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[confederate] WAR! WAR! WAR! - Men wanted - 13th Virginia calls you -

2020.08.18 05:58 13thVAPeter [confederate] WAR! WAR! WAR! - Men wanted - 13th Virginia calls you -

[confederate] WAR! WAR! WAR! - Men wanted - 13th Virginia calls you -
"The 13thVA is a historically accurate regiment that is very simple and fun to be around we fight and go by Hardee's 62 tactics, each and every Pvt. will have to read the drill manual and will have to go threw drill school and learn if you fail to complete the school you can try again as many times as you like and we will help you step by step . In the 13thVA we are respectful to everyone. This includes your comrades in the 13thVA, members of other regiments, public players, admins, officers, non-commissioned officers, and people on the forums. We also like to conduct ourselves in a professional and mature manner. This means that cursing, glitching, trolling, flaming, and name-calling or other forms of fighting are not allowed. This is especially important when we are in events or on a public server. Lastly, everyone should follow Orders. It is paramount for the survival of the regiment that all orders given by our Officers are followed to the orders and without question or argument. There is a time and place to discuss tactics and whether or not certain orders should be given or not. Directly after the order is given is not one of those times.
will be a big part of the 13thVA. Unlike Napoleonic Wars, we intend on using all historical commands, maneuvers, and discipline. For example, all Enlisted men must call higher ranking members as their rank and speak to them with the respect a Private would have spoken to a Captain. There will be court martial's for any man who breaks Roleplaying "During events" and for anyone who breaks any of our rules. The reason for this is so we can properly reenact a real confederate regiment during the civil war and the game will stay a lot more interesting to our player base if they have to act like a real soldier did during the war. Our Uniforms will match and each NCO will perform duties that a Confederate NCO would have to maintain; like keeping up a roster of all enlisted men. Camp life will be another asset to our Roleplaying. We will have a schedule that will include Drill (Training) and before and after it our men will be in our camp socializing before the Sergeant Major tears them to pieces in Drill. This is for our members to get to know their brothers fighting with them on the battlefield and to make us look authentic. Authenticity is the key for us
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2020.02.19 00:05 TomorrowMayRain065 Free Agent Wishlist?

The relieving news that Brees is staying begins to clear up the vision for this team next season. I'm anxious for further development and we still have a month until free agency opens. Here are some guys I'd love to target:
Marcus Mariota, Case Keenum, Matt Moore
Taysom Hill starter talk be damned, right now we need him blocking, rushing, and running routes, and that means, ideally, he doesn't have to be the contingency plan at quarterback simultaneously. The Teddy contract--which was never about the future, considering it expires now--shows that the front office values the backup, especially at this win-now stage and with Drew's relative fragility due to age. We need someone competent, but can't afford to go in too big, which makes for an interesting situation.
Andy Janovich, CJ Ham
I think it's essential that we get a solid fullback in the building with Line retiring. We use the fullback a lot and I think having that utility and blocking available is important to both the smashmouth and dink-and-dunk styles we employ in this era.
Tajae Sharpe, Randall Cobb
I think a 2nd-4th round pick from this talented class would be well-advised, but I think our 1st rounder may be best valued as a cornelinebackeguard and it would be nice to pick up someone lowkey but reliable rather than pressure a rookie right out of the gate--not that the Saints offense is a high-pressure scenario. I'm of the camp that more is needed from a second receiver, but our offense is already so good that overpaying for great talent still can't move the needle that much higher. Robby Anderson, per se, would be expensive and his deep threat focus doesn't fit as well. I hope we sign a Snead slot type, a talented draft faller--maybe Van Jefferson, KJ Hill..., and get Harris/Taysom more involved.
Graham Glasgow
I think adding a starter at guard is necessary and I suspect our front office feels the same way. I know they value the offensive line position group very highly and I almost expect a trade up in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft and/or we take one in the 1st. I think Glasgow is underrated and more attainable than a Thuney or a Scherff; it would be a big move akin to signing Warford (also from the Lions iirc) but not a true splash.
Corey Littleton, Nigel Bradham, Nick Kwiatkowski
Getting Littleton would be a dream. We need depth anyway, but a true difference-maker in coverage next to Demario could be a big big deal. I like Patrick Queen as a draft target for the same reason. Depending on the pricetags on Bradham and Kwiatkowski, they could also make for savvy veteran additions.
James Bradberry, Logan Ryan, Bashaud Breeland, Tye Smith
The first three name here will be too expensive, but we could go this route. This era of the team has always had the spot across from Lattimore as a bit shaky, but we did consistently have depth as far as fringe-starters and slot guys. That's starting to diminish this offseason and having bodies that can contribute is a big deal in the secondary. Similarly to linebacker, getting a true second difference-maker may be too much to ask and isn't as much of a must-have as getting someone at receiver, but it could increase our ceiling much more if we manage it.
Internal Free Agents:
I don't think any of the pieces leaving are must haves; that said, losing them all would gut us of a lot of depth. I think Taysom is the closest, but he's kind of always a luxury due to the nature of his role.
Taysom Hill, Janoris Jenkins, Vonn Bell, AJ Klein, David Onyemata, JT Gray
Taysom is aforementioned. No reason Gray should leave. Klein and Onyemata are both luxuries, but matter a lot in their roles on our team. It will come down to money. Linebacker has to be addressed somehow. Onyemata may actually be our best interior defensive lineman in effect considering Rankins' lack of availability. Brown/Tuttle/Edwards/Stallworth can be good enough but isn't the powerful line that helped us thrive in the first half of this season. The secondary is complicated. Jenkins is too expensive but he can be huge for the team. Re-signing Bell may not be the right value but he's very effective and lets us stay flexible. CGJ is more natural at box safety than slot corner, but it may be easier to keep Bell at safety than it would be to replace CGJ in the slot.
PJ Williams, Eli Apple, Justin Hardee, Keith Kirkwood, Austin Carr, Dwayne Washington, Kiko Alonso
The corners are about price. I wouldn't love either of them starting but the depth is really important. Same for Kiko, he's a nice add on vet min but at his current contract the money is way more important.
Teddy Bridgewater, Andrus Peat
Teddy staying would be great but he will cost too much. Peat would cost too much and we may be better served either signing or drafting a new starter or starting Easton and drafting a successor.
What do y'all think?
Overall I think we have to get a guard and a receiver in some form. I think linebacker and corner need to be addressed, but unless we draft in the first round or splash in free agency, we may just manage by re-signing the contributors we've had. Quarterback, tight end, and possibly offensive tackle (I'm not sure Terron should get a future old-age contract with his price and injuries) and interior defensive line are secondary needs but we can't afford to worry about the future so much this offseason.
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2020.01.30 21:51 MasterAlexGarcia420 Complete Stolen Hat Guide for Single Player!

I have collected all these hats (I've counted 40 stolen hats total, though 1 is debatable, and 1 was meant to be cut, and it still obtainable in the game) throughout SP and tell you when and where to get them, and the rarity of the hats based on the diificulty I had finding them, in alphabetical order:
Bag Hat: (Common, Ch 2 - throughout) Butcher's Creek, and a 50/50 chance it spawns on one the poachers during Charles' hunting side mission in chapter 2.
Boater Hat: (Uncommon, Ch 2 - throughout) Rhodes train station.
Bolero Hat: (Uncommon, Epilogue - throughout) on the Del Lobos in their hideouts.
Bucket Hat: (Rare, Ch 2 - throughout) on the workers in Appleseed Timber Company or on the riders and wagons passing by the road by Little Creek River and Vetter's Echo in Big Valley.
Cattleman Hat: (Common, Ch 2 - throughout) on NPCs throughout New Hanover and Lemoyne, places like Flatneck Station, farm northeast of Emerald Ranch, or other farms. Also on some bounty hunters.
Classic Raccoon Mountain Hat: (Rare, Ch 2 - throughout) on the NPC talking shit in Smithfield's Saloon, antagonize him or point a gun at him, let him punch you first that way you don't become wanted,when you kick his ass.
Conductor's Hat: (Rare, Ch 2 - throughout) on a wagon rider heading in and out on the roads of Valentine, road between Little Creek River and Vetter's Echo in Big Valley.
Crown Bucket Hat: (Uncommon, Ch 2 - throughout) on an NPC in Annesburg.
Cutter Hat: (Common, Ch 2 - throughout) found throughout various locations in New Hanover and Lemoyne, such as Flatneck Station, farm NE of Emerald Ranch, Rhodes, can be found on NPC's out traveling. Also on Bounty hunters
Derby High Hat: (Very Rare, Ch 2 - throughout) this is a tricky hat to find, but will ALWAYS be found on passengers of coach wagons passing Lake Owanjila and Big Valley, some people have found it in the outskirts of St Denis, best method is to create a save point in Big Valley and ride around the roads until it reaches 4 pm if it passes that time, just camp and sleep until morning and repeat but do not reload.
Farmer's Hat: (Uncommon, Ch2 - throughout) found on an NPC wearing blue shirt and brown pants in Strawberry.
Fisherman's Hat: (Rare, Epilogue MISSABLE) Can only be obtained once you finished catching the 13 legendary fish for Jeremy Gill, and complete that mission chain. It will drop when the Legendary Channel Catfish drags him into the San Luis River, pick the hat up immediately.
Flop Hat: (Common, Ch2 - throughout) on NPC's working on Emerald Ranch and Butcher's Creek.
Gambler's Hat: (Uncommon, Epilogue - throughout) found on NPCs in Armadillo.
Gaucho Hat: (Common, Ch 2 - throughout) Can be found on NPC's riding around mounts and wagons throughout New Hanover and Lemoyne, and places like Rhodes Train station, Doyle's Tavern in St Denis. Also on bounty hunters.
High Hat: (Rare, Ch 2 - throughout) this hat is a bit tricky to spawn, but can be found on NPC's in Van Horn, or one of the outlaws hiding down in Van Horn Mansion.
Homburg Hat: (Very Common, Ch 2 - throughout) can be found everywhere on NPC's driving coach wagons, especially around Big Valley and outskirts of St. Denis.
Jipijapa Panama Hat: (Uncommon, Ch 2 - throughout) found on NPC's in Rhodes and Rhodes train station.
John's Gambler Hat: (Rare, Epilogue MISSABLE) It's a gray hat that John wears during a couple the epilogue main mission, just get an npc to knock it off John in a brawl in free roam. Though this hat falls under regular hats.
Liberty Hat: (Rare, Ch 2 - Ch 3 MISSABLE) found in one of guards during An American Pastoral Scene and the stranger mission A Fine Night For It, if it doesn't spawn just retart the mssion or checkpoint.
Military Cavalry Hat: (Uncommon, Ch 2 - throughout) found on an NPC in Rhodes train station.
Military Forage Cap: (Uncommon, Ch 2 - Ch 3, epilogue) Found on the Lemoyne Raiders easily, but make sure collect before you move to Ch 4, because, you cleared them all out. You can get it again in the epilogue.
Military Mountie Hat: (Uncommon, Ch 2 - throughout) found on the soldiers posted in Fort Wallace, just angle yourself a certain way and throw dynamite and they should come flying down towards you.
Military Officer's Hat: (Uncommon, Ch 2 - Ch 3, epilogue) Found on the Lemoyne Raiders easily, but make sure to collect before chapter 4, as you have to wait until the epilogue.
Moonshine Hat: (Common, Ch 2 - throughout) Found on NPC's working on Emerald Ranch and Butcher's Creek.
The Mountaineer Hat: (Rare, Ch 2 - throughout) found on traveling NPCs in the mountains, but can be easily found an NPC sleeping on the table on Doyle's Tavern in St Denis try between 4 am - 9 am.
Newsboy Cap: (Uncommon, Ch 2 - throughout) can be found one of the guards during The Sheep and the Goats, or on NPCs in certain areas of St Denis.
Panama Fedora Hat: (Uncommon, Ch 2 - throughout) found on NPCs in Rhodes train station.
Pinned Flop Hat: (Uncommon, Epilogue - throughout) found on Del Lobos in their hideouts.
Plantation Gambler's Hat: (Uncommon, Ch 2 - throughout) found on Bounty hunters, and Braithwaites during and after you burn down their manor.
Roanoke Hat: (Common, Ch 2 - throughout) found on NPCs in Butcher's Creek.
Rodeo Hat: (Common, Ch 2 - throughout) found on NPCs traveling throughout New Hanover and Lemoyne, in places like Rhodes, farm NE of Emerald Ranch, also on some Bounty Hunters.
Straw Hat: (Uncommon, Epilogue - throughout) found on Del Lobos in their hideouts.
Straw Boater Hat: (Common, Ch 2 - throughout) this hat can be a little tricky to get because so many NPCs wear this hat but not the right tint, found in the nicer parts in St Denis.
Slouch Bucket Hat: (Common, Ch 2 - throughout) found on NPCs in Butcher's Creek.
Sun Hat: (Uncommon, Ch 5, MISSABLE) found on Fussar's men when you get chained up in Welcome to the New World, and easier chance to obtain during Savagery Unleashed after you rescue the three workers and protect Leon, Fussar's men will start to attack if it does not spawn, leave one of the men alive and run away and fail and restart from checkpoint. Can ONLY be found in Guarma.
Western Homburg Hat: (Uncommon, Ch 2 - throughout) found on the guards in Annesburg.
Wide Slouch Hat: (Very Common, Ch 2 - throughout) found on NPCs traveling throughout New Hanover, Upper West Elizabeth, and especially Amberino.
Workman's Flat Cap: (Uncommon, Ch 2 - throughout) this is a little tricky to find because many NPCs wear this but the tint is slightly off, can found on NPCs in St Denis and Especially Annesburg (which I recommend.)
Worn Flop Hat: (Rare, Ch 2 - throughout) Easiest way to obtain is Charles' hunting side mission when you confront the buffalo poachers (this is a 50/50 chance, because it will sometimes be a Bag hat instead, retart just in case) can also be found the sheperd in Emerald Ranch sometimes, amd wagon riders traveling on the road between Valentine to Emerald Ranch, and Emerald Ranch to the trapper northwest of Emerald Ranch. And on very rare occasions in butcher's creek.
Worn Stovepipe Top Hat: (Rare, Ch 2 - throughout) found on NPCs in Butcher's Creek, can be a little tricky to get this hat to spawn.
These next two hats are up for debate, and no proof that they exist other than players who have claimed to have obtained these stolen hats (gtaforums, youtube, reddit, gamefaqs, etc)
Plantation Hat - claims by some players that they have obtained it at Flatneck station.
Constable Hat (Police Hat) - can be saved on your horse (proven by some reddit users), but does not have a name, it is possible to obtain, here is how. During the chapter 6 mission, "Goodbye, Dear Friend" there is a part where you fight an O'Driscoll on the rooftop, as soon as he tackles you and you push him off use that quick second to pick up the hat as he get up. You will be sliced alot, but his attacks do not cancel the animation of picking up the hat. It's a bit tricky, took me a couple tries. Just make sure you have an empty slot in your stored hats section. If you want to keep it, do not take it off your stored hats or,it will disappear. I recommend creating a saved outfit with it as well as the Agency gun belt. You get to keep both!
If you have proof or can debunk these two hats, let me know, and I hope this Stolen Hat Guide has helped you. And good luck!
UPDATE! Ya'll have implored me to add the 11 found hats and I will include the masks as well so here they are in alphabetical order:
Civil War Hardee Hat: found in the abandoned fort sitting on the Kamassa River in New Hanover just along the southern border, can also find the Civil War knife here.
Chinese Skull Cap: found in a small camp that sits on the two L's in Armadillo in New Austin.
Miner's Hat: found in an abandoned mine in Beryl's Dream east of the Big Valley trapper in West Elizabeth, use plunger, and head in, you will also find the Wide Blade Knife and a nugget.
Morion Hat: can be found on a frozen corpse of a soldier atop of Mount Hagen, just watch your step and tread lightly.
Nevada Hat: found hiding behind the waterfall at Donner Falls, and can be stolen off of Sheriff Malloy in Valentine, I would chose the former. And no, Malloy's Nevada does not count as a stolen hat I have just tested this out due to some,user's claims that you can, it feel under the found hats for me.
Scarecrow Hat: found in the middle of the field of Gutherie's Farm northeast of Emerald Ranch, use throwing knife to safely remove hat and avoid confrontation.
Scarecrow Derby Hat: found in the fields south of Braithwaite Manor within that area. Use throwing knife to get the hat safely and avoid confrontation.
Scarecrow Sombrero: found in the western part of the fields in Caliga Hall along near the fences of the area, start at the most south and eastern building in rhodes and go west, a badger icon sits above the area. Use knife to safely get the hat and avoid confrontation. Best to do this before and after chapter 3.
Scarecrow Top Hat: found in the small field behind McFarlane's Ranch in New Austin. Use,knife,to safely get the hat.
Tricorn Hat: found on an old pirate shipwreck in the middle of the biggest island off of Flat Iron Lake west of Clemen's Point.
Viking Helmet: found in an ancient Viking tomb just north of Beaver Hollow in Roanoke Ridge. You can also find the viking hatchet here and viking comb if you shoot one the skulls.
Found Masks:
Cat Skull Mask: found in a half submerged building, it is the most eastern building in Lakay.
Pagan Skull Mask: found on a corpse in the middle of the Pagan Ritual site a little northwest of Lake Owanjila.
Pig Mask: found hanging on the corner of a buther stand in Butcher's Creek.
Ram Skull Mask: found in the northeast corner of Rathskeller Fork in New Austin.
That should be everything for now and a hope this has helped you.
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2020.01.16 07:24 Z3R0U5 Can't keep the Morion helmet?

For some reason, whenever I take the Morion helmet off the frozen ass settlercicle I can't save it. I've tried everything. I've saved and reloaded and it was gone and I found it back on the settler. I've taken it to camp. I've opened space on my horse for a new hat. I've fast traveled back to camp. Everytime I take it off it reappears on the settler. Am I stupid? Is this limbo? I don't even like the Morion helm (tricorn and union hardee ftw), but I want it. I need it. It must be MINE. Is the settler secretly keeping it from my grasp? Has anyone else had/solved this issue?
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2019.11.17 16:41 bigbearchonk33 Central Florida Camping, Hardee Lakes Park

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2019.08.28 18:06 thebackupquarterback Final 53-man roster projections for the New Orleans Saints

This is from ESPN, so take it with a tub of salt. Anyways...
The New Orleans Saints will cut their roster to 53 players by 4 p.m. ET Saturday. Here's a projection:
QUARTERBACK (3): Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater, Taysom Hill
Bridgewater will be the primary backup in 2019. But Hill’s impressive development makes it feel like more of an open competition to be Brees’ long-term successor.
RUNNING BACK (3): Alvin Kamara, Latavius Murray, Dwayne Washington
Undrafted rookie Devine Ozigbo has shown some nice flashes. But Washington has drawn praise from Sean Payton and plays a primary role on special teams.
FULLBACK (1): Zach Line.
It’s a part-time role in New Orleans’ offense, but Line has been one of the NFL’s better fullbacks since arriving two years ago.
WIDE RECEIVER (7): Michael Thomas, Ted Ginn Jr., Tre'Quan Smith, Keith Kirkwood, Austin Carr, Emmanuel Butler, Deonte Harris
Harris, an undrafted rookie from Division II Assumption College, is one of those great Cinderella stories who could become the Saints’ top kick returner. The electrifying 5-foot-6, 170-pounder looks like he’s going to break one every time -- and he finally did with a 78-yard punt return for a touchdown Saturday night against the Jets. Harris hasn’t been perfect this summer -- he actually fumbled (and recovered) a kickoff return earlier in Saturday’s game, and Payton corrected him for misplaying a punt a week earlier. But the ceiling is too high to resist for Harris, who set the NCAA all-division record with 14 career TD returns.
I also have undrafted rookie Butler making the roster after an impressive summer. But this position is loaded with tough decisions from returning players Kirkwood and Carr to intriguing youngsters like Butler, Harris, Cyril Grayson Jr., Lil’Jordan Humphrey and Simmie Cobbs Jr.
TIGHT END (3): Jared Cook, Josh Hill, Dan Arnold
I hate cutting rookie seventh-round draft pick Alize’ Mack because of his enticing potential. But he missed some valuable time early in camp with an injury and could be a practice squad candidate. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see recently signed veteran A.J. Derby make the team. Arnold has had some highs and lows, but I still have him on the right side of the bubble.
OFFENSIVE LINE (8): Terron Armstead, Ryan Ramczyk, Larry Warford, Andrus Peat, Erik McCoy, Nick Easton, Cameron Tom, Will Clapp.
I’m cheating here, since I don’t have a backup offensive tackle. But I needed the roster spot, and I don’t think the Saints are ready to give up on any of their three backup guard/center types in Easton, Tom and Clapp. Veteran Marshall Newhouse seemed to be the leading contender for the backup tackle job before he missed the past week with an unspecified injury. Maybe he is healthy enough to stick -- or perhaps the Saints will consider adding a tackle that gets cut by another team.
DEFENSIVE LINE (9): Cameron Jordan, Sheldon Rankins, Marcus Davenport, Malcom Brown, Taylor Stallworth, Mario Edwards Jr., Trey Hendrickson, Wes Horton, Sylvester Williams
I could see the Saints scouring the waiver wire for some added depth here -- especially if Edwards’ unspecified injury is expected to keep him out in Week 1. Rankins returned from the physically unable to perform list on Monday, but it’s hard to imagine him being ready to play in Week 1. And his top backup, David Onyemata, will be serving a one-game suspension. Veterans Ziggy Hood and Geneo Grissom and undrafted rookie Shy Tuttle are among those who could also make the cut for at least one week until Onyemata is back.
LINEBACKER (6): Demario Davis, A.J. Klein, Alex Anzalone, Craig Robertson, Vince Biegel, Kaden Elliss
I also considered newly signed veteran Will Compton and young hopefuls Porter Gustin and Colton Jumper here. Their odds will increase if Robertson isn’t going to be back from an unspecified injury by Week 1.
SECONDARY (10): Marshon Lattimore, Eli Apple, Marcus Williams, Vonn Bell, P.J. Williams, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Chris Banjo, Justin Hardee, Patrick Robinson, Saquan Hampton
Robinson could wind up being the Saints’ biggest surprise cut this summer, since he hasn’t been able to beat out Williams for the starting nickelback job and isn’t a core special-teams player. But for now, I still have him making the team as an experienced insurance policy.
I know I’ll also probably kick myself for leaving safety J.T. Gray off this list, since he has been playing a key role on special teams all summer. I like Gray’s chances even better if rookie sixth-round draft pick Hampton isn’t going to be healthy enough to start the season.
I also left off veteran Marcus Sherels, whom the Saints signed to be their new punt returner in free agency before he got derailed by a training camp injury (and before Harris emerged). And I left off experienced cornerbacks like Ken Crawley and Kayvon Webster. Needless to say, the Saints have some tough choices to make here.
SPECIALISTS (3): Thomas Morstead, Wil Lutz, Zach Wood
On the flip side, the Saints have no tough choices to make here.
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2019.02.13 01:45 bigkodack NFL Transactions (02/12/2019)

Arizona Cardinals
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears
Houston Texans
Kansas City Chiefs
New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Edit: Added Ben Jacobs to the Panthers.
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2019.01.18 14:45 siecoe Craft info. Now you don't have to remember everything.

RDR2 Crafts-
• Beaver Tooth Trinket — Legendary Beaver Tooth. Slows weapon degradation by 10 percent.
• Buck Antler Trinket — Legendary Buck Antler. Receive higher quality skinned animal parts
• Moose Antler Trinket — Legendary Moose Antler. Increases health XP gained by 10 percent.
• Cougar Fang Trinket — Legendary Cougar Fang. Increases stamina XP gained by 10 percent.
• Coyote Fang Trinket — Legendary Coyote Fang. Increases Dead Eye XP gained by 10 percent.
• Elk Antler Trinket — Legendary Elk Antler. Increases money looted by 10 percent.
• Fox Claw Trinket — Legendary Fox Claw. Adds five seconds to Dead Eye.
• Panther’s Eye Trinket — Legendary Panther Eye. Decrease Dead Eye drain by 10 percent for the first three seconds.
• Pronghorn Horn Trinket — Legendary Pronghorn Horn. Stops animals on horse from spoiling.
• Ram Horn Trinket — Legendary Ram Horn. Doubles the amount of thyme, oregano and mint you collect.
• Wolf Heart Trinket — Legendary Wolf Heart. Doubles the amount of alcohol you can drink before you feel the effects.
• Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket — Legendary Tatanka Bison Horn. Decrease all melee damage received by 10 percent
• Alligator Tooth Talisman — Legendary Alligator Tooth. Decrease Dead Eye core drain rate by 10 percent. You’ll also need the Vintage Civil War Handcuffs that you get for sending in your first Cigarette Card set and a Gold Jointed bracelet.
• Bear Claw Talisman — Legendary Bear Claw. Decrease health core drain rate by 10 percent. (You’ll also need the Quartz Chunk you get when you send Dinosaur Bone coordinates and a Silver Chain Bracelet.)
• Bison Horn Talisman — Legendary Bison Horn. Decreases stamina core drain rate by 10 percent. (You’ll also need the Abalone Shell Fragment you can find in a chest in Rhodes and a Silver Earring.)
• Boar Tusk Talisman — Legendary Boar Tusk. Decrease horse health and stamina core drain rates by 10 percent. (You’ll also need the Cobalt Petrified Wood that you can find in a hidden chest near Lake Isabella and a Gold Earring.)
• Alligator Skull (Perfect Alligator Skin) Alligator skull decoration for Arthur’s lodging
• Big Horn Ram Skull (Perfect Ram Carcass) Big Horn Ram skull decoration for Arthur’s lodging
• Cougar Pelt Covered Chest (Purchase Leather Working Tools, two Perfect Cougar Pelts) Cougar pelt chest cover for Arthur’s lodging
• Boar Skin Table Cover (Purchase Leather Working Tools, Perfect Boar Pelt) Boar skin table cover for Arthur’s lodging
• Ox Hide Rug (Two Perfect Ox Hides) Ox hide rug for Arthur’s lodging
• Boar Skin Rug (Four Perfect Boar Pelts) Boar skin rug for John’s lodging
• Pronghorn Leather Table Tops (Purchase Leather Working Tools, two Perfect Pronghorn Hides) Pronghorn leather table tops for camp tables
• Pronghorn Skull (Perfect Pronghorn Carcass) Pronghorn skull for the chuckwagon
• Moose Antlers (Moose Antler) Moose antlers for main campfire
• Wolf Skull (Perfect Wolf Carcass) Wolf skull for main campfire
• Snake Skin Banjo Head (Purchase Leather Working Tools, two Perfect Snake Skins) Snake skin banjo head for banjo at main campfire
• Campfire Seat Cover (Perfect Beaver Pelt, Perfect Muskrat Pelt, Perfect Fox Pelt) Seat cover for main campfire
• Campfire Log Seat Cover (Two Perfect Wolf Pelts) Cover for log seat at main campfire
• Lean-to Cow Hide Ground Cover (Perfect Cow Hide) Cow hide ground cover for main campfire
• Scout Fire Ground Cover (Two Perfect Goat Hides) Ground cover for scout campfire
• Elk Antlers (Elk Antler) Elk antlers for scout campfire
• Hanging Bones (Buck Antlers) Hanging bones for scout campfire
• Legendary Bear Head Hat Legendary Bear Pelt x1
• Legendary Bear Coat Legendary Bear Pelt x1 Perfect Bison Pelt x1
• Legendary Bear Roper Legendary Bear Pelt x1 Perfect Bull Hide x1
• Boar Riding Gloves Perfect Boar Pelt x1 Perfect Rabbit Pelt x2
• Raccoon Mountain Hat Perfect Raccoon Pelt 1x Perfect Beaver Pelt x1 Hawk Feather x2
• Legendary Buck Vest Legendary Buck Pelt x1 Perfect Ram Hide x1
Legendary Fox Moccasins Perfect Elk Pelt x1 Legendary Fox Pelt x1
• Legendary Buck and Fox Range Gloves Legendary Buck Pelt x1 Legendary Fox Pelt x1
• Legendary Beaver Flop Hat Legendary Beaver Pelt x1
• Legendary Bison Vest Legendary Tatanka Bison Pelt x1
• Legendary Bison Batwing Chaps Legendary Tatanka Bison Pelt x1
• Legendary Boar and Bison Fowlers Legendary Boar Pelt x1 Legendary Tatanka Bison Pelt x1
• Legendary Beaver Cavalry Gloves Legendary Beaver Pelt x1
• Legendary Cougar Flop Hat Legendary Cougar Pelt x1 2x Turkey Feather
• Legendary Cougar and Wolf Vest Legendary Cougar Pelt x1 Legendary Wolf Pelt x1
• Legendary Wolf Batwing Chaps Legendary Wolf Pelt x1 Perfect Goat Hide x1
• Bull Fowler Boots Perfect Boar Pelt x1 Perfect Bull Hide x1
• Legendary Cougar Riding Gloves Legendary Cougar Pelt x1 Perfect Boar Pelt x1
• Legendary Coyote Mountain Hat Legendary Coyote Pelt x1 Eagle Feather x2
• Legendary Pronghorn Coat Legendary Pronghorn Hide x1 Perfect Moose Pelt x1
• Legendary Coyote Half Chaps Legendary Coyote Pelt x1 Perfect Fox Pelt x2
• Workman's Pride Boots Perfect Cow Hide x1 Perfect Goat Hide
• Legendary Pronghorn Range Gloves Legendary Pronghorn Hide x1 Perfect Muskrat Pelt x1
• Legendary Alligator Gambler's Hat Legendary Alligator Skin x1 Perfect Snake Skin x2
• Legendary Panther Cloak Legendary Panther Pelt x1
• Legendary Alligator Vest Legendary Alligator Skin x1
• Legendary Alligator Fowlers Legendary Alligator Skin x1
• Legendary Panther Range Gloves Legendary Panther Pelt x1 Perfect Gila Monster Skin x1
• Legendary Ram Hat Legendary Ram Hide x1
• Legendary Moose Hunting Jacket Legendary Moose Pelt x1 Perfect Wolf Pelt x1
• Legendary Ram Batwing Chaps Legendary Ram Hide x1
• Legendary Moose Moccasins Legendary Moose Pelt x1 Perfect Cow Hide x1
• Legendary Ram Rifleman Gloves Legendary Ram Hide x1 Perfect Boar Pelt x1
• Legendary White Bison Hat Legendary White Bison Pelt x1
• Legendary White Bison Coat Legendary White Bison Pelt x1
• Legendary Elk Half Chaps Legendary Elk Pelt x1 Perfect Sheep Hide x1
• Legendary Elk Moccasins Legendary Elk Pelt x1 Perfect Goat Hide x1
• Legendary Elk Range Gloves Legendary Elk Pelt x1
• Ram Sombrero Perfect Ram Hide x1
• Outdoorsmen Vest Perfect Pronghorn Hide x1
• Javelina Half Chaps Perfect Collared Peccary Pig Pelt x1 Perfect Snake Skin x1
• Goat Flop Hat Perfect Pronghorn Hide x1 Perfect Goat Hide x1
• Trapper's Cloak Perfect Sheep Hide x1
• No-Man's Vest Perfect Panther Hide x1 Perfect Goat Hide x1
• Two Toned Moccasins Perfect Buck Pelt x1
• Moose Range Gloves Perfect Moose Pelt x1
• Elk Flop Hat Perfect Elk Pelt x1
• Coyote Scout Jacket Perfect Ox Hide x1 Perfect Coyote Pelt x1
• Huntsman Vest Perfect Sheep Hide x1 Perfect Deer Pelt x1
• Boar Fringed Shotgun Chaps Perfect Boar Pelt x2
• Pigskin Rifleman Gloves Perfect Pig Hide x1
• Muskrat Cavalry Hat Perfect Rabbit Pelt x4 Perfect Muskrat Pelt x1
• Principal Vest Perfect Cow Hide x1 Perfect Deer Pelt x1
• Bull Fringed Shotgun Chaps Perfect Bull Hide x1
• Snakeskin Cavalry Gloves Perfect Boar Pelt x1 Perfect Snake Skin x1
• Plantation Slouch Hat Perfect Bison Pelt x1
• Beaver Hunting Jacket Perfect Cow Hide x1 Perfect Beaver Pelt x2
• Sheepskin Vest Perfect Sheep Hide x2
• Pronghorn Half Chaps Perfect Pronghorn Hide x1
• Buck Riding Gloves Perfect Buck Pelt x1
• Beaver Drifter Hat Perfect Beaver Pelt x2
• Wolf Coat Perfect Ram Hide x1 Perfect Wolf Pelt x1
• Billy Vest Perfect Armadillo Skin x1 Perfect Goat Hide x1
• Boar and Bull Fowler Boots Perfect Ox Hide x1 Perfect Boar Pelt x1
• Winter Cavalry Gloves Perfect Rabbit Pelt x1 Perfect Muskrat Pelt x2
• Coyote Gambler's Hat Perfect Coyote Pelt x2
• Cougar Cutaway Coat Perfect Cougar Pelt x2 Perfect Black Bear Pelt x1
• Wilderness Vest Perfect Wolf Pelt x1 Perfect Panther Pelt x1
• Moose Half Chaps Perfect Moose Pelt x1
• Badger Rifleman Gloves Perfect Badger Pelt x1
• Grenadier Hat Perfect Muskrat Pelt x1 Perfect Beaver Pelt x1
• Ram Shotgun Coat Perfect Ram Hide x2
• Country Vest Perfect Buck Pelt x1 Perfect Beaver Pelt x1
• Stalker Accessory Loon Feather x2 Condor Feather Raven Feather x3
• Elk Riding Gloves Perfect Elk Pelt x1
• Alligator Ranch Cutter Saddle Perfect Alligator Skin
• Badger Mountain Hat Perfect Badger Pelt
• Batwing Chaps Perfect Deer Pelt
• Bear Batwing Chaps Perfect Bear Pelt
• Bear Dakota Saddle Perfect Bear Pelt
• Bear Fringed Shotgun Chaps Perfect Black Bear Pelt
• Bear Grenadier Hat Perfect Black Bear Pelt
• Beaver Mountain Hat Perfect Beaver Pelt
• Beaver Roping Saddle Perfect Beaver Pelt
• Bison Gambler's Hat Perfect Bison Pelt Robin Feather x4 Oriole Feather x4
• Boar Mother Hubbard Saddle Perfect Boar Pelt
• Cougar McClelland Saddle Perfect Cougar Pelt
• Deer Cavalry Hat Perfect Deer Pelt Raven Feather x10
• Deer Pelt Half Chaps Perfect Deer Pelt
• Elk Fringed Shotgun Chaps Perfect Elk Pelt
• Fox Mountain Hat Perfect Fox Pelt
• Gila Monster Gambler's Hat Perfect Elk Pelt Perfect Gila Monster Skin
• Glorious Accessory Oriole Feather Woodpecker Feather x4
• Hinterland Vest Perfect Ram Hide
• Homestead Accessory Chicken Feather Goose Feather x2
• Huntsman Accessory Perfect Boar Pelt Hawk Feather Quail Feather x2
• Iguana Big Valley Hat Perfect Cow Hide Perfect Iguana Skin
• Iguana Range Gloves Perfect Collared Peccary Pig Pelt Perfect Iguana Skin x2
• Javeline Moccasins Perfect Collared Poccary Pig Pelt x2
• Judicious Accessory Pheasant Feather Owl Feather
• Majestic Accessory Rooster Feather x4 Woodpecker Feather x2 Songbird Feather x2
• Moccasins Perfect Buck Pelt
• Moose Batwing Chaps Perfect Moose Pelt
• Muskrat Half Chaps Perfect Muskrat Pelt x2
• Native Accessory Pheasant Feather Sparrow Feather x4 Robin Feather x3
• Ox Fringed Shotgun Chaps Perfect Ox Hide
• Panther Trail Saddle Perfect Panther Pelt
• Pilgrim Accessory Turkey Feather Cedar Waxwing Feather x2 Blue Jay Feather x3
• Pioneer Accessory Turkey Feather x3 Duck Feather x3 Chicken Feather x3
• Pronghorn Flop Hat Perfect Pronghorn Hide Perfect Opossum Pelt x4
• Pursuer Accessory Eagle Feather x2 Pigeon Feather x2
• Rat Flat Cap Perfect Rat Pelt x10
• Rat Infantry Hardee Hat Perfect Goat Hide Perfect Rat Pelt x6
• Rattlesnake Vaquero Saddle Perfect Snake Skin x10
• Rococo Accessory Crow Feather x2 Cardinal Feather x2
• Rugged Wrangler Vest Perfect Pig Hide
• Rustic Vest Perfect Cougar Pelt
• Scavenger Accessory Vulture Feather Seagull Feather
• Sheep Batwing Chaps Perfect Sheep Hide x2
• Skunk Mountain Hat Perfect Skunk Pelt
• Skunk Trapper Boots Perfect Skunk Pelt x2
• Snake Bulldogger Hat Perfect Sheep Hide Perfect Snake Skin
• Squirrel Flat Cap Perfect Squirrel Pelt x6
Happy Crafting

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2018.11.02 14:18 Manic006 [Guide] Trapper - Crafting materials with prices

Below is a list of items that can be crafted at the trapper. As a reminder each hide, skin and pelt brought to the trapper must be in perfect condition. The items below are sorted by clothing item then price. I am aware this can be found online doing a search. Many people may not be able to access certain pages while at work/school. Hope this helps.
I created another Guide post showing the animal quantities needed for both the Camp & Trapper Upgrades.
Use this to see images of the clothing items below: Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide: All The Outfits We’ve Found, Locations, And Temperatures


Name Price Materials
Glorious $10.00 Oriole Feather, Woodpecker Feather x4
Homestead $10.00 Chicken Feather, Goose Feather x2
Huntsman $10.00 Boar Pelt, Hawk Feather, Quail Feather x2
Judicious $10.00 Pheasant Feather, Owl Feather
Native $10.00 Pheasant Feather, Robin Feather x3, Sparrow Feather x4
Ram Sombrero $10.00 Ram Hide
Scavenger $11.00 Seagull Feather, Vulture Feather
Pilgrim $11.00 Turkey Feather, Cedar Waxwing Feather x2, Blue Jay Feather x3
Pioneer $11.00 Chicken Feather x3, Duck Feather x3, Turkey Feather x3
Elk Flop $12.00 Elk Pelt
Goat Flop $12.00 Goat Hide, Pronghorn Hide
Pronghorn Flop $12.00 Pronghorn Hide, Opossum Pelt x4
Rat Flat $12.00 Rat Pelt x10
Pursuer $13.00 Eagle Feather x2, Pigeon Feather x2
Stalker $13.00 Condor Feather, Loon Feather x2, Raven Feather x3
Iguana Big Valley $14.00 Cow Hide, Iguana Skin
Rococo $15.00 Cardinal Feather x2, Crow Feather x2
Majestic $15.00 Songbird Feather x2, Woodpecker Feather x2, Rooster Feather x4
Muskrat Cavalry $15.00 Muskrat Pelt, Rabbit Pelt x4
Plantation Slouch $15.00 Bison Pelt
Coyote Gambler $16.00 Coyote Pelt x2
Gila Monster Gambler $16.00 Elk Pelt, Gila Monster Skin
Squirrel Flat $16.00 Squirrel Pelt x6
Legendary Ram $17.00 Legendary Ram Hide
Rat Infantry Hardee $17.00 Goat Hide, Rat Pelt x6
Bison Gambler $18.00 Bison Pelt, Oriole Feather x4, Robin Feather x4
Beaver Drifter $20.00 Beaver Pelt x2
Raccoon Mountain $21.00 Beaver Pelt, Racoon Pelt, Hawk Feather x2
Legendary Alligator Gambler $22.00 Legendary Alligator Skin, Snake Skin x2
Legendary Beaver Flop $22.00 Legendary Beaver Pelt, Legendary Boar Pelt, Cardinal Feather
Legendary Coyote Mountain $23.00 Legendary Coyote Pelt, Eagle Feather x2
Skunk Mountain $23.00 Skunk Pelt
Snake Bulldogger $23.00 Sheep Hide, Snake Skin
Bear Grenadier $24.00 Black Bear Pelt
Grenadier $24.00 Beaver Pelt, Muskrat Pelt
Badger Mountain $26.00 Badger Pelt
Beaver Mountain $28.00 Beaver Pelt
Fox Mountain $30.00 Fox Pelt
Legendary Bear Head $40.00 Legendary Bear Pelt
Legendary White Bison $45.00 Legendary White Bison Pelt


Name Price Materials
Principal $18.00 Cow Hide, Deer Pelt
Shopkeeper Vest $20.00 Sheep Hide x2
Hinterland $21.00 Ram Hide
Outdoorsman $22.00 Pronghorn Hide
Rugged Rangler $23.00 Pig Hide
Country $25.00 Beaver Pelt, Buck Pelt
Legendary Buck Vest $26.00 Legendary Buck Pelt, Ram Hide
No-Man's $27.00 Panther Pelt, Goat Hide
Wilderness $28.00 Wolf Pelt, Panther Pelt
Legendary Bison Vest $30.00 Legendary Tatanka Bison Pelt
Billy Vest $32.00 Armadillo Skin x2, Goat Hide x2
Legendary CougaWolf Vest $42.00 Legendary Cougar Pelt, Legendary Wolf Pelt


Name Price Materials
Beaver Hunting Jacket $20.00 Ox Hide, Coyote Pelt
Wolf Coat $25.00 Ram Hide, Wolf Pelt
Legendary Bear Coat $28.00 Legendary Bear Pelt, Bison Pelt
Legendary White Bison Coat $29.00 Legendary White Bison Pelt
Trapper's Cloak $32.00 Sheep Hide
Cougar Cutaway Coat $39.00 Black Bear Pelt, Cougar Pelt x2
Legendary Panther Cloak $45.00 Legendary Panther Pelt
Ram Shotgun Coat $45.00 Ram Hide x2


Name Price Materials
Buck Riding $5.00 Buck Pelt
Pigskin Rifleman $8.00 Pig Hide
Badger Rifleman $10.00 Badger Pelt
Elk Riding $12.00 Elk Pelt
Legendary Elk Range $13.00 Legendary Elk Pelt
Boar Riding $15.00 Boar Pelt, Rabbit Pelt x2
Legendary Pronghorn Range $17.00 Legendary Pronghorn Hide, Muskrat Pelt
Legendary Beaver Cavalry $18.00 Legendary Beaver Pelt
Legendary Cougar Riding $20.00 Legendary Cougar Pelt, Boar Pelt
Winter Cavalry $25.00 Rabbit Pelt, Muskrat Pelt x2
Snake Skin Cavalry $26.00 Boar Pelt, Snake Skin
Iguana Range $27.00 Collared Peccary Pig Pelt, Iguana Skin x2
Legendary Buck and Fox Range $28.00 Legendary Buck Pelt, Legendary Fox Pelt
Legendary Panther Range $30.00 Legendary Panther Pelt, Gila Monster Skin


Name Price Materials
Two Toned Moccasins $15.00 Buck Pelt
Moccasins $17.00 Buck Pelt
Legendary Moose Moccassins $22.00 Legendary Moose Pelt, Cow Hide
Workman's Pride Boots $28.00 Cow, Goat Hide
Bull Fowler Boots $29.00 Boar Pelt, Bull Hide
Legendary Elk Moccasins $30.00 Legendary Elk Pelt, Goat Hide
Boar and Fowler Boots $31.00 Ox Hide, Boar Pelt
Javelina Moccasins $33.00 Collared Peccary Pig Pelt x2
Legendary Bear Roper $34.00 Legendary Bear Pelt, Bull Hide
Legendary Alligator Fowlers $35.00 Legendary Alligator Skin
Legendary Boar and Bison Fowlers $37.00 Legendary Boar Pelt, Legendary Tatanka Bison Pelt
Skunk Trapper Boots $39.00 Skunk Pelt x2
Legendary Fox Moccasins $40.00 Elk Pelt, Legendary Fox Pelt


Name Price Materials
Pronghorn Half Chaps $7.00 Pronghorn Hide
Moose Batwing Chaps $10.00 Moose Pelt
Batwing Chaps $12.00 Deer Pelt
Ox-Fringed Shotgun Chaps $15.00 Ox Hide
Legendary Elk Half Chaps $16.00 Legendary Elk Pelt, Sheep Hide
Bull-Fringed Shotgun Chaps $18.00 Bull Hide
Javelina Half Chaps $18.00 Collared Peccary Pig Pelt, Snake Skin
Legendary Coyote Half Chaps $20.00 Legendary Coyote Pelt, Fox Pelt x2
Elf-Fringed Shotgun Chaps $21.00 Elk Pelt
Boar-Fringed Shotgun Chaps $25.00 Boar Pelt x2
Bear Batwing Chaps $27.00 Bear Pelt
Legendary Bison Batwing Chaps $32.00 Legendary Tatanka Bison Pelt
Legendary Ram Batwing Chaps $33.00 Legendary Ram Hide
Legendary Wolf Batwing Chaps $34.00 Legendary Wolf Pelt, Goat Hide
Sheep Batwing Chaps $35.00 Sheep Hide x2
Bear-Fringed Shotgun Chaps $38.00 Black Bear Pelt


Name Materials
Alligator Ranch Cutter Saddle Alligator Skin
Bear Dakota Saddle Bear Pelt
Beaver Roping Saddle Beaver Pelt
Boar Mother Hubbard Saddle Boar Pelt
Cougar McClelland Saddle Cougar Pelt
Rattlesnake Vaquero Saddle Snake Skin x10
Panther Trail Saddle Panther Pelt
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2018.08.31 18:04 pottersquash Top 9 & Bottom 90

Top 9 & Bottom 90
Thanks to u/Stokest26 for keeping the T3/B3 idea alive.
First off, I fully intend to bring back T3/B53 every Tuesday like years before. Or I will just post my take in Stokest post on Tuesday to avoid clutter. If sub gives a shit let me know. Otherwise, if anyone wondered why I stopped life happen. Last year bought a house, changed jobs and had a kid. And while I won't say it was a difficult pregnancy cause I have a good friend going through a really difficult pregnancy it wasn't an easy one. So I was too busy to re-watch the games. But I have a DVR now so I don't need to wait for the game to be uploaded anymore! So hopefully, I can get back to Tuesdays.
On to my nonsensical ramblings!!
1 - Tre'Quan Smith - Easily I think the pre-season MVP (not counting Big Nutz Lutz). He honestly fucks up the guessing on which WR you keep cause, and this will sound crazy, he might make Ginn expendable. Sounds dumb, but if Pats came a calling and wanted Ginn for a 5th or 6th, thats not as laughable as it looked at the end of last year. Ginn's got 3 million left to be paid. Not alot, but why pay it if 3Q can be a burner? Hey, you could keep TLL. There's no replacing a Ginn, but 3Q makes you explore the possibilities. If not for 3Q, C. Meredith slow progression would be more cause for concern. As it was, we got to let him heal slowly and surely and watch him do double moves with ease in his last game. Plus he has that Can't Guard and AK41 freaky balance/slippery thing where it looks like he can't be tackled by conventional means.
2 - Taylor Stallworth - The MVP of the D I think had to go to a DL and cause he nearly had TD, I'm giving it to Stalloworth. That said shoutouts to D. Lawrence and M. Loewen. Sadly I don't think there is room for all 3, but in a perfect world you keep them all. They #TryHard, they show up on Special Teams, and they could be excellent pieces in a DL rotation that looks like it could rival the Eagles. I think the Rams have the best DL starters right now, but Eagles are the rotation King. Saints may have a chance to join the DL Round Table if these 3 make team and keep giving their all
3 - Brandon Tate - Just nice having a returner you can trust. Worries me that his only memory in the offense was bad but I like him more than TLL as a returner. I still think Kamara gets Kickoff looks when Ingram gets back, but this was a job up for grabs and I think Tate grabbed it.
4 - Boston Scott - Fucker proved me wrong. Its always nice to see growth during pre-season. Game 1, I thought Scott was a mere novelty. He seemed slower than he should and I worried about his power. Each game he has shown he can do everything at the position. He has passed J. Williams in my mind (although I still think Williams gets the bulk of the sans-Ingram touches.
5 - Will Clapp - I think he made Bushrod (who I will slander later) expendable. Not cause he can play tackle, but he has convinced me he can slide into Guard and let A. Peat play tackle if necessary.
6 - Craig Robertson - The only LB worth discussing (Super Stupar excluded). I would move on from Klien and just make Robertson MLB. Let M. T'eo come in for goalline (T'eo played ok, but is just too slow for the modern pass happy NFL to start today I think, kinda like Brian Cox in his latter years). Robertson is only average to above average in coverage, run support etc. but he is consistent and knows how to find the play. Thats more than I can say for Klien. A. Anzalone and D. Davis are heat seeking missiles, you watch tape and they get to their spot, they just aren't good enough to make up for a MLB out of position. Robertson will be in position I think.
7 - Drew Brees - His first pass was a pick and then he went back to being Brees. He is our leader. He supported Hill after that horrible game. He was making nice with Bridgewater. We go where Brees will take us. He had two series and was easily a Top 9 guy all preseason.
8 - Mike Thomas - Same shit. Few reps. Point made. I didn't realize how he dominated receptions last year. Which is almost telling how badly we need Ginn, 3Q, Mederith, Carr SOMEONE to help shoulder the load. Even though its clear he is first option, he still makes it happen.
9 - Alvin Kamara - If Saints win 12 games I think he is the league MVP. A hilarious disrespectful footnote to the career of Drew Brees sure, but deservedly so. I think he is that next generation footballer that the game will alter to change. Lots of freight train RBs, Kamara is flubber in pads.
Hon. Mentions: M. Davenport all offseason we wondered why. All preseason we talked about other rookie DEs that could have been had for less than 2 1st rounders. We worried about health. We wondered how you can draft that high for a guy who WILL NOT start Week 1, likely not start Week 10 (if you were a betting man). He may only get 15-20 snaps a game. But you see him and you fucking get it. You take your time with a guy like this cause if you get it right, he is an unstoppable game changer. Most NFL players look about the same size/build. You can tell a position group by size with only few outliers. Davenport makes Tackles look small yet he runs with the speed of a Safety. He plays too high but that may just be due to his commitment to sportmanship cause he if gets under you I don't think the laws of physics allow you to block him. Same with his slow step first step. If he goes with the snap, he isn't bending the corner he'd just be jogging around a fat guy to the ball. All up to coaching now. Speaking of size issues I really like D. Arnold but man is he tiny for TE. But you know what, Graham was a bad blocker, so was Fleener. A. Carr is a great blocker for his size and why I think he makes the team. I am a Rankins fanboy but I think D. Onyemetta had a better preseason.
The DB room is also a crowded and difficult decision. I liked what A. Maulet has done but he hasn't been as dependable as I would like and I don't think theres anyway you can justify releasing rookies K. Moore or N. Jamerson. V. Bell also had a decent 4 games but he will live in the wake of Shadow Realm Lord M. Williams, FS. I speak the full name Marshon Lattimore cause I fear him.
C. Banjo and J. Hardee I think make a difficult cut. Banjo is better at his "actual" position but I feel Hardee is better special teamer, the only reason either makes the team. I think it would really be special if Banjo, Hardee, N. Stupar all make team cause add in Hill plus Lutz, Morestead and Woods, and you are nearing an actual core Special Team unit that merely swaps out OL for LB depending on specifically what the play is. Saints have always had 1 or 2 guys who were "named" guys on STeams never this many people. That unit could be special.
Do I need to mention that its great A. Okafor is healthy or that T. Henderickson looks legit?
More than a Mention
Tom Savage
Alas poor Savage, we knew ye not that well. You came from Houston to provide a lifeboat as we entered the ocean of Hill - QB. You cared not for our elsewhere praise. You steered strong into the tide and made notable that we could depend on you.
Then we dropped your ass for a Bridge over troubled Waters.
Frankly, Rams should take you back to LA with them cause yikes. Also, apparently, Foles is hurt so again you will do fine. You deserve better than what we gave you but we did give you a clean slate. Go forth young man and hold a clipboard. Remember: You are better than whomever Denver Starts.
Dis. Hon. Mentions
First off this is a lil different. I'm not going to talk about guys who are camp fodder. So I don't care that Floyd didn't pop he was a long shot anyway. We are focusing on guys who came in with some hype or who were on team before. These are guys I think will be cut and you deserve your attention..
G. Johnson frankly if I am Sean I personally pay his rent for a year and just have him spend a year in Metaire. He can still play but we have depth now. He is a great insurance policy. A. Klien needs to get his head out of his ass and not get pancaked blocked by what rams says was their 4th String. J. Elliott Nothing dis. honorable bout his game but I think the numbers game gets him cut...especially given I think Saints aren't bold enough to cut Klien. T. Lewis needs to be traded to Patriots. Its a good move for all parties. P. Williams I think is worthy of a trade. I think he can start in this league. It would be nice to have him but I don't want to cut anyone to keep him and I think there are too many CBs on this team. I thought T. Barrett was doing fine until the Real No. 5 showed up. Speaking of the T. Bridgewater trade really has only 2 ways to determine if it was good: a) he plays as a backup successfully or b) he resigns next year. He if never takes a snap as a Saint no amount of "insurance" or "get a good luck" matters. If he never takes a meaningful snap it was a complete and utter waste. That said, Sean always says you have a plan, so I am assuming there is one.
81 - Deon Yelder - He was the TE who was promised. He did not live up to the hype...admittedly thats not much hype for a converted WR undrafted from a small school. That said he was the "get" of the UDFA class and just never showed up.
82 - Jermon Bushrod - It saddens me to see him like this. He deserved better. If his money was guarantee, I hope he just retires and spends his time with his family. Football is beyond him. I mean he could probably go play NFL quality Guard but he isn't a Tackle anymore. But if you want a reserve Guard, Jahri Evans is still available.
83 - Kurt Coleman - No, he won't be cut and yes most of the starting DBs basically walked through their live reps but other than reading about his FBIQ there has been little fanfare. Frankly I only highlight him cause he is replacing Vaccaro who I think was erasing alot of the LB woes that were revealed this past 4 weeks.
84 - Al-Quadin Muhammad - I don't think his career is over. He did progress, but he got alot of reps and never popped. He will go somewhere and could eventually become a starter. He was worth the draft pick for at the time, we had no idea Okafor would actually work.
85 - De'Vante Harris - He already got cut but I shall mention him here. Yowzer. He was our Wk 1 starter last year having beaten out PJ and Ken. What happens to him during the game? If I was a reporter, I would offer to follow him for a week just to try to get insight as to what the fuck is going on.
86 - Josh LeRibeus - This is probably a personal shot of mine. I actually thought he played well v. Rams. I am hopeful to never see him play again.
87 - Michael Hoomnawanui According to Saints roster at he is still on the roster. Got to think he is going IR or Waived on IR come Saturday. Twas fun times learning to spell your name. Hope you heal up and have a wonderful rest of career and/or life.
88 - Trey Edmunds - when Ingram suspension game down I was like "naw, fuck J. Williams, Trey gonna show yall" I first got to know this lesser known Edmunds during his time at Maryland. I like the story, and I liked the player. Rough, but lots and lots of effort. When Saints grabbed him I was gitty. When he got a TD v. Bills I was overjoyed. And I was confident could could take the reigns and give AK some rest while Ingram was out....then he was converted to FB proving me to be a cool doe. Cause Hoom was hurt. Saints usually only carry 1 FB, and Line is good enough but Sean uses Hoom like a FB so with him out, why not there be a spot for Trey? He was a decent Special Teamer. And honestly, perfectly serviceable as a FB. He can physically get there. Then last night, short yardage. Saints run what seems like litterally their only true short yardage play, FB dive. Very simple, quit hitting play designed soley to get exactly >1 yard. Edmunds, a former D1 RB mind you, took the handoff like a baby goat learning to walk after accidentally being kicked in the head by his mama. If you are a Saints FB, you gotta be able to run the FB dive. He can't. Sorry. I say cut.
89 - Josh Hill - HOT TAKE!!!! I'm sorry. Theres too much talent on this team to cling to "serviceable." We can find another TE. Shit, I betcha we could resign Hill midseason. We can play a 6th OL of Leonard, Clapp or Tom before we "need" to keep Hill as a blocking TE. He ain't even that great as a blocking TE!! That was Hoom's thing! Sure, he is serviceable, but why??? We should've taken the 800k dead cap and looked eslewhere instead he is on the books for 2 mil and no fucking way he is resigned for that. And before y'all tell me how wrong I am, how many of you thought we should've bulked up Brandon Coleman to take his job? Watson & Arnold, its fine. Thats all you need. Watson is a classic do it all TE anyway. You don't need Hill. Ya don't. Now go draft him to your fantasy team cause he is about to get 100 yards against Bucs.
90 - Hau'oli Kikaha - So u/Saints2Death is my fav poster here. He/She/They, I don't want to assume thier gender is quick to call a player garbage. He called Stephone Anthony garbage like Week 3 of his rookie season. He got into a argument with RevDeuce over it! Since last year, Saints2Death has called Kikaha garbage. I fought him all the way. I was dead wrong. I will say it was the injuries piling up, but honestly its just he is a tweener in world of completes. Not strong enough for DE, not fast enough for LB. Maybe he goes to a 3-4 scheme and excels but here and now I think his time as a Saint is over.
I forgot what I called my sendoff on these but lets talk Bucs:
I'm not afraid of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Not at all. That said, I have no idea what else Bucs have done but losing your Franchise QB to his second allegation of sexual misconduct has to do something to a team. I fell sorry for their fan base and actually like the theory Saints paid a 3rd for Bridgewater to stop Bucs from getting him. I think NFC South has the best QBs across the division and while Winston showed promise I wouldn't put my franchise, nor my wife, daughter, mother, sister, brother, father, son, cousin, me in his hands.
Hopefully Dome will be rocking though cause you never know what Week 1 will get you. I am happy (fingers crossed for Peat) that our entire starting OL will be ready. They were lookig p dominate.
Final Score: Saints 54 - Bucs, a Gentlemans Negative 6.
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2017.11.09 03:42 pottersquash Top 3 & Bottom 53: Saints v. Bucs

Sorry this is late. Was finished Tuesday night, thought I could save to cloud and post at lunch at work but in short OneDrive sucks, long live Google drive
So after the game someone reminded me of my pessimistic views following game 2. I could not see how anyone could believe our team had a shot at the playoffs. We looked bad, we gave up points, our offense of average. I simply did not believe. And frankly, its hard to believe how good we look now. This is different than 2009, 2011 or 2013, the best years in the Sean P Legacy. In 2009 we were a team of destiny, winning games we really had no business winning. I still say Vikes were a better team than us that year, but no one was beating keeping this city from Lombardi that year. In 2011, we were a force of nature with Jimmy & Sproles redefining almost effortlessly how easy it was to march down the field. We knew we could score at will and v. 49ers we did that but learned for first time that even a great O can't overcome mistakes on D. In 2013, we were focused, we were prepared but Seattle redefined how Pass Defense would be played in the new era where the forward pass was king. This is different. This, theres no apparent flaws. I don't know how you stop the Saints now. We have backup guards giving perfectly clean pockets. We have a running game that can run a team down, and we have a D that covers the pass with such precision that I don't know if theres a QB left with the guts and skill to move the ball effectively. And at the end of the day we still have Drew Brees. Skys the limit.

Top 3

1 - Justin Hardee - Its my post and I'll pick who I want to, I'll pick who I want to. Yoooooouuu can too if you write something too!!! This was really a great game for the "lesser" knowns of our team. Sure Kamara will likely win Rookie of the Week but he fumbled the ball and Lattimore had the audacity to allow two passes (he did give up 2, there was a throw to flat for like 3 yards in 4th, it was such an inconsequential throw I understand why Marshon forgot it, but it was in his zone and it was complete) so I get to talk about someone else! Just a great play and one of those things that make you believe you can do anything. Also kudos to whoever for switching up the rush package after the 1st attempted punt was aborted due to a false start. Looks like Bucs defenders got lazy and didn't bother to switch how they blocked it and a slight change made the "guard" think he would have help inside. Nope. Hardee gets free, easy block from a punter who takes way too long winding up. Its good that the Special Teamers get some recognition as it should help the entire team "buy-in" and pay further dividends on Punt Return/Coverage & Kick Return/Coverage.
2 - Andrus Peat - I nearly went LeRibeus here but couldn't really find a reason to say he did better than Kelemente other than fact I've thought LeRibeus has sucked since camp. That said, its been a hilarious meme (at least for me) that Peat is a great guard but seemingly just doesn't like playing Tackle. We he played like he loved it in this game. If you ever doubted that high draft pick, your doubts have been proven wrong. Saints will likely add another OL early in draft next year (unless this Cameron Tom fellow is legit) but we have a wonderful young core to grow on.
3 - Alex Okafor - Really this could have been Williams(, Marcus) or Jordan who also had great games but lets focus on Okafor. Okafor is fast, strong, and a playmaker. I like Kikaha but seeing Kikaha come in for Okafor and the difference is so clear. Rarely does someone out play Jordan (lead team with 1.5 sacks) but Okafor is deserving of special attention. I don't know how you game plan for Jordan, Okafor and Rankins but that's not problem now is it.
Hon. Mentions
C. Fleener may have had his best game as a Saint. Not just in the catches but in the run game. He was moving well and made a number of key blocks. I don't need to tell you V. Bell caused a fumble all by his lonesome. S. Rankins is a quiet force. My gawd. He actually got tripled team on one play. The only play where he didn't get push. I think his spin move is unstoppable...cause surely someone would try right? M. T'eo had the game I always knew was in him. A. Klien showed great awareness and closing speed; what we have always missed from a LB. Dude has just gotten faster than he was earlier in year. Maybe its just learning the D. Props to Nolan for turning out a LB group we can count on. D. Brees makes throws that really should not be possible. Forced to throw off back foot, pressure right in his face a 13 yard out to Fleener, what the hell. They run alot of backside "basically screens" for A. Kamara with a TE or Coleman not running a route but getting ready for a block. Interesting cause it means that's 1 less target for Brees but means dump offs to Kamara are high percentage plays. Very interesting strategy for Sean and trust of his young RB.
M. Lattimore actually got beat by Evans on that one catch and was caught flat footed by some niffy shakes. But I need to figure out how to capture and make gifs cause on the play of the Buc TE fumble he just so flawlessly covers the flat while covering the mid-range man behind. Its the body positioning that is next level. We haven't had a CB this good so I don't know if its a normal thing to always just have your body and feet in the perfect position to respond. It basically enlarges the area of space that a guy can cover. Which by the way, this D is fucking nailing zone coverage. Speaking of P. Williams had some great plays but there was a moment in 4th where he didn't properly do a zone pick up and you can see Lattimore have words. Lattimore and M. Williams as schooling vets on proper zone pick ups. Its fucking amazing.
Lastly, shoutout to C. Banjo who came in for K. Vaccaro and had a solid game. I love it when Special Teamers can give you quality back up minutes. Lets you deactivate a Rafeal Bush and/or carry a Taysom Hill. W. Lutz had an ok game, the block XP was not his fault and I'm not too upset about the long miss. What really gets him Honors is taking a vicious cheap shot block from Bucs LB during the blocked XP that cut his pretty face.

More than a Mention

Micheal Thomas
Thomas reminds me a lot of Colston just in the little bit of extra effort he gives on plays. He isn't the focus of a lot of attention but he seemingly makes an impact every play. And he is so damn supportive. He gets out and blocks for his teammates. He celebrates for his teammates. He does all this while quietly putting up consistent yardage and drawing double teams. On Ginn's deep TD the saftey went to take away Thomas. Its almost unfathomable as to what could make a safety vacate a spot with a Ted Ginn running full speed to offer support to a decently covered Thomas. But he is that good and teams know it. They know if they don't commit the resources to him, Brees will find him. Every so often a LB gets on him in coverage and I don't know if Thomas has a special whistle or something but Brees finds him every time. You have to focus on Thomas or he will destroy you and that lets Ginn get free releases and lets Kamara jog out to the flat with a huge smirk.
And not a fucking peep i.e. usual WR jibber-jabber. Someone once said Wide Receivers are the most dependent person on a football team. They need coach to call a play for them, line the block, QB to see them, other WR to run routes correctly, and only then, are they even capable of making any play. They should be the most humble players but that dependent nature makes them get cocky cause they spend a lot of their time working with no rewards. They know all the time they personally did everything right but their teammates failed them; in turn sometimes when they do succeed they forget it only happen cause their teammates did the work to make it happen. Thomas seems to understand that. He is in it for the team, not self and that quietly lets him be the youngest WR w 6 catches and 60 yards per game (of which there are only six).
Dis. Hon. Mention
Twas J. Hill Missed blocked that got XP blocked. He played great otherwise especially once we lost Terron and he and Hoom had to take over extra OL duties. Hell, I don't know he may have been in on the XP cause of Terron's injury. T. Ginn not only muffed but he fair caught a very returnable ball. Maybe he was given orders to not return, I always felt like Sean did that once we lost Sproles. If it makes you feel better, the deep throw to Ginn that was missed shouldn't have happened cause Ref missed a false start by Ram. At end of day Ginn is hear for that poor poor throwback to TLL, there was space. Makes you wonder why Sean would blow that play in this game at that time. You really only get 1 or 2 Special Team trick plays a year. T. Henderickson finally had a game where I wasn't very impressed...cause tha'ts the standard I have to be at for this game to find negatives.

Bottom 53

51 - Ken Crawley - First off, I love the name Crawdaddy. Second, don't yell at me I literally only have 3 players with negative sentences attached. Here's Kens: The could've/should've taken advantage of some early beats on Crawely by DJax, luckily Winston is trash. That's it. Thats all I could find is our slower more physical CB got beat by the faster, less physical WR, earlier. They adjusted later on and it became a non-issue which is why they started actually throwing it to Evans v. The Marsh.
52 - Craig Robertson - Robertson running into backfield pointing to game clock on zeros is hilarious and the most honorable of mentions cause technically I think that's offside lol. Robertson actually missed a tackle. He is not a machine. That is the 2nd most negative thing I had. It was a good game for Saints.
53 - Willie Snead - Turnover lead to TD. They just don't have a place for him in the Offense right now. Not his fault but if I need a 1st down I want Thomas, Ginn, Kamara, Coleman on field and the 5th guy could be a TE or even Ingram depending on what I'm going for. I just don't need Snead's services at this time and if I did want a fast slot guy, I think I'd kinda want TLL for the gadget play potential. I am actually hoping Sean sticks with him as Punt Returner. Let Ginn focus on his increased role in offense and Snead can focus on his reduced role. Otherwise, just go with TLL or hell lets see if Lattimore can do it. That would be the most "you fucking kidding me" if the kid was also a good punt returner. I think he has the speed, but do you want to risk the hits? Probably not. Whats DeVante Harris up to?
Potters Preview
Bills worried me alot until Thursday night football. I don't know why but I got in my head that they were doing this Green Bay esque buy time, buy time, throw deep to a WR or oh no LeSean is loose! Seeing them play, I am more concern about protecting football and making FGs in the elements. I think we can do both and be successful reports are the weather will be garbage. I think that actually helps our D a little but if it becomes a real slop who the fuck knows. Brees does better in elements than one would think though.
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2017.09.20 03:39 963189_137 Make America Totalitarian Again

“There is no point in using the word 'impossible' to describe something that has clearly happened.”
― Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
"In the entire history of the world, only a slave was required, by law, to be unarmed."
--- 963189_137 (aka Me)
“If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”
--- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

Movies without Hollywood Propaganda that MUST be viewed to Appreciate America's CURRENT PREDICAMENT

Juri Lina's - In the Shadow of Hermes: a Documentary of the Soviet Bolshevik Murder of 60 Million of its Citizens
Hellstorm: Exposing the Real Genocide of Nazi Germany

Make America Totalitarian Again

Totalitarianism Defined:

Government Controls Every Aspect of Life

No privacy or independent organizations (churches, schools, etc)

Political or Financial System Dominates

Family Life

All Powerful Leader

Examples are 'law' as Executive Order; no requirement for Congressional approval Leaders who begin domestic or international war operations without a declaration of war or approval from Congress

List of Recent Executive Orders Passed by President Obama

Executive Order 10990
Allows the Government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.
Executive Order 10995
Allows the government to seize and control the communication media.
Executive Order 10997
Allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals.
Executive Order 11000
Allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.
Executive Order 11004
Allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate and establish new locations for populations.
Executive Order 11921
Allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit, and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when the president declares a state of emergency, Congress cannot review the action for six months.

Dual National Citizens in Leadership and Critical National Security Positions

US Politicians Who Hold Dual US/Israeli Citizenship
Why is it that this is OBVIOUS to me as a citizen but not obvious to our government? Now this article is OLD, the numbers of 'Dual Citizens' in the corridors of power in the United States is so blatantly obscene and sycophantic at this point that any thinking person would KNOW that it is either a joke or our nation has collapsed and been overthrown by a HOSTILE FOREIGN POWER.

Inverted Totalitarian States

There are forms of Totalitarianism that are covert, where the populace thinks it is participating in a 'democracy' when in fact the government bears little resemblance to its guidelines, constitution or charters. These rogue or dark states are called 'Inverted Totalitarian States'.
In Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt by Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco, inverted totalitarianism is described as a system where CORPORATIONS have corrupted and subverted democracy and where economics trumps politics. In inverted totalitarianism, every natural resource and every living being is commodified and exploited to collapse as the citizenry is lulled and manipulated into surrendering their liberties and their participation in government through excess consumerism and sensationalism.

More Signs of a Totalitarian State (Corporate or 'Elected') from Boston Review article by Christopher Lebron.

(I would not have picked on Trump in this situation; I think a more balanced article would have recognized that any of the last 5 presidents could have provided a number of succinct and accurate examples...but those of you who are creative [and old enough to remember] can just 'fill in the blanks as you go, substituting the correct 'example of Totalitarian behavior from ANY of the last presidents in memory. I am afraid America has been TRAGICALLY leaning towards totalitarianism and away from a Constitutional republic for some time.)

Sign 1

Leader Insists on Mass Public Adoration.

In totalitarian states, one of the first features of public life to be deformed is public assembly. In time, all instances of public assembly—artistic, religious, sporting, festive—are recast as celebrations of the leader. To visibly celebrate anything other than the leader—or to publicly rebuke the leader—is apostasy. By now it is well known that President Trump melted down when faced with the plain evidence that his inauguration was poorly attended in comparison with President Obama’s, and when compared to protests the following day. Rather than concede the point and pledge to work hard to gain more of the American people’s affection, he berated the media the next day while presenting himself to the CIA. His defense was that from where he stood, he saw up to 1.5 million attendees, a number the evidence refutes. Such a pointed reaction indicates what we have long known about Trump: he considers his perspective supreme and if he cannot be the center of everyone’s attention, it will be a cause for resentment and anger.

Sign 2

Regime Controls the Truth. Insists on defining 'Truth' via coercion or information control.

Totalitarian regimes insist that they alone know what is true; this official narrative is perfect and closed to debate. Trump’s alarmingly inconsistent relationship with the truth has been apparent for many years and throughout the campaign. Whether it be his bizarre habit of calling journalists pretending to be his own publicist, insisting they erred in a negative opinion about him; or his longstanding refusal to accept that Barack Obama is an American; or his instance that he personally writes all of his own books; or that abortions are not the barbaric spectacle he claimed in the third debate; or that millions of illegal immigrants skewed the popular vote against him, Trump has made clear that he intends whatever he says to be embraced as public doctrine. The day after the trivial debacle over inauguration attendance, Kellyanne Conway gave us a term that will be with us for at least the next four years: alternative facts. In defense of her boss’s inability to face reality, she claimed that Trump’s attendance estimates were an alternative truth. As ludicrous as this is, all Americans should pay close attention. A reader of George Orwell’s 1949 prescient dystopian novel, 1984, will recognize such an innocuous-seeming absurdity as what he calls “newspeak,” an instrument of the state to control all narratives with which it disagrees by perverting the meanings of words.
Every American should begin to ask what, exactly, does it take to make America 'not great'.

Sign 3

Regime Suppresses Knowledge Producers.

Purges of universities, media organizations, think tanks, nonpartisan government administrations, and research institutes are de rigeur under totalitarian regimes. Throughout his campaign, Trump continued to deny the role of human action in climate change, which was resonant with an earlier astounding claim that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by China. One must think carefully about what it takes to offer such a conclusion. Essentially, a leader must have distrust bordering on disdain for scientists to act from the belief that a great many highly educated people in prestigious organizations simply do not know what they are talking about. Since his election, Trump has attempted to silence the EPA, the USDA, the National Park Services, the Department of Health, NOAA, and NASA. He has frozen EPA grants to strangle scientists of funding. He has fired all top administrators in the State Department. He has threatened to defund the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities. His proxy, Bannon, has declared a war on the media. Trump went a step further when he stated that he would seek to “close up” the Internet. “Somebody will say, ‘Oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people,” he scolded. Taken together, this amounts to an all-out assault on the knowledge producers best situated to challenge Trump’s approved narrative.

Sign 4

Regime Invents Common Enemies.

Totalitarian regimes energize their base and forge national unity by emphasizing an “us vs. them” mentality: “If only there weren’t”—fill in the blank: Jews, immigrants, Muslims, blacks, homosexuals—“our country would achieve its intended prosperity.” Trump ran on a campaign of making America great again, an aim he proposed to achieve in large part through mass deportations, bans on Muslim immigrants, violent suppression of black protesters, and a border walls to prevent “rapist” Mexicans from entering the country. While many supposed this to be campaign bombast, Trump has already set about making good on his promises: the wall and immigration bans are already on the table. It is little surprise then that Trump would lay blame for his loss of the popular vote at the feet of immigrants. Apparently unable to accept anything other than complete victory, he returned to a lie he ought to drop in light of its widely-debunked status: that he lost the popular vote by millions because of massive voter fraud perpetrated by “illegal” immigrants. Trump holds this position despite studies showing that voter fraud of the kind he describes is virtually nonexistent in the United States. Nonetheless, by telling his followers that he perceives these “outsiders” to be a threat to the nation, he has in effect signaled that loyalty to him demands mobilizing the nation’s resources to combat this phantom menace.

Sign 5

Leader Is Surrounded by Cronies and Sycophants.

Totalitarian leaders surround themselves with colluders and yes men, whom they often put through extreme tests of loyalty and whom they exile from the inner circle—or worse—at the first sign of disloyalty. Trump is so thin-skinned that it at times strains belief, from his obsessive need to defend the size of his hands to the latest debacle over the size of the inauguration crowds. Leaked reports confirm that he exists largely insulated inside of a bubble of affirmation from yea-sayers—notably his son-in-law, Jared Kushner—and quickly cuts loose those who do not automatically confirm his perspective. Meanwhile, Trump insists that he is billionaire. It may be that he is a Gatsby, but his value or indebtedness is impossible to prove, and he seems committed to never making his taxes public. His domestic and international economic ties are worth knowing—and, per the Emoluments Clause, it is likely he is constitutionally obliged to disclose them. If the Trump administration seeks to reward or punish foreign powers or institutions, the American people must know whether it is because of that national interest or his own bottom line. And this does not even begin to address the degree to which crony capitalism has shaped the contours of Trump’s entire administration. Alt-right hero Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, is most immediately known for his executive role in the ethically bankrupt Breitbart News, but he was previously a principal at worldwide juggernaut Goldman Sachs. Trump went on to nominate former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to the position of secretary of state and Steven Mnuchin to secretary of the Treasury. The latter appointment is especially concerning. Also a former Goldman partner, Mnuchin has been strongly and credibly accused of playing a role in the loss of homes for many Americans during the 2008 housing market crisis. Andy Puzder, Trump’s pick for secretary of labor, was CEO of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. He opposes minimum wage and his company agreed to a $9 million settlement with its store managers for defrauding them of overtime pay. These and other appointments make clear that Trump’s primary interest is not only being surrounded by like-minded powerful men (they are all men except Betsy DeVos, who may or may not make it through confirmation for secretary of education and is also a billionaire) but by socioeconomic equals who have grown rich from the alienated labor of the economically marginal.

Dangers of the Totalitarian State to Its Citizens

Democide Charts:

Democide Defined:
Democide is a term revived and redefined by the political scientist R. J. Rummel as "the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder". ... Rummel explicitly excludes battle deaths in his definition. So any of the following murder totals of the government against its own citizens are without exception unprovoked and against unarmed or lightly armed citizenry.
This chart compares the dead due to battle or war conditions and those murdered by their own government type; Democratic, Authoritarian, or Totalitarian.
This chart shows a person picked at random, born in 1990's, statistical odds of being murdered at their government's hand as compared to a list of contributing factors of death.
This plotted chart shows the murdered/slain in battle of State Regimes broken down by Democide vs War and Rebellion.
More democide references, facts and links from Rummel

Gun Control and the History of Confiscation in Totalitarian States (usually confiscation is instituted just before Democide begins)

Quotes from an original article by 'False Flags, Guns, Democides and Purges' Activist Post. A point of interest in the original article is that not only are Democides at issue but general safety of the populace day to day becomes 'at risk'.
Since the Australian gun ban, armed robberies increased 69%, assaults with guns increased 28%, gun murders increased 19%, and home invasions increased 21%.
In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves against their ethnic-cleansing government, were arrested and exterminated.
In 1929, the former Soviet Union established gun control as a means of controlling the ‘more difficult’ of their citizens. From 1929 to the death of Stalin, 40 million Soviets met an untimely end at the hand of various governmental agencies as they were arrested and exterminated.
After the rise of the Nazis, Germany established their version of gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945...[ ]
After Communist China established gun control in 1935, an estimated 50 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves against their fascist leaders, were arrested and exterminated.
Repeated attempts against the USA to confiscate or cajole citizens to turn in their guns (which were often taken by the US GOV; run across the US/Mexico border; sold to gangs for pennies on the dollar and used in homicides )...
If you are 'looking to prevent gun violence; for fucks sake, don't turn your guns into the 'government' they will only turn around and sell them to gangs in other countries which will increase the criminal murdering spree of drug dealers and the innocent bystanders.
Anyone who doubts that democide is possible in the U.S. has not watched Police State 2000. That documentary features Operation Urban Warrior, a drill where the U.S. military practices going door-to-door, rounding up people in Oakland neighborhoods and forcing them into concentration camps. Actors who took part in the drill yell that they are Americans and have rights while being led to the barbed wire holding areas.
China, another puppet state of the ruling oligarchy, appears to be preparing for war. Will the Chinese modern military and 37,000,000 million males who will find no spouse thanks to barbarous one-child policy [and their encouraging of the abortion of female children] be used against Americans in a Red Dawn scenario?
It is important to realize that governments, including the U.S. government, admit they engage in false flag terror against citizens, as was the case with Operation Northwoods, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Operation Gladio, Pearl Harbor, 1993 World Trade Center, Oklahoma City, USS Liberty, Christmas Day event, 7/7, and the list includes every major event leading to war. We also remember the massacres of Waco and Ruby Ridge and must demand a real plan to stop democide.

Dangers of Increasing Militarization of America Against Her Citizenry

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation...We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

THIS is what a Nation occupied by a hostile foreign power looks like...

This was not a military emergency
This is what a nation occupied by a hostile foreign power looks like
These are not police
And for all you who have 'made it this far'...this is what it sounds like when a hostile foreign nation suggests that you murder your own children. Thank you Slate Magazine and (((William Saletan))) for fighting the good fight for the 'post birth abortion' or infanticide of healthy White babies (see photos).

Casualty of 'War'? Which 'War' was That again?

260 Million Murdered by their Governments?...where is the memorial to the slain?

The late and lamented Rudy Rummel, a professor at the University of Hawaii and the acknowledged expert on the phenomenon of “democide,” estimated that governments murdered more than 260 million human beings in the 20th century alone. That figure excludes — and is six times as large as — military casualties in the century’s wars.

What America can expect next; now that a hostile foreign nation occupies our soil...

When Can A Government Kill Its Own People
USA Holds the Worlds Record for Killing Innocent Civilians
US Cites Legal Decision to Murder Its Own Citizens
Drones Armed With High Energy Lasers Arrive {in US skys} in May 2017
30,000 Drones in American Skies, Civil Liberties in Jeopardy
Censorship Forecasts A 'Purge' Of Dissidents - September 09, 2017

Heads up people, we got incoming...y'all ready for this?

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2017.08.24 03:04 Nas160 Up-to-date Imgur album of all of the currently-known Darlington throwback paint schemes (with a list of drivers in the text)

Click here for the album
Last year someone made an imgur album containing an updated list of the throwback cars for the Darlington race. Well, I decided to do the same this year in a visual format that's more consistent and hopefully convenient for you guys. In each pic I have the car, the paint scheme it's based off, the number, and the series it's in. Initially I'll only have the raw pictures of the cars but I'll adjust every car to the template eventually. I will try my best to keep this up to date as fast as I can. Hope you enjoy!
Last update: 8/25
15 Cup 8/31
51 Cup 8/31
72 Cup 8/31
07 Xfinity 8/31
14 Xfinity 8/31
96 Xfinity 9/1
Cup Series paint schemes:
No. Driver Sponsor Inspiration
1 Jamie McMurray McDonald's Dave Pearson '80
2 Brad Keselowski Miller Genuine Draft Rusty Wallace MGD '91-'95
3 Austin Dillon E15 American Ethanol Dale Earnhardt Sr. Wrangler '82-'87
4 Kevin Harvick Busch Beer 80's Busch branding
5 Kasey Kahne Great Clips Geoff Bodine Levi Garrett '86-'89
6 Trevor Bayne Advocare Mark Martin Stroh Light '87-'89
10 Danica Patrick Ford Credit Dale Jarrett Ford QC/Ford Credit '96-'00
11 Denny Hamlin Sport Clips Ray Hendrick
13 Ty Dillon Geico Smokey Yunick 60's
14 Clint Bowyer Carolina Ford Dealers Mark Martin CFD '88-'90
15 Reed Sorenson Xchange of America Brett Bodine '89
17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Fifth Third Bank Darrell Waltrip Parts America '97
20 Matt Kenseth Circle K Matt Kenseth 1st Xfinity win '98
21 Ryan Blaney Ford/Motorcraft Kyle Petty Citgo '87-'88
22 Joey Logano Shell/Pennzoil Jimmy Vasser '02 IndyCar
23 Corey LaJoie Dr. Pepper Davey Allison Miller '84-'85
24 Chase Elliott NAPA Bill Elliott rookie car '76
31 Ryan Newman Caterpillar Dale Earnhardt Sr. Wrangler '82-'87
32 Matt DiBenedetto Keen Parts Bobby Allison Miller High Life '88
33 Jeffrey Earnhardt Hulu Dale Earnhardt Sr. Lowe's Foods '89
34 Landon Cassill Love's Vintage Love's branding
37 Chris Buescher Cheerios Patty Moise Crisco '88
38 David Ragan Camping World Vintage Camping World branding
42 Kyle Larson CreditOne Bank Kyle Petty Coors Light '95
43 Aric Almirola STP Richard Petty '84
47 AJ Allmendinger Kroger ClickList Terry Labonte Piedmont '84-'86
48 Jimmie Johnson Lowe's Lowe's delivery truck design '86
51 Cody Ware Bubba BurgePray For Texas Cole Trickle/Kyle Petty Mello Yello '90/'91-'94
55 Derrike Cope Mane 'n Tail Derrike Cope Mane 'n Tail '94-'95
66 Carl Long* Unsponsored Darrell Waltrip Route 66 '00 (not running, see below)
72 Cole Whitt Unsponsored Jim Whitt '72-'73
77 Erik Jones 5-Hour Energy "Rookie Class" '84-'89 collage tribute
78 Martin Truex Jr Bass Pro Shops Dale Earnhardt Sr. BPS gold '98
88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Nationwide Dale Earnhardt. Jr. ACDelco '98-'02
95 Michael McDowell WRL General Contractors Alan Kulwicki Quinty's '86 rookie car
*Carl Long recently posted on Facebook that he sadly will not run the DW throwback paint scheme on his car due to financial reasons.
Confirmed non-throwbacks:
18 Kyle Busch - M&M's Caramel (Mars did not want to run a throwback)
19 Daniel Suarez - Arris
27 Paul Menard - Menard's/Dutch Boy
41 Kurt Busch - Monster Energy
66 Carl Long - Unsponsored
83 Gray Gaulding - Champion Machinery
Xfinity Series paint schemes:
No. Driver Sponsor Inspiration
00 Cole Custer Haas Sam Ard '82-'84
07 Bobby Dotter Unsponsored Butch Miller '85-'86
1 Elliott Sadler Armour Vienna Sausage Cale Yarborough Hardee's '83-'86
2 Austin Dillon Rheem Dale Earnhardt Sr. '79-'80
4 Ross Chastain South Carolina Education Lottery Mike Duvall modified 80's
5 Michael Annett TMC Transportation Brad Doty '80s sprint car
7 Justin Allgaier Advance Auto Parts Earnhardt family Mom 'n Pops late models
9 William Byron Liberty University Ricky Hendrick 00's
11 Blake Koch Leaf Filter Darrell Waltrip Budweiser '85-'86
14 JJ Yeley Unsponsored AJ Foyt '86-'87
16 Ryan Reed Lilly Diabetes Alan Kulwicki Zerex '89-'90
18 Denny Hamlin Sport Clips Ray Hendrick
19 Matt Tifft Ron Jon Surf Shop Dale Earnhardt Sr. '77
20 Erik Jones Main St. Bistro Davey Allison Texaco/Havoline '87-'89
21 Daniel Hemric Blue Gate Bank Jeff Green Rockwell Automation '02
23 Spencer Gallagher Allegiant Airlines Michael Waltrip Hawaiian Punch '86
24 Dylan Lupton Nut-Up Industries Jeff Gordon DuPont '92-'00
28 Dakoda Armstrong Cale Yarborough tribute Cale Yarborough Hardee's '83-'86
39 Ryan Sieg Unsponsored Shane Sieg tribute circa '03
40 Timmy Hill Unsponsored Pete Hamilton Plymouth Superbird '70
41 Kevin Harvick Hunt Brother's Pizza Ken Schrader HBP '08
51 Jeremy Clements Unsponsored AJ Foyt '64
52 Joey Gase Agri Supply Jimmy Means (Tim Richmond) Folgers '87
62 Brendan Gaughan NAPA Brendan Gaughan NAPA '02
74 Mike Harmon TBD Red Farmer 60's-70's
90 Brandon Brown Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Dick Trickle Heilig-Meyers '97
96 Ben Kennedy Hurricane Harvey Relief Dale Earnhardt Sr. '78
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2017.05.23 22:16 440k It's That Time Again: Observations from Texans OTAs

Here are the currently collected observations from the first OTA open to media:

First Batch



John Harris' observations have arrived:
  1. There must be something about the number 21 because last year A.J. Bouye put it on during OTAs and he had a banner 2016 campaign. Hopefully, the same can happen with Robert Nelson. Known as Nelly Prime, Nelson changed to 21 this offsesason and made plays all day long. There’s little question that he’s key to the secondary’s continued development. We all know about Kareem Jackson and Johnathan Joseph and the return of Kevin Johnson. This group needs an additional guy to step up and on Tuesday that was Nelson. His speed was evident and like Bouye last year, he was tested consistently. Yet, Nelson stood up to those tests - short, medium and deep.
  2. I’ve told you the story of Shakeel Rashad, a second year player out of North Carolina. He was a graduate of Episcopal School Jacksonville where I coached (I even coached his older brother many years ago) So, yes, I’m truly biased, but if Shak has days like the one on Tuesday, I won’t have to be any more. Rashad got a ton of time with both the first and second groups throughout the day. He made a tremendous read on a screen early in practice then broke up a pass later in the workout. But, his best play was an interception on a pass down the seam. I don’t remember who threw the pass but he attempted to drop to the tight end down the middle of the field and Rashad went up and snatched it out of the year for the pick.
  3. Last week, John McClain said he was anxious to see which relative unknown undrafted player would step up like Bouye and Greg Mancz did in 2016 and Rashad definitely threw his hat in the ring after a solid workout.
  4. As always, this was a competitive workout with players going all out to make plays. Johnathan Joseph, a 12-year veteran, dove to knock down a pass that got his defensive mates completely fired up.
  5. The safety position is certainly one to watch and a player that I’ve been a fan of for years is Kurtis Drummond. At Michigan State, he was one of my favorite players to watch as he had a knack for finding the football and making plays in a talented secondary. He made the 53-man roster as a rookie in 2015, but an injury last year shelved him. However, if he makes plays like he did on Tuesday, it’ll be difficult to keep him off the field again. He had an outstanding pick on a deep ball, a play that he may not have made earlier in his career. He could be a definite player to watch throughout the rest of this offseason.
  6. The quarterbacks had moments throughout the day, both good and bad. What I liked about all of the quarterbacks, though, was the fact that they didn’t just sit and take checkdowns all day long. There were some; don’t get me wrong, but all three quarterbacks threw the ball downfield, repeatedly.
  7. It’s clear that Tom Savage is the most comfortable of the three quarterbacks, having spent the most time in this system. The ball comes out of his hand hot as can be and it is a stern test facing this defense day in and day out. He made a few outstanding throws, especially one on a deep over route to Stephen Anderson, and he made a few throws that he’d like to have back. He’ll make adjustments consistently throughout the next few weeks and as the “game” slows down, he’ll be that much more comfortable.
  8. Brandon Weeden has been the guy lost in the shuffle with all of the talk about Savage and Deshaun Watson but he can sling the rock. He threw some “LASERS” on Tuesday, including a sideline throw to Jaelen Strong that had everyone in the media around me and the defensive players in front of us buzzing. He went to him as a third or fourth read and then smoked one to him as Strong hit the two foot drag for the completion.
  9. Later in the practice, Weeden appeared to get his feet mixed up on the push away from center, opening the wrong way as he dropped. He never lost his eyes, though, on Ryan Griffin down the field. He got turned around, set his feet and then fired a strike for a big gain down the seam.
  10. Watson, as expected, was up and down throughout the day. It’s clear he’s still trying to think his way through the play call, the responsibilities and the execution. But, when it slows down for him, he’s going to be fun to watch. His best throw all day was on a deep crossing route to fellow rookie Zach Conque, the converted quarterback from Stephen F. Austin. I was standing right in line with that throw and Watson had an open window and threw through it to where Conque was headed. He hit Conque in stride and the completion elicited applause from the offensive crew.
  11. One thing I did like with Watson was that he had a decent idea of what he likes or didn’t with his pre-snap reads. There was one play where he was in shotgun and the defensive coverage was man. He liked his receiver in the slot and it was clearly the best matchup of the bunch. He didn’t complete the throw, but it was exactly where he needed to go with that football.
  12. Speaking of Conque, what he is doing, transitioning from a career as a college quarterback to an NFL tight end, is daunting to say the least. However, he has the athleticism to get open and did throughout the day. He has glue sticks for hands and caught nearly everything thrown his way. When the pads go on, he’s going to have to prove he can get separation as he gets jostled and strewn about by linebackers and safeties. But, if he catches the rock as he did, the experiment could be a major success in due time.
  13. Speaking of tight ends, they continue to get plenty of work. Ryan Griffin caught a number of passes from all three quarterbacks and Stephen Anderson has a complete understanding of coverages, which is rare for a young player.
  14. Case and point, the defense showed a disguise to Tom Savage and dropped off and played man post snap. The defense did a pretty good job of showing and then backing out. Anderson, though, spied it and recognized zone right away. He circled up and caught a short option route for five or six yards. If he can do that repeatedly, it will be ultra-valuable for this offense.
  15. One player I studied for a while after I became aware of his signing this offseason was San Diego State rookie safety Malik Smith. He was the leader of a deep and talented San Diego State secondary, starting for three years. But, starting his career in Houston, how can he make a name for himself? What is the best way to get noticed as an undrafted player? Make plays. He may have made one of the best on a crossing route the offense completed when Smith was on the field. Tight end Evan Baylis made a catch on a throw from Watson down the seam but as he was trying to avoid traffic, Smith came over and stripped the ball from him, just picked his pocket clean. The defensive backs went crazy as the defense recovered on the spot. Make plays. Get noticed. Smith certainly did that on that play.
  16. After rookie minicamp, the Texans signed free agent cornerback Bryce Jones from Akron. It’s clear why. He’s so quick out of his breaks to the football, breaking on throws in front of him in a blink. He’s definitely got some moxie and transitional quickness.
  17. He also has a lot to learn. He was matched up in press coverage on DeAndre Hopkins 1-on-1 on the outside late in practice. I happened to look up and see him over there and couldn’t wait to see how he handled it. Let’s just say Jones can learn from more matchups with a receiver that’s faced the best in the league. Hop gave Jones a little stutter step move and lost him at the line of scrimmage. That, though, is exactly what the rookie needs every single day to get better.
  18. Oh man, the Brandon Weeden deep ball to Will Fuller was as pretty as anything we saw all day. Weeden hit Fuller who threw a double move on his defensive back and was free down the field. Fuller never broke stride and took it to the house.
  19. If Riley McCarron, slot receiver type from Iowa, isn’t Wes Welker’s doppelganger on the field, there just isn’t one. Now, I’m not saying he’s going to be Welker, but he wears 83 and has nearly the same height, build and quickness that the former Patriots/Broncos star and now Texans coach possessed.
  20. I’ve mentioned a number of second year players that appeared much more comfortable - Rashad, Fuller, Anderson, in particular. But, the one that probably stood out more than any other was offensive weapon Tyler Ervin. I don’t want to call him a running back, nor do I want to call him a receiver either. He’s the proverbial offensive weapon - the one chess piece that can be used in a much different way than any other in this offensive weaponry. He catches the ball so cleanly when he’s out in routes in the passing game and showed that often on Tuesday. He caught a pass up the left sideline late in practice then hit the gas pedal and was gone. He clearly has a different gear. I talked to him after practice and I kept thinking of the word “comfortable.” Look, it’s one OTA, but that’s how it starts - get comfortable with what the team wants and needs, what you’re supposed to do and quit thinking so much. He looked confident and can be a factor on this team in a number of different ways when healthy.
  21. I saved the best for last - David Quessenberry was back on the practice field for the first time since June 2014. Three full years of treatment, setbacks, victories, grind and the sort weren’t likely on his mind on Tuesday as DQ just wants to give everything he’s got to making this team. But, it certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the media and the people around me. The best thing about it was that he didn’t look out of place in the slightest. He competed in an arena that most of us want no part of and now he gets his shot to make this team. That’s all he’s ever wanted and what a story it is.
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2017.04.30 04:09 CanuckBacon Day 249 - Fruitland, ID to Vale, Oregon - 21 miles - The Other Ontario

I got up a bit late, I unfortunately didn't get to say goodbye to Zoe, Colby, or Rachel but Josh was still there. He actually walked with me across the river and bought me some breakfast at Carl's Jr. It's weird, I've never been to Carl's Jr. before in my life until this week, and I've gone twice. I think I went to a Hardee's on this trip though, which is the same in all but name.
The town in Oregon across the river from Fruitland, Idaho is Ontario. I thought it was funny that I started in Ontario and was then in Ontario, with my Ontario License plate. I've gone back to telling people I started in Toronto, which is really true since I started like an hour outside of Toronto. That's on the other side of the continent from where I am now though, so I doubt people care a whole lot.
About a mile after I started walking a car pulled up and it was Kaelynn from the night before. She asked me where I was heading tonight and I told her Vale since it was about 20 miles away. She told me she knew someone in Vale and she also gave me a Subway gift card that she had told me about yesterday. So as I was busy walking, she was in contact with people in Vale finding me a place to stay for the night.
I got to Vale around 6pm and met Ric and Janeille, as well as their son Noah and their foster son Chip who is only two years old. I took a shower, did some laundry, and they prepared some burgers for dinner. After dinner Janeille showed me around the town.
Vale was a major stopping point along the Oregon trail. It used to be a lot bigger before the interstate was built in Ontario, OR cutting them off a bit. It's got some really cool murals all over town, most of which depict the settlers on the Oregon Trail. In the 1940's Vale also had a Japanese internment camp, some of the Japanese actually stayed in Vale and became farmers/ranchers. Janeille is originally from Vale, though she lived in Florida for a while. Her family lives in Vale and so she took me to meet her parents and showed me their farmlands. She said they used to have 6,000 acres, which to me is just an insane amount of land.
We got back to the house and as I was about to go to sleep Amanda and her husband, who I can't remember the name of, came to the house and talked with me for a bit. Amanda was trying to help me find some places to stay between Vale and Baker City, OR. She just wanted to meet and talk to me a bit before she recommended me to people. It probably wouldn't be too good to tell people to let a stranger who you've never met spend the night at your house. Although that's literally happened to me multiple times on this trip.
Anyway, after they left I went to sleep for real.
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2017.04.19 17:53 oneplusoneoverphi Does anyone know the story behind the homeless guy who stands out by Hardees?

He reliably stands out at Hardees where you turn right onto Price's Fork (which is a pretty damn good spot) every day from ~12 - ~6. Seems like a nice guy, usually has signs for actual items rather than money. For example, he was asking for camping gear a few days ago. I gave him an old tent that I don't use and he seemed very appreciative.
Does anyone know him? I've not seen many homeless people in Blacksburg for this amount of time. It seems like he's been standing out for months now.
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2016.06.11 09:42 RegalLegalEagle The Weight We Carry Ch 18

So you've been asking and I heard! The latest chapter in The Weight We Carry! I got bit by the writing bug earlier this morning and if my strange writing habits weren't so time consuming I'd have it out sooner. As it is I'm posting this and then going to bed! So if there's any glaring mistakes or horrible things I didn't mean to leave in? Well... shit.
My Stories
My Patreon
Previous Chapter
Highway Y outside Eldon, Former Missouri. 9:21 am local time, December 25th 2034.
“This… isn’t… a very… good… Christmas.” I looked over my shoulder with a smirk as I saw Sergeant Huertas pedaling along at the back of the group. Wobbling a little as he kept riding.
“What’s wrong sergeant? Don’t you get enough PT? This is just a nice little ride into town.” I looked ahead up Highway Y as we kept riding. Thankfully it hadn’t snowed since the trucks came through so the road was clear enough for the rest of us to follow on our bikes. Since the attack on Fort Sierra the trucks and cars were all being used to move around supplies and equipment, along with our wounded. The rest of us. Myself included, had two choices for transport. Foot. Or bike.
“It’s… not that… this… hurts… my dick.” The sergeant replied which made the rest of us start laughing and I shook my head a little at his rather honest answer.
“You’ve got to adjust the seat sergeant. Didn’t anyone ever teach you how to properly ride a bike?” I asked then as I looked back to see him huff and puff, his breath coming out in big plumes thanks to the low temperature.
“When I was a kid! Not… for this… ride so… long… your dick… hurts… shit.” I couldn’t help but laugh once again. “In the… fishing village… where I grew up… we drove places.” I thought that over a moment.
“Fishing village? Aren’t you from LA?” I asked and he nodded as he kept pedaling.
“Like I said… the fishing village. Fuck… I didn’t… join the army… for no… goddamn… tour de… Missouri shit.” I kept chuckling even as I shook my head and kept moving. Leave it to Sergeant Huertas to make a long cold bike ride more amusing.
“Come now sergeant. Bicycle corps have a long and storied military history. Starting in the late 1800s. Used by the first commandos of the modern age. The Dutch in South Africa.” I glanced around the group of bike riders around me then. Lewis was to my right, Felon was to my left, and the rest of Alpha around us. I was plenty well protected in this group of resistance soldiers riding their bikes into old Eldon. Might as well give them a little history lesson while we rode.
“The Dutch? Weren’t they known for smoking a lot of pot and growing tulips?” Lewis asked which made me chuckle again.
“Don’t let their modern history fool you. The Dutch once held a massive trade empire spanning the globe. New York as first New Amsterdam, and Australia was New Holland. Though for some reason the Brits didn’t rename New Zealand… Anyway they actually started a lot of modern military ideas. The first marines were Dutch. They raided the English navy at port once. Burned up a lot of ships up the Thames river which would be like… the Cubans sailing up the Mississippi and burning shit in Saint Louis.”
“The Dutch?” Felon asked and I nodded as we kept pedaling along, Huertas wheezing behind us.
“Yep. Then their king… or prince? The monarch of the Netherlands at some point became the king of England and shit went downhill for the Dutch after that. The Brits conquered most of their colonies and they were never the same… But anyway back to bicycle corps. In the…” I paused and tried to remember my years a bit. “A few centuries ago the Dutch settled in South Africa and later the Brits showed up and drove them inland away from the coast. The Netherlands had to give up the colony and they became the independent… Boers. Before you ask no I have no idea what Boers means or why the name change.”
“They called themselves pigs?” Lewis asked and I laughed before shaking my head.
“B-O-E-R-S.” I spelled out. “Like I said. I don’t know the meaning. Anyway, the Brits weren’t satisfied with the coastal towns when they found out about the resources deeper in South Africa… and all of Africa I guess. So they took over. Then the Boers began a resistance campaign that spawned the first modern commandos. Hit and run raids, early IEDs, all sorts of guerilla tactics. It was a brutal and protracted affair. War crimes for both sides involved honestly. But back then they weren’t called war crimes.” I trailed off as we kept riding until Lewis spoke up again.
“So… the bicycle corps?”
“Right.” I nodded as he reminded me. “So one of the best commandos at the time realized that horses take supplies and are pretty easy to spot, and only certain people could have them since they were expensive. But they also had bikes. So what’s faster and easier than walking 20 miles? Biking 20 miles.”
“It ain’t… fuckin… easy…” Huertas panted from the back which made most of us chuckle again.
“I said easier. Easier doesn’t mean easy. Anyway, that’s Eldon up ahead.” I pointed to the buildings ahead of us a ways. “We’re not far now. But yeah… the Dutch were the first marines, and commandos, and created the first bike corps. They were in limited use for decades. Even in World War 2 the Danish had them and later on the Germans used them as they got pushed back into Germany. In fact the Boer commando who came up with the idea was the great great grandfather of… that one… actress…” My words slowed down as I tried to think of her and glanced over at Felon. “You remember her right?”
He just shrugged as he kept riding. “Colonel I have no idea who might be related to an old Dutch commando.”
I sighed out then and slowly shook my head. “Shit…” Was all I could mutter. “That’s going to bug me.” What was her name? I could picture her… she was in that movie about Australia. Driving that big war truck thing around. Fuck! What was the name of that movie? I was getting too damn old. I let out another sigh and shook my head. “I’ll remember in the middle of the night.” I muttered knowing that it would eventually come to me when it was too late.
“We’re coming up on the junction.” Felon pointed out the slight curve in the road where Highway Y would meet 52. As we got closer I began to slow down without really thinking about it before finally coming to a stop at the intersection and looking to my left for oncoming cars. “Sir are you expecting traffic?” I looked over my shoulder at Felon and then laughed as I started to get riding down the road as we turned right.
“Old habits.” I answered with a shrug. On either side of us snow was piled up around the old abandoned houses. Most of them had Christmas decorations still up from the invasion all those years ago. Up ahead on the right I spotted some of our trucks parked in front of the old dollar store. “You can finally give your dick some rest Huertas.” I called over my shoulder to a wheezing reply.
“Thank Christ!” I chuckled again and looked over to Felon.
“Get them warmed up and fed. I’m heading down the road a bit to the bank across from that… Gas station with the… what was it? Mobster’s pizza?” I was about to continue when I heard Huertas cry out.
“Don’t mention pizza! Fuck! I’d… I’d fuckin… kill… for a big… greasy… pepperoni… fuck.” Felon just shook his head at that.
“With cheese in the crust?”
“Beer! Beer in the crust!” Huertas called back as I frowned.
“How’s the supposed to work?”
“Science! Fuck… I dunno… just… give me… a way… to eat… greasy pizza… and get drunk… at the same time…” He was trying to stand up a bit as he rode now, one hand adjusting his pants as I heard him mutter something about “cojones.”
“Well they won’t have that here.” Felon called back. “Just soy sludge and hot porridge probably. Warm you right up Huertas don’t you worry.” Most of the soldiers pulled off then to stop in the old parking lot of the general store while Lewis and I continued on.
“They used to have a lot of gas stations didn’t they?” Lewis asked as we rode on and I nodded as we past several local places with gas pumps out front. I could see the old sign for McDonalds further down. By now the golden arches had faded to a pale yellow white. There were still some old cars in the parking lot. The snow covering everything but the tops of the windows and their roofs, their paint stripped from years of neglect. Diagonal from the fast food place was the birck building of the bank and there were more of our trucks out front.
Lewis and I rode up onto the sidewalk then and dismounted our bikes, leaning them against the building as we headed inside. Sergeant Jackson nodded to me as we entered and I let out a happy sigh as I saw an oil drum someone had dragged to the middle of the big room and set a fire in. I walked towards it, glancing up at the ceiling to see it was already blackened from the smoke. But without a fireplace or a heater this was simply how we had to keep warm. Rubbing my hands together after removing my gloves I held them up before the fire and looked around.
All the old desks had been removed or shoved to the side and I could see Reed off in the bank’s small vault with a clipboard in hand. We were storing some of our gear and intel around the town until we could get a new camp. The most important stuff would go into bank vaults. Besides Reed there was Jackson and the rest of Bravo scattered around the place. I’m sure some were up on the second floor keeping watch, but only Lewis and I were huddled around the oil drum fire for now. When Reed finally finished with her checklist she walked out of the vault and over to us.
“Sir, have a nice ride through the snow?” She smirked a bit and I gave a snort. Reed was a good officer. I gave her credit for being so professional despite our resistance conditions. I always felt she was a bit too stern and formal with the soldiers though. She was relaxed and casual when it was just me and Lewis but she held very strictly to the old separation of the enlisted from the officers.
“I did, but Sergeant Huertas was having some problems with his seat.” She just shook her head and rolled her eyes before she went on.
“So, we’ve gotten most of our things stashed through the town. You and Alpha were the last to make it down off the mountain. I got word from Piven that the gun bunnies made it to Barnett. His guns are stashed around Rocky Mountain and we’re going to have to hope the aliens don’t find them.” I nodded at that. We barely had time to get out of the Ozarks before the Unity brought in heavy reinforcements so getting the howitzers hooked up and towed would have been nearly impossible.
“What about Hatchet?” I asked and she pointed to a map up on the wall of the area.
“Same as last report. Unity forces are heading northwest from the remains of Fort Sierra to Versailles.” She was about to continue when Lewis spoke up.
“Is that how you say it? I’ve been pronouncing it ver-sails this whole time.” Both Reed and I laughed at that for a moment.
“It’s French.” I informed him and he frowned.
“The French settled there?” He asked and I shook my head. Sometimes I forgot how little history the kids these days knew.
“No it’s just a name. We’ve got a long proud history of stealing names from other places for use here. Like… Paris Texas.”
“West of us is Warsaw.” Reed added. “North up the 87 is California.” I laughed at that.
“Yeah Missouri has Warsaw, Versailles, and California… and… isn’t there a Nevada here too?” I asked and Reed nodded. “Then… Pittsburg?”
“No that’s on the Kansas side.” She mentioned and I nodded.
“Well I know there’s a Moscow Idaho. And Dublin California.” I listed off.
“New York New York Las Vegas Nevada.” Reed added but I just snorted.
“That’s a casino it’s not the same.” She shrugged and then wagged a finger at me.
“But we’ve also got some pretty original names too like Knob Noster.” I laughed as she reminded me about that.
“Oh yes that’s right. Over near Whiteman airforce base… I never did find out what a Noster is or why it has a knob.” I sighed and shook my head slowly before shrugging. “I just hope that it confused the aliens too while they were invading. So back to Hatchet. They’re moving up and away from us even now? Has he been drawing them up?” I asked and Reed shook her head.
“He’s only instigated minor hit and run raids on convoys for supplies but they’ve been scattered all across from 135 to 52.” She pointed at the highways on the map. “And they’re already moving past his position. They’ve got a heavy presence and they’re searching the town itself but they aren’t really stopping for long. Oh and he said you wanted to know about anything unusual? Two nights ago in one of the camps the dogs went… as he phrased it. Nuts.” I arched a brow at that and she handed me the radio transcript.
Hatchet reported that the trained dogs in the camp began acting strangely shortly after sunset. They would growl at the woods but wouldn’t bark and often would try to pull their handlers away from the edge of the camp and closer to the center. In fact all the dogs formed a ring at the center of the camp that night and didn’t sleep but kept an alert and vigilant pose as he put it. Several combat patrols were made that night but no contact was made and no trace of Unity hostiles were found. I shook my head as he described their behavior just like Reed said, as nuts. “That was two nights ago? Nothing since?” She shook her head as I rubbed my chin.
“We haven’t had time to properly interrogate the pilot either. We’ve got her down the street in the Hardee’s freezer.” I glanced up at Reed then and frowned trying to place the name.
“Is that… the Arby’s out here?” I asked and it was Reed’s turn to frown before she realized what I meant and shook her head.
“No, Arby’s is just Arby’s. You’re thinking of Carl’s Junior. I forget sometimes you’re from the west coast.” I just groaned a little and sighed.
“Well damn. Earlier Huertas was talking about greasy pepperoni pizza and now I just made myself think of a big fat ham and cheese sandwich. I guess I’m just hungry. Was Carl’s Junior… Hardee’s the one that had that special that was just a big pile of french fries covered in cheese and bacon?” I asked and heard Lewis groan a little.
“Would you stop with the food? I’m hungry too.” Reed smirked then.
“I can help you two with that problem. Even get you a ham and cheese.” She nodded at me before looking over at Jackson. “Sergeant Jackson. Go get some sandwiches from upstairs.” The Sergeant nodded and headed into the back of the bank to get upstairs as she explained. “We’ve been picking up some goodies from the farms around Jeff. Including ham and cheese.”
I was feeling greedy and couldn’t stop myself before asking. “What kind of bread?”
“Rye I think.” I got my hopes up for a moment. “Just the light one. Not marbled.” I let out a disappointed grunt and shrugged.
“I really shouldn’t get my hopes up. But one day. One day I swear I will have a Reuben again.” Reed chuckled as I said that.
“For a west coast boy you always go on about Reubens. You sure you’re not from New York?” I scoffed as she asked that.
“You act like marbled rye and pastrami is somehow exclusive to the east coast, when they got it from eastern Europe so really you’re just denying yourself the culinary splendor that makes up America.” She smirked at that. “Anyway it’s about where you find it. We moved around a lot when I was a kid but I always could find a Jewish or Russian deli with good rye bread. It was so much more flavorful than that enriched white bread crap in the stores.” I thought it over for a moment then and shrugged. “But I guess now all bread has to be pretty fresh. Not like I can just walk into a supermarket and pick up a loaf of Wonder bread.”
“The Unity provisioning centers usually have some form of bread.” Lewis mentioned. “But… I don’t think I ever got anything that wasn’t a few days old and pretty stale.
“Well you’re in for a treat today.” Reed mentioned as Jackson came back out with a brown paper bag. He opened it up and handed me a hot sandwich wrapped in deli paper and I couldn’t help but let out a soft groan.
“Oh it’s hot… Just what I needed after riding 10 miles uphill through the snow.” I started to unwrap my sandwich as Lewis chimed in.
“Sir, it was actually more like 5 miles downhill.” I just glanced over at him while he unwrapped his own sandwich until I caught his attention and he looked at me.
“Lewis, would you like to go back outside in the cold Missouri winter and ride 5 miles uphill and then 5 miles back down? Or would you like to just agree with your commanding officer and eat a hot ham and cheese sandwich?” He stared back at me for a few seconds before quickly raising his sandwich to take a large bite, as if I was about to take it from him. “That’s what I thought.” Was all I said and looked down at my meal. It was warm but not really toasted. Not like I cared. Light rye, thick slabs of ham, and also thick slices of what looked like very pale yellow cheddar. Without mass production and consumer demand cheese had stopped being orange.
As I took a bite I kept it small, not wanting to eat too fast or choke on a big chunk. But I nearly went back on that idea as I could taste how damn fresh it all was. One of the benefits of getting supplies from the local farms.Which made me pause for a moment. But I kept chewing and swallowed before speaking. “How did they get fresh rye at this time of year? It’s late December and there’s no crops growing.” I looked at Reed who frowned and then shrugged.
“I’m… not sure? I’m sure they had some stored away for the bread.” I thought that over for a moment as I looked at my sandwich.
I glanced at Lewis who was still chomping down big mouthfulls of sandwich, then Jackson past him. “Did you have one?” He nodded.
“Yes, sir. Why?”
I looked back to Reed. “Did anyone get sick?” She looked confused and shook her head. “No? Is this a trustworthy farm?” Switching back over I saw Jackson who seemed to catch on.
“Yes, sir it is. They’ve always been good about providing supplies for the resistance. I know the rye crop is over but it’s just a grain. I’m sure they had some stored away for bread like this.” I nodded slowly and then shrugged before dismissing that thought.
“Just an old man being paranoid I guess. Lord knows I’m no farmer.” I sighed as I realized that a life of being a spy master had corrupted me permanently and this was just one of the more minor ways. I went back to taking small manageable bites of my sandwich and then had to keep from spitting some out when I looked over to see Lewis with his cheeks bulging. I choked down my current bite and spoke. “I had no idea you were this hungry Lewis.”
When he looked at me he just tried to say something but all I could hear was a muffled collection of sounds that meant nothing to me. “Well try not to choke to death. I’d hate to train a new orderly.” I looked past Jackson and nodded at him. “More in the bag?”
“Yes, sir. I was warming them up to take over to the guards at the Hardees. Got a thermos of hot soy sludge in there too.” I reached out for the bag then which he handed over.
“I’ll take it over. I need to talk to the prisoner anyway.” Jackson nodded and began to head for the door when I spoke again. “I didn’t ask for an escort sergeant.” He looked back at me then seeming surprised.
“You should have an escort sir. We’re not in a secure camp.” I snorted at that.
“The nearest Unity forces are supposed to be miles away. And we’re in the center of Eldon. We have sentinels on all the roads. You think I’m in danger walking… what, 200 feet?” The Sergeant shrugged.
“I still think you should have an escort sir.” I glanced over at Reed who shrugged so I then copied the movement and shrugged as well.
“Doesn’t hurt I guess. I must really be showing my age for a young man to offer and help me cross the road.” I smiled and he did as well but the lack of laughter cut a bit deeper than I’d figured it would. We headed outside and I shivered a little at the change in temperature once we were outside. “Did you want to talk to me in private? Is that why you felt the need to escort me?” I asked but the sergeant just glanced over and shook his head. Was I really looking that old and feeble these days? I just rode a bike five miles through snowy roads… I shrugged it off then and kept walking.
The old fast food place was ahead of us past yet another gas station. The once bright and colorful signs faded and worn. I could barely make out a sign about some sort of new hamburger with ham on it and snorted a little. One of Jackson’s men nodded to us from the window as we walked around the structure to the entrance. Inside it was still pretty cold, but not nearly as bad as outside. One of them had a fire going inside one of the ovens.
“Brought you guys some chow.” I mentioned and the soldiers approached, thanking me as I handed out the still warm sandwiches followed by the thermos. I took another few bites of my sandwich as I waited for them each to get a cup full of hot soy sludge and then took the thermos as they handed it back. “The prisoner talkative?”
“Lizzie? She answers questions. Doesn’t venture much on her own except complaints.” One of the soldiers answered me. A corporal based on the smiley face patches on his gear. Just how did that start again? I wish I could remember. How much could I not remember today? I frowned a little and tried to clear my head as something caught up with my brain.
“Lizzie? You guys named her Lizzie? As in… Lizzie the lizard?” I asked and they chuckled.
“That’s her name. It’s on her documents.” Jackson informed me.
“She named herself Lizzie?” I asked then and he shrugged.
“Someone named her Lizzie. That’s all I know for sure.” That made me think for a minute as I just shifted and shook my head.
“See this is why I don’t trust the Isoren. Bregnan have names that sound like you’re coughing up phlegm. The Rekanta don’t even have real names that I can tell. They just have their rank and then a number. But Isoren? They have suspiciously human names. I don’t like it.” I shrugged then and headed to the back of the restaurant. The freezer was pretty easy to spot, as was the icepick they were using to keep it locked shut. I removed the ice pick from the handle and opened it up.
Inside was our captured alien pilot. The reptile was bundled up in thermals and a parka, and ski pants and was still shivering visibly when I saw her. She was just standing in the middle of the room shivering and clutching herself in the cold. “Oh hell you look like a popsicle. Come out here.” I waved her forward and the alien quickly stepped out and then feeling the heat from the oven stood in front of it close enough that I thought she might burn herself on it but clearly the alien wanted the heat.
I stepped into the freezer then and noticed it was about as cold as the outside. “Ah right even without power it’s insulated. Probably kept all the heat from the oven out. Sorry about that. I’m the one who told my men to keep you someplace secure. But that’s not necessary now.” I mentioned and closed the freezer door. I glanced over at Jackson and his men clustered around the old counter as I waved them away to give me and the alien some space.
Jackson nodded and motioned for his men to head closer to the front of the seating area. I handed the thermos to Lizzie then. “Soy sludge.” I said simply and she unfastened the cap so quick I thought she might have just ripped it off before she tilted her head back and started to chug it down. I was about to reach out and try to stop her as I saw the steam coming off the dark liquid but even as I heard her whimper she kept drinking until it was all gone. After that she was shivering less but handed the thermos back, her tongue hanging out a bit as she looked to be in pain.
“Burn your tongue?” She nodded at my question and I just sighed. “Wait here.” I set the sandwich bag on the counter along with my own sandwich and walked outside, scooping up a bit of what looked to be clean snow and walked back inside to press it into her hand. “Suck on some of this.”
The alien looked at the snow as if she’d never dealt with it before. Perhaps she hadn’t. Then she put some in her mouth and we stood there in silence as she seemed to work it around before nodding. “Maybe not burn… just felt very hot.”
“Well I’m sure with how you were shivering in there it’s a hell of a temperature difference to suddenly chug hot sludge like that. Are you hungry?” She nodded then and I was about to tear my sandwich in half when I paused. “Can you eat cheese? Dairy?”
She nodded to that as well. “Given treatment after conquest. Is good source for fat. Need more fat. Cold planet.” I smirked a bit at that and finished tearing my sandwich apart to hand her half. She glanced at it, then me and I took a bite of mine before she began to eat what I’d given her. Once more we just stood there, but now we quietly ate our sandwiches. She finished hers first and waited for me to finish before speaking again. “You said needed to be keep secure. No longer?”
“Well, you’re still our prisoner. But your friends didn’t come looking for you like I thought they would. Hell they didn’t even slow down. They just raced off chasing that Chimera of yours.” She eyed me carefully and I knew she didn’t want to talk about that stuff but I was no longer interested in the fast and sloppy route. “Still hungry?” I asked and she looked a bit confused but nodded once more.
I walked back to the counter for the sandwich bag, just one left so I pulled it out and crumpled up the paper bag they’d been in. I tore it in half just like the other and then reached out with half in either hand. “Which one?” I asked and she hesitantly reached for the one in my left. So she favored her right. I was curious if aliens were lefties or righties and so far I’d seen they were mostly righties. The Bregnan at any rate. I wondered if that meant anything.
This time as she ate I spoke. “Do you have any special dietary needs? We take multi-vitamins to make up for certain deficiencies in what food we can get. I can show you what’s in them. I’m not very familiar with Isoren diet.” The alien pilot studied me carefully and shook her head slowly as she chewed, then swallowed before speaking up.
“No… should be fine with human food. Maybe more… mmhhh… plants?”
“Vegetables and fruit?” I ventured which made her nod. “They’re not as easy to come by in the winter. Hence the vitamins. We’ve got lots of those. Before the invasion people were concerned about eating healthy. We had so much food to eat most of it was very tasty but bad for our health in large amounts. But since it tasted so much better we kept eating it.” I chuckled a little but watched the alien to see if there was any reaction.
“This I was told. Seems so strange… before we get too heavy. Too… mmhh.. Fat. They reduce rations. Why did you not simply reduce rations?” That was interesting. So a pilot had rations? The Unity wasn’t starving. Military habit? I’d find out in time.
“We were free to eat what we wanted. We were successful enough to get fruits and vegetables in any season. But… not any more.” I shrugged. “We’ll see if you can take our multi-vitamins.”
She watched me as she ate a bit more of the sandwich and I took a bite of my half, waiting for her to initiate this time. “So… I am prisoner. But you share food with me? You do not bind me?” I nodded at that. “This is… not as I was told.”
“Have you been treated alright?” I asked then.
“Cold… coldest in that… room.” She nodded past me at the freezer. “But past few nights… not hurt. Fed when able… allowed to wear warmth.” She touched the front of her parka with her free hand. “I thought… maybe just waiting until done running. Thought that room was start. A room to freeze me if I did not talk. But you say mistake?” I nodded.
“Just a simple mistake. I told them to keep you secure. And that room is very secure. It’s just… also cold.” I shrugged.
“I thought… punishment. For not answering questions.” I looked over at Jackson and the other three sitting in one of the old booths up front, talking and drinking their cups of soy sludge.
“Did they ask you questions?” When I glanced back at the alien she was shaking her head.
“So… why would we be punishing you for not answering questions we didn’t ask you?” The pilot frowned at that and slowly shrugged. I was curious if shrugging like that was natural to them or learned from us. “Well, no more cold rooms. Soon we’ll move to the houses for the day. Not sure how long we’ll be here. If you keep behaving things should go pretty smooth. Then maybe we can send you home when the fighting dies down.” I shrugged and tried to seem non committal but the alien seemed confused.
“Not here now to… barbecue me for information?” I frowned at that and then laughed.
“Grill you? No. No I wanted to make sure you were fed and doing alright. I’ll have questions later. I don’t know much about the Isoren. All the Unity says is you’re faithful servants. Like the Bregnan.” I made sure not to smile when the alien let out a hiss.
“Not like them! They are brutes! No manners! Too aggressive. We are better. More useful. More civilized.” I raised my hands then.
“Hey that’s only what we heard from the Unity. They don’t tell us much.” She got quiet at that and seemed thoughtful. “I’ll talk with you later Lizzie.”
“Wait… that is all? No… questions about Chimera?” She asked and I shook my head.
“Nope. It’s moved on. I’m more interested in you. Your kind. If you need something let them know.” I pointed to the soldiers up front. “If you get cold where they set up for the day tell them. They’ll find you more blankets, or get a fire going. Just tell them.” I nodded and turned to leave, motioning for Jackson who got up from the booth to walk over to me. I stepped outside with him before talking. “You trust your men to watch her?”
He nodded. “Yes sir I do.”
“Good. Tell them to keep a light touch with this one. Treat her well. Be gentle but firm. She can’t just wander off but don’t tie her down. Keep someone up at all times at night to make sure she doesn’t escape but no interrogation, no mistreatment. They’re free to talk to her. But simple questions only. Nothing about Unity forces or their military. Okay?” He nodded once more and I gave his shoulder a pat as he headed back inside to talk to his men.
While he was in there I briefly considered heading back to the bank on my own without him as an escort but figured I’d just wait. Didn’t make sense to possibly annoy him over something so trivial. When he came back outside we went crunching back through the snow towards the bank. “How was the fight for the supermarket crossroads back at Fort Sierra?” I asked then, realizing I hadn’t done much after action work yet since I’d been so busy with the evacuation and then hiding in the woods.
“Surprisingly easy sir. By the time they started to retreat we were well entrenched and Zeus just moved the barrage up along their path. Did we ever get a final count of the hostiles sir?” I shook my head at that.
“No we were moving out of there too quick. Best guess is around a buck twenty.”
“What about our own casualties sir?” That made me sigh softly. Besides hiding out in the woods these last few days I’d also been carving stars into rocks to honor our dead.
“We got off light. Final count was 34 dead. About the same seriously wounded. We caught them by surprise and hit them hard as we could. You know as well as I how poorly the Bregnan do in an ambush. Especially when they’re outnumbered. Their only instinct is to charge. They’re too used to having the upper hand.” He nodded at that. We’d seen them charge head first into kill zones. The Bregnan were not tacticians. They were bred to charge it seemed. So charge they did.
“Sort of sucks to think that even if we always could kill them three to one there might not be enough of us left.” I nodded as he said that. It was a sobering thought. As we approached the bank I saw a third bike stacked next to mine and Lewis’. When we headed inside it wasn’t much of a mystery to see who it belonged to.
“Master Sergeant Felon. Has Sergeant Huertas’ ass managed to recover from his earlier ordeal?” I asked as Felon laughed.
“Yes, sir I do believe he has. At least enough to stop complaining and start eating.” I smirked at that and nodded. “Either way sir I found us a house Lewis, you, and I can camp out in today.” I nodded at that. Felon was more or less my bodyguard when he wasn’t commanding Alpha.
“Alright well let's go take a look then. Major Reed has he told you where we’ll be?” I looked past him at the Major and she nodded.
“It’s down the street a bit. Not too far at all. If I need you or hear anything I’ll send someone down. Plus Lewis has his radio if things require breaking radio silence.” I nodded then and motioned for Lewis who tipped a cup he was holding up to his mouth to quickly gulp the contents before he stepped back outside with Felon and me. Felon got his bike but was just walking it rather than riding it.
“The snow down the street makes it a bit too hard to ride. We didn’t want to drive our trucks further into town in case a Unity patrol rolls down the highway. It’s not too bad though just a few blocks. I’m sure you’ll love it sir. You’ll fit right in.” I frowned as he said that and tried to think about what was down this road.
“You’re not trying to take me to the funeral home are you?” I asked which made him laugh.
“No sir. You’re not dead yet are you?”
“I most certainly am not. Sergeant Jackson thought I looked so old and frail though he did walk me down the street.” I let out a grumpy harumph which made Felon laugh again while we walked our bikes along the old snow covered street. I looked around as we walked along. Past an old church, then a career center, then a fire station, then another church. Looking back I never understood why we had so many churches. Then again why did we have so many gas stations? Everyone liked their own particular brand I guess.
We passed the funeral home and I glanced over at Felon. “We’ve passed a few houses Felon. Where are we going?”
“Just up ahead. Across from that boat.” When he pointed I squinted to see a boat sticking up out of the snow half a block up. It looked like at one point it had been covered in a tarp but the tarp was torn to shreds and the boat itself didn’t look much better. When I saw the house we were approaching I scoffed a little, looking up at it.
“Did you just find the biggest fanciest house in the area?” I asked as I looked up at the big columns out front and the Christmas decorations littered all over the place.
“Yes, Sir I did. I figure the nicer houses are built better. Besides it’s got a fireplace.” He pointed to the chimney.
“They’ve all got fireplaces.” I replied as I waved my arm around the neighborhood. But either way we were soon walking up the path past the little statue in the front yard sticking up out of the snow and up the brick steps to the front door. I knocked and the other two just stared at me for a moment as I sighed. “Old habits.” I repeated again and tried the door which opened with a loud ominous horror movie creak. But inside was dark and quiet.
“Anyone home?” I called out but got no reply so I knocked my boots against the door frame to try and knock most of the snow off and stepped inside. To the right in the corner was the skeletal remains of a Christmas tree. I sighed heavily as I saw the presents arrayed around the bottom. Still wrapped, but now covered in dust and dead Christmas tree.
“You always call that out when we enter an old house like this.” Felon mentioned as he stepped past me. “Has anyone ever answered?”
“Not yet.” I replied with a shrug.
“Look at this one.” Lewis pointed at one of the presents which was very sloppily wrapped. Whoever had covered it looked like they’d used one giant piece and just wrapped the boxy contents in it, folding it at odd angles and using a giant piece of tape to hold it all in place. Felon picked it up.
“Ah shit… it’s just made out to dad.” I shook my head slowly then as I walked further into the house, glancing at the pictures at the walls. The people were smiling and happy. Were any of them still alive?
“Open it.” Lewis was saying behind me.
“Open it. They clearly aren’t coming back for it.” I heard the tearing of wrapper paper followed by Felon’s surprised gasp.
“No way!” I looked back and frowned as I tried to see what the box was he had in his hands. “It’s the complete blu-ray set! The original trilogy, the prequels, and the new stuff! Look!” He held the box out towards me. “It’s the one with the unmolested original trilogy at that!” I arched a brow as I tried to piece that together.
“Yeah you know, like it was originally aired! Without all that bullshit CGI stuff they added later. Thanks George.” He muttered that last phrase sarcastically.
“Are the stand alones on there?” I asked but he shook his head.
“Nah just the core.”
“Well it’s still not a bad find.” I replied before seeing Lewis’ confused face. “Wait… you’ve got no idea what we’re talking about do you?” He just shrugged and I began to look around. “Leo see if the power still works. Lets find the TV. Lewis here hasn’t seen this glorious masterpiece of science fantasy before! We need to correct that.” Felon snapped off a salute to that.
“Sir yes sir!” He said before heading deeper into the house, the boxset held tight in his hands as if he was afraid he’d lose it.
“Lewis head back up to the general store and requisition us snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. You’ve got…” I tried to do some mental math. “Somewhere between 18 and 24 hours of movies for us to get through.”
“What?” He stood there looking even more confused at me. “But… aren’t you worried about Unity or… planning our next move or something?” I was about to reply when there was a loud clack from somewhere in the back and the lights flickered to life around us. So I just lifted my hands to the ceiling,
“It’s Christmas Lewis and we’ve just been handed a miracle! So go get some food and prepare yourself for a spectacle of Hollywood entertainment! You’ve missed out on some of our finest cinema! It’s time to correct that and show you some of what we’re fighting for!” He snorted at that.
“Movies? I think fighting for our freedom is pretty damn important sir.”
“It most certainly is. And that includes our freedom to make movies! So get.” I waved him out the door and then went to find Felon and the house’s TV. I knew I was being a bit selfish, especially with Unity forces just a few miles down the road. But if they headed our way Reed would warn me. And I couldn’t remember the last time I’d sat down and just watched a movie. Maybe this Christmas wasn’t going to be so bad.
Next Chapter
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2015.07.26 02:29 Y_arisk My first talk about my Nmom

Now some previous info; my dad is dead. My dad died when I was 3.
NMom had me when she was 16. Now why she didn't abort me is beyond me.
I was raised by her alone, now the issue for me is once I turned 15 I started "hanging out" with other people (I was living with them) and the people I was living with were better than her, though in her mind having a degree that was basically just vanity unless you got a PhD in it so you could teach it. (since then my mother has gotten another degree). I got my GED at 15 because I was moving to another country.
Now NMom has always been in the habit of pinning everyone against her. the story has always been as follows, NMom as a kid was abused by her step father and she has always been mad about this, and because her Mother didn't stop him she resents her. NMom as always put the thoughts of everyone has a reason for being nice to you, everyone has a reason to do anything, and everyone wants something from "us". NMom always made this clear to me, when I turned 15 I lived in another country while she got a worthwhile degree so she could actually work. I found the occupy movement, now at the time I couldn't give 2 shits about it, later on I did but I loved the people in it. They were honest, they didn't want anything from me other than to keep my shit in my tent and help out, basic things, I loved it, they didn't want money, they cared if someone harassed me and defended me.
3 months later NMom came to Camp Occupy Wellington, to see me with her 19 year old boyfriend, whom was abusing me, NMom wanted to make sure I was okay, didn't give a shit I was gone for 3 months but now noticed that I was gone and saw me on the street getting food. She didn't ask me to come back but asked if I was okay. I thought it was sweet but I was told that after I had gone to get more gas for the stove she was looking through my tent, which only has a bag of clothes, my passport, and my sleeping bag.
After a while the occupy movement started becoming a hobo camp outside the courthouse. So I left, I went back home but shit started to go down at home, basically: I left for three months and now I came back while it was still going on so I wasn't really a activist. So I took what little savings I had and started hanging out at a computer cafe and playing games almost 16 hours a day, I raked up some pretty heavy Gmod time.
Now fast forward a few months, my visa had expired so I needed to leave. I took my stuff and lived with my grandpa whom I hadn't seen since I was 8 and lived with him for a year. During this time my mother had been living off of the social security that I got since my father had died.
Year is over, I have to move back with my mother, just a fresh faced soon to be 16 year old, who knew how to drive and needed a break from stuff. I got to the airport and I get picked up by a family friend whom was an hour late but the snow was pretty damn heavy. We get to what I assume his my NMother's apartment but found out she is living with Family friend and was going to go back to Wellington in about 6 months. fun. I get brought across the country just to get a time limit on where I am staying, I take it like anyone would, provided they were depressed as hell, I just accepted it. My NMother got me a temp job at a place that makes giant gummy bears with her and then quit a week later. I get my first paycheck, for 10.75 an hour working 45 hours for the first time was amazing. snag she takes half my paycheck for "rent".
She doesn't pay rent. what. okay... I accept. moving on.
So with my paycheck we get some clothes since I had grown out of what I had owned. got a new coat, shoes, pants, cool stuff. Then we got a back account under my name, but linked to hers. Keep this in mind.
So after this I get another job at a Hardees, (Carl's Jr for west coast people) and I work there for about 3 more months and I get the news from NMom that her visa is complete and she is taking a flight out next month. NMom convinces me to move out of family friend's house and move to an apartment with some guys she met off craigslist, god knows how she did that. We move me in with Korean and Brazilian and never mention my age. Now 16 3/4ths working at a hardees for minimum wage. I start going to a local college because I got my GED at 15.
I live here for a while, I start getting charges on my bank account that takes rent away and takes my savings as well. roughly 600 dollars at a time, I pay them off from another account and start making fraud claims with my bank telling them I am not making these charges. They then inform me that the charges are coming from a bank account connected to mine, NMother. I try getting in contact with her about the charges and talking to my grandmother to get her to contact her, grandmother has 100% success while I have 0%. Grandmother informs me that Nmom is getting charges from local bus company that uses a card that needs to be hit once on and once off, she gets all the charges from those who don't "snap off", sounds smelly.
During the following I start to get a girlfriend and move in with her.
Now I asked my NMother to remove the empty bank card off of auto pay features, and start writing down how much money is getting removed.
The price of one Ipad Mini removed from my bank account, called grandmother, asked NMOM to remove card once again.
The Price of one Iphone 4S (new at the time) removed from my bank account, called grandmother, asked NMOM to cut card.
The price of a Mac book Air removed from bank account. Called grandmother, then called mother and told her to cut the card.
btw, my grandmother has control of my college fund and is paying me back with the college fund so I can pay rent.
At this point I am living with girlfriend and friend, things are going well NMom isn't charging 400-2000 dollars to the account. I live like this for a year. A nice year at that. Then I get a call from NMom telling me to pick her up from the airport and let her stay in newly empty friends room. I agree as long as she pays 1/3rd rent. She agrees, she came near the middle of the month so I don't charge her. She gets a job at local university book store and has enough money to pay rent. I ask her for rent on the 3rd, "wait until the afternoon", ask to pay on the 4th, "I'm tired", 5th (last day before late fees) "take my card and go get it". fucking finally. Now Girlfriend and mother have been at ends of each other for the last month because girlfriend knew about the charges to my account. I get to the bank, no money. I drive back and tell NMom she yells at me about waking her up and how the money is there and I had the wrong card, even though she gave me that and told me to go back.
I get half way, I get a call from my girlfriend who is in tears telling me my mother came into our room and said she is the reason I am so stressed and that she needed to move out and caused a huge fight. I drive back and get two stories, now neither of them know I was recording my game play and I left in the middle because it was a 5 minute drive and I could cut it out later. I leave with my laptop and watch the fight, my girlfriend was telling me the truth. I go to my mother and without rent or anything I ask her to leave. She isn't happy and my girlfriend is crying and is going to stay the night at her parents. I ask her to leave and tell her she doesn't need to pay rent but she needs to leave my apartment and is no longer welcome. I call into work the next day and tell them I need a day to get a new roommate to pay rent so I can live in my appartment with my girlfriend. I spend way too long doing this and I get a message on facebook where a fight breaks out between my mother and I.
I end up getting asked if my Girlfriend family is supportive and if she had spoken to me at all for the year we didn't have contact she would have known that her family was very supportive and paid half of rent so we can go to school. I will keep it word to word for word now.
NMom - "So that you could throw your mother out on the street in the middle of the night, because MYGirlfriend had a meltdown. We are done talking now."
Me - "Yes we are."
NMom - "I'm really disappointed in you.
I'm not going to hide that now.
Don't say anything.
Just live your life the way you want to.
You've made choices and you're old enough to deal with the consequences.
I did
It was you.
I've had to move.
I've had to give up my boyfriends. (Because I was 7 and lived on my own)
I sacrificed everything important just to keep you out of jail and fed. (It was one time with the cops)
And you tell me that a family who supports what you did is supportive of you?
What have you got?
You've got a demanding girlfriend and all the support in the world to act as her live in servant"
Me - "Were done here."
NMom - "I cannot believe I told Grandma and Aunt not to cut you off.
I thought there was something good in you.
I'm disgusted.
Just send my things and do not ever talk to me about money again.
You can tell all the lies you want to Winnie, but no one believes you.
And your girlfriend's family only believes you because you serve their daughter.
They are using you and it's sad.
You may think I deserve any horrible thing you can do, ut you've been doing horrible things to me for YEARS."
Me - "You are being disgusting. I am now going to block you until next week and I hope you know that I still care about you."
Nmom - "I'm not talking to you next week"
Now after this I got a text that stated that she disowned me and never wanted to speak to me again, and thus I never unblocked her and never heard from her again. I have been needing to get this out for a while.
TL;DR? Mother was abusive and disowned me, that was suppose to be a punishment?
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2015.03.31 20:34 tks231 A Tour of App State and the Michigan Win Reminders

A little while ago, I made the below comment in a thread about how there's reminders of App State's win over Michigan all over campus.
So thus I went around Boone and App State to find reminders of the win.
First, you have my t-shirt I bought the Monday after the win. I was told the shop was selling out fast, so I snagged one. The next day, they got a cease and desist letter from Ann Arbor and so this is a collector's item now.
One thing to remember is that the game was in 2007, which is now eight years ago. The students in school now were mostly 10-14 years old when it happened.
As someone who was a student during those years, I will vouch that it was earth-shattering. All those TV stations in Charlotte and the Triad and Raleigh that ignored App State and dismissively talked about I-AA/FCS football for years were flocking to town and set up camp for days afterward. It changed perspective for a lot of people.
The biggest and somewhat forgotten reminder of the Michigan win is the second deck on the East Side of the stadium. Not my pic.
The second deck was built in summer 2008 due to the demand for tickets during 2007. Attendance was growing anyway and new seats were eventually going to happen, but Michigan accelerated everything.
One thing I did see is that there's a lot of imagery of App State Football, but not a ton about Michigan itself. App State Football has a long history that has nothing to do with Michigan.
For example, here's a mural in the football locker room showing current NFL Network analyst Daniel Jerimiah scoring the winning TD in OT vs Wake Forest in 2000. Not my pic
Like in the Hardee's next to campus, here's what most of the store is like.
In a corner, there are a couple Michigan framed pictures
One cool thing about Boone is that there's a two-story Wendy's. There's an impressive collection of App State Football pictures there, but nothing about Michigan Most everything was from the first I-AA/FCS National Title in 2005.
1 2
I stopped by the convenient store right next to campus. Again, lots of App State stuff, but a small amount of Michigan stuff.
At the local bar TApp Room (spelling intentional), there's a wall mural on the wall depicting the run-back after the blocked kick. Four players in this pic played in the NFL.
I went to the App State Bookstore and low and behold.
The book itself is kind of a bore. It covers the two years before the Michigan game with a lot of pictures and minuscule writing. It was sold not long after the game so it was a pure money grab.
In the student union there's a small enclosed case which use to have reminders about different sporting events. Now it just hold memorabilia.
In the corner, it did have one Michigan reminder, the SI issue that caused Dexter Jackson to be drafted way too high and flame out.
In the student union there is a McAllisters. Tons of memorabilia, but only a couple of game reminders.
Thus I went to King Street and the t-shirt shops. First stop was Appalachian Sportswear, I went in and snapped this pic. You can see the Michigan pic below the A-frame.
The owner then came up to me and told me he didn't like people taking pictures in his store. Said something about the other stores doing undercover work. I told him I was just taking pictures for recreation but he was being pushy so I left. As I left I noticed he was taking pictures of me...weird.
Right before I left, I noticed a gold "Michigan Who?" shirt hanging on the wall. Didn't notice any for sale though. Wish I got a pic of it.
I went down to another store, Appalachian Tees, but by this point I was weirded out and not in the mood to snap pics and get kicked out of every t-shirt store in town. I snapped this one pic. Again, one or two framed Michigan pics on the wall, but not dominating the store.
There was one more store, Mountaineer Mania, but I didn't take pics there because again, I didn't want to be kicked out. They do have a solid selection of shirts and a ton of posters of past teams on the wall, but again not much Michigan stuff, just the same framed pic of the Big House during the blocked kick.
There's a new App apparel store on King Street called Barefoot Boone, but since their owners are out-of-state and the profits don't stay local, fuck them.
So I went back to my car, which was aross from Appalachian Sportswear. The owner was outside and as I pulled out, was taking more pics of my car, a good 10-15 minutes after the fact. I got a pic of him in front of his store before I left.
There's a few places I missed, but it was the same type of deal. Lots of stuff on the walls and a Michigan thing here and there. I know of some alums who have the framed pic on their office walls and at home. Always a good conversation starter.
TL:DR Lots of App State stuff, not a ton of Michigan stuff, t-shirt store owners paranoid about pictures being taken.
P.S, I'm going out to an App baseball game in a little bit, there might be a couple more I could snag.
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2014.03.05 00:00 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I just filmed with my childhood hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger and I produce the #1 Online Cooking Show EpicMealTime… Ask Me Anything!!

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Date: 2014-03-04
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Questions Answers
Have you ever made schnitzel the centerpiece of an Epic Meal Time? We have never made schnitzel the centerpiece of an EpicMeal. We saved that one for you and we're going to cook it with whoever wins by buying themselves something at Link to And now I'm kind of glad that we never made schnitzel yet!
Who would you most like to eat bacon off of? Hi Katie! Thanks for coming! I'd say Betty White. Slowly eat bacon off of her at first...but then harder and faster all night long.
What happened to Muscles Glasses? MusclesGlasses quit to do something that involves infinitely less bacon.
Did you guys get used to all that Fat and Alcohol? We got fatter and we like all of our drinks straight now. Does that answer the question?
How long are the hangovers after filming and Episode? We film during the day, so the hangover is just a pre-sleep headache.
Hey Harley, how can I convince my parents that cooking bacon in the microwave is inferior? Blind taste test. 2-for-1 special. Subdue your father. Blindfold him and conduct the taste test. Now you've demonstrated your point and also let him know that you are the Alpha of the family now.
After making that video with Arnold, have you started lifting more? No...but I flex my bicep and look down at it while frowning a lot more.
That just a typical week for me. That's just a typical weak.
Have any PETA-like organizations tried to shut you down? If so, how did it go? No. They know not to fuck around.
If you could have any professional wrestler from the past or present on your show right now who would you want and why? And how was it driving in a tank with THE Arnold Schwarzenegger? It was surreal because here I am in this tank and Arnold Schwarzenegger is driving and I couldn't help but notice how my hair is so long it's in a ponytail for the first time in my life...which doesn't sound like a big deal but to me it was weird because in my head I'm thinking "I'm in a tank that Arnold Schwarzenegger is driving...and my hair is in a ponytail...who am I?"
Oh...also Goldust.
If you could get anyone to guest star on EMT who would you have? The President of The United States of America and his family.
How much bacon do you eat every day when you aren't filming for EMT? Also, how did you meet the artist we all know and love as Deadmau5? I eat bacon for breakfast almost everyday. I eat bacon for lunch about 30% of the time. Bacon rarely appears at my dinners but when he's a big deal. Like a slab of uncured bacon on a bun...delicious.
Are the videos bleeped to be more mainstream or because you think it's funnier? The bleep was to be mainstream, then we found it funny. Now it's tradition.
Hey Harley, big fan. I've been following y'all since Tequilla Taco Night and I must say I'm really impressed with how much EMT grew over the years. Great job! Question 1: What's your favorite luxury you've been able to indulge in since making it big on YouTube? Question 2: Your one liners always crack me up in episodes, are they most often improvised or written in advance? If written, how does that process work? Is it just you at a computer, or is the whole team involved? Thanks, keep up the good work! Question 1: I can finally afford a gaming PC Question 2: My one liners used to be written by me entirely. There was a short stint where Tyler would write the overall theme of the episode but even then he didn't write my dialogue or VOs. Now with all the other projects, I need support. I collaborate on the writing with @RobFee on Twiiter or @Hadzilla on Twitter. My buddy @Marlowned wrote a bunch for the latest Arnold video.
How was it being on the show with snoop dogg? And are you going to bring him in? Do you smoke? And finally. If you could pick any place in the world, where would you make the epic meal time show? Snoop is awesome! I would love to. ... We want to go to Africa and feed a village but that's a pipedream. There's so many things that could be taken as politically incorrect or offensive when all we want to do is go down and make something special. We don't even have to film it. We are involved in charities but to go there in person would be hopefully inspiring to our fanbase and maybe mobilize people. But we don't always make the best spokespersons and there's so much room for misinterpretations.
What is your favorite Schwarzenegger film? My favorite Arnold movie is Terminator 2. My favorite Arnold comedy is Kindergarten Cop. My favorite Arnold movie for laughing is Commando (even though it's not comedy) My most watched Arnold movie is Pumping Iron (I watch it Once a Month) My favorite holiday movie from Arnold is Conan The Barbarian (I know it's not a holiday movie, but I always watch it on the holidays).
So what is your all time favorite flavobrand of bacon? Hormel Black Label Bacon. Their Jalapeno Bacon is actually spicy and tasty. Their Cherrywood Bacon is probably the best bacon you can get at your local supermarket. Their thick cut is ridiculously prime. Their ready made bacon is awesome and you can eat it right out of the package. I think my favorite part of Black Label Bacon is they don't look at bacon as a gimmick that is bacon mouthwash or toothpaste. Bacon is meat. The best meat.
A long time ago, I heard that you guys finished all your meals. Do you still manage to eat all of it? No. Our meals are way too large now. We have given leftovers to soup kitchens many times. We also will slice up the not contaminated parts and refrigerate them for future consumption. Sometimes we find ourselves sharing a house for a while and it's not uncommon to have meat and whatnot leftover from previous Epic Meals. Sometimes the meal is just not salvageable.
If we met. Could we rub beards? Yes. But too sudden of a move and we end up fighting.
Do people often point out to you that the content/funniness of EMT has dropped off in the past year? How do you respond to the haters? When y'all cook with celebrities, do they reach out to you, or is it the other way around? I really enjoy your channel! People always point that out. They've actually been doing it since episode 3. It must have been not even our tenth episode (we're on 250 now) that people claimed we jumped the shark and we're done now. I decided long ago that we make the show with what we find funny and we still find it funny. That being said...when it's a bad episode, we know it. We still upload it though because we have a commitment and those things could push us harder. We've had celebrities like Deadmau5 and Simon Cowell reach out to us. But then it's me reaching out to Rob Van Damme.
Why did you grow a beard the size of the rest of your body? It's sweet as fuck, but I wonder why. It was initially the physical manifestation of my laziness and coincidentally enough I found myself at the forefront of this Beard Movement. I never though much of it. I just did it because I though it was badass yo! Now I have a responsibility. I just wanted to grow a beard and now I'm part of this culture and the weight of duty hangs from my face like a constant reminder.
Is your doctor a fan of EMT? I don't even see him. We don't want to look at each other.
What happened to GabeN's AMA? Also, nice beard! Gaben? He's here on Reddit today?!! I'm fucking excited for that AMA!!! I want him on EpicMealTime so bad.
Best tasting thing you've ever made on EMT? We made our own McRib...It wasn't an Epic was a Handle-It (where we show people how to make realistic meals) and we taught how to make a mcrib and it was incredible!!!
Ok, how much does a "Youtuber" make? 1 million dollars.
What's that in Youtube money? A dozen bitcoins or so.
I just wanted to stop by and say the last two episodes were a-ma-zing. I love that you did an episode with the Trailer Park Boys, have you ever considered collaborating with Deaner and Terry from Fubar? That would be my drunk Canadian trifecta. That would be hilarious!! Canada is hilarious. I would love Rob Ford on an episode.
How often do people ask to touch your beard, and how often do you use it to pick-up women? It's usually a younger boy or girl that is bold enough to ask to touch the beard which is strange. I don't want to tell the kid no, but I also don't want a kid touching me. I don't use the beard to pick-up women. It does it itself... let me explain: If you normally attract a certain type of girl, when you grow a large beard...a whole new type comes out of the woodwork and starts being interested. I assume this could be the same with tattoos and piercings.
Pussy or bacon? A pig's pussy.
What do you do on days you aren't filming? Play videogames and jerk off.
Are there any sneak peaks you can give us for VGHS season 3? :D Yes. I'm not in the 1st episode. I know this because I read that script and my name wasn't there. Also, there will be guns.
What do you normally feel like after eating one of those epic meals? 95% of the time I feel bad. I mean it's not so much the food itself but when we eat on camera there's a lot of pageantry when consuming. Before you know it you ate 3 burgers in 15 seconds.
What's up Harley? Not much. How about you?
When are we going to hang out and play video games? Halo or Battlefield?
What is the next step for Epic Meal Time? I remember talks about you creating a TV show. We are making a TV show now for A&E!!!
So when are you going to film with The Lonely Island and Jenna Marbles and make a millionaires of YouTube themed episode? I'm assuming you all live in LA now, so its gotta be plausible right? I'm not a millionaire. There's a huge difference between owning something and cash in your pocket. That being said...I'm ready whenever they call.
Who is one celebrity you would have a smoke session with? You are a stoner model man. You make the dankest munchies for a living. Much love for you man. Keep doing what you're doing. Also, /trees loves you. I love /trees... Bill Murray please.
What would you tell a new youtuber, to help them keep doing what they're doing and be better at it? That's a case by case. Now I'm 28 years old, so I am not the demo of a lot of YouTubers out there. But put a link up and I'll give you straight forward criticism. But keep in mind I may not be your demo.
A-WHATUP HARLEY! I love you and your beard! Seriously though, what was your favorite epic meal.. to eat or make? And also, I got a &baconstrip shirt so that I could give you some YOUTUBE MONEY! I appreciate the support. 84 Egg Sandwich!!!
Long time EMT fan! At what point did you guys realise you were "making it" and could quit your "normal" jobs and spend time having fun eating bacon? I quit before I 'made it'. But only last year was I able to hire my buddies and have them quit their jobs.
Who has encouraged you the most throughout your comedy career? My buddy Marlon and his wife. My brother and business partner. My parents. The biggest push comes from people that stand to make a profit off of me doing these things. So management and agency push hard for opportunities and stuff like that.
There is a set of coordinates in your Twitter profile description for a location in Montreal, which I presume is Epic Meal Time HQ. What would happen if someone were to hypothetically show up unannounced at this location? It's a random place!! I don't know where the heck that is. It's close to my house but not that close. It's weird.
Do you prefer "doe", "tho", "though" or "dough"? Should I draft Chris Davis, Ryan Braun or Adam Jones in the first round of my fantasy baseball draft this week? How much do white girls like nutella? BTW PKA 122 with Epic Meal Time last year was the GOAT. I prefer 'though' You're insane. You shouldn't pick any of those players. (Chris Davis though if you have no choice) They like nutella HELLA Thank you!!!
Whats your favorite kinda beer? I like Canadian Beers. But I'm in LA now so I get Bud Light Platinum. 6.1% Awhattup!!
Do you have a girlfriend? Where do you like to dripp that sauce of yours after you are done stuffing the love taco with your sausage? How much have you gained in weight since the start of EMT? HAHA!! THE HUMOR!!! I appreciate you brotha!
Are you thinking of starting to cut soon after this hell of a bulk you have accomplished? I don't cut.
What's the best smelling thing you've cooked on the channel? Always has been Candy Bacon. Perfect blend of sweet and savory.
What's your opinion on bacon? Not enough.
What WWE Legend would you like to have join you on Epic Meal Time? Goldust.
Yo Sauce Boss, Can I work for you? ;D. What are your skills?
Hey Harley. Whenever I'm feeling gluttonous, I watch one of your episodes on Youtube. Thanks! Between Betty Crocker and Paula Dean, who would win in a fight and how? Betty Crocker because she ain't racist!
Aside from getting fucked up on Jack Daniels and seeing what happens, what's the filming process like? How far out in advance do you plan meals? How long do you spend on the edit? What are you guys shooting on? Would you come to Edmonton and make a meal in a blizzard? It takes time to make a meal. We are about 4 episodes ahead and it takes 20 hours to fully complete one.
How have the friendships in the EMT group been affected by gaining so much popularity? I've noticed that a few of the guys are no longer on the show, and there doesn't seem to be any explanation :( Thanks for all the entertainment! There's a lot of egos at play here. At the end of the day, everything is my call. So sometimes people feel that I'm not making the right calls and they feel differently. So they leave. But then they have a bitterness towards me for not doing it their way.
Any regrets in the youtube business you have? No Master Yoda. I did and currently do what I want.
Yo! Who is more alpha; Arnold in his prime, OR, You with a sick beard cooking up some bacon? Always Arnold.
1.) First, when I first saw Epic Meal Time, I thought "This is awesome! What if they combined this with Iron Chef?" I'm not saying you stole the idea from me because, well, how COULD you? But, who or what DID inspire you to create Epic Chef? 2.) How many fish can you name? I saw all these TV shows being all like "Oh we use so much bacon! We're so edgy!!" and I felt it was encroaching on my brand. So i though I should take a stab at their shows.
What is the weirdest thing you have done with bacon? Wrapped my penis with it.
From a fellow beard lover, how do you take care of yours? Touch it non-stop. I'm a pretty abusive beard owner. I constantly touch it and pull it and fuck it.
Shit, Ive never been to an AMA this early. If you weren't doing YouTube, what do you think you would be doing? Going to auditions and teaching and filming wedding videos.
I have followed your youtube rise to fame since the beginning but so far my favorite Harley Morenstein moment was when you joined the crew of VGHS. I have two quick questions How was your experience with the crew of VGHS?, and Is there anything that would ever make you want to shave your beard? I love working with Freddie. He's a genius. If you ever thought I was funny in VGHS it's probably because Matt Arnold directed me funny. 1 million dollars.
I hope I'm not too late. Have you or will you plan on doing an EMT episode at a high end restaurant such as eating a ton of french food and sushi where instead of people freaking out over calories but of the bill instead? We want to do something super high end and then blend it and spread it on toast.
Hey Harley! Big fan here, what has been your favorite meal that you have ever created? And what is your all time favorite "next time we eat..." line at the end of the show? My favorite next times are so intense we don't use them. I love the 84 egg sandwich.
What's the most memorable meal you guys have done on EMT? (IMO The most epic was and still is the one with the quail inside a hen inside a turkey inside a pig). I agree. When we connected ten of those in Turbaconepicentipeded that was wild.
Do you plan on doing another round of Epic Chef? (That was awesome). Yes. If the timing works out. We're doing a tv show now.
Is there any meal that has grossed you out? If so; What was it? Fuck Turtle Soup!
Can I marry you? Also, do you love your job more and more everyday or has it lost it's luster? I love my job! I can learn to love you.
How do you guys stay healthy? I know Arnie's taken good care of himself over the years, but what about you young whipper snappers? I guys eat a lot of bacon! Arnold is sooo much healthier than us!
Would you consider having fans on the show...please? That's what the Arnold video was about!
As a Montreal-born Canadian living abroad in the US, I'd just like to tell you that you are one of my heroes. Breakfast of Booze is an all-time favorite short video of mine. 1) What was, to you, the most delicious meal you have cooked featured on an episode of EMT? 2) Possibly related to number 2, but what was your all-time favorite episode to shoot? 3) Any improvements to this recipe that you can suggest? 1) 84 Egg Sandwich 2) Cooking with Arnold 3) add pecans!
Does EMT use any partnership network? If so what are the benefits. Collective Digital Studios. They pitched and sold 16 episodes of EMT to A&E. They financed Epic Chef and they provide me with resources and bring brands to me to work with.
Honestly, how did the "Steak and Egger" taste and when is the best time to eat one? The best time is to eat one with Arnold. It tasted awesome. No joke I loved it.
How do your old students feel now that you're an alcoholic internet celebrity? Nobody believes them when they say it.
Where did the idea for the show come from? Drugs.
You guys are Canadian.. ever been to Victoria? or only the east coast? we have some epic eateries. I have family in Vancouver. Been there a whole bunch!
If you could take one part of your body and replace it with Schwarzeneggers' what would it be, and why? The hand. For Epic handshakes.
Do Ostrich eggs taste just like chicken eggs or is there a funky taste? There's a slight difference. I'd rather a dozen eggs than an ostrich egg.
After so many episodes, how do you keep fresh? I dont. Im disgusting.
Is co-creator Sterling Toth still involved with Epic Meal Time? No. He had been gone since within the first 6 months. The first casualty of my friendships with people involved in the business.
How often do you visit reddit and how good are your redditing skills? I'm here always, every day. My skills are shit. But I'm constantly practicing.
I've actually sent you a challenge at some point last year. You never got back to me, it was on one of the "Epic Meal Time" video comments section. But whatever, I understand your a busy man. My question is... What the worst diagnosis you or any of your cast has got from a doctor since you started the show? The doctor said we're fat. That's all. That's pretty bad though.
Hey Harley, been a fan since the beginning... just a quick question: how many pigs do you think you have eaten over the years? To myself 12. To EMT all together? 350.
Sorry but this is the question that needs to be asked at every AMA the lifelong question: Ass or Tits? Does the ass consist of the vagina?
You say your internet name is Harley Morenstein, is that not your real name? When did I say that haha?!
Mr Schwarzenegger, you are my bodybuilding idol and my friends and I have seen pretty much every one of your films... But I cannot express how disappointed I am that both you and Epic Meal Time chose to make a sandwich and not call it "The Arnie Sarnie". We still have another vid to I thought the Steak N Egger was pretty clever.
Easy. Kaiserschmarrn. Just googled it. Sounds like it was made to be paired with Candy Bacon!
Hi Harley, You used to work at my summer camp when I was young. You brought pizza to my cabin and I just wanted to thank you :) Cool! Which camp? Why did I do that?
Hey Harley, would you ever go back on Painkiller Already, you were awesome! Tell Woody to put me on!
Muscles Glasses on Halloween. Yup!
Oh shit, wow, the first time I catch an AMA in the making. I fucking love EMT and have tried to recreate some of the recepies! No real question, you are fucking cool as hell and I'm a big fan of EpicMealTime. That's awesome!!! You're awesome. I appreciate that.
What's a Canadian stereotype that you are guilty of doing. I say 'eh' constantly and apologize a lot.
Just wanted to say that you have inspired my friends and I to remake our 7 favorite episodes during senior week and we will be sure to show you how everything turns out. Tweet that at me @HarleyPlays!!!
Do another Hardee's commercial, I fucking dare you. I wish!!
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2014.01.03 18:02 Bods27 Actual FB comment on CNBC story about Hardees and a link to this beauty... "the government will take care of you..have plenty of fema camps all over this nation...take your family there..just like HILTER did to the jews..heard they have plenty of coffins to"

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2013.12.08 14:51 PoweredMinecart Painkiller Already 158 Timeline & References

I spent a whole load compiling this for you guys. I will keep doing these if you guys like them.
00:04:34 - Boogie2988's job history
00:07:28 - Youtube is a tough job
00:11:50 - Jokes that bother you / dealing with hate
00:22:00 - Boogie2988's ford taurus
00:26:26 - Kyle's Yacht
00:27:29 - First world problems
00:32:00 - Boogie2988's consoles
00:35:23 - Titanfall
00:47:44 - Gaming hardware
00:49:40 - Woody talking to his Xbox
00:52:57 - Call of Duty and Woody's Cod troubles
01:04:50 - Final Fantasy 10 on PS2
01:07:14 - Arcade gaming
01:13:00 - Candy Crush
01:15:25 - TinyTower and Woody
01:16:45 - Microtransactions
01:17:25 - Forza
01:20:26 - Streetfighter
01:25:17 - Youtube industry talk
01:26:15 - Multi-channel networks / affiliate and managed channels
01:30:20 - Networks
01:39:06 - The three ways people spend money
01:49:06 - The quality of videos
01:50:50 - Twitch
01:51:55 - Golden play button
01:56:02 - Dealing with hate
02:04:30 - Prision system
02:11:10 - Crimes and their punishment
02:30:41 - Minimum wage protests
02:52:35 - Amazon
02:56:44 - Boogie2988's acting career
03:05:23 - Evil corperations
03:11:00 - Monsanto is evil
03:13:40 - Bitcoin
03:23:25 - Wing's bike generator
03:25:29 - Boot camp videos
03:29:40 - Wing's elliptical
03:33:12 - Sweet foods
03:38:56 - Boogie2988 got sick
03:45:14 - Hardee's
Kyles other channel
Dan Bull Video Game Raps (boogie2988 shoutout)
Oliver Age 24 (boogie2988 shoutout)
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