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A Discreet Guy Guide for Messaging in M4M Posts

2020.10.04 17:27 lookingforchasersph A Discreet Guy Guide for Messaging in M4M Posts

Yes, I know this is for phr4r but I bet my ass na most discreet guys (or questioning, or maybe those in denial pa) wander around this sub. And magkaaminan na tayo, pare-parehas lang tayong sabik. It's just that masculinity in our society sucks ass and most of us need to build this facade.
I've been messaging (and been messaged) by guys na discreet, claiming straight and just wanna experience another dick, and guys na tago and ayaw malaman ng iba na sila ay queer rin or gusto lang ng landi.
For guys (like I was used to be) na under this umbrella, let me give you a guide on how you can get action, a decent response, and how to properly engage, disengage, and coordinate with such types of posts.
P.s. applicable rin to sa ibang apps and dating sites, slightly.
1) Pictures is a must - Pareparehas lang tayong tago, pero you can't expect a proper conversation if you can't even show a couple of pics. As another discreet guy, I am risking my identity as well when I'm posting my pics through pms. One thing yall scaredy cats didn't know is that there's this unwritten rule that no one fucking spreads your identity kahit nabisto ka. Ang logic lang dyan is kapag binisto ka nilang gay ka, ibig sabihin napatos rin sila sa M4M posts.
But in all seriousness, please do not hesitate to share even just 1 (proper and recent picture) because you can't expect us to meet you na hindi namin nakikita mukha mo.
2) Have the audacity to say NO - Basic lang mga chong, if you don't like a person then say NO before ka maglaho. I do say no when I don't like a person because that's what a proper person should do. We all know ghosting sucks pero bruh, pare-parehas lang tayo dito. Pahirapan pa ba tayo?
3) We know what we want, and so you should know what you want - Been there done that, if I'm gonna be honest mas less yung paki ko now if people would find out my real identity (but I still value privacy and sana lang wala bistuhan) kaya alam ko pakiramdam ng karamihan na bago pa lang sa galawan. So please, if someone posts wanting sex, expected that you will only respond if sex rin habol mo. If that person wants cuddles or landi, then that person expects those who respond to his posts will cater his needs. Hindi si OP ang mag-aadjust para sayo. And sayo naman, if highly doubtful ka pa then don't bother. Message only if you are almost 100% sure. You won't be able to face yourself if you won't take that first step.
4) The term "tripper" is so 2010 - Huwag mo nang itanggi. Huwag mo na rin iclaim na tripper ka lang and you still are straight after doing this para lang di ka mabansagang queer or gay after. Bruh, there are masculine gays and masculine queer guys. Gays can be gays without dressing up as girls or wearing make up.
5) Last but not the least, do not hesitate to experiment and try out stuff - Like what I said last time, hindi ka makakatulog ng mahimbing if bawat opportunity na m4m post na nirerespond mo eh hindi mo rin kakagatin kasi "takot ka at baguhan". Lahat kami galing diyan but we had balls to try it out. Trying out doesn't mean full pen agad. Puwede namang request ka muna ng side fun then slowly work your way through it.
Wag ka mag-alala bruh. We do all respect each other. Respect begets respect. Don't expect anyone to respect you if you can't even respect us.
Good luck on your next landi and you guys would find this informative.
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2020.09.28 17:08 ellastigirl Refund

Hello! May nakakaalam po ba kung paano mag refund? Nag bayad na kasi kami tapos biglang pag dating ng installer, puno na daw yung sa poste.
Di na kasi sumasagot yung agent na kausap ko. Kung meron rin siguro kayong active agent na kakilala, please paki-refer na lang po. Salamat!
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2020.09.22 20:01 lazy784 28M, Jobless, Still living at home, can't figure out how to get out of this rut

Hey guys, I'm a pakistani man that grew up pretty much opposite my parents ideals, but I can't seem to break away from them. I'm in TEXAS though. Pakistani culture at home, but texan "be independent and move out at 18" culture outside.
I lost my job last year (October) for bad job performance because I was honestly just not performing well. I don't know why, but i spent most of my time watching youtube or doing random shit instead of working. Company gave me some notice and i started to improve and was enjoying the improvement as well, and then one misstep and they let me go. Which is fine. I understand why they did it.
Anyway, since then I haven't worked for a single day. For the first 6 months, I wasn't even applying to jobs. Parents paid for everything from gas, to my car bill. Then corona hits and i have a excuse to not look for jobs cause parents are old and i don't want to endanger them. But i'm a software dev and jobs are remote so why aren't I working? I don't understand why I don't have any motivation to do anything. Am I depressed? I don't feel particularly sad. I've been gaming with friends a ton and feel just fine.
Let me try to bring this rambling under control:
  1. Lost job 1 year ago and haven't found new one
  2. Feels like life has no purpose right now. Just gaming and watching tv. Can't even work on my own project without losing motivation pretty quickly
  3. Parents money is my cushion, but because of covid, even that's about to run out.
Okay so that's tldr for the above mess.
I mentioned im paki above. That means that the children live with parents and don't move out. They ask parents for permission before doing anything.
I've been suffocating under them. Yes, they pay for everything, but i'd rather they didn't so i could be forced to figure stuff out. I know I'm placing blame on them, but my dad keeps sending me money and i just accept it and stop thinking about problems.
In this house we can't: date, drink, smoke, have sex, etc.
I've done all of those things by lying to them. (Except my dad. I had a heart to heart with him a while back and we talked about my dating and i drank some whiskey with him)
Why did i make this post? I told my mom I was going to start detailing cars for money (cause i'd be great at it. I taught my neighbor how to detail cars and now he makes 2-3k a month doing it) and she said "I didn't put you through college to be washing cars". It made me realize that at the age of 28, I'm asking my mom for permission to move my life forward.
If you understood this rambling, can you guys give me some kind of actionable steps to take?
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2020.09.10 11:18 Snoo_3158 Bosses get away with far too much, I know it, you know it and the toxic bosses reading this will already be frothing at the mouth.

LetsTalkAbout ....

Bosses get away with far too much, I know it, you know it and the toxic bosses reading this will already be frothing at the mouth. So it’s time they start getting called out, let me make a commitment to you here. If you’re going through anything related to the following subject, you’re not alone! I’be got your back.
How many of of you have ever worked for a toxic boss? They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
You’ve got the: - The Passive Aggressive One 😠 - The Genuinely Aggressive One 🤬 - The Stalkery One 📹 - The Belittling One 🔨 - The Paranoid One 🎭 - The Gas Lighting One 🕯 - The Compulsive Liar 🤥 - The Sexist One (Sex Pest)👺 - The Racist & Xenophobic One🐷 - The One with the inferiority complex 🐜 - The Narcissistic One 🥀
But occasionally, you find that rarest of beast. The ones that skull around LinkedIn often typing “THIS IS NOT FACEBOOK” on posts that talk about human rights issues whilst gleefully mashing “something something something snowflake” on their own page.
Of course I am talking about the arsehole incarnate who takes all the toxic traits above and combines them Thanos with the infinity stones to become the inevitable mega Arsehole.
Toxic bosses; settle down boys and girls and listen to a tale of a boss so toxic, so terrible that his name has become somewhat of a meme in inner circles.
The following events are based on a true story.
For a long time I’ve been in contact with, watched, learned and even worked with just such a beast. (I’ll insert an emoji of the representative persona as we go along).
His actions are of so much notoriety that “pulling a Metcalfe” or “they’re a proper Metcalfe” has become a common turn of phrase amongst some of my colleagues and connections.
“Eh he’s probably just got a bit of a twisted sense of humour” is what I thought initially, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.
I probably let a few things slide to begin with but in hindsight my new work colleagues saying “Be careful around him he’s bit, ya know” should have been a red flag on day one.
🎭 This particular beast took the form of my divisional manager at a large recruitment agency I worked for (he’s now left after essentially making himself unemployable over a series of sexual harassment cases also search are, as far as I am concerned in no way liable for his actions, they’re a top company) it was an odd experience. The paranoia was obvious from the start with him telling me “Don’t talk to Dunc or James, they’re bad news”, they were actually alright blokes but they just didn’t like him as he haemorrhaged staff due to treating them like shit. In fact I was the only one in the office who liked him.
A: “What do you think Mark meant by that?” N: “Errrm he asked how your weekend was?” A: “Exactly, why would he ask that?” N: “Because that’s the sort of inane conversation you have at an office job on a Monday morning”
🕯He juggled his work and his drinking problem quite well although would often keep me away from my desk on “long lunches” where I’d sit and listen to his inane ramblings about colleagues and his wife whilst he sank multiple pints, he would always say “I’m the best boss you’ll ever have, no other boss would let you get away from being away from your desk for this long” which I guess was accurate but he would then turn around the following day and say “Why are you behind on KPIs? I’m keeping you in this job right now”
A few months in and two staff members down (both having lasted no more than 1 and 3 months respectively) I assisted to hire a new person, still under the impression that it was just the market that pushed the other two out. I brought in a young girl from my previous company, she did well from the off.
👺 Then things started getting strange and she stopped socialising with us both on break times instead opting to spend it with other colleagues which is fair enough.
I wasn’t wise to the real reason this was happening at this point in time. Turns out the boss man had been sexually harassing her for weeks, going as far as to say “Book a meeting in London or somewhere far away so we can expense a hotel over night, have a few drinks, see what happens”. He is.... Not particularly attractive... Nor very gifted with charm either... Oh and 15+ years this poor girls senior.
🥀 He had also concocted a fantasy relationship between her and I (without sounding arrogant he was blatantly jealous of my looks and lifestyle at the time as I was young and single whilst he was relegated to scouring Tinder, Bumble and PoF behind his wife’s back and failing miserably, he went as far as to create a tinder profile using my picture and his name) so would often belittle me in front of her as a way of showing he was “the alpha”.
Really it just made him look petty.
📹🥀🐜👺 He would ask for explicit details of dates I’d been on, for their names and for photos. He’d find women who I had gone out with with on Facebook and try to add them for... Uncertain reasons 🤷🏻‍♂️.
One day after work we went for drinks where he spent a good 10 mins saying to our latest hire:
“You look really good, you look good, them jeans fit you just right, what sort of men are you in to? Older men with cash? Or pretty boys like Nick? Bet you like older men don’t you! Like that money” over and over.
She was visibly uncomfortable, the next day he was talking about how much of a flirt she was with him.
🔨 He would try to find faults in all things I (and any of his staff) would do, be it inside or outside of work. His life must be miserable and he gets his validation and happiness from “punching down”, for him if someone is doing better from what he sees as a “lower class” or has a chance of becoming better than him at anything it is his priority to keep them down, whilst sucking the dirt from the boots above.
This isn’t unique to me either, it seems that every ex and current employee of his had the same treatment. He actually failed the probation of one employee who I found for him back when he was a client of mine because of “mental health reasons”. This employee had billed £30k in two months but had taken a week and a half off work for mental health issues. He quit.
Going for a meal with him on lunch was a strange experience, watching him sink 7 pints over some tapas, go to work, sink 4 more after and then see him drive home constantly had me a little uneasy.
These meals were often filled with such great snippets of conversation such as:
🐷 “I’m not racist you know, a lot of people think I am but I just don’t like f**kin Pakis... Little rag heads”
“Your bird is only with you for a green card, that’s all you’re good for is green card ass foreign birds don’t get the craic like English ones, I’m funny you see, you’re not. That’s why you date foreigners” (my partner has two degrees and a masters in Law & Business)
👺 “I like to hurt my wife sometimes, turns me on when she cries. I took a video of it and uploaded it to PornHub.... That’s illegal? Meh who doesn’t love a bad boy”
Or him speaking to foreign waiters like they are toddlers (sigh):
“EY! Name? You... name? Javi? Football? Citeh, me... Me Citeh. You Barcelona? You Madrid? He, United. Shit hahahahahaha”
Pretty embarrassing for a “grown man”.
Me being able to speak Spanish seemed to upset him, anything that someone else could do that he couldn’t or could do better was seen as a threat.
🐜👺🔨🤥 This is an odd one and not many will be able to relate but worth putting in whilst I’m on this tangent. Often he would question my ability when it comes to boxing despite never having seen me box. I would invite him to the gym to train together and do some sparring, he would always cancel last minute but not till he says “I train with Quigg you know” and then would insist on telling a story of how he once knocked out three Greek policemen on a stag party 5 years ago and how he could “one bang” me if he wanted to. He also nearly got me banned from my favourite tapas restaurant after he ran up a bar tab by himself and told them I would pay for it the next time I was there.
🤥🐜🕯📹 Once I stopped working for him things became clearer but he was left alone with our new hire who also left shortly after I did. He would call and message me to criticise the name of my current employer, the content I put on LinkedIn, the market I worked in (if he didn’t understand something, which was a lot of things, that was also a threat to him). He had also ramped up his sexual harassment and taken to stalking a guy his final employee was kinda dating on social media, adding him, deleting him, adding him again, viewing his profile multiple dimes a day and went as far as to encourage me to “Beat him up” as he told me that she and he kinda had been reporting ME to HR for sexual harassment (after I had left the company) which seemed odd.
Basically he lived in a fantasy world of his own creation so when HR sat him down and told him he had been naughty his mind somehow interpreted that as “Nick has been naughty”.
🕯🔨🤬 At some point I ran in to financial difficulties and spoke to him about it, that was a mistake! As whenever a debate happens on LinkedIn comes up that he loses (which is all the time seeing as he builds strong opinions based on nothing but a headline in the Sun and has no real understanding of how anything works) he will drop in a “You payed your council tax yet?” Or similar.
👺 He blocked me after he got caught sending dick pics to female recruiters on LinkedIn and I told him he should apologise and do some damage limitation... He still denies doing any wrong and went as far as to comment on the status of person who called him out calling her names.
Why do I write this? Well, after he blocked me I was able to catch up with a few ex colleagues and employees and found their stories of working for him were similar to my own and how working for him had affected their mental health and even careers.
Here is where the fun starts:
He unblocked me a month or so ago and started asking questions, trying to get “dirt” on me, about my relationship, about my work life, about my finances etc.
He would send me a single message “#2020” sometimes multiple times per day in relation to my side busienss as it hasn’t made £80k in 6 months of operating.
I’ve spent the last few weeks listening to his incoherent ramblings about BLM, the EU, racism and of course his attempts to put me down, little did he know I have been baiting him (this can be something as innocuous as saying “City aren’t going to sign Messi” he sees that as an attack on him, also asking him deliberately loaded questions such as “How do you get to that conclusion?” or “Explain what you mean by that?” He would then tie himself in to knots and get angry as his logic fell apart in front of him. Until he then showed his true colours.
Taking my moment to call him out for the unhappy little man he really is and his response of listing how many houses he owns and therefore he can not possibly be unhappy whilst I have “a green card ass” (again referring to my partner as a lesser being because she isn’t from England) before he once again, blocked me.
It’s time to stand up against such arseholes. Stop them in their tracks. Show the world who they really are.
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2020.08.15 14:32 macaroncreme 24 [F4M] Bakit antaas ng standards ko?

Have u ever asked yourself na bakit antaas ng standards na hanap mo sa girl/guy at wala ka na mahanap sa dating apps and nakaka frustrate na HAHAHAHA Tall, pale and chinito lang naman hanap ko, paki dm ako if may mabebenta kayo thank u
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2020.08.11 23:02 adiposelayer101 A tiny rant

I’m sorry if this post offends anyone or anything like that. I dont know where else to post this and i just wanted to talk to someone about this.
So i will be soon be moving to Pakistan for university and I’m unsure if i will be able to find decent guy friends. Over the years i have met a lot of pakistani guys who live in Pakistan and they all share a few things in common like the heavy drug use and the trying to become friends with benefits and so on. They are constantly criticizing girls on basically anything like a girls clothes, the amount of guy friends she has and just calling them hoes. Evenmore you hear alot of the guys refer to their girl friends as “bachis” (sorry if my spelling is incorrect) and not as actual friends. Also in the beginning they are usually very nice but slowly they start flirting and making sexual comments which i find really uncomfortable.
And the worst thing is that they can’t handle rejection. As soon as u tell them that you dont wanna date or you’re not interested they start telling everyone that they rejected you and how you wanted to hook up and spreading all kinds of stuff
Im well aware that not all pakistani guys are like that but these are some of the things i have noticed or experienced. Or it might just be my shitty luck which leads me to meet some of these weird pakistani guys. At this point I have lost hope of finding a decent paki guy friend in Pakistan. I know I will probably get downvoted for this but i just wanted to get it off my chest.
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2020.08.11 01:06 UltimatePeanut Update for the none discord users.

I would like to officially announce my EDL membership and denounce my PakiStrip affiliation. I have changed my user flair to reflect this.
This was not an easy choice but after you lot rizzed man for saying the n word approximately 1.6 years ago, we held my funeral on the discord server. At that moment I was rebirthed and I pissed on the grave of my former self.
Since Surrey and EDL had little to no members, I decided to boost their activeness and their funds by becoming an EDL GM myself.
To date I have deported ASavFromDa4s (he came back tho cah the immigration officers are set 8) and have kidnapped a random Bossman, who I now slap daily in my basement.
If anyone would like to join the server, EDL and Surrey are recruiting. Join the side of the most OJ man in this sub (excluding lampzworld).
Thank you for reading, I hope to see you soon.
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2020.08.06 11:21 phantom_0007 r/Chodi is a North Indian Hindu supremacist subreddit.

Weird Instagram propaganda about "Keralites sending their children to work for Saudi Arabia (as unpaid immigrant labourers)"
Apparently destroying an Islamic religious site in the present day in retribution for being plundered by Mughal emperors in the past is okay now? Totally not Islamophobic to call destruction of a religious site "wholesome".
Using misogynistic slurs against Lauren Frayer
TIL Muslim people in the present day have to "bear it unfortunately" because a few holy-book-misinterpreting loonies decided to bomb Mumbai. Oh and of course every single Muslim is responsible for the actions of a select few. /s
Unironically co-opting racial slurs, and more Islamophobia
Apparently Muslims are uninformed (but your tilak-wearing machete-wielding Islamophobic uncle isn't, lol.)
Unironically supporting Akhand Bharat ("unbroken India" consisting of the entire Indian subcontinent unified under Hinduism and Hinduism alone -- that's what the saffron colour means)
Genocide denial. Read this article for more information about how Muslims are persecuted in Hindu majoritarian countries:
So just because other countries are being fascist and totalitarian that means we can be fascist and totalitarian too? Gimme some o' that Nazi Juice UwU
Thinking South Indian states are "parasites" again.
Conspiracy theories directed at South Indian states again. These guys have a low-key hate boner for Kerala. Jealous much?
Apparently Bharat (India) is Hindu now? Obviously a sign of a country treating all its citizens equally irrespective of their religions. /s
More generalizations about Muslim people.
Telling a Muslim Redditor they "don't have documents" (read as "are here illegally") This is a reference to the CAA/ NRC that was almost passed nationwide in India.
"Pakistan's children will also be forced to chant Jai Shree Ram" [Image Post]
Apparently Muslim people "should be grateful they weren't forced to leave in 1947" (During Partition, there were riots in India around 1947. A large number of people were lynched and murdered, Hindus and Muslims alike.)
Doxing Muslim Facebook users.
Hindu Rashtra (country) in the past and in the future (erasure of other religions)
They don't like Bengalis either. (see comments)
Hate boner for Kerala again.
Objectifying women. (Women are kheer chodi users don't get to taste.) To any women in Chodi: getout.jpg
Calling Pakistani citizens "Paki" (a slur)
I'm hungry, so I'll edit this later with more examples. I pretty much made this to show to all the idiots who brigaded my AskReddit comment about toxic subreddits. Most of chodi believes human rights are favours bestowed on members of other religions and that India does their non-Hindu citizens a favour by "allowing" them to live here. They're exactly like alt-right trolls in the US. Same rape culture, Islamophobia, misogyny, etc.
BTW all of these are from just yesterday's posts. Things got a little excited because a Hindu temple was built on the same land the Babri Masjid (mosque) used to be on until it got demolished by Hindu supremacist fanatics.
RIP my account and karma. Probably won't be able to use it after this. I don't trust these religious fanatics. Apologies for any grammatical errors; English is not my first language. Guten Tag.
Edit: Somebody said "these posts have been taken out of context".
So it's okay to be racist/ sexist/ Islamophobic in the "right context"? Imagine trying to justify that to your better, more empathetic friends. rolls eyes
Edit 2: One of their users is now harassing me and commenting "jai shri ram" below my recent comments. Really just proving my point here:
There are 8 such instances.
chodi is full of such demented fucks looking to proclaim their "viraat (strong) Hindu-ness" by harassing people anonymously on the internet.
Here are more links to problematic posts:
More Hindu Rashtra BS: (link function not working, so now I have to paste them here)
Posting Islamophobic propaganda:
Body shaming/ misogyny:
Supporting targeted harassment of Rhea Chakraborty (she was dating Sushant Singh Rajput, a famous Bollywood actor who recently committed suicide. Obviously it's always the women's fault /s)
They want to... bomb Pakistan? Something tells me that will not go over well.
Openly admitting to brigading india: You mean the Yogiji that stood by and said nothing as a man on stage with him said that Muslim women should be raped by Hindu men in their graves?! Australia also included in Akhand Bharat memes
More Islamophobia:
I really don't know how this sub survived the ban wave.

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2020.07.18 22:31 xdxx4519Jul White Couple Por-n

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2020.07.17 00:30 Erhard_Eckmann [Event] Counter-Terrorism Law

Counter-Terrorism Law

August, 2021


Beginning with Anti-Corruption reforms, Pakistan's military has slowly been removed from the pedestal of power in Pakistan and being replaced with the brand new Ministry of Public Security. While the military loses power over interior management and has been refocused and professionalization into a modern armed forces, the Ministry of Public Security has quickly risen as the most powerful institution in Pakistan's government by its jurisdiction over essentially the people of Pakistan, matters of intelligence, internal security and much more.
Pakistan has struggled in the past with a history of terrorism and insurgent separatist and ethnic movements. While the military steps down to focus on their development, large questions have remained about who will or should take their place, what sort of power will they have, and how could they effectively maintain the stability of Pakistan. The Counter-Terrorism law was largely passed as a reason to formalize the rise of the Ministry of Public Security and assign them specific responsibilities and rights over governance of the population and security of the national identity. The major leftist parties in government pushed it through as a reason to maintain Pakistan's image, but critics have voiced their concern about the law casting an authoritarian cloud over the country, and giving excessive power over managing the public opinion.

Citizen Registration and Foreigner Registration

Currently Pakistan uses a Computerized National Identity Card System called the Smart National Identity Card. The Smart National Identity Card essentially has a digital chip embedded in it that holds onto specific identifying information including pension disbursement, participation in social and financial programs, voting identification, and of course personal information like name, height, weight, address, but notably religion and ethnicity. Currently the Smart National Identity Card is issued at 18 years of age and is required to do a variety of things necessary for life: voting, opening and using a bank account, obtaining a passport, purchasing land or vehicles, purchasing a plane or train ticket, obtaining a mobile phone and SIM card, obtaining utilities, college admission, getting a loan, setting up a business, and formal employment. While before not much attention was paid to ethnicity, religion, and address; that will be changed. Now, to purchase or rent property, the individual must register their status on the property with the local National Police Bureau. The National Police Bureau will be keeping a national database of the residences of individuals. When a new family member is added to the family, the National Police Bureau must be contacted to add them to the property registration and change their information in the Smart National Identity Card database. But most importantly, when citizens are looking to move they have to inform the National Police Bureau they are looking to purchase/rent a specific property, and the National Police Bureau will have to decide whether whether to approve or deny the move. They will note the request on the citizen's accounts and keep the former addresses listed, and print a form of their decision to provide to the property negotiator or developer of approval/rejection. So that if a citizen ever needs to be located if they are missing, or a body has been found, or if they are under suspicion for a crime, the National Police Bureau, or other agencies in the Ministry of Public Security will be able to locate them.
Visa-free nations will be completely exempt from the following Foreigner Registration regime. Nations on Electronic Travel Authorization or visa regimes will have to inform their citizens travelling to Pakistan that they will be required to register their presence within 24 hours of arrival at the National Police Bureau, or approved hotels with NPB staff. The registration will be linked to their passport number to verify the location of the stay. ETA and visa applications should already cover where the foreigner plans to go and what they plan to do. If a tourist plans to leave the municipality or changes location of residence during stay, the NPB will have to be informed in the destination local area within 24 hours. As foreigners do not have a Smart National Identity Card, their passport number will be shared to the system from the National Customs and Border Protection Agency, along with mandatory fingerprints for all visitors at the border, and the image taken of the person by the NCBPA. The NCBPA will log national entry information, while the NPB will log residence information during stay.


The Counter-Terrorism Law called for budget allocation to a secret program called PakiNet to set up a vast network of CCTV cameras across the entire country to engage in the monitoring of citizens, described by the budget proposal to be for "ensuring lawful behavior." The project proposal was added to the law by the National Police Bureau and the Intelligence Bureau so that it will be run and maintained by the NPB, but access permissions will be extended to the NPB. The National Police Bureau will connect this to the already underway national highway camera system, which will become part of PakiNet. PakiNet will utilize the same AI properties that the highway camera system had to be able to identify license-plates and enforce traffic laws. However the features will be extended to include facial recognition features of China's SkyNet which will allow the system to eventually process the public appearance of every Pakistani within moments as they move within camera's view. On the highways, the same will be done for drivers of vehicles for easier identification using pictures on their Smart Cards or for foreigners upon legal entry into the country. Notifications on the system will pop up warning of unrecognized individuals which will screenshot and alert NPB authorities to determine who the individual is and how they got into Pakistan. The roll out process for this will be gradual due to the length of time it will take starting in large population centers in the following order:
  • Karachi
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Lahore
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Faisalabad
  • Hyderabad
  • Multan
  • Gwadar
  • Gujranwala
  • Bahawalpur
  • Sargodha
  • Sukkur
  • Larkana
  • Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Mardan
  • Nawabshah
Year Percent of Population Coverage
2021 7%
2022 20%
2023 53%
2024 71%
2025 100%
Pakistan's Ministry of Public Security will work alongside China's Ministry of State Security to acquire pieces of their software to include its features in Pakistan's program, with a prospective end date in 2025 with full serviceability. This project is proposed to cost $3 Bn to implement across Pakistan.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority

PEMRA is Pakistan's authority on media regulation for print and electronic media, issuing licenses to operate for distributors. The Counter-Terrorism Law has given PEMRA the new responsibility of reviewing all released media before being published. It will be the responsibility of PEMRA to determine whether cinema, news broadcasts, etc are suitable for public viewing in Pakistan. Justified by terrorist use of LiveLeak and YouTube to film their escapades, Pakistan's government has taken a new step to establish its control over media in Pakistan. PEMRA will be directed to edit publications that are critical of Pakistan's government and public institutions, as well as general problems in Pakistani society. This was done to promote stability within Pakistan and create a more general unified message from all media outlooks in Pakistan that the nation is rapidly advancing towards the first world. By preventing publications of political dissent, terrorism, and major fiascos that are not approved by the government, they will never reach the public media and then will not be given attention internationally unless directed by the government. Now PEMRA will be giving out licenses for journalists to operate, and will require that one be held for the publication of material, including foreign journalist access to Pakistan will be limited by these new regulations. Effectively, this gives Pakistan's government control over what is allowed to be in the media and the public sphere without necessarily having to create public news agencies to be the government's mouthpiece, although is still likely to occur anyways. Future references of Baluchistan ethnic issues or former separatism will now no longer be approved, or will be extremely edited at the least, and the same will be carried over across the rest of the country to create the unified and stable image. Additionally, this will also be used to enforce Sunni Islamic ideals in the country by selecting information in line with local Sunni interpretation of the Quran, which will make it easy for authorities to deem on religious grounds that media cannot be shared.
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2020.07.14 22:05 AlwaysSadAA Constant Rejection (rant)

Salaam guys, I'm really active on MM and I've been around since pretty much the beginning and always posting advice for the bros in here but I think it's my time to post my struggles and just get a few things off my chest since I can't really tell anyone this in person. I'm 24M in the midwest, Paki background but born and raised here. I've never dated, done drugs, literally no past. I pray, eat Z, have a light beard, etc. Would def say I'm a practicing Muslim. Obviously i'm not perfect. I'm overweight (not obese or anything but I have a belly) and that's because of how stressful my job is (I'm in cybersecurity) and barely get time to eat a proper meal and working long hours doesn't give me a lot of time to go to the gym. Ever since I was 19, I've slowly been losing hair not only in length but also in volume and def have a 5-head. (bad genes on both sides of my family) I have no problem with it personally and if it was up to me I'd probably shave it all and go bald. My parents want me to get a hair transplant which is like 10k to fix this. I also have vitiligo - which are like little spots of white that are on my hands and feet. Unless you look very closely you won't even see them but they are there. Combination of these factors gives me insecurity on whether or not i'll ever find a girl that I find attractive. I obviously know how I am (maybe 5/10, 6/10 on a good day), I'm 5'10, good family, educated, Urdu speaking, good personality, making good money at 24 aH.
I'm starting to get serious about marriage and basically told my parents that I'm financially and emotionally ready to get married and to start looking for me the traditional way (rishta auntie, ask around, etc). They were actually the ones who started the search before me and I in 2020 gave the green signal.
I've been shown about 5 girls in the past few months and I've said yes to all of them. I'm not that picky when it comes to selecting a girl. Religion and family are #1 to me, and if looks are decent then I'm game. But EVERY SINGLE time after we send my picture to them, they end up making an excuse. Today was my 6th rejection and am heartbroken. Literally everything was going excellent. My parents spoke to the girls parents. I liked the girl, they liked my biodata everything was great! We send a few of my solo pictures over and the girls mom says after a few hours that she spoke to the girl and she wants to focus on school...Before this girl was another girl was that they want the older brother to get married first. I'm so sick of everything going so smoothly and they see a picture of me and get a huge turnoff. I know for a fact it's my looks because everything is great until they see me and I am the problem. This has completely ruined my self esteem. I feel like a loser, I feel ugly, I feel unloved/unwanted and I want to cry. Nobody has ever approached my parents and said that I am worth marrying - I'm always putting myself out there and getting back nothing. I've tried the apps and get matches to people that I feel are way under my league and I'm not attracted to any of them. I hate this so much. I don't know what to do but just cry. I'm so ugly can't even get to the point where I talk to the girl or meet their family. Constant Rejection.
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2020.07.04 22:25 removalbot 07-04 20:25 - 'Oh no.. people have down voted me in a echo chamber.. yeah your right.. I will now go and re-evaluate my life because Internet People in an echo chamber down voted me. / What a stupid thing to say... / Here this a repl...' by /u/GhostRiders removed from /r/unitedkingdom within 1-11min

Oh no.. people have down voted me in a echo chamber.. yeah your right.. I will now go and re-evaluate my life because Internet People in an echo chamber down voted me.
What a stupid thing to say...
Here this a reply I made to someone else..
"Racist... Hahaha
Your talking to someone who been called a Paki, nigger, wop, golliwog and been told to fuck off home more times then I can remember.
Unlike you I know what racism is, how it feels to be targeted and followed by groups of men just because your not white.
To be told by a girls dad that you were dating to fuck off because there is no way "she will be going out with a paki" which is ironic since I'm in no way even close to be Pakistani, I just happen not to be white.
Still I was just a teenager and yeah, it fucking hurt, I mean really hurt.
There is only so many times you can be called a host of different names before it gets to you and believe me, it really fucking gets to you.
The worst thing is the very second you show the very slightest bit of weakness so to speak, it just gives them the impetus to go even harder at you.
You see calling someone racist just because they don't necessarily agree with yourself only destroys any point your trying to make.
I'm reasonable because I know in the long run that screaming and shouting doesn't work, it never has. Neither has insulting anybody who dares hold a different opinion to yourself.
The best example I can give is a man called Daryl Davis, he is an American Jazz musician, I suggest you look him up and you will see.
I also know that the BLM movement in the UK whilst might had good intentions at the beginning is doomed to fail.
For any movement to succeed it needs the general public to be on their side.
Unfortunately the BLM movement in UK has been hijacked by other groups wanting to push their own agendas which has brought it to a crushing halt.
You just have to look how the protests have all but disappeared, the media has lost interest and so have the general public.
We are not America. We have a different set of problems regarding race in UK and we react very differently to Americans.
It needs to be tackled in a different way with a different message.
It's actually a lot more complicated then the US. Racisim is very in your face in the US, it doesn't hide as we have seen.
In the UK its a lot more under the surface, its more insidious.
Calling to defund the Police in the UK is stupid, it makes no sense as the Police Force in the UK is funded in a completely different way and administrated in a different way.
The fact that they had to come and explain it shows how lost the message was.
To tackle the issue of racism in the UK you also need to tackle the issue of class as the two are intrinsically link but then you would know having been subjected to a life time racisim and living in poor deprived areas such as Toxteth, Blackpool, Fleetwood, Preston etc..
You can see in the Criminal Justice System and the Education System, you can see right in the areas that Covid-19 is effecting.
Look at the areas where it is back on the rise. They are poor deprived areas where the majority of the population is non-White.
Why do you think that the vast majority of deprived areas are in the UK are in North of country and where population is mostly non-White?
As I said, Class and Racisim come hand in hand in the UK yet I have yet to see anybody from the BLM movement talk about this, why do think this is?
Oh that's right you have no idea, your just another keyboard warrior who likes to make snap judgements about people in the vain hope that other people who see how cool they are.."
I shall now go and reevaluate my life because people who can't even be bothered to have a discussion down voted in an echo chamber on the Internet.
I was being sarcastic on the first and last paragraph.. I'm telling you this as you don't seem to be too bright so I thought I better help you out a little :)
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Author: GhostRiders
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2020.07.03 08:57 Education_Actual My crazy ex messaged me on Facebook and said I should delete my account

I created Facebook a month ago because my friends and family wanted me to be on there. I avoided social media like a plague because of my ex boyfriend. We dated for 2 years and broke up 3 years ago. He cheated on me and lied about wanting to get married and have a family. When we broke up he threatened me and I am afraid of him so I had kept a low profile online.
I created a Facebook and posted pictures of the usual stuff. My husband, our baby, my art, my garden etc. After two weeks I got a LONG message from some guy named “John Smith”. My mouth dropped and I knew right away it was my ex. It was like something out of a horror movie he said I was posting pictures of my family to make him jealous and I should delete my account. He said his current girlfriend wasn’t an ugly fat freak like me. He said he would have married me if I wasn’t ugly and I could actually cook. He called me a paki and other racial slurs. He said my daughter was a “half breed mutt” and my husband was ugly. He said a bunch of other stuff. I showed my husband (he’s a psychologist) and he said not to respond because my ex is clearly mentally unwell and to make sure my account was private (which I didn’t do).
I’m so angry I want to respond. Is it even worth it?
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2020.06.06 23:08 ananonymousbiscuit My Experience of Racism

A Gentle Introduction

I am incredibly moved by recent stories and movements, and I’d like to thank every individual standing up for social justice and fighting racism. Having read, watched and learned from what has happened recently, I have been spending time reflecting on what racism and prejudice has meant to me in my life so far. I realise that what I have encountered, is not what we see in the media and in the news.
News, by definition, is something that almost never happens. In reality, racism is all around us and what we see and hear on television only really scratches the surface of the problem. I originally wrote this as self-reflection and to appreciate how far I have come since these events occurred – however I realise there is value in it. The original has been adapted here and I hope that this shines at least some light on what it felt like for me to be a person of colour growing up.
Understandably, everyone's journey is different - but I have never told anyone of the entirety of the contents of this post; and most definitely not the impact it has had on my journey through life. This reflection of the impacts of racism on my life is one small step that I am taking to speaking more openly about my experiences. I would encourage others to share their stories by whatever practical means you can.

Primary School (<11 years old)

During my years at primary school, I endured the most physical forms of racism that I would experience in my life. At a time where I struggled to make meaningful friends anyhow, recurring incidents of racism had made it difficult to feel included. I once had a school chair thrown at me; another time I had a plastic tennis racket thrown at the back of my head. I also remember my ears being pulled outwards one time. I would be given some Grade A bull***t reasons as to why I wouldn’t be invited to hang out outside of school by classmates who I had, in a way not felt in return, thought of as best friends. I also came across classic insults, such as being called a Paki or being told to 'go back home'. Outside of school, I had been spat on while riding my bike in the neighbourhood.
I would rely on teachers for support and to resolve problems as and when they occurred; however the question begged as to how they could think of the issue as being resolved when it was clearly still happening. My family did become involved in resolving these issues from time to time, but upon reflection, it seems the concerns of my family fell on deaf ears.
Of course, it’s possible that my classmates simply didn’t like me for my personality. For myself, it’s hard to think this way. I was the only person of my sub-continental background in my class for a long time, and of a very small minority in the school overall. Being young made bouncing-back from these experiences easier, but tough nonetheless – I did not have the support I would have wanted. Towards the end of primary school, I had come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to make any meaningful friendships at primary school and was mostly kept going by the expectation that, once I made it to secondary school; these problems would disappear. I was looking forward to a fresh start.

Secondary School (11-16 years old)

Once I made it to secondary school, I was at square one again and I looked forward to making proper friends. This secondary school is something of a good-grades machine, I would describe it as Private School Lite. I distinctly remember a family member asking me how I was settling in, some weeks after I had started. I can’t remember the exact question, but I very much remember the crap I spat out as an answer. I said:
‘I have a few different groups of friends, and I sort of jump between them’.
I still wonder whether they saw through that answer at the time. The truth was that I really was at square one again. I was struggling again. The person I had sat next to on my first day had left after a few weeks. The first friendship group I found must have been the most awkward friendship group I have been in, to date. I was trying to be friends with everyone. Year 7 is somewhat like this for most people, so this part is not particularly insightful; though I certainly felt as though race was perhaps one of a number reasons why making friends was difficult. From this point on, I had shut my family out to experiences of racism that I would experience.
I was in Year 8 or 9 when I had settled with whatever friendship group I had. At a school like my own, changing friendship groups (once, let alone often) was something that you would certainly be bullied about. It was from this point that a stereotypical snobbish, snooty attitude and subtle racism started to show from certain individuals. In response, I felt powerless in a school which did not seem to think that racism was ever a problem among its students. The same could be said of LGBT+ students who were also frequently bullied.
One time after assembly, a member of my class had told me go back from wherever I came. I had known this individual to use a denigrating tone towards people of colour, so I was undecided as to how I would act. I would either confront them or stay silent. In the end I decided, mostly because I felt like it, to sass my way out of the situation saying ‘we’ll see what MMrs …. has to say about that’.
I have never seen someone apologise so quickly. Their arrogant tone quickly mellowed in one so fearful of consequences, that I was genuinely stunned. They reply was ‘Please don’t tell them’ along with a litany of apologies. I genuinely had nothing to say in response because, for once, I was hearing something akin to remorse - although not for anywhere near the right reasons.
Reflecting on this incident, it was easy to want revenge. To feel as though somebody who unfairly antagonised me has borne at least some consequence. As much as I wanted to feel that then, now I see revenge as a poor colour on anyone.
I made a mistake in how I reacted: I simply said that I’d think about it. To me this felt like a way of ensuring that they felt something for what they had done, for a while. After all, they had already apologised as much as they were going to if they had gotten into real trouble. I thought that tattling would achieve nothing more, based on what I knew about them. In reality this was a misstep. My decision was based on wanting some sort of parity of suffering. How I should have acted is something I still don't firmly know the answer to. In my prior experience, he-said-she-said encounters had rarely led to action.
At other times, around my classmates, I could be quoted as saying that ‘I’m fine/cool with racist jokes’; because I had thought of encouraging micro-aggressions towards me was a way to be the focus of the group for a change. I, obviously, rather that people had not used micro-aggressions at all. However, at the time, whether or not racist remarks were said was something I had very little power over; what I did have power over was my reaction. I look back with understanding, and regret.
Those I surrounded myself with would imitate the melody of Panjabi MC’s Mundian to Bach Ke. I (only) once received a Christmas card with a racist joke in it – scribbled out. I wasn't invited out to parties or sleepovers that were had; and the other members of the group would buy each other birthday cards with money in and presents. I did too, but I had not once gotten anything on my own birthday. I once again I felt like my primary school self who just wanted real friends, by hook or by crook. I had never once hung out with my classmates outside of school. Not even at prom - I didn’t go.
My secondary school experiences led to me developing an autoimmune disorder early in Year 11 which more so knocked my ability to navigate my life. Back then I thought, alongside my doctors, that this was probably due to exam stress, as I was studying GCSE material. As I grow older, I realise this was not true. While I’m sure exams didn’t help, I realise more recently, this was probably due to social anxiety, which I discussed with by GP some years after secondary school.

Sixth Form to Present Day (18+)

Not very long after the start of Year 12, I felt like the luckiest child ever. I had, for the first time in my life, a proper best friend. They gave me my first birthday card that wasn't from family - and I still keep it in my bedroom! While it is difficult to touch on specifics without doxing myself, we have much more in common than probably anyone I’ve met.
I have felt much more included, just from meeting this one person. I have also become much better friends with those in their friendship group – for that I am eternally grateful. I met so many new people, and the confidence that I built up from being around them is truly one of the most important reasons why I feel successful today. Without them, I would still be trying to force friendships with people who would barely give me the time of day. Very recently, one of them told me that they wished they had known me earlier. My life quite literally flashed before my eyes. Of course, I said 'me too' in response.
While I am more included and accepted today, I still erupt inside when people speak of racism in dismissive or (accidentally) ignorant tones. Very recently in a group of friends, we discussed racism. Someone spoke of their former school in a way which seemed to suggest their school was free of racism and that incidents were dealt with well.
Unfortunately, I couldn't muster the courage to speak openly and freely about the experiences in my life, let alone their impacts. Up until writing this, I hadn't shared this with anyone. So in response to the remark about dealing with racism, I had very little to say. I simply remarked that the type of incident we were discussing was of a type which easily flew under the radar at school. This type of behaviour is simply much less tolerated in a professional University setting. My reply was met with support.
Final Words
From these events onwards, I have had plenty of time (thank you corona) to reflect and write about my journey. This has been a very very long post, and one which has not been easy to write. Both from an emotional point of view and from a physical point of view (I was never good at English in school). It's probably quite poorly written - but if you've read this far I am grateful for your attention.
I am also very grateful that I don't need too much support - but I am angry that a lot of people in the world do not have the support they need; and have had similar experiences growing up. I hope that this, in addition to all of the events, information and activism across the globe at the moment, helps to make some real change - not just at the top with Government etc. but among everyone from all walks of life. It's my hope that gets a conversation started, and that this story is finally /OffMyChest.
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2020.06.03 09:13 Empty_Character My (50F) friend (52M) is obsessed with his ex (28F)

Kyle saw his ex Mary at the grocery store a week ago with her baby. They broke up four years ago and dated for a year. He then texted the group chat and told us that Mary was a fat pig and a Paki that’s probably a single mom and her “half breed mongrel” daughter was ugly. Kyle said he was happy he found a white woman because he only wants pure white kids (I blocked the chat)
Kyle texted me and asked if I knew where Mary lived. I said no and I asked why he wants to know? ( he has a girlfriend) Kyle said he was just curious to see the dump Mary lived in.
On Saturday Kyle called me crying (also drunk) and asked me if it was possible that Mary’s child was his and if Mary would take him back and be his wife? I was so disturbed because from what I understood Mary broke up with Kyle because he was unfaithful and not interested in marriage.
I have no idea what to do! I feel obliged to let both Mary and his current GF know. Is it any of my business?
TLDR-Friend is obsessed with his ex
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2020.06.03 08:56 Empty_Character My friends obsession with his ex is ruining our friendship

Kyle (early 50s) saw his ex Mary (late 20s) at the grocery store a week ago with her baby. They broke up four years ago and dated for a year. He then texted the group chat and told us that Mary was a fat pig and a Paki that’s probably a single mom and her “half breed mongrel” daughter was ugly. Kyle said he was happy he found a white woman because he only wants pure white kids (I blocked the chat)
Kyle texted me and asked if I knew where Mary lived. I said no and I asked why he wants to know? ( he has a girlfriend) Kyle said he was just curious to see the dump Mary lived in.
On Saturday Kyle called me crying (also drunk) and asked me if it was possible that Mary’s child was his and if Mary would take him back and be his wife? I was so disturbed because from what I understood Mary broke up with Kyle because he was unfaithful and not interested in marriage.
I have no idea what to do! I’m his only female friend (shocker) and I feel obliged to let both Mary and his current GF know. I’ve blocked his number, but I’m scared he might do something.
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2020.05.22 22:40 ThrowawayRa_arranged GF (19) of 7 months being married off forcefully to a her family friends son

Ok so this is a throwaway
I moved out of my country (Pakistan) to study abroad. I met a great girl (also Pakistani) and we hit it off really quickly. We automatically clicked and people said we were rushing it but stuff had been going great until the whole corona thing happened. Around that time her family was approached by another family they have known for a long time (also Paki). They asked for her hand in marriage for their eldest son. My Gf has known the guy for over 12 years and even though they are well acquainted she finds him annoying, overbearing and controlling. She has tried her best to convince her parents to not accept their request, but kinda manipulated her into giving them a yes though emotional blackmail. Now when she goes to her mom to tell her that she really doesn't want to get married her mom responds by telling her to not change her mind and its all confirmed and done. Knowing how stubborn and backward brown parents can be i told her the best solution rn would be to try to delay it as long as possible. This gave mixed results with her parents pushing the date of their engagement forward and back.
I am lost
Idk how to help her.
She said we might have to break up and i agreed saying that if thats what she feels she has to do i am ok with it, we would still be friends helping each other through university. I Love her a lot and dont want to leave her or be forced into something she doesnt want to be a part of. ANY ADVICE WOULD BE APPRECIATED.
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2020.05.19 08:22 Rocknocker OBLIGATORY FILLER MATERIAL – Breaking Bad, Part 7

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Had two guys fall off the barge and they would have been killed, if not for their personal arrestors. We gave them loads of shit and it was decided those who fall, if they don’t die, will buy the first round that night. We had the usual cuts, bumps, and abrasions, but nothing requiring any more medical attention than a nurse’s kiss to the booboo, some mercurochrome or Merthiolate, and a bit of adhesive plaster.
Oh, and oral anesthetic. That went without saying. Lots of oral anesthetics. Even as a preventative. I lead by example.
Also, I was placing something a little special at the vertices of every four compartments. I was deciding to wire it into the Primacord grid or maybe do a radio detonation. We had all sorts of Indo-Paki army-surplus radio detonators. Just plug in a couple of triple-A batteries, tune to the desired frequency, set with a cap and super booster, and there you go. You could remote detonate one or a thousand with the proper transceiver.
Guess which way I went?
We spooled all the Primacord in record time. We used all of the new stuff that came with my last order, so we decided to use some of the stuff salvaged previously. I had Vis go to the truck and bring up a couple of cases of C-4. OK, six. May as well wire it all in as well since we were making such good time.
I went around and sphooted a shot of orange spray paint on conveniently placed holes. Here would go C-4 charges, all that would fit, with a cap, super booster, and a demolition cord connection to the Primacord. Once the Primacord was actuated, I was using Primaline demolition cord.
Primacord detonating cords are designed for use as trunklines and downlines in various mining, quarrying and demolition applications. Primaline det cords are flexible linear explosives with a core of PETN explosive encased in a plastic outer jacket. These carry the actuation to the Primacord. The velocity of detonation is sufficient to use it for synchronizing multiple charges to detonate almost simultaneously even if the charges are placed at different distances from the point of initiation. It is used to reliably and inexpensively chain together multiple explosive charges.
I would have 4 sets of these ready by tomorrow.
The cruise ship was less than 25 hours out. Time to get sparky.
We spent the rest of the day charging, priming, and setting the hulk. It rolled around 1700 hours, quittin’ time. I told everyone to get on the bus and head to the barn. I had a few more details that needed my attention.
I had Sanjay call HQ and get a couple of sets of guards out there. I didn’t much care to leave an old, rusty hulk sitting here with about a ton and a half of primed explosives, but due to the situation, I had no choice. I commandeered the truck so I didn’t have to walk to the Raj that evening.
I spent until dark probing around that old barge hulk. I found a few fuck-ups by my crew, but nothing a few extra lengths of Primacord and elephant shit couldn’t fix. I had 8 spools of Primaline up on top of the barge, at the highest point, out of harm’s and hopefully, nosy nose-poker-inners, way. Each one of them was tied to one section or another of the barge; one for slicing and other for dicing. It wasn’t terribly elegant, but damn skippy, it’s was quick, dirty, and essentially moron proof. It would work or my name isn’t…
The next morning down in front of the office, I had set up a blasting table. I had the 8-post blasting board and a couple of spare truck batteries. One side hooked to the Primaline, all eight runs, the other to a metal probe hooked up to the batteries. I hit a metal post, circuit’s complete, current runs down the demolition wire to the actuator, actuator sparks off the Primaline, Primaline sparks off the Primacord, Primacord sparks off the C-4
And the extra dynamite, PETN, and RDX I set the previous night.
That all sparks off and easy as cake, you have sliced barge. QED, Robert is your avuncular relation.
It was going to be one hell of a show. Very noisy. It has to be, what with this tinnitus and all.
Plus, I had a radio detonator sitting next to me tuned to 39.170 MHz, the ‘Peter Popoff’ frequency, for the back-up charges I set at all nine intersections.
My crew shows up, all togged out in their natty PPEs. I was impressed. A week and a half ago, this was a ragtag agglomeration of shipbreakers without a trace of PPEs or unity. Now, they’re like an elite corps. I instructed them to get comfortable back behind me and the office. There were chairs available if you hustled.
As much as I hated to, I was going to handle the actuation. If there was a problem, I could be the best situated to rectify the situation. However, there were not going to be any problems.
This was a Rocknocker production. We don’t tolerate failures or fuck ups. Die on us and you’ll never fucking work in this field again.
We have about 9 hours before this beach has to be empty. The way I figure it, I’ve got 7 D-8 Cats, 6 D-9s, and a couple of dragline cranes that can use to clear the beach of scuttled barge parts. Even if I can’t chop them into bite-size pieces, yeah, give me a couple of good cat skinners, and I’ll have this fucking beach cleared one way or the other.
I want to go back on-board the barge one last time for a final look-see, but with now the 2.3 tons of set, charged and primed explosives up there, that’d be a fool’s errand. And I ain’t no fool; last I checked.
I had previously examined my blasting machines, galvanometers, and personally inspected the thing several times.
Got to be happy with that. We have a schedule to keep and it’s getting close to showtime. Can’t keep the explosive demons captive much longer. We have this agreement, you see…
I go and have a talk with my crew and answer any questions.
“Yep. Eight big shots, and 32 pieces of barge where there was one before.”
“The Cats and cranes will drag them off, out of the way. Trucks will be sent to cart them off to another part of the camp for final chop-up.”
“I send you up with a lit candle to see what went wrong. Whaddya mean what happens if it fails to light? Sheesh. Go get me a breakfast beer.”
That done, I decided to get Mr. Maha to drive a couple of guys back to the commissary. I need donuts, pastries, and breakfast munchies before the shot. Besides, we’re ahead of the curve, we can afford to take things nice and easy; not crazed and shoddily. That’s the way I prefer to work, even with looming deadlines.
Which was a good idea in retrospect. Seems Goodgulf Grayteeth and some of his board buddies are here to jeer us on.
He’s got a boatload of cash riding on this job. It fucks up and they have to do some station keeping offshore with the cruise ship, it’ll cost him some layover cash. However nowhere near the bonuses I’ve worked out for my crew.
“So, Doctor?”, he smiles, predatorily, “Everything shipshape this morning?”
“Sure is, Gulfy”, I reply, “But not for much longer. Here to see how we do it downtown?”
“Yes, Doctor”, he replies glacially, “I’ve brought along some observers. Just to be on the safe side, if you have no objection.”
“Fine by me”, I say, “Just as long as they stay the fuck out of my way. Care for some coffee?” I ask, “We might have some tea floating around the office. Or a cold beer? Nothing hydrates better than a cold breakfast beer.”
“Ah, ha. Coffee would be fine, Doctor.”, he smiles carnivorously.
I offer them seats on the blasting table. There room for me, Sanjay, Gulfy, and his three cronies. It’s a literal ringside seat. Roll up, roll up! See the show!
I make some small talk whilst I devour several french donuts. I guess stress really makes one hungry. Gulfy and his second-in-commands nibble like nervous bunnies visiting Berechstgarden on their assorted breakfast pastries.
0800 rolls around and it’s time to get schwifty. A bunch of my crew insists on playing the music of my nation. They go through the Safety Dance with some real Indian flourishes. If it wasn’t so serious, it’d be hilarious.
I’ve got the galvanometer set up so the entire table can see it.
“This thing hits 88 mhos, you’re going to see some serious shit,” I mutter.
Gulfy heard and cringes.
Sanjay heard and just chuckles.
The Safety Dance is almost over. I give a couple of extra honks on the air horn as I know loud noises irritate Gulfy and his crew.
Then, there it is.
FIRE IT THE HOLE. Once, twice, thrice.
“It’s showtime” I smile. The galvanometer’s right where it should be, the firing board is primed, and I have the detonation probe wired and ready.
“FIRING ONE!” I shout and hold the metal probe against the wired-in metal post.
Nothing happens.
Gulfy snickers.
Slightly puzzled, I look around. Galv’s OK. We have connections. Batteries…
Batteries are over on the side of the table.
“Oh, dear”, I say, “Looks like someone moved his fucking chair and disconnected the goddamned battery. Simple fix. Some moron kicked the benchode battery and it came undone. No problem.”
Accident or sabotage? It had to be an accident. These characters are too thick to think up anything as subtle as sabotage.
“OK, where were we?” I say, and check the circuit continuity with another meter.
We’re green across the board.
A thought hits.
“Hey, Gulfy? Want to give this a go?” I ask.
He hesitates but declines. If this goes bust, he wants it squarely in my lap. Plausible deniability?
“OK, fuck it. Thought I’d be nice…FIRING ONE!” and I hit the first post.
OK, maybe an entire spool of Primacord per cut was a bit much. Maybe the 4 boxes of C-4 per cut were somewhat excessive. But, holy mother of pearl, it gave some hellacious bangs.
“Shooting 3! Shooting 5! Shooting 2! Shooting 4! Shooting 6!”
The noise was horrendous. The shock waves set up seiches in our coffee cups, but we were well back and in the safe zone. Still, Gulfy and crew are going to need to get their suits dry cleaned from all the thrown fine sand and shmoo.
Slice one tottered, groaned, complained, and with a rip of marine sheet metal, fell. It hit the ground with a mighty thud and broke into four subequal parts. Slice two followed, then slice three, and slice four. They all followed suit.
They all hit the ground or sat on the beach and convulsed. What was one hunk of 250-ton ocean-going barge at a 450 angle was now more-or-less 32 sub-pieces, flat on the beach. Most were still connected by cables or hunks of torn sheet metal. It looked like a partial win for the Foam Town Team.
“But, Doctor”, Gulfy smiled predatorily, “These are huge pieces. It will take far too much time to cut them into small enough pieces to clear before the cruise ship arrives.”
I just smiled back and shook my head.
“That’s why I always insist on insurance.”, I said and held up the radio transceiver. “I always carry a backup piece.”
“If you will sit, gentlemen”, I requested, “The shock waves might be a little intense.”
I turned to my crew and asked for the chorus we’ve all been waiting to hear.
“Fire in the hole. FIRE IN the hole! FIRE IN THE HOLE!”
A full four hundred-weight of Pentaerythritol tetranitrate and 1,3,5-Trinitroperhydro-1,3,5-triazine detonated simultaneously. The shock waves were profound. The noise was deafening. The impact was hilarious.
The bits and pieces of the hulk shook, shimmied, and split cleanly apart along previously delimited and scored lines.
Now, there were 32 independent separate pieces of the barge, all about 3-5 tons each, strewn about the beach.
Mere play-toys for the Cats and cranes I’ve got waiting.
“We’ll have this cleared by lunch,” I said. “I will, of course, expect payment immediately afterward.”
Gulfy looked at me with a cross of admiration, irritation, and downright incredulity.
“Remind me to never wager against you again, Doctor”, He says.
“Oh. Does that meant Friday night poker is off?” I laughed.
Gulfy and his cronies begin to depart, I remind him I needed 25 stuffed envelopes on my desk back at the barn by 1300 hours.
He nods in agreement and shuffles off.
“And I want them personalized!” I shout.
He waves gets into his company car and spins out of the area in a rooster tail of irritation and red dust.
I jump on a nearby D-9 Cat, fire it up, and back onto the playing field. I plug in a victory cigar, light up, and give a couple of celebratory puffs. I drop the rear ripper on one of the 32 sub-sections, punch a good grip on the thing, shift to forward and chug away dragging the hunk of the barge with me.
One down, 31 to go.
I drag it down the beach to a clearing, way the fuck out of the way of any cruise ship. Other Cat operators see my lead and are soon dragging or pushing hunks of the barge out of the way and into history. We didn’t even need the draglines.
We had that beach cleared in less than an hour. I was in such a good mood, I gave the crew the rest of the morning off, that is once they cleared the portable office and trucked it back to the barn. I made sure they left me a bucket with some hydration potions and noted that there was an imperative meeting at 1300 sharp. I fired up a second victory cigar.
I spent the next hour grooming that beach and actually building a V-door shaped ramp for the cruise ship which I could see puttering around just this side of the horizon.
“Beach Dog Green is open and ready for business”, I broadcasted over the company frequency.
I reluctantly returned the D-9 and hooked a ride back to the barn.
It’s 1245 and there’s a knock on the door. I answer the summons and receive a courier pouch that’s actually quite heavy. It’s my 25 parcels of pleasure for my crew.
They worked hard, kicked ass, and we had some laughs along the way. They earned every fucking biasa of this.
I smiled widely and shoved a new cigar into my gob. I sat down, did a quick tally, and realized that I had 1.5 lakhs rupees for each one of my guys. That was, at the time, i.e., a few weeks ago, about US$2,000.00 each. Sanjay would receive US$4,000.00.
All totaled, that was 52 large.
$52,000 in crisp, new US greenbacks
A king’s ransom for these guys that were used to working in rags, with shit equipment, in dangerous and deadly places, ass-deep in shit, for the equivalent of US$5/day.
I was fervently hoping that I was setting precedence here. This ship breaking company raked in billions of rupees in pure profit per annum. The board didn’t look like they were hurting any.
“Time to spread the wealth, gentlemen.” I snicker quietly to myself.
All told, I probably, to date without my contract or pyrotechnics, have caused the company to expend some $250,000. Spread that out over 25 workers and that’s less than I care to think. These guys deserve a hell of a lot more than US$10K. I hope that when they begin training the next batch, they get recognized for their efforts, and are paid accordingly.
I will personally see to it that I make several such not-so-subtle suggestions to the board before I take my leave of this place.
It’s rapidly approaching the 1300 hour and the regular crowd filters in. They’ve all gotten out of their PPEs and everyone’s locker box is stored away nice and neatly.
“Hey, guys”, I said at 1301, “Good job on the barge. Sure we got a few cuts and bruises, but overall, I can’t be more pleased. So pleased, in fact, that we’re going to have a locker box inspection!”
The groans around the room were tangible. I think a few had an inkling something was afoot, but they thought it might be a day off or a bit of a bonus…
“Oh, OK. Now, yes now, we're going to do a locker box inspection! That is unless any of you got anything better to do. Well?! Anyone got anything they'd rather be doing than a locker box inspection?! Yes?! Govinda. What would you... rather be doing, Govinda?” I ask.
“Really, Rock; just about anything else. “ he replies.
“Under advisement.” I bark back.
“Rock?” Bhavabhuti asks.
“I'd quite like to read more in that Blaster’s handbook.”.
“Right! You go read your book, then! Now! Everybody else... quite content to join in... with my little scheme of a locker box inspection?!”
“Well, to be quite honest, Rock, I'd... rather be at studying some of the catalogs you’ve included as reading material,” Katyayana says.
“Would you, now?!”
“Yes, Rock” he replies.
“Right! Off you go! Now, everybody else happy with my little plan... of having a bit of locker box inspection?”
There are general murmurs around the room. I think I’ve confused them long enough.
“Or, I guess Sanjay could first distribute these. Sanjay?” I ask as I hand him half the stack of envelopes.
“Don’t open them until I give the word. Green?” I say.
“GREEN!” comes the explosive reply.
All are distributed and they all holding them up to the light, trying to figure out what the hell they’ve gotten into this time.
I reach inside my field vest and to the crestfallen, because he didn’t get one, Sanjay, I hand him his envelope. It’s quite a bit thicker. I ask him quietly to keep it on the QT.
“OK, gents.”, I say, “This is your…bonus for working that last job. I wrangled it for you and that’s why I pushed so hard. There’s now a Scandinavian cruise ship where our barge once set. I bet old Goodgulf your bonuses that we’d have the barge gone in 72 hours. Even with me taking off 24 for personal reasons, we did it with time to spare. Because of you and your diligence, hard work, and attitudes. Go ahead, open them. You deserve it.”
“HOLY FUCK!” was more or less the unanimous response.
Several of my crew just sat there. Stunned. Total cognitive shutdown. They’ve never imagined, much less seen nor held this much money at one time.
A couple of them whooped like Red Indians. I thought it was in poor taste to call them racist; I mean Indians whooping it up and making a scene? I guess you had to be there.
Many more of them just looked at me with tears in their eyes. OK, that one got me right square in the feels. I’m old, I’m jaded, I’m a crusty old curmudgeon. However, I wasn’t prepared for this. Not by a long shot.
The room was at a tipping point. Which way would it go? Total emotional implosion or explosion?
Sanjay looked at me and said soggily, after he noted his recent windfall, “Don’t just stand there, ya’ big ape. Say something profound.”
“OK. Um. Ah. Don’t spend it all in one place?” I joked.
That was enough to send the room over the top. There were hoots, howls, yells, and hurrahs leaking out of the barn for at least a solid 5 minutes.
“Well, this day is fucked”, I observed.
I could hear plans of buying this and buying that, as soon as possible. I figured it would be things like fancy watches, a new phone, something silly and absolutely necessary.
No, I was dead wrong. They were discussing buying space heaters, new brakes for their tired old cars, a new stove for the family, even a room addition and bedroom furniture for their homes.
Now I was pissed. I should have held Gulfy’s feet to the fire and gone for 2 lakhs each.
Amazing what living in different cultures can do to a person. Here I am, the tired world traveler and every once in awhile, even I get blindsided.
“OK, guys”, I said, “I know you’re itching to go spend your newly found wealth, but first, Chapters 11-15 of Thompson for tomorrow?”
That was greeted with general grimacing and unpleasantness.
“You can read that now, or join Sanjay and me in a cigar, and maybe a libation or two. Class dismissed. Go nuts. Your choice. See you tomorrow 0800 for discussions on underwater demolition practices.” I said.
I ask Sanjay to order up some libations. I have no idea how many will stay and how many are itching to dish out the doss, so I just order 6 cases of beer. Any way you count it, it’s not about to go to waste.
“Oh, and Sanj, add a couple-three of bottles of Old Benchode as well,” I tell him on the sly. I’ve actually developed a taste for the stuff.
I mean, what the fuck? I’ve already read chapters 11-15 in Thompson.
The beer and booze arrive and while some are reading their chapters, it doesn’t last long. I fire up a heater and distribute them to all who desire. Only a few accept as clove cigarettes are a thing in these parts. I come out of class smelling like an Easter Spiral-sliced baked ham.
It’s not a “Whoop-de-doo!” sort of party. It’s more a sit around, have a few drinks, smoke a few smokes and ask the professor about some of his stories.
My Russian tales are the best received of the batch. They get the jibblies when I tell them of some of my Central Asian antics. They don’t care for my tales from China at all. It’s an odd response. Total neutrality on Mongolia, but mention China, and they all visibly bristle.
It’s getting on in time and I have an appointment down at the docks later this afternoon. I kick everyone out precisely at 1700 hours and ask Sanjay if he wants to accompany me.
“Where to this time, Rock?”, he asks.
“Down to the beach. I’ve struck a deal with some fishermen. They’ll take me out for a spot of fishing. I don’t want the fish, just the opportunity to get out, breath some salt air, and tangle with some finny denizens of the area.” I said.
“Good thing you told me”, he says, “They’d fuck you over greatly. Once you’re out of sight of land, they’ll feign getting lost, and try to terrorize you.”
I chuckle involuntarily.
“Fuck. Good luck with that”, I smirk…
“And they’d keep you out there as long as they could until you agree to pay. They basically kidnap you and can’t find port again until you cough up some dough.” He says.
“Oh, OK. Thanks. Well advised. Want to go with?” I ask.
“What? You’re still going?” he asks.
I reach in my field vest and pull out about 7 or 8 hunks of spare C-4 and an equal number of set-pull-forget pull fuses.
“Sure”, I smile, “Sounds like it could be major fun.”
“Rock…” Sanjay says in that matronly manner he pulls out when I want to have a little fun.
“Oh, geez”, I snarl, “You guys are always pushin’ me around. Never let me have any fun…”
Just as well. We get back to the Raj and I have a couple of phone messages. Seems the agency got a Twix on me and want to discuss a few things.
Besides, I need to call Es and have a chat. Plus, I should really update my field notebooks, files, and dossiers.
The thought of "You're going to have to pay for this, Ralph Phillips!" keeps running through my head.
“They never let me have any fun.” I grouse as I pick up the phone. “It’s like I’m stuck on Monkey Beach”
After a quick chat with Esme, as she and her mother are saying “Pffft!” to lockdown rules as they are being finally relaxed all over Baja Canada and they’re, wait for it…’ going shopping’…
I tell her of the guy’s reaction to my little scheme of getting the bonuses. She was also bewildered. She notes that even after living all around the world, we still get culturally blindsided occasionally.
“Birds of a feather”, I reply. We profess our mutual love and she mentions Turner’s for lunch. Now I have nostalgia pangs. I’d kill for a raw beef and onion Cannibal Sandwich and a couple-six ice-cold drafts from Turner’s.
Next up are my Agency buddies.
“Yes? Hello? Take me off the damned speaker, Rack!” I say.
“That’s not going to happen. How are you, today, Doctor?” Ruin asks.
“Just dandy”, I reply, “And you? And your unsmiling partner?”
“Quite fine”, he says, “Enough of this idle banter. We have a chore for you.”
“Why am I not surprised?” I reply.
“Because you’re prescient, have second sight and you know us all too well?” Rack laughs.
“There is that…” I agree. “OK, what’s the job?”
“Your last report. The CEO of the shipbreakers, the one you refer to in the narrative as Goodgulf Grayteeth?” Ruin asks.
“Only because his real last name is eleven syllables long. And his first name isn’t much shorter. Besides, he reminds me of an ancient, crotchety, and less-than-effectual wizard. Besides, he looks like he fell off of a charm bracelet.“ I reply.
“That’s the one.” Ruin agrees.
“Yes?” I reply, “Get on with it?”
“Of course. The old American get-right-down-to-business attitude.” Rack titters, “So refreshing.”
They’re quoting back some snippets of my reports at me. This can never be good.
“WHAT!?!” I detonate.
“Oh, we’d just like every bit of dirt you can find on this character.” Rack replies, “We didn’t have much on him before you graced their shores. Now, he’s prominent in several of your communiques. Well, OK then. We’re interested. Skullduggery time, Herr Doctor.”
“Skullduggery?” I ask, “Who bought you a thesaurus for your birthday?”
“They’re company issue now.”, Rack replies, “Ever since we’ve had to deal with the likes of you.”
“Oh, I am insulted!” I roar, “I’m affronted. Slighted. Disrespected. Outraged. Offended. Shall I continue?”
“With your data collection? Yes.”, Ruin agrees, “With your current line of conversation, not so much.”
“Right,” I reply. “Anything else I can do for you gentlemen?”
“Yes, there is as a matter of fact.”, Ruin continues, “Take the job here at the agency, become our boss, and get us big, juicy bonuses.”
“Oh, you heard about that?” I asked.
“Oh, yes”, Rack replies.
I had better sense than to ask “From whom?”.
I do know I’m not the only sneaky bastard around these parts. I don’t know any names, but I have my hunches.
“And don’t go offshore fishing anytime soon, Herr Doctor”, Ruin continues, “We need your reports. They’re such fun readings early in the morning after coffee.”
He’s insinuating that they read my dispatches in the john.
“At least you just read mine there”, I reply, “Your stuff is held in reserve in case the bog roll runs out.”
“Well played, Doctor.” Rack chuckles. “OK, bye now.”
And with that, they ring off.
I hate it when they do that. I’ve got so many more insults I wanted to use on them.
Wait one…what did he mean about going fishing?
The penny drops.
Now I have another one to drive crazy. I might have to send him to the far side of the breaker’s yard while I spend a little time rummaging around in his room.
“Sanjay, me ol’ mucker”, I smile, “You really should have told me…”
So, after a night of updating dossiers, field notebooks, and creating a new, non-repeating substitution encryption cipher for my notes, I relax in the Olympic-sized Jacuzzi. I take with a brace of cigars, couple-nine drinks, and the newly arrived issue of Surface Mining / Quarrying / Construction Drillers & Blasters Quarterly.
Heady stuff, to be certain.
The next morning, I’m watching what I say around the breakfast table. It’s tough knowing that everything you might utter could possibly end up in a coded transmission back to Virginia.
This only lasts a few minutes as I resign myself to the fact that I really don’t give a furry rat’s ass about the whole deal. Fuck it. I end up in someone’s report? So what? They already know, from my own detailed reports, what the fuck’s going on, for the most part.
“‘Mornin’ Sanj”, I say over a steaming hot mug of Greenland coffee. “Time for some chow before we need to scoot.”
Sanjay looks at me with road-mapped bloodshot eyes.
“Oh, my!” I say in my best, though still not very good, George Takei impression. “Look at what the feline dragged in. Go fishing without me?”
He looks at me with weary eyes.
“Rock”, he says, “I might need a day off. Personal reasons.”
“Sure, I’m not your handler,” I reply, utilizing the old agency term for field director.
Let him swirl that one around the old brainbox for a while.
He looks at me quizzically. But that wave blows over before it can form into anything coherent.
“Nah. I continue, “It’s all book learnin’ today. I can handle this easily. You stay here and get some kip. Looks like you could use some.”
“Yeah”, he snarls back, “Just like you and your little [finger quotes] problem the other day.”
Gad, I hate that. He was insinuating I was, gasp, intoxicated and needed bed rest.
For a supposed spook, he certainly hasn’t done his homework. I already told him I’m an EtOH-fueled organism.
“Yeah” I replied, “Mea culpa. I didn’t know you had RRMS as well. It’s a motherfucker, ain’t it? That relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis is a real pain right square in the cunning linguals.”
Sanjay looks at me like I just sprouted durians.
“Yeah”, I continue, “I don’t carry on about on person’s foibles, maladies, or physical disfigurements. I just take them at their word. Guess that’s a major personality fuck-up on my part.”
Sanjay realizes he’s trodden upon some conversational real estate that is both quickmud and somewhere he doesn’t want to be right now.
“Well, bye”, I say. “Get some kip. Sounds like you could use it. But that’s just me and my flawed observations.”
I cap my coffee, stand up, shove a new cigar in my gob and walk out in a huff.
Sanjay sits there trying to figure out if I was really personally insulted. Slightly miffed. Or just yankin’ his chain.
Maybe I’ll let him know which sometime later.
Or maybe I’ll just let him stew for a while.
At the barn, it’s 0730. I ‘ve got the whiteboard finally wiped down. Sharpies aren’t the best things to use on them, I discovered. Oh, well. A little renatured, unflavored EtOH cleaned the board slick. It just keeps hiccuping at me.
It’s most disconcerting.
The class begins directly at 0800. I’m getting to the end of things I can teach these guys without delving more deeply into one or another subject. But there’s the rub. Unless they want to extend my contract, there isn’t time. And if they do want me to hang around, which subject would do the most good?
Fuck it.
I announce that after lunch, everyone meets here and boards the Magic Bus. Mr. Maha will convey them to an open stretch of beach. I feel the need for some demonstrations. After all, I have to leave in 3 days. After that, these characters are on their own. Of course, I’m available by Email, but it’s difficult to diagnose difficulties in demolition via that direction.
Lunch hour hits and I’m off to the bunker. I found, ahem, an old Royal Enfield Bullet C5 Desert Storm motorcycle. Actually, I’m renting it for 100 rupees per day. What the hell, it sure beats walking.
I’m at the bunker, sitting around the desk and chair we got corporate to cough up. I decide I’m going to do a full-spectrum display of various pyrotechnics.
On a stick.
I’m going to borrow several of those 6-foot bamboo poles and attach to the top, equivalent amounts of pyrotechnics, beginning with some gunpowder and up to an including my old nemesis, liquid nitro.
This will be some fun.
Let’s see. Quick inventory. Some things have come in over the last few days…
Black powder, Blasting caps, Det cord, Primacord, C-4, 40% Extra Fast Dynamite, 60% Extra Fast Dynamite, RDX, PETN, ANFO, Kinestik, and DOUBLEHELIX.
Oh, look here. A full inventory has been taken. Let’s see what we all have to play with:
Nitrogen Based Explosives and Formula
• Ammonium nitrate (AN) H4N2O3
• Ammonium picrate (Expl D) C6H6N4O7
• Cyclonite (RDX) C3H6N6O6
• Ethylenediamine dinitrate C2H10N4O6
• Guanidine nitrate CH6N4O3
• Hexamethylenetriperoxide diamine (HMTD) C6H12N2O6
• Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane (HNIW or CL20) C6H6N12O12
• Hydrazine nitrate H5N3O3
• Mannitol hexanitrate C6H8N6O18
• Monomethylamine nitrate CH4N2O3
• Nitrocellulose C6H7N3O11
• Nitroglycerin (NG) C3H5N3O9
• Nitrotriazolone (NTO) C2H2N4O3
• Octogen (HMX) C4H8N8O8
• Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) C5H8N4O12
• Picric acid C6H3N3O7
• Tetrazene C2H8N10O
• Tetryl C7H5N5O8
• Trinitrobenzene (TNB) C6H3N3O6
• Trinitrotoluene (TNT) C7H5N3O6
• Triaminoguanidine nitrate (TAGN) CH9N7O3
• Triaminotrinitrobenzene (TATB) C6H6N6O6
• 1,3,3-Trinitroazetidine (TNAZ) C3H4N4O6
• Trinitrochlorobenzene C6H2ClN3O6
• Trinitropyridine C5H2N4O6
• Urea nitrate CH5N3O4
Other explosive types
• Ammonium perchlorate H4NO4Cl
• Lead styphnate C6H3N3O9Pb
• Triacetone triperoxide (TATP) C9H18O6
• Black powder Intimate mixture
• Tetraamminecopper perchlorate H24Cl2CuN4O8
• Kinestix Binary Solid
• Seismogel Binary semi-solid
• DOUBLEHELIX Binary liquid
Not that we needed all that for the job, but once you get locked into a serious explosives collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.
Whoever takes over my job when I leave is going to have him or herself some fun. I wish I had time to play with everything on the list. It would be most enjoyable.
Well, I don’t have that much time, so I’ll just go back to my original list and do some shopping.
Hmmm…Black powder, Blasting caps, Det cord, Primacord, C-4, 40% Extra Fast Dynamite, 60% Extra Fast Dynamite, RDX, PETN, ANFO, Kinestik, and DOUBLEHELIX.
I pack approximately 1 kilogram, where applicable, of each into my backpack. I somehow manage to get the bamboo shoots over to an area of the beach that’s currently unoccupied, as it’s just growing back from our little 9-ton ammo dump party.
I attach all the explosives to the top of the bamboo and duct tape them soundly to the little wooden platform on the top.
I key the mic on my radio and give a call to Mr. Maha. I explain that he should take his Magic Bus to the Barn, inform all my crew to board the bus and meet me over at the divot we created a few days ago. He knows the place, in fact, he tells me that the locals have taken to fishing there in the evenings as it’s a nice, shady area with a new geographic outlook.
Evidently the locals like a little change now and again.
At 1330, the incredibly hued Magic Bus arrives. I instruct Mr. Maha to park his polychromatic creation well away from the 12 bamboo poles swaying gently in the breeze.
He did not need to be told twice. He knows to take me literally, or greater, at my word.
I tell the guys that this is a practical demonstration of equal amounts of a dozen different explosives.
I tell them it’s also pop quiz time. Tell me, on a sheet of paper out of your field notebooks, what you think will be the biggest bang, and list from 1 to 12 the order of increasing energy.
Also, which are deflagrating versus detonating explosives.
I live for pop quizzes.
I give them a few minutes to get settled. Since I have each one set with a radio-controlled detonator, which I chose to be 10 MHz apart so we had no doubles, I have a sheet of frequencies and pole positions, if you will.
This isn’t like the US, Europe, or even Russia. There’s not much going on across the radio frequency spectrum, so I’m not too worried about having FM-ZOO radio setting anything off prematurely. Besides, I chose detonators well out of the broadcast band. Still, there’s always the chance of some joker of a HAM radio operator with a leaky linear amplifier bleedin’ all over the frequency spectrum.
They’d have to be able to overpower my hand-held, and since there’s no one line-of-sight working on a collinear or Yagi sort of antenna, I decide it’s a risk worth taking.
I’d never even think of attempting this just about anywhere else.
“All set?”, I ask and plug in a new cigar, “Smoke’m if you got’em.”
After I dispense a dozen or so cigars, we’re back on track.
“Oh, yes, how daft of me”, I swan, “First. The Hindi Safety Dance. Gentlemen?”
A group spontaneously arises and begins to clear the compass.
They just love doing the safety dance. They really camp it up. Perhaps because they know what’s coming immediately after…
Finally we hear: “किसी बड़े विस्फोट की चेतावनी देना!” “Kisee bade visphot kee chetaavanee dena!” “FIRE IN THE HOLE!”
Once again, it’s Showtime.
To be continued.
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2020.05.11 21:06 exmooseguy What are your experiences dating a Paki guy, exmuslim or Muslim?

I’m 18, M and Pakistani living in North America. Summer break is here so I want to better myself when it comes to dating, self confidence, etc. I’ve heard a few things about dating paki guys from a couple female friends but they were kinda vague about it.
My question goes to the females that dated paki guys whether they were exmuslim or muslim, what was your experience like? What did you dislike about their mentality or behavior? Any advice for an exmoose like me trying to better myself? (Still got a conservative parent that I’m trying to deal with lol)
Just want to see what I can do to change myself so I’m not ruining shit for myself or other people like I have in the past :)
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2020.04.29 12:22 ArgentineOmicron Ethnic parents JFL

Tbh I don't talk to girls anymore ... God knows how long it's been.
And neither have I ever clued in my parents about my previous attempts to ascend to a higher plane of fulfillment ... not unlike many other brocels here ... but of course that doesn't stop them from accidentally finding out.
Story time ... and when they do find out, they SPERG OUT!
In this case, the girl I was talking to ... was Paki herself.
JFL can't even talk to girls of my own culture ...
By the way, nothing came of it as expected (never heard of Paki boys casually dating Paki girls, apparently she dated a white boy for a few months lol) but the point is that ethnic parents are bizarrely punitive towards their sons expressing even a modicum of their heterosexuality ... meanwhile no one bats an eye when ethnic women put out.
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All posts relating to Naruto will be removed for the next 24 hours due to the current date
Bleach memes are allowed
No hentai, mild nsfw is allowed if you tag it
Rules will be more lax
Hail Aizen!
thx Paki,frx,marc
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2020.03.29 06:37 traplovinbarista Dating is not my forte. How have you found your significant other?(if you have a successful relationship )

I don’t know why paki guys especially the ones on my insta and social media all seem to be those New York Brooklyn boys who either go to hookah lounges at night and barely study and there’s also those guys who just look like they’re your type going to college being very focused but then have a shit ton of girls on their profile. So I get confused as how we approach dating someone or going into pursuing something when a) it’s difficult to meet someone genuinely face to face as a brown person who’s YOUR TYPE if you especially live in a non desi area and b) you’re never approached, despite being cute and having a personality, but with all the insta baddies I feel like the perception of who guys want to be dating is skewed a lot differently now, idk. I probably don’t make any sense but I’m hoping for a response lol
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Dating Pakistani women: Quick guide International Love

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Online Dating In Pakistan . How people use Tinder in Pakistan Raana Vines : GIRLS ON TINDER IN PAKISTAN - 18+ Reviews Online Dating in Pakistan Part-1 Ju... Guys, please Subscribe and help me reach 10,000 Subscribers :) Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed, Please subscribe , I'll try doing videos every Sunday! :) This was ... Now - American Man And Pakistani Women Dating advice on dating someone with daughter Portuguese Community Friends Meet And Dating advice dating free love online widowhood Dating between boy and girl is not an unfamiliar topic. With the devolution of our society, spread of TV media and due to many other discourage able reasons ... For enjoyment 𝙨𝙪𝙗𝙨𝙘𝙧𝙞𝙗𝙚 for weekly self-growth videos 💕 Support me 💛 - Happy Valentine's Day! Female News anchors and Media Industry in Pakistan #infohill video link