be with his family while his wife gives birth. Young 3-and-D wing Terrance Ferguson, who started prior to the emergence of Lugentz Dort, is also out with an injury, leaving Oklahoma City's guard rotation potentially thing. Look for Abdel Nader and Hamidou Diallo to pick up the minutes left on the table by those absences.
10 Jazz -1 42-25 Utah sure is missing Bojan Bogdanovic's shooting in the bubble. With Bojan on the mend after season-ending right wrist surgery, Utah's reserves look to step up to cover Bojan's absence, mainly Jordan Clarkson and Georges Niang. The Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert connection has been seen stronger on court this opening bubble week, with Spida feeding Gobert more often compared to earlier in the calender season, including a clutch game winning pass to Gobert to defeat the Pelicans last Thursday. With a loss to the Lakers last evening, the Jazz are hoping they find enough firepower to continue forwards through the rest of the schedule.
11 Mavericks -- 40-29 The hiatus did not solve Dallas' most glaring issue: closing out games. The frist two bubble games have provided for great TV, but unfortunately for Dallas, they have not been able to close close games and hold onto leads, something that plagued them all year dating back to the November matchup with the Lakers. Courtney Lee, Jalen Brunson, and Dwight Powell are not playing in the bubble due to injuries, and Willie Cauley-Stein is not in the bubble due to personal reasons. Trey Burke replaced WCS, and has impressed in two games. Dallas is likely locked into the 7 seed, so they may be destined to face an LA team. The Mavs' offense has been incredible for 42 minutes, but the Mavs must learn to close the final half of the fourth quarters in order to make noise in the playoffs.
12 Pacers +1 41-26 Indiana got off to a great start in the bubble; a win over the Sixers clinched the seasons series against Philadelphia, and moved them into a better position to compete for the fourth seed. TJ Warren has become Indiana's go-to offensive option this season, starting off the restart with a career-high 53 points. The Pacers are still dealing with some injury issues, as Victor Oladipo will be held out of back-to-back games, and reserve big man Goga Bitadzeh has yet to play. Worst of all, Domantas Sabonis has left the bubble with plantar faciitis, and there is no indication on when he will return. Still, Indiana is in decent position for the regular season finish with a relatively light schedule to start, and then two critical seeding games against Miami.
13 76ers -1 40-27 The turnover issue is still apparent. The backcourt disappeared in the 4th versus the Pacers. There's still a few games left to right the ship before the playoffs. At minimum this Bubble has brought us a youtube star in Matisse Thybulle.
14 Grizzlies -- 32-36 Almost every game right now is a playoff preview for this young team. With two disappointing losses to start off the stint at Disneyworld the Grizzlies are not giving themselves any advantages. Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. did hit some big shots against the Spurs but it was not enough.
15 Trail Blazers +5 30-38 Blazers started1-1 to pop the Bubbles...bubble? Both games marked by little defense on either end and huge offensive games from Lillard (30/16 vs Celtics, 29/9 vs Grizzlies). Not exactly a promising start versus a Celtics team that struggled from the field but a win against the 8th seed Grizzlies was necessary to keep the playoff hopes alive and well.
16 Magic -- 32-35 Pain.
17 Spurs +2 29-37 Pop giving into fans or development for LW5? He’s gotten the starts since the restart and is showing it was worth. Will need a few more games to see what’s what but SA is prime to miss the playoffs for the first time in 20 years.
18 Suns +3 28-39 Suns began their bubble 2-0 and will continue to go 8-0 and make the play-in game. You heard it here first.
19 Pelicans -4 29-38 The Pelicans have come out of the gate looking absoutely abysmal. There is no energy surrounding this team. After a stellar first half in the opening game against Utah they have played like the worst team in the bubble. A blowout against the Clippers have further solidified the Pelicans place as a 'Bubble Bottom Dweller', and the playoffs become further and further out of reach with every passing second. It would require 6 straight wins to finish out the seeding games, then 2 more straight against the eventual 8 seed just to reach the playoffs. And with Zion coming in out of shape, Lonzo in his head again, and BI giving up an 8 game win streak just to be swept by the Lakers doesn't seem like it is going to come to fruition.
20 Nets -3 31-35 The Nets are simply existing at this point. We will almost definitely make the playoffs and we will definitely get promptly escorted out of the bubble.The goal, as it was before the season, is to get through this without a major injury to our key/young players and look forward to next year with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant at the helm.
21 Kings -3 28-38 Over in the Kings sub I predicted the Kings would be eliminated from playoff contention by March 10th.. I was just one day off... but it wasn't supposed to end like this.
22 Wizards -- 24-43 Wizards basketball is back, but without Beal and Bertans, I fully anticipate that the team will lose every single game they play in the bubble. That being said, guys like Rui Hachimura, Isaac Bonga, and Thomas Bryant have all shown flashes of potential, with Rui in particular showing that he can be relied upon as a #1 option without his efficiency taking too big of a hit. On the flipside, the veterans, most notably Shabazz Napier, have ranged from below average to downright terrible and are playing themselves out of new contracts. I'm excited for Rui's development, and that's enough for me to keep suffering through these losses.
23 Hornets -- 23-42 The Hornets are not a part of this bubble experience, which is really a shame. Our young guys probably could have benefitted from some more reps, looking toward next season. Regardless, this season was cause for some optimism, and we have an opportunity to improve through the draft. Also - I hope everyone reading this is safe and healthy. Take care of yourselves!
24 Bulls -- 22-43 Rumors of the new front office putting LaVine on the trading block is perhaps leading to another new Bulls era. Let's just say the best 'offseason' material we've had in some time is the Last Dance.
25 Hawks -- 20-47 The Hawks were left out of the bubble and we never got to see how Clint Capela fit into the team. All eyes are focused on the draft lottery and what piece we will add to our team that will probably end up receiving unwarranted criticism from our fanbase.
26 Pistons -- 20-46 The Pistons finally won a game against the Suns. But all the numbers are still awful, they blew a huge lead against the Kings and now Derrick Rose is hurt. The young guys will play, but it will probably continue to be a bleak end to the season.
27 Knicks -- 21-45 Frank Ntilikina's 20/10 game literally ended the NBA. Also we have Thibs now.
28 TWolves -- 19-45 All the best to KAT in these difficult times.
29 Cavaliers -- 19-46 It's probably kinda nice out in Orlando tbh.
30 Warriors -- 15-50 Klay's playing chess with Rocco. Curry had a good golfing outing in Tahoe and took up a new hiking hobby. GM Bob Meyers has said Warriors are prioritizing the back up PG position this offseason. Mean while Warriors are the latest native american mascot to be on the rebranding block according to Melo.
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2020.08.01 14:15 ImThatWrestlingGuy FBE Lights Out 2020: Book a Main Roster Star in NXT Part 1 - Rebel and Black Hearts; NXT's True Fighter Returns

NXT Takeover: Toronto
Adam Cole (c) vs Johnny Gargano
NXT Championship
3 Stages of Hell Match
After two hellacious bouts, a normal singles clash and a Street Fight, Gargano and Cole were set to go to war inside a Hardcore Steel Cage. The pair beat the ever-living fuck out of one another, using all sorts of weapons, putting each other through tables and leaping off of ladders to risk it all. The Undisputed Era had tried to get involved but they were quickly dispatched of by Gargano, and the drama heightened as it slowly reached its climactic crescendo. Adam Cole had just taken out Johnny, reversing a Slingshot DDT from a ladder into a Brainbuster onto the knee, setting up for a Last Shot. However, as Cole rebounded against the ropes, Johnny sprung to his feet, catching Cole in a Fireman’s Carry, before sending him crashing through a barbed wire table set up in the corner! Adam was in immense pain, and Gargano started to climb the cage to find his next weapon: a steel chain! Gargano joined Cole on the canvas and locked in a chain-assisted Garga-No Escape, but it was evident Adam refused to submit, and so Johnny had to resort to something else, calling to the ref to bring in “the pane”. On command, an official reached under the ring to bring out a massive sheet of glass, the crowd popping huge for this, and the ref slid it into the ring for Gargano to receive, the former NXT Champion leaning it up against a corner. Cole struggled to get to his feet, and Johnny threw the Undisputed One a chair, before nailing him with a Superkick, the steel colliding hard with the side of his face, and Gargano Irish-Whipped the exhausted Cole onto the glass, Adam slumping into the corner leaning on the pane. Johnny climbed the ladder set up earlier in the match, and it was evident what he had in mind, going for a Cannonball, but from behind… THE LADDER IS TIPPED OVER! At the last second Adam Cole moves out of the way, and an oblivious Johnny is sent crashing into the glass, the shatter sending shockwaves through the crowd. With Gargano down and Cole trying to recover, the only man standing was a masked figure behind the turned-over ladder who had made their way into the ring by assaulting the ref’s and unlocking the door! The hooded man helped up Adam, the audience confused at who this could possibly be, and the attacker slowly revealed himself to be… KEVIN FUCKING OWENS! The crowd were in disbelief; Kevin Owens is here in NXT! The Prizefighter picked up the broken Gargano from the rubble of the glass, planting him down with a Powerbomb onto the ladder, and lifting him to his knees, Adam Cole nailing Johnny with the Last Shot, covering him to finally put away Gargano, Kevin Owens helping up Cole in celebration. As the bell rang and the show went off the air, the audience were still amazed at Kevin’s appearance; what had they just witnessed?
Adam Cole (c) defeated Johnny Gargano to retain the NXT Championship (46:40)

The NXT and WWE Universes collectively were in shock at Kevin’s debut at Takeover: Toronto, helping Adam Cole beat Johnny Gargano and sending The Rebel Heart through a pane of glass as well as planting him on a ladder with a vicious Powerbomb. Is Owens back full-time in NXT? Why did Kevin assist Cole? The fuck is going on? All those questions would be answered on the next episode of NXT where The Undisputed Era started the show, their NXT Championships shining bright. NXT Champion Adam Cole, NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, and Roderick Strong opened the episode with a great heel promo, reminding the crowd of long reign over NXT ever since arriving in 2017. However, they were interrupted by multiple adversaries from the stage, including NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream, Pete Dunne, and The Street Profits, the duo Kyle and Bobby defeated the previous Saturday to win the Tag belts, and they all shared their interest in seeking retribution on The Undisputed Era. The 8-men met in the ring, an intense stare down occurring before all carnage broke loose, a wild 4 on 4 brawl going down to the crowd’s excitement! As the number of conscious wrestlers decreased, Johnny Gargano sprinted to the ring to help take down the common enemy, going after the only man standing, Adam Cole, and landing a beautiful Slingshot DDT, standing tall above his Takeover: Toronto opponent, but as Johnny made his way up the ramp to the back, he was blindsided from behind with a vicious lariat, Kevin Owens sending him crashing down back to the ring! The audience popped huge for the reappearance of KO as he obliterated Gargano, hitting a Cannonball into the steel steps and repeated Powerbombs onto the apron, before finishing Gargano off with a Powerbomb onto the steel ramp, medical officials rushing down to ringside to check on Johnny as Kevin left through the crowd. The Undisputed Era would follow him on their way out, the 4 other figures involved in the brawl making their way to the back, checking on Johnny as he was stretchered out. After this insane start, William Regal announced that Adam Cole would face Pete Dunne for his NXT Championship.

Later in the night, Kevin would come out to the ring, mic in hand, the crowd booing him after his malicious assault on Gargano earlier. Owens would explain his return to NXT, telling the crowd that on Raw and Smackdown he had lost the fight inside of him as he slowly became further from the promotion that truly defined Kevin as the ruthless son of a bitch he always has been. His success in NXT was undeniable, and he imprinted his name on the black and gold brand when he left, expected to go onto bigger and better things. He defeated John Cena, he won the Universal Title, he elevated the United States Championship, but after all the hype surrounding Kevin died down, he knew he had to return to the one brand that would still believe in him. He promised to reign supreme on NXT now that he’s back, dropping the mic and walking out to a now intrigued crowd.

The next week’s main event saw Adam Cole and Pete Dunne go head to head for the NXT Title, less than two weeks after Cole’s hellacious battle with Johnny Gargano in their 3 Stages of Hell Match, but Cole hadn’t missed a beat, fighting a fairly even back and forth match with The Bruiserweight. Dunne had had his own combat at Takeover: Toronto, facing the Velveteen Dream and Adam’s stablemate Roderick Strong in a Triple Threat clash for the North American Championship, failing to pick up the win but walking away looking like an absolute beast, ready to take on Cole here tonight. Dunne’s British strong style collided in a flurry of action with Adam’s more technical and scouted game plan, also allowing Cole to pick up the win, landing on his feet after an X-Plex and hitting a Superkick followed up by a Last Shot, retaining his belt in the process, but that wouldn’t be the end of the show, as during Cole’s post-match celebration, the theme music of Kevin Owens hit, and out came KO himself, making his way down to the ring and coming face to face with the NXT Champion, the same man he helped out at Takeover: Toronto. Owens took a good long look at Cole’s belt, before quickly turning his attention to Pete, hitting the hurt Brit with a vicious Packaged Piledriver, and a Frog Splash too, watching as Dunne rolled to the outside in agony. Kevin redirected his gaze to Adam who now had his hand outstretched, and Owen’s usual frown slowly turned to a grin, shaking the hand of Adam and removing the UE wristband from him, placing it on his arm! Kevin Owens has joined The Undisputed Era! Owens raised Adam’s hand high, and the pair walked to the back, meeting their UE brethren on the ramp and laughing together as they left backstage.
Adam Cole (c) defeated Pete Dunne to retain the NXT Championship (17:10)

In an attempt to avenge their fallen brother, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven issued a challenge to Kevin Owens and Adam Cole on Twitter, stating their intention to face the duo on the following episode of NXT. The match was made official by William Regal, and the main event for the show was set. Bate and Seven worked incredibly well as expected of such an impressive tag team, however, they underestimated Cole and Owens’ impromptu teamwork, the Ring of Honour originals putting up a good fight against the more defined tag team. The rest of The Undisputed Era got involved at one point, but they were quickly taken out by Trent Seven on the outside, all 3 of them being wiped out by Trent at ringside, however, this caused a distraction for Cole in the ring and he nearly got pinned following a rollup by Tyler, but he was just able to kick out, being hit with a Snap Dragon Suplex and Bate Driver ’97 for a very near fall, just being broken up by Owens with a Frog Splash! Kevin drilled Tyler with a Powerbomb before ascending the turnbuckle and taking out Trent on the outside with a Cannonball, allowing Cole to finish off Bate with a Last Shot, securing the W for him and Kevin. Owens and Cole had just shown off that they are one cohesive unit, and The Undisputed Era continued to prove why they are at the top. Before they left, however, Owens quickly grabbed a mic, only uttering a single sentence before leaving, his message short and sweet: “We’re coming for the gold… Velveteen Dream”.
Adam Cole and Kevin Owens defeated Moustache Mountain (19:35)

Kevin Owens made it clear that he takes what he wants now, and after sending a message to the North American Champion last week, Kevin demanded a match with the Velveteen Dream the next week. Regal became the messenger between the two, Dream accepting the challengers, reminding the NXT Universe he doesn’t step down from anything for anyone, and the two were set to do battle in the main event, Dream’s title on the line. As expected, this was an awesome encounter, the two different fighting styles blending well to create epic sequences and high-drama action. We saw Dream drill Owens with a Purple Rainmaker onto the apron, Kevin hit a beautiful mid-air Stunner as his opponent soared through the sky, and in the finish, KO put away Dream with a Steenalizer into the turnbuckle, reviving his old indie move, and ending his reign with a Pop Up Powerbomb, the crowd popping huge for the massive title win! Owens was handed the belt and he celebrated on the turnbuckle as Dream writhed in pain on the outside, but as he hopped down to leave the ring, a theme song Full Sail hadn’t heard in a long time blasted through the speakers, the audience reacting insanely to the return of The Black Heart. Tommaso Ciampa slowly walked onto the stage, signature crutch in hand, and he stared a hole through Kevin in the ring, his appearance here tonight sending shockwaves through the wrestling fanbase. Ciampa was back, Owens was North American Champ, and Takeover: Wargames was just on the horizon.
Kevin Owens defeated Velveteen Dream (c) to win the North American Championship (23:20)

It was announced prior to Dream vs Owens that NXT would compete on the Survivor Series brand warfare PPV, the classic champion vs champion matchups becoming Triple Threats and the Survivor Series Elimination Matches having to be 5 vs 5 vs 5 to contain all 3 brands. One of those champ vs champ vs champ matches would be Raw’s Intercontinental Champion taking on Smackdown’s United States Champion and NXT’S North American Champion, two of those slots being confirmed as AJ Styles from Raw and Shinsuke Nakamura from Smackdown, and Kevin Owens secured his spot in the match too when he won the North American Title, AJ Styles calling out his Survivor Series opponents the following week on Raw. In the weeks leading up to the show, we’d see all three men trade promo wars on Raw and Smackdown and brawl throughout the build. Owens and the rest of The Undisputed Era would lead the invasion on the final Smackdown before Survivor Series, the 5 men standing tall alongside their black and yellow brethren, and Kevin set his sights on bringing a win to Team NXT.

Back over on NXT, Tommaso Ciampa opened the show following his return to the brand, announcing that he’s back to reclaim Goldie and to help in the fight against the infinitely dominant Undisputed Era. However, he was interrupted by the Velveteen Dream, the man who lost his North American Title just the week prior. Dream reminded Tommaso of their heated past, their countless rivalries creating fantastic matchups on Takeover, but he said that they would have to put that all behind them if they wanted to take down The Undisputed Era. Tommaso shook hands with Dream, but at this, the aforementioned UE showed up, holding every single men’s title NXT had to offer. Adam Cole, mic in hand and NXT Championship over his shoulder, recalled beating Dream in the 6-Man Ladder Match at Takeover: NOLA and how Dream had suffered ever since then, forcing himself to go after the belt he had watched slip out of his fingers, before going after Tommaso, teasing him about not having Goldie and telling Ciampa that he will never get back what he let himself lose. Tommaso challenged Cole to step in the ring with him right now, and Adam seemingly accepted, but before he and his crew could make any further moves, they were blasted from behind by Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven! The British Strong Style collective immediately took out Fish and Strong, sending them into the metal barricade before brawling with Kyle, Adam, and Kevin, Dunne sending O’Reilly flying up the ramp with a Suplex Toss, and Tyler and Trent taking out Cole and Owens with Superkicks galore. They met Ciampa and Dream in the ring, looking down at The Undisputed Era downed at ringside, before shaking hands, their eyes set on the common enemy, however that wouldn’t be the case, as Moustache Mountain didn’t let go of the grip, colliding with headbutts to Tommaso and Dream! Pete nailed his Takeover: Toronto opponent with a Bitter End while Tyler and Trent lay waste to Ciampa with a Dragon Suplex/Lariat combo. Moustache Mountain stood tall to end the segment, making sure they would not be forgotten by the NXT crowd.

Moustache Mountain had made their presence felt, Tommaso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream were out for revenge against both them and The Undisputed Era, and UE was set on brand domination, wanting to finally call themselves the true rulers of NXT. It was announced on Twitter that we’d see Pete Dunne take on Tommaso Ciampa and Adam Cole in a Triple Threat bout, as well as Moustache Mountain vs O’Reilly and Fish. Tyler and Trent defeated the NXT Tag Team Champions in the opening bout, and in the main event, Dunne pinned Cole to stand tall, the rest of The Undisputed Era and Velveteen Dream rushing down to engage in a brawl with Pete, Tyler, and Trent. It was 5 on 3 on 2, but it soon became 5 on 3 on 3 as Johnny Gargano made his return from injury following KO’s brutal assaults on him in the week, immediately going after Kevin as he helped out Ciampa and Dream. Security was rushed down to break this massive fight up, and inevitably, William Regal came out to the stage: “Enough! This three-way dispute will be ended this Saturday… IN WARGAMES!” The audience popped huge for the major match announcement, the three teams divided as they left through the crowd.

NXT Takeover: Wargames IV
Team Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kevin Owens, and Roderick Strong) vs Team #DIY (Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, and Velveteen Dream) vs Team British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven)
From the build up to the actual match, the 2020 Wargames was beautifully insane and insanely beautiful at the same time, all 9 men involved putting on a real show for the fans in attendance. We’d see some crazy moves such as a Powerbomb/German Suplex combo from Tyler Bate and Trent Seven to Roderick Strong through a table, a chair-assisted Meeting in the Middle to Adam Cole and Kevin Owens, and a massive Tower of Doom involving everyone in the ring, the audience on the edge of their seats the entire time. But after a massive Packaged Piledriver off the top of the cell to Johnny Gargano through a table courtesy of Kevin Owens, Roderick Strong was able to hit the Velveteen Dream with an end of Heartache, followed up by a Last Shot, the NXT Champion covering Dream for the win! The three celebrated with the tag champions on the stage, The Undisputed Era once again standing victorious.
Team Undisputed Era defeated Team #DIY and Team British Strong Style (45:05)

Survivor Series 2019
AJ Styles (Raw) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (SD) vs Kevin Owens (NXT)
Intercontinental Champion vs United States Champion vs North American Champion
Despite having to go through a hellacious Wargames bout the previous night, Kevin Owens went toe to toe with two of the best in history: Styles and Nakamura. Representing their respective brands, all 3 men brought the heat to one another, whether it be a double Kinshasa off the second rope onto the outside, a Pop Up Powerbomb onto the second opponent, or even a double Ushigoroshi through the announcer’s table! However, after some intense last-minute sequences, reversals, and near falls, Kevin Owens broke up Shinsuke’s pin following a Kinshasa with a Swanton Bomb, before hitting AJ with the Packaged Piledriver, bringing yet another point home to his brand. Owens taunted Shinsuke’s manager Sami Zayn at ringside before leaving, his NXT colours defining his progression from the past and into the future,
Kevin Owens (NXT) defeated AJ Styles (Raw) and Shinsuke Nakamura (SD)

Kevin Owens had had a very successful return to NXT, joining the most dominant faction the brand has to offer and becoming undefeated, winning the North American Title, and getting back to back wins over Survivor Series weekend, winning Wargames alongside Cole and Strong on Saturday and defeating Styles and Nakamura in their Triple Threat. However now that he was a champion once again, he had a yellow and black target on his back, his Undisputed Era alignment also making him a common enemy for the NXT roster. That quickly became evident when Matt Riddle stated his intention to go after the North American Title the Wednesday after Takeover: Wargames IV, however he was joined in the ring by former champ Velveteen Dream, Tommaso Ciampa, and Damian Priest, all 3 men also staking their claim to Kevin’s title. This quickly turned into a brawl after Damian Priest slapped Dream, and William Regal broke it up, announcing that a Fatal 4-Way Match would main event NXT the next week, the winner going onto face Owens. The following week saw a great fun bout to end the show, and after Damian Priest put Matt Riddle through the announcer’s table with a chokeslam, he returned to the ring to get immediately hit with a Dream DDT and Purple Rainmaker, Velveteen Dream coming one step closer back to redemption. However, as he was celebrating, an inevitable post-match assault from the champion occurred as Kevin Owens laid Dream out with a wicked lariat, stomping on his chest and placing him in the corner for a Cannonball. Kevin then hit Dream with a vicious Steenalizer before bringing him to ringside. Kevin then hit three consecutive Powerbomb’s onto the apron only for security to distance Owens from his victim, Dream’s ability to compete unknown. As he left, he laid out Tommaso Ciampa with a Superkick, taunting his Wargames opponent as he was escorted to the back.

The next episode of NXT was set to be headlined by Owens vs Dream for the North American Championship, and Kevin was forced to enter first, NXT officials not wanting him to attack Dream pre-match. However Owens had a trick up his sleeve, grinning evilly as he watched the taped up Dream make his entrance, visibly weak, and vulnerable for an ambush! Following behind him was Roderick Strong, one of Dream’s longest rivals, and KO’s Undisputed Era stablemate, and he blasted the flamboyant Washington D.C native getting sent crashing down to ringside. Strong continued the assault, vicious knees and forearms taking down the already injured Dream, and he quickly hit him with a Snap Suplex into the ring post before officials chased him off, Owens pulling Dream into the ring by the hair and forcing the ref to ring the bell, a Packaged Piledriver being enough to put the broken challenger away.
Kevin Owens (c) defeated Velveteen Dream to retain the North American Championship (0:10)

Roderick Strong entered the ring to celebrate with Owens, nailing Dream with an End of Heartache for good measure, but as he did, Tommaso Ciampa came running down! Ciampa slid into the ring to fend off the duo, helping up Dream and walking his Wargames partner to the back, staring a hole through KO and Roddy as they hurried away through the crowd.

Originally, William Regal announced that we’d get Dream and Ciampa vs Owens and Strong the following week, but after a exclusive came out showing the bruises and injuries from Kevin and Roderick’s attack, Dream was immediately deemed unable to compete, leaving Tommaso without a partner. Regal told Ciampa he would still have to find one, and Tommaso spent the night searching for a replacement. Finally, after countless NXT stars turned him down, he came across someone off-screen who he immediately knew would be good for the job, and he told this mystery partner to get ready. As Owens and Strong waited in the ring, the audience popped huge for the single “Bro…” they heard as the theme tune of Matt Riddle hit, and out came The Original Bro alongside Tommaso Ciampa, this dangerous pairing colliding with Kevin and Roddy before the match even begun. These 2 teams had an excellent fast-paced bout, ending in Riddle reversing a Pop Up Powerbomb on the outside into a flying knee, and this distraction allowed Ciampa to roll up Strong, finishing him off with a Fairytale Ending after Roddy kicked out. Matt and Tommaso had made it abundantly clear they were coming for The Undisputed Era, and KO and Strong retreated to the back, not wanting to get into any fights now that they were at the disadvantage.
Tommaso Ciampa and Matt Riddle defeated Roderick Strong and Kevin Owens (15: 55)

The following episode, we’d see Kevin defend his title once again, this time against Matt Riddle, and just like his bouts with Dream, Riddle took KO to his limit, nearly making him tap out in the Bromission and almost winning via count-out following a Floating Bro off the barricade. Of course, Roderick Strong tried to interfere but he was quickly taken out by Tommaso Ciampa who sent him flying up the ramp to the back with a knee, and this distracted Kevin, nearly allowing Matt to get the win after a Bro Derek, but Owens just got the shoulder up, staying in the match for just a little longer. Owens had to put out a Swanton Bomb to put away Riddle, a final Pop Up Powerbomb keeping his title around his waist.
Kevin Owens (c) defeated Matt Riddle to retain the NXT North American Championship (20:40)
Kevin was exhausted, hurt, but most importantly vulnerable, and Ciampa pulled the champ out of the ring to the outside, raining down forearms and elbows on KO before standing tall with a Fairytale Ending on the outside, Ciampa raising Kevin’s belt up high as he sat on the apron.

Following this, we’d see Kevin and Tommaso start a feud going into Takeover: Portland, the North American Championship being placed on the line for their match made after Owens demanded it from Regal. Two of the best promos in the business had some great back and forth on the mic as well as encounters in the ring in brawls and sometimes tag matches, but Kevin liked to remind Tommaso of Gargano’s absence due to his Wargames injury, whereas Owens has the entire Undisputed Era. Ciampa told Kevin he didn’t need backup to finish KO and he’ll prove that at Takeover.

NXT Takeover: Portland
Kevin Owens (c) vs Tommaso Ciampa
NXT North American Championship
Owens and Ciampa are two names synonymous with NXT, and they defined the promotions indie style with this incredible bout (Canadian Destroyer’s every second of course). Tomasso was fighting not only for the North American Championship, not only to put away Kevin Owens, but also to avenge Johnny Gargano, and he definitely promoted himself as one of NXT’s greatest of all time, pulling off some fantastic spots such as an Air Raid Crash off the second rope onto the apron, and a Fairytale Ending onto the steel ramp, but a brutal Steenalizer into the ring post and following consecutive Pop Up Powerbombs was enough for Kevin to stay champion, and he spat on Ciampa’s defeated body as he left.
Kevin Owens (c) defeated Tomasso Ciampa to retain the NXT North American Championship (24:30)

Tommaso Ciampa had failed to defeated Kevin Owens, but Johnny Gargano was back! And he was here to avenge his fallen friend. Owens was the man who cost Gargano his match with Adam Cole at Takeover: Toronto, putting him through a pane of glass and Powerbombing him on a ladder, before attacking him that Thursday with a Powerbomb onto the steel ramp, putting him out of action for a short while. Johnny returned for Takeover: Wargames IV, where he was hit with a Packaged Piledriver off of the cell through a table, injuring him once again, courtesy of Owens. But now that Gargano was back, he was here to get revenge on The Prizefighter. We’d see Johnny cut a fiery babyface promo the night after Takeover: Portland, only to be interrupted by Kevin on the stage, and the two drilled into each other verbally, Gargano telling Owens “he’s ready to kill him”. With Tommaso Ciampa going off to pursue the NXT Championship, we’d see KO vs Johnny and Ciampa vs Cole collide on some episodes, including a phenomenal Undisputed Era vs #DIY match, and NXT officials found it hard to keep Gargano and Owens from murdering one another. William Regal decided he had had enough, making a match for Takeover: Tampa Bay between Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano for the North American Championship… in an Unsanctioned Match! Regal was smart enough to know that he could not let NXT be held accountable and responsible for what Kevin and Johnny would try to do in their match, and so made sure the company was as far away from contracts as possible. This added more fuel to the ever-lasting inferno that was Kevin and Johnny’s rivalry, and the NXT Universe couldn’t wait for what was sure to be an NXT classic.

NXT Takeover: Tampa Bay
Kevin Owens (c) vs Johnny Gargano
NXT North American Championship
Unsanctioned Match
This was absolute carnage; the Unsanctioned Stipulation was evidently needed as no restrictions could hold these two back even if there were any. We saw Gargano wrap a chair around KO’s neck and hit him with a Superkick, Owens Powerbomb Johnny onto thumbtacks, Johnny lock in the Garga-No Escape with a steel chain, and Kevin nail Gargano with a Steenalizer into barbed wire! But in the end, Owens set up a ladder and two tables stacked on top of each other, positioning Johnny on the tables and jumping off the ladder, hitting a Frog Splash from the crazy height and sending Gargano through both tables, KO draping a single arm over Johnny, the ref counting the pin, horrified at what he just saw.
Kevin Owens (c) defeated Johnny Gargano to retain the NXT North American Championship (39:25)
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2020.07.28 18:56 m-rcelo STORY TIME: SAINT PABLO TOUR

The first nights Toronto show. I’m 13 years old at the time. My mom brother and I bought seats for the show but we couldn’t find them. We asked a security guard and he gave us floor passes for free, I guess because I was a little kid right. The show was amazing, me being small there was nobody in like a 6 foot radius of me because they were scared to hurt me and I wasn’t too close to the stage either. Kim Kardashian and Travis Scott come onto the floor. I try to say hi to Kim and I get my ass bodied by the security guards (probably didn’t appreciate a kid trying to tap Kim’s shoulders to get her attention). Travis was on the floor with a mic, but the mic was off and he was literally just mosh pitting with everyone. I can provide proof I was there and on the floor, I also still have two Saint Pablo hoodies as more proof. Saint Pablo tour was the second best show I’ve ever been to (first being Travis’ Astroworld). Just saw some pics from then and wanted to share 🙌🙌🙌
Edit 1: thought I’d also mention that this MF YE played ultralight beam instrumental for like 40 minutes before he pulled up on stage. N then he ended the show with the same instrumental and disappeared off the floating stage (just got down somehow and was escorted out).
My fav song he preformed was blood on the leaves or good life.
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2020.07.13 04:24 BloodstainedAxe Kathleena is an SP?

It was discussed a while ago on this subreddit that she’s an escort in Toronto? Is she currently doing it? If so, what alias does she go by?
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2020.07.11 07:52 -en- @ABC: A Toronto woman says she was escorted from a hospital by security guards after refusing to wear a mask, provoking a huge response online.

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2020.07.10 18:42 OkBitcoin A Toronto woman says she was escorted from a hospital by security guards after refusing to wear a mask, provoking a huge response online.

A Toronto woman says she was escorted from a hospital by security guards after refusing to wear a mask, provoking a huge response online. submitted by OkBitcoin to CoronavirusUSCOVID19 [link] [comments]

2020.07.10 16:52 -en- @ABC: A Toronto woman says she was escorted from a hospital by security guards after refusing to wear a mask, provoking a huge response online.

@ABC: A Toronto woman says she was escorted from a hospital by security guards after refusing to wear a mask, provoking a huge response online. submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2020.07.07 21:35 SimplyDashing101 The Final Boss

Damien Blade or Brother Blade is leading a camera man into the Temple Of The Brotherhood, he sits down on the floor in the center of the Temple as he instructs the camera man to zoom in on him. He then speaks in a very calm and collected tone.

Aperogone, we will go to battle this Friday in front of our hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The last time we went to battle, I was alongside Brother Kato, I was arrogant and self absorbed, we were both arrogant and self absorbed, 2 on 1, you beat both of us despite the numbers advantage. But you aren't facing The Fallen Son, that man was desperate, mentally unstable, as was the man who lost the Junior Heavyweight Championship at Homecoming. Thanks to The Great One, I have unlocked internal stability and peace of mind. I know what you are going to say Aperogone, you will say that I don't need the Great One, but what else do I have left? Antoni clearly wants nothing to do with me, I lost my Junior Heavyweight Championship. I have no one! You call yourself The Final Boss of Fantasy Booking, I don't see you as such, I see you as a man, a man with flaws, like all men have, but you are also a man of great success and a man who I have a lot of respect for. Unfortunately, as you are on the final run of your career, you have become desperate, desperate to succeed and desperation leads to failure. I have no doubt that you will be a mighty foe, but unlike you I don't need to win to be at peace with myself, for you, this is it, and you are desperate to go out with your near perfect record intact and anything else will be considered a failure. You can deny it all you want, but you can only hide for so long. Come Friday, that fact will become abundantly clear to everyone, and I will make The Great One proud by putting one of the final nails in the coffin of the man known as The Final Boss! Now leave me to my meditation!

A group of men in Brotherhood masks send the camera man away before escorting Blade to his room, but he does no meditation, he instead writes a letter but not using words...
6810197114 6511011611111010544
73 97109 1159710210146
6811111039116 11911011411412146
73 999711039116 116101108108 121111117 109121 11210897110 102111114 10210197114 111102 116104101109 104117114116105110103 12111117146
74117115116 107110111119 11610497116 73 108111118101 12111111746
Brother Blade then slips the letter out a window to a nearby bird which fly's it off before sitting down on his rug to meditate. But who is the letter for?
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